2019-2020 Alter Standings: 201-374

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sun Aug 18 17:25:32 2019.

RankAlter Standings: 201-374
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
2015Amisti Versuvius BI1014
20211Hendri Minerva BG1013
20312Boutiquecats Dino BG1012
2042Miumiucat Bourbon Fecan Praline MNL1011
2057Vankaras Maple JB1009
2064Legato Elron Junior of Aasgard ACL1000
207T3Kingturks Daenerys Stormborn TV999
207T13Rubyclaw Cheetah Spirit BG999
2091DK*Primprau's Tia Senna KT995
21010Almaz Cardinal Moon SB990
2119Azureblue Harmonie NF983
21210Lindvig's Levi NF978
21324Williamina Ryu of Huntingcats MC951
2144Geishagoll Storm SI940
21525Carolinameows Audi MC925
21626Dreams Come True Cherie MC923
21711Altai Augustyn of Currahee SB919
21827Donatello of Friendly Kot MC902
2198Cieletoile J Eight AS900
2205Minghou Mr Ed D of Karissimakat OS892
221T5Shigaon Pilulkin SI891
221T28Bigrivercoon Leroy Brown MC891
2234Astralcharm Harper Starlight BS888
22414Lawntonstmews Flows Leonidas BG885
22519Calirags Billie Jean of Magnadolls RD883
22620Esther Beruthiel*PL RD858
2275Marinday Jnana Remo TA854
22815Bridlewood Ink On Mink BG852
2296Winterfrost Obladi Oblada OS850
2305Vision Rock Starr ES846
2315Dramatails The Cat Returns SR844
2321Pfunkyfeet Bentley Rogue Burt MCP842
2333Viser Siri DR836
234T16VSKbengals Trooper BG832
234T5Swelldom's Tahoe/ID BS832
23612Sineglazka Tiberius Maximus SB831
2379Mowglis Little Gem AS809
23811Cormier Wild Baby Anoki PS800
2396Purrluxe Lord Baxter BS781
24021Calirags Dani California RD778
241T6Beyondlimits Igor PD774
241T17Goldencrown Tijon BG774
2432Vindouro Hells Bells of Ringapurr BO757
2447Chipmunk Chinook Express OS742
2458Practicalcats Ornery Ozymandias OS741
2464Viser Bublik DR737
2479Acirrekatz Charlies Angel Wilo SX727
24829Il*Yaviracoon's Watson MC726
2496Templebar Celebrity at Fitzers BU721
2504Sanpietro Catherine Zeta Jhones HI708
25111Azureblue Satsuki NF704
25222Giannasdolls George RD701
2531Bravo Siegfried NB693
2546Pampa Mogambo AB692
25512Zelandoni Blueberry Pie NF680
25618Libertybengals Chaotic Cesar BG676
25730Yamazakura Akane MC667
2588Ginchika Do You Believe In Love JB665
25931Betunes Mel MC663
26012Anouchka Lucifer PS661
2616Marleevo C N Spots ES657
2627Raincoastca Sunshine BS652
2631Excalibur Ernest of Seawillow BL650
2646Ice Minimal*PL SI646
2657Zendique Paige Three ES635
26613Miagola Gelsomino of Azureblue NF634
26719Honneybearnpussy Casper BG632
268T9Senrabe's Hikaru Hoshi OS617
268T14Angelforest Gabriella NF617
2707Evita Princess Lianna of Chin Hill BU613
2713Rellax A Smooth Criminal of Jagcat SCS609
27220Marbleous Samson of Hellokitty BG608
2732Suzukaze Cat Ahadi TG605
2748Lynbro Ned Stark of Fenpedia BS601
27523Moussedoll Blues RD583
2767Wil O Glen's Lakota AB581
2772Dewdrop's Fan Chaluay KT580
27832Suncoon Chances R of Le Beau Minu MC575
27910Shalnavazz Brie SX563
2809Bradbritz Leo The Lion BS546
28133Kizzacoons Lady Everest MC545
28210Practicalcats Itsybitsy OS540
28315Lostwoods Burkburnett NF530
28411Swiftriver's Enzo Ferrari OS525
28513Pearlypond Alan Lil Bit PS491
2863Strawberry Baby Sho SF481
28710British Gems Honey Badger of Jag/FI BS471
28811Scantilyclad Sweet Honey Kisses SX467
2895Sanpietro Bruce Wayne Paz HI458
29014Joleigh Blue Moon of Pawsitive/CF PS455
29115Sheroncats Leza PS438
292T34TBajacoon Ivo Basso Sobania MC429
292T34TTremethick Shadowdancing Thru Time MC429
294T5Juliet De La Cour Divine OL421
294T21TTraipse Hugs N Kisses BG421
294T21TSpotagious Kratos God-of-War BG421
29711Queen Ashley Blu BS405
2986Caleita's No Way Jose BI401
299T2Cinna Silver of Dynamicat OC391
299T36Adonis1 QT Atlantida MC391
3013Resqme Mystic Krewe of Femme Fat/ID MNL387
3024Tzari Oreo SRL383
3035Balihoo Iri BA380
30437Bigrivercoon Beau of Cozycoons MC365
3058Marvee-Lus Roasted Ruki/CF BU340
3068Ben Rothlesberger ES333
30712Rayanshel Ace of Spades BS324
3081Samhari Reeds Prince CU320
30938Free Happy of Velvet Racoon, CZ MC312
31016Lostwoods Houston NF311
3116Brontti Royal Durango of Radzacatz HI310
3125Pattnchat Nutella Coco Cupcake/CF DR305
31312Minghou Jack o Clubs OS299
3147Velpaws Blue Djinn SI293
31523Noaisland Affectionate Atticus BG290
3164Sunfox Mademoiselle of Desertmoon SO287
31739Shanna's Candy Cane/FI MC283
31840Yamazakura Morgana MC272
3197Karissimakat Colonel Parker HI271
3209Kenipurr's U.S.A. of Autumbreeze JB265
32124Spotsnglitz Grand Slam Minnie M BG259
32213Foreststar Natasha SB254
32341Mymains Jacques MC253
3245Odesseycatz Violet TO250
3256Chateaumane Smoke and Mirrors TA249
3263Summerwood Mystic Monty SV247
32724Ragdollspdx River of Ferniehirst RD243
328T1Lawntonstmews Silver Surprise BGL239
328T6Gaia Lavender Moon DR239
330T12Scantilyclad Midnight Dragonfly SX236
330T7Annbirwaves Ophies Ojos of Purrdocz BI236
3325Asami Twentytwos Aegis SO235
33325Ragalong Ms. Cappuchino RD233
334T10Mowgleaves Winterfell of Fenpedia AS232
334T42Larhae Bella Donna of Kindredcoon MC232
33643SRCoons Mr.Marvelous Marvel MC230
33744Lilien Luck MC229
33845Tuftsntrills Red Jamie MC208
3397Rainingrexes Poppi Longstocking DR197
3402Kaperkats Radar II PBL177
34125Rao BG176
3426Dushara Tawana The Little One SO175
3431Bes Elsie BM161
344T8Orlandove Jade of Grapearbor AB159
344T1Beautymus Goliath The Singa-Purry SG159
344T9Alba Regia Houdini BU159
347T5Curlniques Plymouth Rock ACL158
347T14Sineglazka Maximilian SB158
34926Ragalong Make My Day RD155
3506Trailhawk Indestructible of Nudawnz OL152
3513Foresthunter Valiente PB139
352T16Pearly Pond's Over the Rainbow PS136
352T3Marveloo Archenland Corinthunderpaw TH136
3544Camelottaspots Classified Agent SV133
355T46Koontyme Mister Williams Jr II MC130
355T26Aloracats Monique BG130
357T3Midnite Moon Twist and Shout OC128
357T27Traipse Maximun Overdrive BG128
359T28Bengamur George Clooney BG127
359T2Forest Hunter Rhyannon Nikkita KBL127
3619Tigstiger Lyon in the Sun of RingapuAB124
36215Zlatosvet Severnoe Siyanie SB122
36329Perfectdreams Maggie BG119
36430Spotsnglitz Mighty Sweet Bobby BG118
36517MCJax Born To Be Cute PS117
36631Boromeibengals Seiko BG116
36717Ticktack Brownie NF115
36847Bajacoon Cesar MC113
369T7Nemo Faberge Du Bosphore TA112
369T7Suzu Cats Cake SO112
371T13Furrystockypaws Carbon BS104
371T18Zelandoni Horace Wimp NF104
37319Lindvig's My Macarena NF93
3748Hotzcats Kilimanjaro SI71