2019-2020 Championship Cat Standings: 1-200

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sun Aug 18 17:25:32 2019.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1-200
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
11Snugglerags Huckleberry Finn RD10143
21Oberlin Lady Lennon Rustica HB9709
31Melody's Obiwan/LO HI9443
41Sterlingcatz Mozart of LeschakipikpaSB8284
51Islarey Cloudmaker of Charlitabuc BS7404
61Chatile Nicolas MC7121
71Zendique Jiminy Cricket ES6471
81Utblicken's Emiren/FI NF6224
91Willowblue Gen Stonewall Jackson AS6186
102Soarer Taiga Star*ru of Cmaterrace SB6092
112Doudou Hug Boy Wonder BS5993
122Myluckystars Akahanas Engoni MC5718
133Deescoons Fantasy MC5610
141Emerald Snow Maestro Antigene/CF RB5572
154Florence Coon Denver of Mtnview MC5308
161Velpaws Mystic Dreamer SI5265
171Chieko O Ted PS5037
182Ranchcats Jessie Faye SI4886
191Kiwendo Chewbacca of Elevated TO4789
201Mistysprings Badabing!/CF MX4735
213Silvercharm Mannish Boy BS4716
221Guru Apu Illapu of Bossbengalcat BG4714
233Sukhotai Asia SI4583
241Kayserai Suleyman TV4549
255Coonamor We Will Rock You MC4483
266MTNest Christopher MC4377
271Kaperkats Storm PB4292
281Rexink Annie Lennox CR4231
291Havvanurs Lilly Pad TA4229
307Earl Grey of Tree Hill MC4064
312Beaver Bobcats Archimedes NF4061
322Jungletrax Innate Equanimity BG4037
331Agathos Perfection In Platinum Snow MNL3802
342Familytimerags Purralong Cassidy RD3695
352Pur-Snickitty's White Lightning of EPS3691
364Tartiflette Van Der Nekker BS3676
371Dnilesphynx Moonlight Serenade SX3588
381Excatiburfolds Batman SCS3580
398Calicoon Bricks N Ivy of Chemicoons MC3532
401Insuubunkai Unagi AB3520
412Dalbodre Uriel God Is My Light SCS3519
423Bengamur Gere Richard BG3466
433Reddoor Fukumaru of Clair RD3450
444Lunakatz Rebel BG3433
452Destynys At Last SX3403
462Havvanur's Jigglypuff/ID TA3375
473Daniyar Foresthunter SB3370
481TX-Elfkatz Hot Little Number DR3340
495Aloracats Adonias BG3321
501Purrsia Emmeline PD3236
5193dogs Africa Adam MC3168
521Synergy Mazurka BA3157
531Tenkaichis Suzume SG3154
544Farandoll Glen RD3132
552Singville Emerald SG3127
561Curl Essence Bell Of The Ball ACL3088
575Familytimerags Heartfelt Melody RD3030
581Wildfx Thriller TG3029
595Iris Cool's Brabus/WC BS2994
602Rexplus Little Black Sunshine CR2984
6110Picaqiu Be a Queen MC2934
626Blue Generals Duke BS2915
636Adorabledolls California Dreamin RD2860
6411Mainelyclassic Melba of Mishikoonz MC2831
652Blueskies Sydney Clawsby Tinylions MNL2829
6612Sassietat AJ Dude MC2826
671Donald Perly Orientu/FI OS2821
681Curlzz Eureka SRL2812
692Willowblue Happy Jack of Bayouash AS2767
7013Sarajen Double Bean Blonde MC2766
712Abysaint Tibet of Pierremont AB2764
723Borya What The Truck SX2760
734Geralt Colour Foot*PL SB2757
746Berlingold Casino Royale BG2748
754Ranchcats Boss SI2713
767Rainbowragdolls Prince Henry RD2708
777Wildernesswell Margay Metamorphosis BG2702
782Tenlong Bread Evolve Angel ES2695
791Mowglis Jack The Ripper SF2643
808Afroditedolls Socrates RD2602
813Barmont Ophelia CR2596
822Azorez Indigo Prince OS2594
833Franz Joseph Angel Felis OS2534
84T1Winter Fire Mystery Mask BI2497
84T2Oberlin Lady Liberty Rustica HB2497
863Deitybastet Curacau Blue PS2492
875Osterfen Shivani SI2471
883SKDobyRose Serena ES2465
894Simcris Skippetyflip PS2464
904Fred Rider OS2463
915Dora Baggins Amaltea Kallisto OS2447
929Willowtreerags King Comet RD2438
933Mowglis Strike 2 AS2427
94T8Faraon-show Hugo Bossman of Betunes BG2399
94T1Beauchador Moxy AW2399
961Kitti Kat Terra Infinita SR2342
979Libertybengals Primrose Everdeen BG2324
986Practicalcats BallandBiscuit OS2307
992Odin Des Furoles d'Ajol/LO SRL2281
1005Hotstuff Tall Dark Handsome Joe PS2280
10110Only Fly Away des Griffes de Feu BG2254
10214Popokilani Angie of Canon MC2239
1031Alicats Coralynne TH2234
1043Nightmist We Will Rock You AB2215
10515Kizzacoons White Swan MC2193
1061Carchet Oreanna CX2183
1071Chisholmtrail High Flyer OC2168
1087Xzibit Bear Hug BS2165
1096BR* Aylurus Thunderkeys Magna PS2140
1103Petit House Frill SG2114
1114Singville Lola Ofthe Copa SG2104
11210Laladoll Leonard of Eglantine RD2097
1134Rexkwizit's van Wrinkles/CF CR2068
11411Londondoll Leah RD2059
11511Batifoleurs Kibo BG2056
1165Hercules Hakuna Matata SB2042
1173Herbalmeow Baldwin NF2019
1187Chieko N Nu Than of Chenier PS2016
1192Curlydolls Trooly Ear Resistable DR1952
1204Khamsin Moire Shenanigans AB1950
12116Mainesuspect Tatyana of Whatatrill MC1925
12212Reddoor Gigi of Petitchaton RD1924
12313Sweatheart Linglong RD1917
1246Ranchcats Anastasia of Glor-ee SI1912
1258Zendique Vanellope van Sweetz PS1897
1262Locky Somchay Chalai Dara TH1892
1274Fantcfur Nalas Deman SX1865
1284Mowglis Thomas Jefferson Stone AS1832
1294Deabaete Marieta ES1826
1308Stilton of Phoenix/ID BS1813
1312Doudou Pomponnette Rose SR1796
1321Ebonycatz Agent 007 BO1786
1331Bouquet de Rose's Bridget/ID SFL1776
1344Gallifrey's Loretta McCready/FI NF1740
1357Preciouspoint Thunderbolt OS1737
1369Mo Li Clark BS1729
1375Rulissa Myhammi Vice of Briarvalley AB1726
1385Beauchador Boo Radley AS1669
13912Sonoitas Bluewizardalatar of Karion BG1653
1401Tajhara Obsession Confession SO1648
1411Simplyblessed Arctic Summer BGL1646
1425Goliaf Celentano of Gatodouro SX1641
1436Windleaves Top Gun of Plymouthrock AS1638
1446Dare2bnaked Hollywood Moovie Night SX1634
14513Mimosa Broken BG1625
1468Preciouspoint Vader of Argentia OS1609
14714Rakhshanda Oopsie Daisy RD1600
14814Orchidhouse Madonna Ciccone BG1596
1495Nzurisana Chiron NF1595
1502Sansen Jyojyo RB1583
1512Zayenah Wallaby of Iruskah OC1568
1527Sartoris Arreba AS1536
1536Honningkatt Demyx of Bewitched NF1530
1547Mon Tresor Edelweisse SX1526
1553Blueboy Vom Tempelgarten TH1523
15615Coonalley On Safari of Alayna BG1516
15710Vanessa Remides BS1509
15811Edward Vorobyoff Family Ru BS1508
1592Brilliance Sinergorye Samuel PD1503
16016Outankhamon des Griffes De Feu BG1500
161T2Machita Quentin of Scottishfoldery SFL1497
161T8Les Pleiades Piglet/ID SX1497
1635Beaconwood Zoe CR1490
1648Ironforge Storm Cloud AS1482
16512Chaldee Jazz Singer BS1468
1663Blupaw BMW DR1463
16717Popokilani Diana MC1457
1682Owhl Irn Bru I'm A Pip SF1447
16918Hareruyah Frolbericheri Flor MC1431
17015Betunes Conrado RD1428
1711Valdosta Playboy BL1421
1722Purr-Star Moonlight of Le-Vell HI1405
1739Beauchador Smoking in the Boys Room AS1403
1749Anouchka Champagne on Ice PS1400
17510Mowglis Hannibal Lecter AS1396
17613PM's Xiao Hei of Miluku House BS1385
1772Catika's Gawonii Zaahir SO1384
1781Magicbobs Woofin ABT1380
179T16Elsa Ragdoll Ryan RD1377
179T11Beauchador Once In A Blue Moon AS1377
1816Orlandove Airy Wing AB1365
1826Charodey I Got It All SB1359
1833Heavenlyhairles Wanna Be A Star PD1352
18419Dracoonfly Harry of Whatatrill MC1339
1853Highlandkatz Shaken Not Stirred SR1333
18617Seiero's Amazing Love RD1318
1872Luna Morena Principe Azul BL1317
1887Lostwoods Katy NF1314
18920Ferrari of Friendly Kot MC1306
19021Betunes Meghan MC1298
19117Jungletime Belly Dancer of Fractal BG1289
1927Aksum If I Care of Bearbrook AB1287
193T9Prometeus Best Show, RU SX1284
193T22Bigrivercoon Love Me Tender MC1284
1953Faircats Jin SFL1283
1966Rexkwizit's Karisma/CF CR1282
19723Calicoon Chip Shot of Samberkat MC1281
1983Sheroncats Lili HI1280
1991Rocky SV1276
2001Ginchika Dancing With Myself JB1268