2021-2022 Kitten Standings: 1-200

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed Aug 4 14:55:42 2021.

RankKitten Standings: 1-200
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
11Lildarlynns Sparkling Reflection MNL5882
21Angelspur Wrecking Ball of Burley Q PS5337
31Moulinrouge Striptease AB4908
41Dinkidi Matrix Reloaded SRL4678
52Boucles Monsieur Formidable SRL4614
61Gememerald Marus Seru RB4362
72Persilus Mr Moriarty PS4108
81Idcattery Bright Star Lady BS4044
91Windyridge Vineyardbird's Magnolia BG3899
101Facehuggers Lightfoot DR3873
111Sarajen Ethanol of Chemicoons MC3378
121Mywish Alice ES3215
132Mousseecoons Enya Seren of Ticats MC3138
143Wasillia Sweet Baylee PS2829
152Pettipaws Charles Xavier of Comix DR2787
161Siempreamar Caleb RD2776
172Kimcatz Lieselotte BS2762
181Runasoul Precious Penelope SX2599
192Londondoll The One And Only RD2542
203Shaggycoonz Black Jaxx MC2538
212Libertybengals Private Jass Purf BG2379
221Singville Minnie Pearl of Oberlin SG2320
234Mtnview Leonid of Myluckystars MC2263
241Artemissavannah Platinum SV2247
251Amalurra Kano of Seasedge BO2164
261Catlines Special Edition SF2155
275Coonskin Solar Flare of Chemicoons MC2074
281Tersanctus Dark Before Dawn of KLM OL2061
292Nudawnz Pistol Pete of Grape Arbor AB2051
301Zareena Czar Polcony SB2045
313Adorabledolls What A Beauty RD2019
322Irisd'eden Lover/LO ES1987
331Starghatts Summer Skies BI1980
341Ajatarah The Makenzie of Amaure EM1960
351Wyndchymes Kaizoku of Blueyonder JBL1957
364Tytherton Giovanni PS1949
371Kasanovakatz Jonah BML1934
386Windwalker Heartbreaker MC1900
393Simplyblessed Marilyn Monroe BG1877
401Rexplus Sugar Baby CR1853
414Libertybengals Ginny BG1833
422Kotovsky Siberian Magic of SterlingcSB1795
431Ginchika Princess Buttercup JB1792
445Bengalivo Million Reasons BG1769
456Rhys Des Griffes de Feu/LO BG1741
463Moulinrouge Stormy Valentine AB1732
474Kelela Malu Lani AB1723
487Lotsofspots Rayne Dancer BG1706
498Bengallily Mamba Sheikh BG1698
507Amuletcoon Uproar of Woodpile MC1687
514Orangeangels Untouchable RD1669
528Cuzzoe Masquerade of Caesarhead MC1625
531Tigervisions Vivaldi TG1586
545Pursnickity LL Cool J of ElviskitkatPS1585
559Maisonmagique Rosalie MC1584
561Amalurra Lon Mirai BU1576
571Tajhara Retro Forward SO1571
582Corbri Queen of Hearts of Barmont CR1547
5910Cascademtn Denali MC1544
603Facehuggers Gatsby of Masters Alc DR1541
619Columbiariver Zuki BG1539
621Calumetcats Gojira of Midnitemoon OC1520
6310Karion Butterfly Kisses BG1484
646Go-Teekatz Bleu Majik of LildarlynnsPS1467
652Sunsilk Rio Grande BI1404
662Distinct Pussy Galore SX1403
6755Starrags Mango of Fairytaleragdol RD1399
6811Bigrivercoon Pale Rider MC1364
6912Ttcats Cheddar MC1362
706Siempreamar Gabriel RD1361
712Unique BU1359
724Jobaras Phoebe of Nu Moon DR1348
7313Mouseecoons Evening Star MC1345
742Kurisumasu Suisui-Cho JB1341
7514Sarajen Southern Comfort MC1328
7615Frizzy's Fortune Winter Shade MC1310
777Blossom Peach Finesse RD1277
781Senrabe Tillie SI1267
797Zendique The Show Must Go On PS1262
803Major X-Bond Lion Black SX1232
811Catpeople's Big Brother TA1224
822Mytoygerden Grizzly Gold TG1208
833Txcountrycats Rhythm/CF SRL1198
8411Pawsabilities Ayaka of Arkham BG1183
851Deescoons Kinglouis PP of Polysrock MCP1181
865Jabulani Scott DR1172
873Delonea Blake ES1171
8816Sporting Fields Fire N Ice of ShaggyMC1169
891Cheshirepoint Cassiopeia TH1164
908Riterags Precious Gem RD1162
915Rita AB1161
9217Ticats Tic Tac MC1160
933Amesoeur Evee BS1154
9418Sportingfields Miss Anna MC1147
951Trailhawk Sakurahato BA1146
964Shoshoni Miranda of Mysticjewelssx SX1144
974Delonea Mirage ES1129
982Meili's Spitfire SI1128
999Rochelledolls Foxy RD1104
10012Alayna Black Walnut BG1103
1018Special Edition Du Lys de Cristal PS1091
1026Alafia Sky's Return To Cinder DR1082
10392-Che's Ta-Da PS1077
1044Shaticohome Elias BS1068
1052Havanurs Touch N Go TA1055
10619Whatatrill Freck Lay MC1041
10720Sportingfields Silver Assets MC1036
1083Kiddlyn's Grace of Cattoos JB1029
1095Chicsweet Esparadise Euneirophrenia ES1013
1101Catlines Scarlett Oh Goch SCL998
11121Coonskin Rocketman of Whatatrill MC958
1126Mywish Jasper ES941
1135Sika de La Nuit d'Opium BS940
1141Lawzpaws Dolly Mixture BL931
1153Marvee-Lus Vivo The Victorious BU925
1164Dinkidi Matrix SRL918
1173Barmont Beau Brummel CR905
11822Destiny Blue Ridge Ru MC903
1191Radiance Lady Whistledown of Hojpoj OS892
1201Markitts Brixie Sass of Gahlee AS890
1215Shalnavazz Gigi SX887
12223Sonic Des Musty Coon's MC885
1236Galaxymonkeys Oreo SX871
124T13Libertybengals Shaded Prestige BG865
124T1Pams Louise SFL865
1261Dachakoshka Oleg Popov KBL860
1277Calivan's Candyman of Cider'shaven ES850
1286Bearbrook Stella Mia AB847
1292Ua*Sharavi Milky SO846
1303Autumsun Jax Kaluacreme O Sacchicat SI845
13110Dappelgrae Debut PS838
1321Curl Essence Adriana ACL836
1332Bayouash 7Bridgesroad of Starghatts AS825
134T24GGLegacy Angelameque MC821
134T7Nu Moon Carina DR821
13611Joli Bief Natural Blues PS818
1373Inverness Plato AS814
13814Wildernesswell Island Rain BG797
1392Kasanovakatz Kenyah BML790
140T4Willowblue General Smedley Butler AS789
140T3Catpeople's Andy Warhol TA789
1422Apocalyptica Incantesimo OS785
1433Sinergia Ella Fitzgerald of Tku OS782
14425Sarajen Roca Patron Silver MC774
1451Carchristeykatt Winter NF771
1461Snowdreams Easy Mcdreamy Luigi SN761
147T1Giada Die Mitici Blu CX757
147T3Mytoygerden Jane Winked of JubalkatzTG757
1492Blumoon Heritage of Clowntown BL748
1504Katsnklamms Melisande BU746
15110Mirumkitty Walkin On Sunshine RD741
1524Flutterby Shades of Blue SI735
153T1Kayserai Sultan TV723
153T2Mabuhay Picar Tersanctus Dark BeforeOL723
1555Velpaws Magnificat SI712
156T4Reikirex Eevee CR710
156T7Shoshori Bella Bella SX710
1586Meili Micheles Beloved Ohana SI691
15911Adorabledolls Miya Anjanette RD680
160T15Southlynn Ripples Vanilla Fudge BG667
160T1Velantras Mona Lisa SCS667
160T8Baldfantasea Snow Covered Black Ice SX667
16326Amayalynx Iridescence of Silverfern MC664
16427Sporting Fields Ducky's Day Out MC654
1656Garibaldi's Emma Peel BS653
16628Dreams Come True Reina MC648
167T8Nada Jinx Buyme A Coke of Alafiasky DR642
167T29Queen Ofhearts Life Maya MC642
16930Coonskin Kashmir of Purrcificoon MC640
17012Allweneedis Delightfully Cute RD639
171T31Mouseecoons Deja Voo MC620
171T7Sheridan Bonibrit BS620
1732Annkir Charcoal SCS616
1749Mysticjewelssx Nyx of Skinnanigans SX609
1757Autumsun Cassie SI605
17616Irgusstars Barbie BG604
1778D'Eden Lover Saphir ES595
17832Bigrivercoon Jedediah Smith MC593
17933Kizzacoons Black Pearl MC590
180T5Wavemakers Thai Bomber of MysticpawsSRL581
180T9Farfalla U Sexy Thing ES581
1821Tranquility Purrseverence HI579
1833Voyager White Wings/FI SB577
18434Amayalynx Kintsugi MC576
18510Destynys Paradigm Shift SX575
1864Ginchika No Quiero Saber JB572
18717Fricks Dashing Danny BG571
18818Goralguru Rosemary of Mochiba BG562
18919Arkham Cyclone BG559
19020Devinespirits Pumpkin Spice BG556
191T4Senrabe Tillie of Somsinai OS554
191T12Castlegate Golden Boy of Dappelgrae PS554
1932Bluedryad Modi NF549
19410Transcend Agnes Brown ES548
1954Isabella Snejnaya Zima SB546
1965Radiance Motley Crue of Hojpoj OS539
1974Finnland Creme Brulee TA535
19811Shoshoni Stella Luna SX533
19913Furrystockypaws Angelwing RD519
200T14Vavidoll Coral Champagne RD516
200T21Catridingtrees Picasso BG516