2019-2020 Kitten Standings: 401-535

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sun Aug 18 17:25:32 2019.

RankKitten Standings: 401-535
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
40115Practicalcats Croissant OS352
4022Synergy Antares BA350
403T4Marvee-Lus Ritzy-Ruki BU347
403T9Ticktack Olive NF347
40546Ironcats Tiara RD345
40643Willowblue's Ogedei BG342
407T11Kleora Giordano Bruno DR341
407T1Magicbobs Thunder ABT341
40916DK*Issakat's Nefertiti No Flaws At AOS336
41047Giannasdolls Lila RD334
41169Le Beau Minu Embraceable You MC333
41226Hulumaowu Lu Lu BS331
41344Leo BG329
41445Bengaland Karma Power BG316
41570Narnia Gentle Predator MC312
4167Siberian Dynasty Lana Lacombe SB307
4178Qarim Iz Primorskij of Sayadaws SB301
41810Bouquet de Rose's Dior SFL300
41910Azureblue Marry Lou of Herbalmeow NF299
42071MTNest Moon River MC296
421T17Practicalcats Baguette OS295
421T3Supersweet Oly's Grammy TO295
42346Tinyleopards Cosette Madeline BG294
424T1Kirarakan Fancy Dancer TG286
424T27Morrenmorcogi Gemini BS286
42648Spirit Dolls Blackberry RD285
42714Daniella Mur Uma SX284
428T12Garboncias Luck O The Irish PS282
428T17Herus Celeborn AB282
428T49Mirumkitty 2 Handsome of Ragmagic RD282
43128Mi-ko Family Bubu BS277
4325Kitti Kat Towanda of Curlzz SRL269
43350Betunes Cinderella RD266
4343Closduchat Tesseract of Treehouse SV265
435T12Charmedpurrfect Dove of Masters ALC DR264
435T72Rosalia From Mazuninadom MC264
43747Dottiesbengals Heaven Sent Solo BG255
43873Gattacamoon Odessa MC254
439T2Milkymyus Noah of Chochochatons MKL252
439T51Chiffondolls Skye RD252
4415Rakiscats Anyya OL249
44248Foxcreekbengals Any Which Way U Can BG240
44352Hanabicats Mea RD222
44453Heavenlyrags Trixie Pixie RD213
4455Ginchika Free to be You and Me JB211
44613Sansen Mofu PS210
447T74TCoons'kin Cherry Bomb MC208
447T74TDarmorev Fire And Ice Filigree MC208
447T54Heavenlyrags Northern Star RD208
45076Konakats Autumn of Webecoons MC205
45149Exotiquebengals DD Heartbreaker BG204
4529Wintermist Maxsim SB203
453T50Pamela Leopardstrail BG200
453T29Xinlei's Emma BS200
45577Boundingmaines Galen MC198
45651Alayna Moon Goddess BG196
45755Willowtreerags Khaleesi of Cathissa RD194
45878Tingara Kanesada MC191
45914Hoaloha My Heart Belongs to Meowy PS186
46052Salem Murbenmir BG185
46179Heart Stealer Velvet Fox MC184
46280Sportingfields Princess Merida MC183
463T53Karion Hips Dont Lie BG180
463T10Barmont Bellamy CR180
463T10Worldstar Yuuta RB180
46654Amazongold Norman BG178
46756Finerpointrags Jolene Dolly RD176
468T81MTNest Persephone MC175
468T57Angeliqdoll Newton RD175
47014Laurenhouse Naonao ES174
47158Genotypecats Keep It Sweet RD172
472T55THighcaliber Thunderbolt BG171
472T55TArkham Dora BG171
474T3Joseph Melodiya Vostoka TH169
474T15Betunes Calipso PS169
474T82Ranchcats Lorena of Happytrills MC169
474T11Russicatblue Honey Bee RB169
47813Lightning DR167
4793Lin-X Tiger SCL166
48059Sunnyshores Ocean Waves Salia RD164
4813Dachakoshka Valentina Tereshkova KBL163
48257Boromei Bengals Khaleesi BG160
48358Karion King Leonidas BG158
48460Moedolls Victoria RD156
4854Closduchat Dusty Pink SV153
486T5Dushara Tufus SO149
486T5Marvee-Lus Roasted Ruki/CF BU149
4888Clowntown's Dolly Purrton AS148
4899Meili Princess Canela SI147
49018Ranchcats Dominoe OS146
49161Daisycathouse Avocado RD145
49219DK*Issakat's Odilia OS141
49315Betunes Tarantella ES140
4945LeatherAndLace Khal Drogo PP MCP138
49583Faydark Gil-Estel MC137
496T3Nyanmusubi Ribbon MKL134
496T10Wintermist Rocket Man of Cozycoons SB134
498T11Echosibs Rock with You SB131
498T59VSKBengals Jefree BG131
50015Purr-Fect Love Ava Maria SX130
501T4Countrycats Hazel SR129
501T62Hovicastle Baby Spice RD129
501T2Primprau's Jacques Clouseau KT129
504T20Chipmunk Kaida OS128
504T16Shalnavazz Apple Cider SX128
506T6TGrimoire's Narnia of Hylanderclan TA127
506T60TCalypso BG127
506T6TTamino Gluckskatze A.R. of Sirin/ID TA127
506T60TWillowblue Vega of Starkittie BG127
510T14TCurlymonkey Thunder Shower DR126
510T11Lesfrises Hubert CR126
510T14TMyneko Ailis of Alafiasky DR126
510T63Willowtreerags Pikachu RD126
51484Tingara Yua MC122
5152Miragecats BC Sir Sandor LP120
51611Azureblue Naughry NF119
51716Sheroncats Lua ES118
518T6Dushara Lure Ov The Tropics SO117
518T64Moedeoll Roseanne RD117
518T62Bengaluxe Sapphire BG117
518T85Bajacoon Cookie MC117
52263Capstone Bloodlines Bell BG115
52316Laramiau Potter PS105
524T64KTLC Koyi Kalia BG104
524T30Masha Mashenka De Venorti*SK BS104
524T6Oneofthefamily Deadpool BU104
5272Gobsgobblins Kalan of Atreyukatz LY96
52817Laramiau Harry PS95
529T65TXanadubengals Tildy BG93
529T65TAuroralights Noel of Bengaluvrs BG93
531T4Cheshirepoint Catenary TH85
531T18Briarvalley Mystical Zarina AB85
533T19Insuubunkai Meiteru AB82
533T2Silverpassion Lady Amalthea BM82
5351Paradiselynx Poseidon PBL71