2021-2022 Championship Cat Standings: 1-200

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed Aug 4 14:55:42 2021.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1-200
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
11Mishikoonz Mystic Lake MCP9485
21Heathrose Space Cowboy PS7317
31Marleevo Fire N Brimstone ES7149
41Gememerald Marus Seru RB7088
51Phos Hilaron Hoosierdadi of Oberlin HB7075
61Purrcificoon Poppy Fields 4Ever MC6914
71Celestial Spots Elektra EM6884
82Elviskitkat Pandoras Box PS6092
92Kizzacoons Ride A White Swan MC5919
101Nudelook Emiliana of Runasoul SX5059
111Willowblue Maverick of Plymouthrock AS5042
121Rainforest Apocalypso of Bengallily BG4587
131Chicsweet Escape Tortie Love BU4369
141Silvercharm Dexter of Plymouthrock BS4310
152Mowglis Lizzie Borden of Havvanurs AS4292
161Londondoll Shawn The Whistles RD3725
171Wavemakers Midnight Special of LlariSRL3639
181Nudawnz Pistol Pete of Grapearbor AB3597
191Sukhotai Rani-Son SI3295
203Chemicoons Kona Kai of Cascademtn MC3228
212Transcend Madam Butterfly ES3171
222Maroonblue Baijiu of Usapurrs RD3064
231Enchantedpaws Harley Quinn BL3013
242Ranchcats Run Away Tuk Tuk SI3001
251Starghatts Rolls Royce of Txbirmans BI2956
263Burberry Megapolis of Dicasagrande ES2889
271Melody's Obiwan HI2863
281Tortiesrus Quadrifoglio JB2832
294Sportingfields Batman Cuzzoe MC2707
303Purrcasso's Odyssey/CF PS2680
313Salvador Wizard From Oz AS2559
322Gemma Brylantowa Elita of Mcsmitten BS2555
333Rockinblues Save The Last Dance RD2517
341Tigervisions Sunny TG2429
354Joli Bief Pouet of City PS2298
362Paw Velvet Des Griffes de Feo of DevBG2250
375Dawntreader Maybe Its Maybelline MC2166
381Azorez Alyssa of Meili's OS2145
392Gememerald Faydwer Diamond RB2116
404Willowblues Iceman AS2085
413Valdosta Battaash BS2029
422Destynys Ray O Light SX2028
433Scantilyclad Beauty Begets Envy SX2020
445Woodspirit's Tesla of Burleyq/CF PS2017
456Rivoli de Nikko Coons MC1987
462Pierremont Tegwen AB1974
473Blueemerald Newton RB1916
481Diva Divnaya Sviatoslav DSK1909
496Mywish Whispering Willow PS1908
501Blanche Phanagoria of Comix DR1886
514Sunnyshores Rayban of Dollsparadise RD1880
523Apexpride Geordi of Shantum BG1861
531Pawcitys Alexis Ovechkitten Tinylio MNL1856
541Pawsitively Inhala Exhala SB1853
552Celine Kocia Mafia PL DR1813
565Izzadorablerags Liberty RD1804
575Willowblue General Omar Bradley AS1791
587GGLegacy Angelameque MC1788
592Hamilton Siberian Magic SB1784
604Gememerald A Million Voices RB1779
614Katzizi Amity BG1773
628Amayalynx Lilou MC1770
632Ginchika Jiro Horikoshi JB1758
643San-Toi's Mimosa of Happyhour SI1750
652Fari Stellarum Pepi OS1691
665Blueemerald RB1687
672Shiekspurr Peaches HI1679
685Coolspots Sage of Lunakatz BG1657
696Silvertrace Jackpot BG1627
706Hovicastle Kollo of Lakeragdolls RD1626
712Iridium Connect The Dots EM1593
722Beautiful Pearl Silver Bochasse BL1580
739Mainelyclassic Clyde of Atlastcats MC1576
7410Braebonnie's Prince Charming MC1546
757Coolspots Roxanne of Equistice BG1535
763Moussorgski Iz Kolybel'nykh SB1509
773Facehuggers Whimsy DR1495
783Ginchika No Quiero Saber JB1491
798Simplyblessed Incredable BG1423
8011Pegase de Nikko Coons MC1418
811Catvision Ramsey A Miti SV1402
824Musrafy Lady Prada of Sayadaws SB1393
835Prekrasne Hunting Things SB1381
844Facehuggers Rhapsody DR1378
8512Bigrivercoon Pale Rider MC1367
863Mcsmitten Blossom BL1366
872GGLegacy Verity of Dawntreader MCP1358
881Rayah de Valfreury SF1348
892Templebar Drunken Duchess BU1318
901Somalissa Ezzie of Howlingcoyote SO1316
911Catlines Rapsodie SCL1294
923Mayonaka's Synergy of Katsnklamm/CF BU1282
937Marlcreek Lifeoftheparty RD1277
945Devonology's Penelope DR1247
953Grapearbor Nailah of Mywish AB1243
964Purrcasso's Inferno/CF ES1224
974Velpaws Dyson of Somsinai SI1221
981Lostwoods Rhiannon NF1208
994Wyndchymes Katsumoto of Blueyonder JB1206
1004Ulysses Cheshireland of Idcattery BS1203
101T2Rissa Giovanni SF1187
101T13Amuletcoon Uproar of Woodpile MC1187
101T5Fiordiliso Tome Toyoo SI1187
1046Willowblue Dimond Red of Bayouash AS1179
1054Mysticjewelssx Fancy Pants SX1170
1068Jerseyragdol Mars RD1158
1073Emmers Sir Frederick MP SF1136
108T1Animix Lady Hawk SCS1124
108T5Kimcatz Lieselotte BS1124
1109Cottonblues Walking On Thin Ice RD1122
1119Spotsandcuddles Tiny Dancer BG1121
11210Piperbrookrags Zebulon RD1106
1133Twintails Godiva OS1097
1146Modany Ravenna BS1089
1152Mytoygerden Grizzly Gold TG1087
1164Mowglis Paloma Estrella SF1063
1174Abysaint Freddie Mercury AB1049
11814Ttcats Tic Tac MC1048
1195Danakil's Amadou AB1045
12015Larhae Lady Charlotte MC1041
1216Siberianlife Forget Me Not SB1038
1221Chaldee Buster Brown of Shortncurly SR1035
1233Mytoygerden Jane Winked of JubalkatzTG1026
1247Vitani Terrae Filius of Idcattery BS1025
1257Muddybrook Onyx Stars Glory PS1002
1262Kitti Kat Endydro Agate SR998
1278Pearlypond Friend of The Devil PS988
1281Reikirex Shlome CR982
1296Kleora Yaroslav DR971
1301Catlines Plush Koala of Sandfold SFL968
1311Simplyblessed Lionspride BGL964
1326B'pikachu Cattleya*PL of Privet RB956
1331Chicsweet Khal Drogo ACL934
13411Dsjewels Akari of Familytimedolls RD921
1352Beaverbobcats Bazinga NF886
13616Pippapopjes Raven Rocket MC871
13710Alayna Happy Hour BG868
1382Boucles Monsieur Neige SRL864
1393Beaverbobcats Archimedes NF859
14011Speakeasy Road Less Traveled BG858
1411Silverpassion Lady Brienne BM847
1428Gemma Brylantowa Elita/WC BS845
1439Edgar Di Casa Duchessa BS834
1447Kleora Camilla Diva DR817
14512Rustickittens Azalea of Cottonblues RD816
1461Paldies Des Perles de Lestran NB815
1471Rockinashi Lalana Laan Luang KM780
1484Kimcatz Fleur de Lis BL767
149T17Bigrivercoon Lite Myfire of Aoi NekoMC757
149T1Elvessa Countess Corona TO757
15112Starlight Tiffany Dreamcatcher BG755
15218Amerikoons Knightangel of GGLegacy MC753
1532Nortesso Hope SFL752
15410Sheephouse Hubba-Bubba BS737
1551Shalnavazz Maisie LY735
1561Special Agent Bullet PB709
15713Lotsofspots Rayne Dancer BG708
15819Whatatrill Greta Garbo MC701
15911Taison Diamond Breese BS696
16014Fractal Aksel of Karion BG680
16113Fairytaleragdol Moderkaiser RD676
1625Zendique Clarice Cliff ES675
1635Dnilesphynx Ma Shinko SX669
164T20Tuftsntrills Oliver MC668
164T6Scantilyclad Sweet Cherry Pie SX668
1666Dclass Joel of Zendique ES661
16714Ragmagic Peggy Carter RD660
16812Furrystockypaws Boni BS657
1694Flutterby Dragon's Ice Spell OS653
1702Alberta Ezra of Catvision SV652
1718Brown Glossy Furs Braam DR647
172T15Bespokebengals Xylina Umbra BG641
172T7Elbrus Jack Skellington SB641
1745Kurisumasu Ko-Kyan JB633
17516Devinespirits Firestorm BG630
17613Rambo BS624
1779Karissimakat Grandfinale PS619
17815Appledolls Checkmate of Marondollis RD616
17921Bigrivercoon Josey Wales MC613
1805Animix Betelgeuse Supernova SF607
181T2Sun-Silk Ray Ray BI605
181T3Dinkidi You Know Nothing SR605
18314Paddington Du Petit Prince of McsmitBS603
18416Darlinlildolls Little Hunter RD598
1853Py Des Perles de Lestran EM597
1867Annies Inkydinkydoo of Baldfantasea SX591
1877I'm In Love Plkandovan* ES589
18817Quattro Whoopy Oepsy RD587
18922Cascademtn Poppy of Tuftsntrills MC584
19023Parmi Giano Des Bois de Berlioz MC583
19115Kimcatz Blue Bandit BS579
192T8Voevoda Vozhskaya Krasa SB572
192T16Astralcharm Lunar Renee BS572
192T18Bright Crystall Uriel RD572
195T8Raya Des Aristosphynx SX570
195T7Mowglis Sarson Stone Rockwell AS570
1972Curl Essence Savannah ACL569
19817Powerofnature Stellar Champion BG564
19924Lionwoods Kairos MC561
200T19Usapurrs Follow Your Heart RD553
200T18Guru Luna Nera of Goralguru BG553