2019-2020 Championship Cat Standings: 201-399

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu Feb 20 20:45:15 2020.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 201-399
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
2011619Judyful Sno Akso AWBG4111
2023212Chieko N Nu Than of Chenier AEPS4094
203147Pearl of Love Di Casa Grande ESES4083
204T1526Mainevu Testarossa of Madinina ESMC4012
204T118Valyria Sweet Sue of Ahura SWES4012
206174Cury Monkey's Tianttang Suzhen AWDR3993
207158Glor-ee Michelangelo MASI3984
2081927Dawntreader Juliet SCMC3979
2091618MirumKitty Handsome as Hell ESRD3975
210119Deabaete Marieta SAES3934
211169Gallifrey's Pixie Meadowbride/FI MANF3916
2121011Xzibit Bear Hug EWBS3883
21397Beaconwood Zoe GLCR3881
214205Singville Lola Ofthe Copa SCSG3879
215176Cieloch Take a Chance MASB3871
2162119Familytimerags Heartfelt Melody SCRD3838
2171128Lillycubs Ice Cream EWMC3833
218179Ladifference On The Rocks ESAB3807
2191520Cwtchycats Rockets Red Glare SERD3803
2201910Nightmist We Will Rock You NWAB3783
2211812Modany Marshmallow ESBS3771
2221921Afroditedolls Socrates ESRD3749
2231820Coonalley On Safari of Alayna MABG3744
2241321Speakeasy Girl Crush NEBG3710
225202Demaris Rio Luna ESSFL3700
226T2222Familytimerags Purralong Cassidy SCRD3695
226T1213Diego From Frinimmy's/ID EWBS3695
2281814GZ-Dream's Oscar of WSCastle AWBS3658
229139Osterfen Shivani EWSI3645
230143Tufan Tsarevich Elisey Bob NEKBL3626
2311915Liverpool's Enzo/WC AWBS3620
232T1011Pierremont Aoife GLAB3612
232T339Les Pleiades Piglet/ID AESX3612
234343Supersmile Alice AERB3602
235238Willowblue Happy Jack of Bayouash SCAS3590
2362129Goldentown Thor ENMC3576
237168Barmont Ophelia SECR3564
2381723Riterags Rebekah Darling SERD3538
2392222Batifoleurs Mind Your Biscuits ENBG3536
2402010Skinisin Miss Billie NWSX3526
241183Curlzz Eureka SESRL3525
242145Flutterby White Dragoness EWOS3519
243129Rexplus Little Black Sunshine SWCR3505
2442016Mo Li Clark AWBS3504
245112Synergy Mazurka GLBA3501
246121Rockinashi Varana GLKM3483
2472124Bakerviewrags Harleys Angel NWRD3445
248159Beauchador Smoking in the Boys Room NEAS3428
2492311Baby`Joy Lion ENSX3423
2501213BR* Aylurus Thunderkeys Magna SAPS3420
2511325Mooncrest At Last of Cottonblues GLRD3415
2522410Orion Han Tengri of Sukhotai/FI SCSI3410
2531314Dbasteth Nairo SAPS3401
254217Daniyar Foresthunter AWSB3370
2552423Mimosa Broken of Silvertrace ENBG3367
256152Sayadaws Mazikeen Child From Lilith EWBL3366
2573510Dclass Kazaky of Hiroes AEES3361
258148Altay Manchzhury of Talan/WC SASB3357
2592530Happytrills Well Always Have Paris SCMC3355
260149Basilicblessing Grand Finale GLSB3354
2612111Imladris Indil Moritz ESSI3352
2621926Shiningdolls X Babayaga X Replygrnd MARD3342
2632212Katshaven Harley Quinn ESSX3327
2642631Happytrills Kors SCMC3313
2651615Shadowstorm Simply Red Mick EWPS3281
2661910Barmont's Spin Doctor/CF SECR3278
2672517Dickson Gold Bomond ENBS3275
2681516Dclass Simply The Best SAPS3274
2693610Jadegreen Arrow AENF3249
2703727Laladoll Leonard of Eglantine AERD3240
271273Skeemen Morkovka of Howlingcoyote SCSO3235
2722611Solrex Afina ENCR3227
2731610Kit's California Chrome of Richson SAAS3205
2741528Perfect Change Hero/FI GLRD3184
2752224Judyful Pichu of Priona AWBG3178
2761725LovelyRita Mister T Jr. OF BombonplaSABG3172
277926Fractal Play With Magic MPBG3168
2782710Gector Foresthunter ENSB3162
279205Facehuggers Worstdaysinceyesterday SEDR3161
280164Umilowana Eastern Amber*PL NEPD3160
2812111Elviskitkat Purfect Storm SEES3145
2822232Carolinameows Red Hot Cadillac SEMC3129
283176Argentia Kneel Before your Queen NEOS3123
284231Nina Minted ESBM3111
285T2833Dawntreader Aphrodite SCMC3088
285T132Curl Essence Bell Of The Ball SWACL3088
2872027Libertybengals Primrose Everdeen MABG3079
288167Faeryfire's Chasing Rainbows/CF GLOS3059
2892234Mainelyclassic Melba of Mishikoonz NWMC3034
290182Dressed In Blue Atenas SACX3014
2912913Borya What The Truck SCSX3012
292232Faerietail All Dolled Up NWMX3002
2932329Adorabledolls California Dreamin AWRD2985
294308Donald Perly Orientu/FI SCOS2969
295193Aasgard King Elron the Third SAACL2962
2962430Sweatheart Linglong AWRD2951
297319Ranchcats Magnum SCOS2940
2981812Rexkwizit's Lavern/CF NECR2931
2992812AbySing Jean-Jacques RebUI ENAB2925
3002518Blue Generals Duke AWBS2915
3012617Toy Tricksy Maxim of Chinred AWPS2901
3021028Wildernesswell Margay Metamorphosis MPBG2865
3031719Makdissy Apollo EWBS2846
3042420Modany Xcelsior ESBS2838
3052335Sassietat AJ Dude SEMC2826
3062731Elsa Ragdoll Ryan AWRD2801
307246Katzalano Splendor in the Grass NWSG2794
3083212Tombrocks Antonello Milano SCES2771
3092136Sarajen Double Bean Blonde MAMC2766
3103811Geralt Colour Foot*PL AESB2757
3111432Rainbowragdolls Prince Henry SWRD2708
312T3933Farandoll Le Lien of Deardolls AERD2695
312T2813Tenlong Bread Evolve Angel AWES2695
3141934NYDivineDolls Doss Perfection NERD2694
315333Purr-Star Moonlight of Le-Vell SCHI2688
3161118Valyria Stormbreaker of Mywish MPPS2674
3172913Sweetpurr's Sashay Away ENCR2651
3182537Florence Coon Delizia/ID NWMC2642
3191838Marvicoon Khalil EWMC2605
3202221Crystal Flame's Sir Grumpy/ID MABS2596
321171Katiebird Can You Hear Meow GLSCL2595
322265Heavenlyhairles Wanna Be A Star NWPD2579
3232039Muusa Atenea SAMC2561
324194Overear Storminateacup EWACL2552
3252410Quincess Tumbling Dice of Ku-Ki SEOS2544
3262529Only Fly Away des Griffes De Feu/LO ESBG2537
3272930Judyful Snow White of Abaoshouse AWBG2535
3282114Maradan Chipotle of Sue's Clouds SAES2519
3292340MTNest Linus Pawling MAMC2506
330343Oberlin Lady Liberty Rustica SCHB2497
3312631Shaushka Margot A Gogo ESBG2495
332407Tenkaichi's Lemon/ID AESG2489
3331513Orlandove Indigoblu of Grapearbor SWAB2488
3342019Simcris Skippetyflip EWPS2464
3353011Fred Rider AWOS2463
3361814Rulissa Myhammi Vice of Briarvalley GLAB2460
337352Cloudcity Emily SCTH2459
3382532Silverstorm Ottos Legacy of CapstoneSEBG2439
339T301Leatherandlace Sansa PP ENMCP2438
339T2635Willowtreerags King Comet SERD2438
3413111Sweetmomo Pikaq of Poker King AWAS2437
3421241Mainesuspect Tatyana of Whatatrill MPMC2432
3432733Octopussy des Griffes De Feu/LO ESBG2428
3443115Julius Sweet Toffee ENES2422
3453234Afrikatte Halo/ID AWBG2410
346T201Beauchador Moxy NEAW2399
346T2235Faraon-show Hugo Bossman of Betunes SABG2399
348213Uliana Gluckskatze AR of Finnland NETA2396
3491936Rainforest Shadow Balance of A-Kerr'GLBG2379
3501636Fairytaleragdol Yuhuan SWRD2372
3512712Willowblue Gen Tecumseh Sherman SEAS2366
3522715Herus Spellbound NWAB2362
3532812Eremey Zhemchug Nevy ESSB2359
354286Brilliance Sinegorye Sakura NWPD2358
3552312AR* Tikal Quara Malbec SAOS2354
356283Nfusion Bella Donna SEBO2343
3573337Crystal Doll BB BOMB AWRD2340
3582942Bigrivercoon Love Me Tender NWMC2334
359T2416Pampa Lehaim SAAB2326
359T1338Furreal Cristianas Blue Angel MPRD2326
361342Vazhnyj AWBU2321
3623237Amazongold Vesta ENBG2318
3632114Galaxymonkeys Giulietta EWSX2313
3642911Isigna Sissi Princess de Maison BlanESNF2304
3653015Mon Tresor Edelweisse ESSX2303
366294Odin Des Furoles d'Ajol/LO SESRL2281
3673620Hotstuff Tall Dark Handsome Joe SCPS2280
368314Russicatblue Honey Bee ESRB2259
3691416Borya Je Tadore of ScantilyClad MPSX2255
3703221Offenbach de Longua Aqua ESPS2250
3712238Devinespirits Firestorm EWBG2244
3724143Popokilani Angie of Canon AEMC2239
373233Makdissy Paddington Paws EWBL2231
3743744Arkancoons Beauxdacious SCMC2227
3753039Izzadorablerags Rhapsody in Blue NWRD2214
3763839Aloracats Calrissian SCBG2196
3772440Xanadubengals Indy of Jcjcbengals EWBG2194
378334Leon Bomambero ESBO2189
379202Whitegemcattery Campanablanco of RinGLKM2186
3803040Baobaomao Usher of Rags2riches SERD2183
3812241Snow Tundra Storm Trooper NEBG2181
3822413Folie A Deux Taboo MASB2178
383425IT*Kind of Blue Dragon Heart.JW AERB2173
384311Munchkinlane S House Advantage SEMK2166
385358Rozental Sun Terra of Whoops AWSG2163
3863122Wallycats Pablo NWPS2152
387391Karena Puttin On The Ritz SCAUM2140
388T2542Libertybengals Katniss Everdeen MABG2136
388T3216Valyria Ode to Joy NWES2136
390365Noble Gourd Loretta AWACL2117
3914322Dayan Daviway of Bluemink AEBS2101
392334Havvanurs Look Out ENTA2098
393T342Goldentown Thais ENMCP2072
393T2523Bentley van Brifety/ID EWBS2072
3952314Les Frises Moka NECR2062
3962413Preciouspoint Thunderbolt NEOS2057
397353Lukor-Fold&hurma Loshiry ENSFL2050
3983617Whispers Oxana ENES2041
399T3741Mirumkitty Palinka ENRD2040
399T2624Alphaberry Okey Dokey EWBS2040