2019-2020 Kitten Standings: 1-200

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu Feb 20 20:45:15 2020.

RankKitten Standings: 1-200
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Bluedryad Jackpot of Bewitched MPNF7720
211Chemicoons Helium of Concordance NEMC7297
311Gememerald Firiona Vie MARB7238
411Lukor-Fold&Hurma Loshiry ENSFL7177
511Owhl Street Art SCCR7132
621Havvanurs No Cure For Crazy ENTA7092
722Demaris Princess Nala MASFL7083
8T12Chemicoons Leonard H PHD of LAPD GLMC7080
8T32Havvanurs O M G ENTA7080
1041Siempreamar Lamar ENRD7078
1113Archcoongel Personal Jesus ESMC7072
1221Richson Greatest American Hero GLAS7057
1311Oberlin Royaltea of Samphire NWHB6948
1412Riterags Rebekah Darling SERD6896
1513Appledolls Poker Face AERD6880
1631Libertybengals Phoenix Flare MABG6803
1722Beauchador Rantanplan MPAS6758
1824Usapurrs Catch A Falling Star SERD6745
1921Oldem Joy's Crystal Faberge' NESI6730
2031Basilicblessing Trinity Star GLSB6677
2124Mainevu Testarossa of Madinina ESMC6652
2211Lottem Galahad AWBS6607
2331Synergy Quasar of Roadsend SEOL6576
2441Destynys In Full Swing MASX6569
2532Fractal Play With Magic MPBG6566
26T35Gglegacy Angelstarrynite NEMC6556
26T41Facehuggers WorstDaySinceYesterday SEDR6556
2813Paw velvet des griffes de feu of devEWBG6551
2954Batifoleurs Mind Your Biscuits ENBG6538
3025Fraservalley Wukong of Abaoshouse AWBG6534
3151Stra Olympus Diablo of Lildarlynns SEPS6512
3266Carolinameows Red Hot Cadillac SEMC6511
3346Windyridge Take a Chance on Me NEBG6471
3422Acirrekatz Colorblind Carmine SCSX6446
35T67Batifoleurs Omorose ENBG6432
35T35Chinesedolls Highhopes of Wramdream AWRD6432
3772Kelcobber Lotta Coin SEBS6426
3837Chemicoons Diluted Solution SCMC6414
3942Kleora Glenn Luke MPDR6380
4081Etoile Finibus Terrae of Rumblepuff SEBI6353
4192Havacat's Sanford Malted Man SEHB6341
4271Jubatus Remember My Name ENOS6340
4322Wallycats 1stClass All The Way NWPS6316
4446Lollipopdoll Valentine of Brownbear AWRD6311
4558Windwalker Caesar MPMC6309
4631Catlines Palmito ESSF6254
4758Speakeasy Rebel Prince NEBG6217
4811Kelela Aloha Hua of Tajhara SWAB6186
4981Kaymilyut Ken Pusheen ENPB6164
5063Anouchka Blanche-Neige NEPS6159
5153Lin-X Rosi AWSFL6153
5229Chatile Caruso of Amangroup AEMC6138
5361Spirittail Mango AWMKL6112
54T610TWhatatrill Dot Dot Dot MPMC6108
54T310TBroadsway Sirius of Mishikoonz NWMC6108
5671Templebar Dukeofgogarty NEBU6092
5741Pocus Drouble Trouble of Becharmed GLSCL6088
5851Ginchika Hornbill Hunter GLJB6080
59102Tesoro Bello Kenya II of Rissa SESF6067
6092Rexink Sade ENCR6066
61111Chaldee Smoke on the Water SESR6065
6244Catlines Plush Koala ESSFL6064
6343Skinisin Miss Boom Boom Pow NWSX6061
6411Dclass Selene SAES6047
65T112Allywood Brienne INMC6043
65T54Pacha Di Casa Grande ESPS6043
6742Marleevo Heartbreaker SCES6032
68513Sassietat Aloysius of Aslanpaw MAMC6027
6953Kelloggs Mr. Crowley NWAS6020
7061Melody's Precious ESHI6015
7173Lucky King Chocolate AWDR6008
7229Coolspots Jury SWBG6006
7352Orion Han Tengri of Sukhotai/FI SCSI5994
7432Littlemew Saber AENF5988
75814Sweet Garden Papajump AWMC5960
7664Txelfkatz Burning Love of Nextgen SCDR5955
7771Celestialspots Sungrazer SCEM5936
7863Rivabell Rejoice MAES5921
7982Ranchcats Magnum SCOS5913
8092Masayume Hamburg AWRB5904
8193Ranchcats Elspeth of Cattrekker SCOS5897
821010Spice Speedster of Bossbengalcat AWBG5884
8325Dbasteth Nairo SAPS5866
84102President Petja of Barvinok ENSB5855
85711Silvertrace Jackpot ESBG5853
86112Russpixi Schatz ENPB5826
871212Mascot Alexander ENBG5825
88T104Radiance Endeavour of Hojpoj SCOS5810
88T36Lynx Cotton Candy SAPS5810
9081Katong Peranakan ESSG5782
9127Simcris Spudulicious EWPS5742
92117Blossom Penelope Petunia SCRD5715
9348Cleverdoll Stay Gold AERD5712
94713Libertybengals Hera MABG5711
95139Quattro V Power ENRD5669
9678Valyria Stormbreaker of Mywish MPPS5648
971110Honeyqueen Ian AWRD5643
98122Gilvtales Miss Elphaba SEHI5642
991414Pixel des Griffes De Feu/LO ENBG5621
100815SaraJen Leinenkugel Honey Weiss MAMC5618
101516Jullyginger Spencer of Gladius/ID AEMC5604
102152Darlen Fleur Marfa Vasil'na ENAB5586
103161LeatherAndLace Sansa PP ENMCP5574
10463Briarvalley Rosettaflame of Rulissa GLAB5566
1051211Maroonblue Queen Orchid AWRD5557
10682Singville Maya Sparkle Ofsunshine NESG5541
10764Leostar Golden Beryl AEES5522
108T93Silvercharm Rock Steady MABS5509
108T74Pierrmont Niami GLAB5509
110715Laulea Biz Markie AEBG5507
11184ScantilyClad Guess What Chickn Butt MPSX5475
112T84Twinklegem Mar of Louisa Stewart AEBS5453
112T816Aljannas Maverick of FraserValley GLBG5453
114134Willowblue Iceman SEAS5451
11543Micifuz Minerva SAHI5432
11695Doudou My Little Tora of Mybritish AEBS5428
11791Alistsavannahs One Jassy Night NESV5423
11861La lupa Mannara of Skinisin NWLY5410
119175Rumfold Cherish The Moment ENAS5392
1201812Cooperdolls Lucky Shot Armina ENRD5379
12192Purrdocz Pistol GLBI5368
122T99Promessa Di Casa Grande ESPS5357
122T1317Princess Tracy des Griffes De Fe/LO AWBG5357
124105Tinytiny Rosy Lily AESFL5352
125102Catlines Plume D'Hera ESSCL5303
126196Farine Van De Nekker ENBS5301
127143Barmont Spin Doctor SECR5297
128T35Abby May of Grapearbor SWES5292
128T35Flutterby Dragons Ice Spell EWOS5292
130116Pearl Of Love Di Casa Grande ESES5226
131151Iruskha Rocketman SEOC5211
132101Oenophile Kim Crawford NESRL5208
133121Kayserai Melek SCTV5182
134141Annaqi Kiki AWBL5175
1352018Mimosa Broken of Silvertrace ENBG5149
13643Prekrasne Team Free Will SWSB5147
13773Owhl Truffle Shuffle of Excatiburfo NWSF5077
138212Templebar Drunken Duchess ENBU5048
139104Prekrasne Hunting Things GLSB5011
140132Royalnefertt Sola of Celestial SpotsSCEM5006
141167Elviskitkat Perfect Storm SEES4973
1421419Dreamon Argenta Alexa of LotsofspotsSCBG4968
14345Kristilmist Baccoura Bobby Bleu EWSX4935
144116Faeryfire Branwell GLOS4894
14552Kitti Kat Jovian SWSRL4849
146124Madawaska Papyrus ESCR4844
1471520Judyful Pichu of Priona AWBG4836
148103Catamea My Summer Project MANF4826
149132Flodocats seraphina Aruba Blue ESBL4816
1501710Elviskitkat Dainty Little Moonbeam SEPS4780
1511117MTNest Linus Pawling MAMC4748
15284Bluedryad Opus One of Endelosglede NWNF4744
15355Murlykatradost Codall SASB4721
15457Osterfen Patadingo EWOS4704
155116Beauchador Lucky Luke NEAS4694
1562218Katahdinpines Eslmeralda ENMC4689
1571113Reddoor JJ of Petitchaton AERD4682
1581614Teeny Ding Dang AWRD4670
159125Dorrymama Kosuke AENF4650
160152Kayserai Teshir SCTV4602
1611215Blue Dreamer Thinking Out Loud NERD4571
1622319Chemicoons Penny of Aristopearls ENMC4531
16396Lostwoods Firestone of Bewitched MPNF4527
164165Comix Jubilee SCDR4504
165146Olympia of Barvinok ESSB4499
1665Elamante Kalaf of Kikiandco --AB4453
1671720Ranchcats Texas Red SCMC4427
168916Bakerviewrags Harleys Angel NWRD4421
1691011Chanteuse Babybel MPPS4409
170103Dramatails Gone With The Wind NWSRL4391
171121Magicbobs Oz MAABT4371
172134Pretty Cat Luna of Bouquet de Ro/ID AESF4366
173137Sterlingcatz Harlequin Swirl NESB4335
1741812Elviskitkat Yahto Luna Remington SEPS4322
1751721Lights Lucifer AWMC4318
176147Ticktack Pom AENF4293
177181Lildarlynns Champane On Ice AWMNL4263
178116Facehuggers Kinky Pink NWDR4228
179187Willowblue Maverick of PlymouthRock SCAS4190
18068Valyria Sweet Sue of Ahura SWES4176
181193Bluevika Ryan AWRB4147
1821217Snugglerags Sydnie NWRD4141
1831918Fine Tiger Supurrsonic SCRD4116
184156Bouquet de Rose Dolf/ID AESFL4083
1851619Lynfield Leelan AERD4069
186203Ranchcats Boss SCSI4027
187622Ishcus Quevaga EWMC4023
188177Bouquet de Rose Dian/ID AESFL3956
1891820Gentletime Whis AERD3955
190128Practicalcats Ballandbiscuit GLOS3945
1911921Medusa Martial Spirit AEBG3927
19271Curlniques It Is No Secret SWAC3902
193192Wavemakers Starchaser SESR3895
1942023Sportingfields Highland Brave SEMC3867
1952124Royallions Knightdragon SEMC3860
196134Glor-ee Marco MASI3848
197213Starghatts Quasar SCBI3827
19877Makdissy Ultra Violet EWBS3813
1991321Appledolls Balder NWRD3810
200T1425Broadsway Red Bomber of Dracoonfly NEMC3800
200T151Catzanova Picasso ESSO3800