Estimated Standings by Breed - Himalayan

Kittens (18)
Rank Name Region Score
1Melody's Socrate ES6962
2Gilvtales Annie SE2010
3Purr-Star Singularity SE1419
4Shiekspurr Faith SC1167
5Le-Vell Thundercloud SC1114
6Tranquility Purrseverence SE1065
7Tranquility Funfetti SE1040
8Le-Vell Texas Roundup SC754
9Shiekspurr Hope SC676
10Aristopoints Zara ES639
11Le-Vell Crystal Purrsuasion SC471
12Bluelakes Funtick of Gilvtales SE446
13Tranquility Some Like It Hot SE260
14Tranquility Chanel Marie SE240
15Kanin Sparkling Star of Le-Vell SC225
16Le-Vell Blazing Star SC192
17Dragonfyre's Batik MA135
18Le-Vell Rising Star SC105
Championship Cats (10)
Rank Name Region Score
1Melody's Obiwan ES11403
2Shiekspurr Peaches SC3018
3Micifuz Falkor SA978
4Gilvtales Defying Gravity SE812
5Catbery Tail Top Gun MA766
6Shiekspurr Hope SC685
7Le-Vell Thundercloud SC472
8Bluelakes Lancelot-of-Purrology EW314
9Le-Vell Crystal Purrsuasion SC133
10Akmal Dalia SA127
Alters (10)
Rank Name Region Score
1Purr-Star Prince Charming SE9956
2Karissimakat Colonel Parker SC7889
3Brontti Royal Durango of Radzacatz --3784
4Catbery Tail Mischief Maker MA3336
5Newdestiny Tiramisu of Shiekspurr SC2544
6Purr-Star Cosmic Event SE1297
7Brontti Royal Durango NE1184
8Catbery Tail Top Gun MA1128
9Brontti Oliver Twist of Radzacatz NE1029
10Amisdeschats Vuitton AE643