Estimated Standings by Breed - Turkish Angora

Kittens (6)
Rank Name Region Score
1CatPeople's Big Brother SE1861
2Havanurs Touch N Go ES1055
3CatPeople's Andy Warhol SE789
4Finnland Creme Brulee SW535
5CatPeople's China Girl SE295
6Finnland Coming2America of Sunfox SW152
Championship Cats (3)
Rank Name Region Score
1Jennypurz Aurora Borealis MA2330
2Je Ris Polar Star of Hylanderclan SE490
3Sunfox Colors of The Wind SW365
Alters (6)
Rank Name Region Score
1Etonnant Ophelia of Mahina/CF NW5115
2Havvanurs Push My Button EN3454
3Jennypurz Betelgeuse MA1798
4Havvanurs Loose Cannon MP1120
5Hylanderclan thumbalina SE1027
6Sunbriar Sugar And Spice MA616