2019-2020 Championship Cat Standings: 401-599

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sun Aug 18 17:25:32 2019.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 401-599
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
40132Silverstorm Firm Faith of Medusa BG581
40213Venetian Mask Ilyusha of Shamall ES570
403T2Alter Ego Uncas OL563
403T8Barmont Waiting To Exhale CR563
40545Royal Secret Barry RD561
4062Rockinashi Eyupadee Yindee KM556
4073Vjmufasa Paun BI552
40847Maisonmagique Hercule Poirot MC549
4091SE*Amixam's Esme KT548
41046Farandoll Ransu RD546
4112Katiebird Can You Hear Meow SCL545
41215Azorez Sheez Villiams Ballerina OS543
4136Konekohonpo Rong of Bouquet de Rose SFL540
4143Clawed Lemieux of Tinylions MNL539
41548Nebraskcoons Teddy of Happytrills MC538
416T47Adorabledolls Crystal Blu Shariann RD537
416T14Holylandcats Florentin AB537
41815Asili's Gwendolyn AB534
41949Amayalynx Shinzon MC531
42048Angeliqdoll Arthur RD529
42150Tuftsntrills Genesis MC528
4227Alcyone Lady Stella SR526
42349Darrick Blue-Eyed Dream/ID RD522
424T33Xio BG519
424T51Minamifuji Teddy Logy MC519
42615Elbrus Armando Pitbull SB518
42720King Pride Carlos Enriko of Tender PBS516
428T50PL Brielma Yasmina RD512
428T2Darel Scarab Maus EM512
43052Maxim Ascent MC510
431T13Sweet Wolverines Pepper Potts NF504
431T3Lucky Talisman Mahatma Pride DSK504
4332Xiangxiang MK501
434T16Ladifference Olive AB498
434T51Chinesedolls Rolex RD498
4369Kaylee's Spartacus CR492
4377Valleykiss Lucrezia SFL481
438T52TThe Blue Lion King Charles RD479
438T52TJerseyragdol Al Capone RD479
4404Dreamsong Mesa of Tehuacana OC478
44154Ragville Coco RD471
442T55Furreal Jeremias RD462
442T3Bouquet de Rose Anri-Maro SF462
444T56Mirumkitty Anne RD461
444T8In Love With Alexander SFL461
44634Lagallerie Forever In My Heart BG460
44735Laulea Adele BG457
44857Bluerags Leopolds Blue Rose Tango RD456
44936Ksbengals Bruce Wayne BG455
45037Devinespirits Firestorm BG454
4514Od Star Tesh Zabeliz For Osiris DSK451
45238Silverstorm Black Tie Affair BG448
453T39TAloracats Calrissian BG443
453T39TSimplyblessed Mystic Lady of Arkham BG443
45541Spotsnglitz Gemini of Starkittie BG441
4564Sunbriar Sugar and Spice TA439
457T58Adorabledolls Katrice Elayna RD438
457T14Littlemew Madara NF438
4595Karrklan Red Skelton OC436
4602Kasanovakatz Zephyr BML434
46110Great Elf of Iraklij/WC DR428
4623Tigervisions Comaro TG427
46321Miqi Cats Dingdang BS424
464T3Sacchidananda Sunsationel BA421
464T3Hadibadjas Miracle OL421
466T4Kattalyst Absinthe Minded OL419
466T5Iconickatz Captain Marvel BU419
4684Bedazzlecats Alexzandrite SRL416
46942Mio.Dollar.Babby Commo BG415
47059Novadolls Para of Carinadolls RD412
4716Singville Princess Cirilla SG407
472T60Ragmagic Just A Traveler RD406
472T2Bellesandbeaux Violet Belle SN406
47461Creekcats Good Vibrations RD404
475T6Alexa of Burmese King BU403
475T53Marvicoon Khalil MC403
475T16Laurjax Elvira SB403
47811Xander Grande Cranberry DR399
479T8Tzari Yuri SR398
479T43Jungletrax Ever Wonderstruck BG398
481T15Ticktack Itsuki NF397
481T62Jerseyragdol Seraph RD397
4834Marvelouscats Mikael of Kirarakan TG395
48463Heavenlyrags Fair Fiona RD394
485T16Tutsy Doll Amikoshi OS393
485T12Showfur Anna Karena SI393
48764Bakerviewrags Sweet Magnolia RD389
48854Caesarhead Poker Face MC386
48965Eglantine Chiyo of Laladoll RD385
49017Sahja's Touch of Winter Frost OS381
49112The Avengers Paloma Picasso DR377
49255Ttcats Ushi of Mousseecoons MC373
49344Sansoucicats Scarlett Sarafina BG372
4943Kasanovakatz Zenyah BML369
4959Alcyone Lady Dianna SR367
4965Trailhawk Khajiit OL366
49717Snezhnyy Lotos Basile SB363
49810Silkwave Simon CR362
49966Meow Cherry Of Wramdream RD361
50056LAPD Clara Wrigley of Coons Kin MC360
50117Greenville Elleganzza AB356
50257Mymains Bearlioz MC354
50345Fractal As If of Jungletime BG353
50414Silver Mark's Mr Big AS352
505T4Nudawnz This Is Not The End BA350
505T8Jezebel Little Bear PD350
50721Pearlypond Friend ofthe Devil PS348
50846Maracaja Franklin BG347
50922Chieko O Queen Nanna PS346
5107Shwayamore King Orangutan/ID BU343
51158Katahdinpines Calypso MC340
512T5Sacchidananda Sunnys Blue Diamond BA338
512T5Curtie For you Andrea Remember your SRL338
51418Arcticeclipse Melts My Heart SB337
51523Mysweetheart Lovely Amore PS336
516T67Happykatrags Daytripper RD333
516T8Dandre&cats Injir of Marvee-Lus BU333
51847Silvertrace Devil BG331
519T3Skarabey Gor EM329
519T68Hovicastle Drake RD329
52169Novadolls Great Tengu RD328
522T48Starkittie Bode BG325
522T9Beyondlimits Nara PD325
52418Briarvalley Captain Morgan of RulissAB324
52519Shadeaby Vronsky of A1 Xquisicat AB322
52624Betunes Ava Dellaria of Sanpietro PS320
52715Shuraku Max Joly AS317
52870Dsjewels Samson of Flashyragdolls RD316
529T16Endelosglede True Love of Bluedryad NF314
529T20Pierremont Highland Fling AB314
53125Arrowlakes Winderberry PS313
53218Minghou Delaney of Karissimakat OS310
53320Acirrekatz Evanee-Egon-Essence SX309
53421Wijelo's Lord Leonardo AB308
53511Silkwave Zack CR307
53613Purrsquad Adelphi DR306
537T19Practicalcats Ornery Onomatopoeia OS304
537T5Caterablu River Blue RB304
537T1Arohanui's BC Princess Leia LPS304
5405Finnland Fiona TA302
54159Americannative Avenger MC301
5426Chateaumane Ev Sunak TA300
54371Betunes Serena RD299
544T14Devonjoi Chasing Purrfection DR296
544T72Ruby Chantall Kendrick/ID RD296
546T73Yuki Dolce Dolls RD295
546T8Shiekspurr Roman HI295
546T6Rakiscats Xhosus N'An BA295
549T16Moonrapin Mechan of Sangureis AS294
549T60Kasper Kobi Koenigsblick MC294
549T20Practicalcats Baguette OS294
55221Practicalcats Literal Flynn OS293
5539Bouquet de Rose's Dolf SFL292
55449Al Jannas Blitzeinschlag of Akerrs BG289
55510Minamifuji Hange Kanon of Catmint SFL288
5563Ayshazen Libra Sterling AUM287
55715Mina vom Gnomenwald DR284
5587Tenkaichi's Delicate SG283
5591Stella Lupi Keep Loving the Cheese NB282
560T50Willowblue Commander John Snow BG281
560T4Mystical Miracle Archi BI281
562T17Dorrymama Lien Le Vent of Salablue NF280
562T51Wildrosebengals Skye of Jewelspride BG280
562T26Steamboat Jackson of Elviskitkat PS280
562T3Bob-Mignon Rio Raya of Catoos KBL280
56652Lovelyrita Cepita BG279
56774Quattro Undeniably Charming RD278
568T16Royal Elf Dzidzo of Nu Moon/FI DR276
568T22Kanesei Kinoko BS276
570T2Kiamy's BC A No Way Out Bri of LaPerLPS271
570T17Furry Joy Paticia DR271
572T23Alimur's Jayden/ID BS268
572T19Winterbrook Maksim Stepanovich SB268
5746Sandypoints Lizzy Lynx TH266
57522Showfur Firebird Sarkevna OS265
576T53Sesto de Salvaje S.o BG263
576T14Marleevo Body Like A Back Road ES263
576T6Creme Brulee BL263
579T61TAlphacats Last Boy Scout MC261
579T61TChocolatebears Chou Chou MC261
58124Yuqing Elvis.a of Azi Queen BS260
5825Birmabella Sophie BI258
583T75Soulmates My Romeo RD256
583T63Aslan Big Wild Cat Ua MC256
583T11Bouquet de Rose's Caroline SFL256
586T8Tenkaichi's Gelma SG255
586T64Bajacoon Dody MC255
58854Bengaluvrs Vegas BG249
5893Tortiesrus La Ferrari JB248
590T1Agirshus BC Ppjott LP244
590T21Omaticaya Tsu Tey De La Vallee Des DSX244
590T20Basilicblessing Joji Ben Adams SB244
5936Kitti Kat Pepper Pots SRL242
594T76Dk Jaquet Jazz RD233
594T25Astralcharm Crazy Stupid Love BS233
5962Foxcreekbengals Million Dollar Baby BGL231
5973Pocus La Luna Sangre of Becharmed SCL221
59865Omkara Pretty Eagle MC217
599T77Brightstone Kingston Wilder Delamer RD215
599T22Bravura Fire N Ice of Bearbrook AB215