Estimated Standings by Breed - Himalayan

Kittens (22)
Rank Name Region Score
1Melody's SocrateES6962
2Gilvtales AnnieSE5446
3Shiekspurr CharitySC2309
4Shiekspurr CandySC2155
5Purr-Star SingularitySE1419
6Shiekspurr FaithSC1167
7Tranquility FunfettiSE1138
8Le-Vell ThundercloudSC1114
9Tranquility PurrseverenceSE1065
10Akmal NinaSA873
11Le-Vell Texas RoundupSC754
12Shiekspurr HopeSC676
13Aristopoints ZaraES639
14Le-Vell Crystal PurrsuasionSC471
15Bluelakes Funtick of GilvtalesSE446
16Ma Romanee SashimiES330
17Tranquility Some Like It HotSE260
18Tranquility Chanel MarieSE240
19Kanin Sparkling Star of Le-VellSC225
20Le-Vell Blazing StarSC192
21Dragonfyre's BatikMA135
22Le-Vell Rising StarSC105
Championship Cats (21)
Rank Name Region Score
1Melody's ObiwanES11746
2Le-Vell ThundercloudSC3542
3Shiekspurr PeachesSC3018
5Le-Vell Texas RoundupSC1796
6Shiekspurr HopeSC1533
7Micifuz FalkorSA1252
8Tranquility FunfettiSE1220
9Ricordanza My Fair LadyEN1167
10Gilvtales Defying GravitySE993
11Akmal TresorSA966
12Catbery Tail Top GunMA766
13Fleur Etoile TrevesNW739
14Gilvtales AnnieSE733
15Bluelakes Lancelot-of-PurrologyEW655
16Fantasycats Ashoka de BodhitreeSC334
17Tranquility CandystripeSE293
18Le-Vell Crystal PurrsuasionSC133
19Shiekspurr FaithSC129
20Akmal DaliaSA127
21Kanin Sparkling Star of Le-VellSC102
Alters (11)
Rank Name Region Score
1Purr-Star Prince CharmingSE10401
2Melody's SafariES8644
3Karissimakat Colonel ParkerSC8073
4Newdestiny Tiramisu of ShiekspurrSC6109
5Catbery Tail Top GunMA6011
6Brontti Royal Durango of RadzacatzNE5616
7Catbery Tail Mischief MakerMA3336
8Cushka Lord ClaudeEW1524
9Purr-Star Cosmic EventSE1297
10Brontti Oliver Twist of RadzacatzNE1029
11Amisdeschats VuittonAE643