2019-2020 Championship Cat Standings: 1-200

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Mon Mar 23 14:59:02 2020.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1-200
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Mowglis Jack The Ripper ESSF13092
211Batifoleurs Kibo ENBG12891
311MTNest Christopher MAMC12723
412Aloracats Adonias SCBG12633
511Zendique Jiminy Cricket EWES12482
621Melody's Obiwan/LO ESHI12465
721Oberlin Lady Lennon Rustica SCHB12254
811Carchet Oreanna NWCX12218
911Snugglerags Huckleberry Finn SWRD12070
1031Catzanova Orient Express ESSO11703
1111Bluedryad Jackpot of Bewitched MPNF11610
1222Coonamor We Will Rock You NWMC11580
1311Doudou Hug Boy Wonder AEBS11471
1422Tartiflette Van Der Nekker ENBS11427
1521Purrsia Emmeline MPPD11311
1632Siempreamar Lamar ENRD11113
1711Anouchka Champagne on Ice NEPS11100
1841Alphacat Amur ENKBL11074
1931Kayserai Suleyman SCTV11066
2023Islarey Cloudmaker of Charlitabuc AEBS11010
2121Destynys At Last MASX10971
2243Juliannedolls Trevor Oak of Blossom SCRD10960
2321Sterlingcatz Mozart NESB10949
2451Rexink Annie Lennox ENCR10924
2532Bluedryad Biddy AENF10915
2643Chatile Caruso of Amangroup AEMC10886
2722Zendique Vanellope van Sweetz EWPS10870
2814Picaqiu Be a Queen AWMC10835
2932Dark Diamonds Reuben of Rivabell MAES10808
3033Toy Tricksy Bonboncito of Chanteuse MPPS10773
3141Wildfx Thriller MATG10697
3231Boucles Monsieur Incroyable EWSRL10632
3342Madawaska Omalley ESCR10587
3423Fraservalley Wukong of Abaoshouse AWBG10498
3554Silvercharm Mannish Boy MABS10486
3651Windleaves Top Gun of Plymouthrock SCAS10468
3754Chieko O Ted AEPS10436
3835Broadsway Red Bomber of Dracoonfly NEMC10421
3961Ranchcats Anastasia of Glor-ee MASI10395
4072Mowglis Strike 2 MAAS10347
4151Winter Fire Mystery Mask ESBI10340
4264Reddoor Fukumaru of Clair AERD10316
4331Faircats Jin AWSFL10315
4441Singville Emerald NESG10293
4532Skinisin Miss Boom Boom Pow NWSX10234
4663Beaver Bobcats Archimedes ESNF10224
4766Earl Grey of Tree Hill ENMC10068
4811Abysaint Tibet of Pierremont GLAB10057
4945Lollipopdoll Mufasa of Lianlian Cat AWRD10056
5071Havvanur's Jigglypuff/ID ENTA9986
5174Nzurisana Chiron AENF9973
5245Iris Cool's Brabus/WC NWBS9914
5313Willowblue Gen Stonewall Jackson SEAS9891
5447Kizzacoons White Swan EWMC9870
5556Teeny Ding Dang AWRD9854
5661Noble Gourd Luciana's AWACL9810
5754Speakeasy Rebel Prince NEBG9790
5885Pixel des Griffes De Feu/LO ENBG9758
5988Sarajen Jacobs Creek MAMC9727
6051Excatiburfolds Batman NWSCS9557
6191Thewildangel KitKat ENBO9430
6221Zayenah Wallaby of Iruskah SEOC9418
63102Tigervisions Comaro ENTG9403
64112Delfina Zarya Ishima ENPD9317
6587Farandoll Glen AERD9238
6698Farandoll Arthur of Laladoll AERD9147
6762Sukhotai Asia SCSI9130
68102Soarer Taiga Star*ru of Cmaterrace AESB9110
6941Kiwendo Chewbacca of Elevated MPTO9076
7065Utblicken's Emiren/FI NENF9075
7132Gilvtales Sir Fuzzy Butt SEHI9013
7273Oldem Joy's Crystal/WC NESI8944
73111Wildfacesv Chloe AESV8880
7454Velpaws Mystic Dreamer MPSI8846
7571Lucky king snails AWDR8832
7642Valaming Quentum of Rumblepuff SEBI8806
7771Blueskies Sydney Clawsby Tinylions SCMNL8705
78129Amangroup Raphael of Starletcoon AEMC8669
79139Reddoor Gigi of Petitchaton AERD8456
80710Mirumkitty Apollon ESRD8291
81611Adorabledolls Mateo of 5StarRags MPRD8208
82812Bluedreamer Thinking Out Loud NERD8158
8383Owhl Street Art SCCR8150
8421Practicalcats BallandBiscuit GLOS8065
85122Darlen-Fleur D'amalfi Limoncello ENAB8060
86T132Havvanurs Lilly Pad ENTA8013
86T141Doudou Pomponnette Rose AESR8013
8882Lidarlynns Champane On Ice AWMNL7990
8991Gememerald Firiona Vie MARB7936
9095Meisha Versace of Anouchka NEPS7923
9123Orlandove Jade of Grapearbor SWAB7804
92102Emerald Snow Maestro Antigene/CF MARB7787
93510Carolinameows Red Hot Cadillac SEMC7743
9461Kaperkats Storm NWPB7715
9566Pur-Snickitty's White Lightning of ESEPS7682
961513Appledolls Poker Face AERD7673
971411Deescoons Fantasy ENMC7532
9893Truelove's Tangtang AWES7475
99104Lesfrises Zara NECR7449
100166Zygot's Hodge-Podge of Miagola/FI AENF7410
10173Baldfantasea U Put Me On The Spot SESX7354
10282Highlandkatz Marine Rain SESRL7248
10331Maujik's the Odosia of Ajatarah GLEM7193
10452Singville Ares EWSG7162
105153Hercules Hakuna Matata ENSB7142
1061712Chatile Nicolas AEMC7121
10774Ironforge Storm Cloud NWAS7107
108T95Ranchcats Boss SCSI7011
108T165Shabbymur Floriana ENCR7011
11082Azorez Indigo Prince NWOS6996
11186JustWild Tyrone of Bensilgold ESBG6994
11296Madawaska Papyrus ESCR6974
113184Abylife Nobunaga of Insuubunkai AEAB6973
114194Marirose Sweet Anela AESX6969
115313Mainesuspect Easy Rawlins SWMC6964
116105Elamante Domperignon SCAB6934
11796Nightmist Whats Brewing NWAB6903
1181114Myluckystars Akahanas Engoni SCMC6885
119127Lunakatz Rebel SCBG6852
120207Intuition Alum AEAB6848
121103Dora Baggins Amaltea Kallisto NWOS6819
1221015Prosto Ne Otdam ESMC6817
12395Sartoris Arreba SEAS6691
124178Berlingold Casino Royale ENBG6648
12549Coolspots Jury SWBG6645
12652Owhl Irn Bru I'm A Pip SWSF6627
127132Dreamsong Mesa of Tehuacana SCOC6608
128213Tenkaichis Suzume AESG6505
1291110Libertybengals Hera MABG6504
13041Alicats Coralynne GLTH6466
131142TX-Elfkatz Hot Little Number SCDR6399
1322211Chacha Love king Finian AEBG6398
133107Pur-Snickity Thunder of Elviskitkat SEPS6385
134113Facehuggers Whimsy NWDR6349
13561Mistysprings Badabing!/CF SWMX6308
13662Amisti Dispicable Me EWKBL6278
137238Insuubunkai Unagi AEAB6272
1382416Popokilani Duke AEMC6264
139186Mr.Beans Cattery Jahnz ENBS6237
140112Highlandkatz Shaken Not Stirred SESR6178
141117Evsei Artirmax Elbarko SAMC6177
142712Orchidhouse Madonna Ciccone EWBG6146
143718Coons'Kin Cherry Bomb SWMC6130
1441114NYDivineDolls Doss Perfection NERD6067
145519Calicoon Bricks N Ivy of Chemicoons GLMC5993
14686Mowglis Thomas Jefferson Stone EWAS5914
147154Whozz Issac of A'tien SCES5890
1481120Coonamor Personaljesus of Amayalynx ESMC5850
149915Londondoll Leah EWRD5846
150198Black Pearls Bubble Gum ENPS5827
151T73Kitti Kat Terra Infinita MPSR5703
151T125Nudelook Delirium ESSX5703
15322Santino of Gavigat SASO5698
15461Hollie Angels Shelter GLBL5662
1551016Lollipopdoll Xiongsinog of Da Ding AWRD5657
156122Oberlin Royraltea of Samphire NWHB5637
1571113Judyful Sno Akso AWBG5536
158134Czarina Anastasia NWSB5514
159144Franz Joseph Angel Felis NWOS5510
160121Tortiesrus Millechili SEJB5466
161166Orion Han Tengri of Sukhotai/FI SCSI5455
16212213dogs Africa Adam AWMC5341
1631522Florence Coon Denver of Mtnview NWMC5308
164T139Ladifference On The Rocks ESAB5300
164T254Petit House Frill AESG5300
166137GZ-Dream's Oscar of WSCastle AWBS5273
167121Korrigan O'Malley NEMKL5236
168147Beautifulstars Menkar ESSI5225
16985Prekrasne Team Free Will SWSB5204
170138Chaldee Jazz Singer of Dinkidi SEBS5118
17137Kit's California Chrome of Gacrux SAAS5089
1721423Caesarheadcoon Kaibab Forest SEMC5080
173417Familytimerags Vicenzo SARD5025
1741524Mainevu Testarossa of Madinina ESMC5021
17553Brilliance Sinergorye Samuel SAPD4985
17669Deitybastet Curacau Blue SAPS4956
177164Brilliance Sinegorye Sakura NWPD4928
1781725Bigrivercoon Love Me Tender NWMC4920
179187Lostwoods Katy NWNF4899
180144Cury Monkey's Tianttang Suzhen AWDR4897
181109Diego From Frinimmy's/ID EWBS4892
182710Almathea Marinette of Candance Cats SAPS4889
183178Ranchcats Jessie Faye SCSI4886
1841914Fraservalley Pyro NWBG4857
1852611Chieko N Nu Than of Chenier AEPS4786
1862715Laulea Biz Markie AEBG4778
18771Balihoo Kalani Reign GLBA4774
188183Starghatts Quasar SCBI4765
1892816Bengamur Gere Richard AEBG4751
1901518Cwtchycats Rockets Red Glare SERD4734
1911517Guru Apu Illapu of Bossbengalcat AWBG4714
192292Dalbodre Uriel God Is My Light AESCS4697
193826Hataricoon Rogelius SAMC4678
194121Magicbobs Woofin MAABT4653
195135SKDobyRose Serena NEES4644
1963027Hareruyah Frolbericheri Flor AEMC4611
1971619Xuemm Thor-Z/FI AWRD4595
19896Hayana Lombarda of Calatonia SASX4564
199167Barmont's Spin Doctor/CF SECR4541
2001418Speakeasy Girl Crush NEBG4531