Estimated Standings by Breed - American Curl Longhair

Kittens (9)
Rank Name Region Score
1Overear Madame Butterfly EW3323
2Qipretty Givenchy AW2068
3Overear Storminateacup EW1912
4Preciouscurls Blueberrie SW879
5Bellamy ExclusiveCats*RUS EN875
6Curl Essence In The Light Ofhis VictSW854
7TAmericurlzz Just Gimme That Wink SE808
7TCurl Essence Everything Nice SW808
9laGanjalina Jamillah Jeannina EN249
Championship Cats (12)
Rank Name Region Score
1Noble Gourd Luciana's AW9343
2Curl Essence Bell Of The Ball SW3088
3Aasgard King Elron the Third SA2962
4Overear Storminateacup EW2552
5Noble Gourd Loretta AW2117
6Curland Monroe SW1714
7Noble Gourd Pudding AW1259
8Lion Wizard's Huskie AW1212
9Overear Madame Butterfly EW1189
10Bellabee of Curlessence SW978
11A'Mur ExclusiveCats*RUS EN743
12Noble Gourd Rainbow AW718
Alters (13)
Rank Name Region Score
1Overear Copper Cloud EW10415
2Preciouscurl Zinger SW10125
3Aegaeis Aura ES8643
4Legato Elron Junior of Aasgard SA2942
5Shiningcurl Adelina EN2199
6Noble Gourd Racoon AW1947
7TPR Noble Gourd Butterfly AW1540
7TlaGanjalina Honeymoon EN1540
9Meygou Curlove EN1301
10Mira Des Cosmopolitains ES879
11Curl Essence Raven EN646
12Curlniques Plymouth Rock SW158
13Arcus Gile EW117