2019-2020 Championship Cat Standings: 201-400

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sun Aug 18 17:25:32 2019.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 201-400
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
20118Cwtchycats Rockets Red Glare RD1265
20224Arkancoons Beauxdacious MC1249
203T4Nu Moons Savannah DR1248
203T19Mustloverags Clyde of Bakerviewrags RD1248
2051Korrigan O'Malley MKL1245
2061Nina Minted BM1235
207T5Truelove's Tangtang ES1234
207T10Kashmirzkatz Drago PS1234
20911Dabinglian's Bawan of Longjie'scat PS1232
21012Samlilah Mozarts Requiem PS1231
2111Sacredspirit Yasashiku BU1230
2128Pampa Lehaim AB1228
2131Maujik's the Odosia of Ajatarah EM1218
21414Mr.Darwin Von Der Erftmuendung BS1217
21525Coonificent Milo of Mainetales MC1216
2162Lion Wizard's Huskie ACL1212
2171Karena Puttin On The Ritz AUM1206
21820Farandoll Mana RD1205
2191Bellesandbeaux The Promised Son SN1202
22021Farandoll Arthur of Laladoll RD1201
22126Dawntreader Aphrodite MC1187
2229Hojpoj Luna Moth of Radiance OS1180
2239Wil-O-Glen's Giulia/CF AB1159
2246Dunkin's Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum ES1155
22510Marirose Sweet Anela SX1149
22622Yeemi Ares of Leyoyo Dolls RD1144
2278Endelosglede Bjorn NF1143
22827Popokilani Miel of Canon MC1135
22913Meisha Versace of Anouchka PS1127
23018Silverstorm Ottos Legacy of CapstoneBG1118
231T5Singville Ares SG1116
231T28Quiet One Family Stars/WC MC1116
231T4Gilvtales Sir Fuzzy Butt HI1116
2342Calitonk Brea TO1109
2354Betelgeuse*ru Honda of Lahoni PD1107
2364Doudou Xi Yang Yang SR1105
2371Whitegemcattery Campanablanco of RinKM1096
2387Orientopulence Saschas Evie SI1095
23923Cottonblues Sweetly Kiwi RD1085
24010Orlandove Jade of Grapearbor AB1082
2412Ayshazen Arfur Crown AUM1078
2422Faerietail All Dolled Up MX1075
24324Mooncrest At Last of Cottonblues RD1071
2443Tajhara Sunchaser SO1069
2451Munchkinlane S House Advantage MK1065
24625Furreal Cristianas Blue Angel RD1062
24726Abba Shannon RD1060
2487Toxicate Khufu ES1055
24910Quincess Tumbling Dice of Ku-Ki OS1052
2502Nfusion Bella Donna BO1048
2515Destinygift Aglaya DR1046
252T14Shadowstorm Simply Red Mick PS1041
252T29Popokilani Gaia of Koshihikari MC1041
2548Nyangiras Jade/CF ES1040
2553Aasgard King Elron the Third ACL1015
2568Uh You Harmonic Chrysolite SI999
25727Izzadorablerags Rhapsody in Blue RD985
25815Toy Tricksy Maxim of Chinred PS984
259T19Osahara Des Griffes De Feu/LO BG977
259T30Cloistercoon Quinn of ABSCatz MC977
261T11Juice Head SX974
261T31Popokilani Domino MC974
261T12Cieletoile J Yuzu AS974
264T5Veteart Corneli-us of Sunspirit HI973
264T9Azorez Zelda SI973
2661Yantar Korona Atefa DSK970
2676Curly Monkey?S Tiantang Suzhen DR968
26820Floridabengls Hoss Catwright BG965
26928Mirumkitty One In A Million RD964
2705Wavemakers Coat With Many Colors SR963
271T29TUSApurrs There Goes My Heart RD955
271T29TMirumkitty Palinka RD955
27312Acirrekatz Soulfire SX950
27415Osvaldo Ocean of Love Fantasy Fi BS944
2752BG* Ogdoada Shalum Khan DSK943
27613Sphynxsroyals Cercei SX942
2777Arctur Neva Sunrise SB938
27821Floridabengls Ragnar Marles BG933
27916Lona Morena Gold Dream BS931
2803Havvanurs Look Out TA921
28131Rosecottage Constantine RD920
2828Patricia Nevskiy Sapfir SB915
2833Tzari Partytrooper SRL914
28422Epsilon Kashiba BG913
28523Libertybengals Katniss Everdeen BG911
28624Fraservalley Pyro BG910
28732Majesticmccats Dante of Acoonstale MC907
2884Nightrox All that Jazz of Mistikatz SO905
28925Vomkristallberg Empire BG902
2909Basilicblessing Grand Finale SB898
291T2Amv Sophia BI889
291T3Alise Kiki SCS889
2931Yunamari Admiral KBL888
2949Whozz Issac of A'tien ES886
29511Swancamelot Scarab OS885
29616Purr Elli Swetcharity of Fluffytoes PS881
297T5Howlingcoyote Meet Me In Malta SO878
297T32Hovicastle Macklemore RD878
29917Magie Noire Wild Party PS873
3002Tufan Tsarevich Elisey Bob KBL869
30111Darlen-Fleur D'amalfi Limoncello AB868
302T9Endelosglede Aspen NF866
302T10Shigaon Pepper SI866
30433Carolinameows Bana Bana Cabana MC865
3051Bluebonnet S Sweet Magnolia MNT861
30633Willowtreerags Skydiamond RD857
30734Farandoolglen of Clandool RD851
308T34TDracoonfly Autumn Sedge MC849
308T34TKizzacoons Brenin Of Mainekatjies MC849
3103Dynamicat Isidra of Midnite Moon OC846
31110Neva Angels One In A Millon SB842
3122Wyldthingz Rocky of Livelaughsavana SV841
31311Hennessi Imperial Ji SB833
3145Delfina Zarya Ishima PD826
31512Emotion Alasseon of Velvet Damour AB825
3166Susens The Curl Rider SR819
3174Magic Thai Goblin's Coralie TH817
31810Moon Shadows Pipi of Nyanya Cats NF816
31935Sunnyshores Catchin Some Rays RD813
32010Lusi Maor Princess Diana ES812
32136Mainesail Sunrise Ruby MC807
322T4Muse Bella Stella SFL802
322T37Mainemarie Tengri of Aoineko MC802
32438Elvis Shaggy Beast MC801
3251Dawntreader Ruby MCP794
32614Baldfantasea U Put Me On The Spot SX782
3273Wabisabi's Uppsa-La of Mcsmitten/ID BL781
32817Makdissy Kailani of Enchantedpaws BS777
32939Langstteich's Hello Pitty MC774
33015Nostalgie Little Even/ID SX773
33140Ttcats Zeezee of Myluckystars MC771
33218Baymax PS766
3337Lesfrises Aleece CR764
3346Planeta Neo Evgenika PD751
3351Shalnavazz Darya LY750
3362Nudawns Time After Time BA748
33711Dorrymama Cask NF747
3385Habiba Slodkie Misie SFL740
3392Burma Filony Konfeta BU735
34026Rainforest Shadow Balance of A-Kerr'BG732
3417Devinedevons Monkish of Facehuggers DR724
342T2Amosbeebee Encore of Libertybell TG723
342T36Sweathart Fanfan RD723
342T4Makdissy Paddington Paws BL723
34512Sterlingcatz Annie Oakley SB720
346T1Excatiburfolds Creampuff SCL716
346T11Dclass Joel of Zendique ES716
346T41Coonificent Chloe of Bigrivercoon MC716
346T6Cherrybirdie Sonshine HI716
3503IT*Kind of Blue Dragon Heart.JW RB714
35119Leostar Rutile Quartz PS712
35213Biotris Largo La Dolce Vita AB709
3538Muia-Cat DR707
3541Kasanovakatz Zaylah BML704
35516Salvatore Cherry Lau, CZ SX702
35612San-toi's Legolas of Faeryfire OS695
35713Practicalcats Idiosyncrasy OS693
35817Glamourcattery Cosmo SX692
35918Betunes Maria Quiteria SX691
36020Stupendus Horrible Henry PS690
361T3Estilia Ryn BU686
361T2Chupacabra Catcher LY686
3637Siamotal Eleonore Unique Wonder PD681
3642Rugrunners Rise N Shine MKL678
36537Riterags Julia RD677
36642Le Beau Minu Abbeyrose MC673
36738Hotarubi Bud CQ RD671
36811Mauro Moni's Bohemia SI661
3692Karol Lincoln of Blueyonder/CF JB656
37027Oaklandhills Wild Rumpus BG655
3715Cloudcity Karawek TH654
3721Balihoo Ghirardelli OL650
373T28Speakeasy Body Like A Backroad BG645
373T4Nora Razdolie RB645
37543Bigrivercoon Cobalt of Darmorev MC644
37639Rockcreek Eros Amore of Im4evrdolls RD638
37740Sweatheart Lanzhan RD637
378T44Tingara Laduree MC635
378T41Marlcreek Milo of Whispurrlane RD635
378T19Bemisu Vicomte Raoul of VelvetwrinklSX635
381T14Faeryfire's Chasing Rainbows/CF OS627
381T18Fencroft Freeman BS627
383T42Paramountcy Soul Man RD626
383T29Chacha Love king Finian BG626
38530Simplyblessed Lotus Lady BG625
38631Darkmoon Third Times Acharm BG623
3874Mahadevishakti Ops BU616
388T13Igora Zinovua SB613
388T19Golden Crystal Anubis BS613
39043Giannasdolls Autumn RD612
391T44Elviasrdbabz Murphy of Castlereign RD609
391T7Gilvtales Miss Madeline HI609
3935Kimcatz Ice Ice Baby BL608
39445Bajacoon Ravena MC601
39512Treveri Banguela of Sanpietro ES598
39646Evsei Artirmax Elbarco MC592
39714Newt Scamander Lucianaurora SB589
39813Betunes Rapariga AS588
39912Jadegreen Arrow NF584
4009Pninacats Barselona DR582