2015-2016 Household Pet Standings: 201-400

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Tue Jun 7 11:47:01 2016.

RankHousehold Pet Standings: 201-400
Int'l Regn Name Rgn Score
20129Ginger Snap SC2613
20216Wannabe A Star EW2595
203T30Shes A Foxy Lady of Sazikatz SC2497
203T34Chelsea Butcher of Jasperhall SE2497
20531Tiger of Mexicats SC2493
2067Krecik EN2484
20721Voodoo MA2456
20820Mushu NW2442
20911Rugby MP2439
21020Cinder SW2393
21132Katness Everpurr of Kaos SC2374
21233Indiana Jones of Granite Dragon SC2369
21312Lola MP2330
21422Lily Belle of Spurwink NE2318
21521Charlie NW2267
21635Ethans Mill SE2260
21723Daisy GL2256
21834Looki SC2251
21917Ody EW2241
22036B3 I Haz Tortietude SE2234
2212Haru IN2213
22224Bel-Lee GL2204
22322Amazing Storm Cloud NW2184
22435Rlar Fischer SC2177
22518Bella Rosa EW2164
2265Blanquita SA2158
22721Charly Chapman SW2151
2286Nala SA2149
22923Oh Henry NW2138
23022Kipper SW2114
231Oliver --2109
23223Tigger SW2108
23337Unobtanium SE2101
23413Fraiser MP2088
23522Mimi MA2087
23625Little Beau Blue GL2078
23723Nanette MA2068
23836Willie of Greystoke SC2054
2391Tigris ES2044
24014Colonel Klink MP2040
2413Chocos Chum AA2025
242Princess(NW) --2004
243T7Sueño Neval Matias SA1988
243T19Piglit EW1988
24524Adelaide NW1976
24620Noontide Grebo EW1974
24738Sugar Pie of Catcartel SE1969
24839Lizzy Puff of Carolinameows SE1966
24924Fear The Tiny Yeti of Elvessa SW1952
250T26Mikey The Adorable Jerk GL1938
250T40Mickey Our Southern Comfort SE1938
25227Midnite Louie II GL1918
25315Kalinda MP1917
25428Phil A Buster GL1903
2558Tigervisions Rico EN1886
25625Mischievous Silver Storm NW1885
25729Leela Snugglecat GL1883
25830Baron Blue GL1880
259TSnoopy --1873
259T26Lexa 2166F NW1873
26137Usul SC1869
262Tobias --1864
26321Master Brown Velvet EW1852
26424Dahlia MA1843
26538Curly of Mexicats SC1824
26631Sir Thomas Cat GL1819
26723Rusty NE1813
26825Cyndee Clawford SW1812
26939Tink Tank of Gumbeaux SC1793
27041Little Speckled Kitty Cat Iris SE1790
27127Drama Queen NW1789
27228Sideshowbob of Daventryfarms NW1784
27332Paint Me A Masterpiece GL1783
2748Ari SA1775
27542Courage SE1764
27633Baby Outlander Lizzie GL1754
27726Master Jackson SW1734
27822Inky Pinky Parlez Vous EW1720
27934Kirby The Love Bug of RR GL1716
28029Lil Piglet NW1712
28135Snow GL1709
28216Beanie Baby MP1697
2834Uri AA1696
28427Chipendale SW1685
28525Thunder Cloud MA1682
28624Emma NE1677
28730Cascademtn Amari NW1669
2885Yamato AA1668
2899Jiji SA1643
29025Magic of Purrs Purcival Plush NE1642
29143Spazz SE1638
29236Ladybug GL1627
29310Hamtaro SA1625
29428Miss Marina SW1623
29540Jessie James SC1621
29644Catwalkers Timmy SE1618
29737Ike GL1612
29811Lexie SA1605
29945Elisha Blue Allman SE1602
3002Acika ES1593
30131Sarah NW1583
30246Harlquin SE1571
3036Sakuramochi Alex AA1560
30447Mango Tango SE1557
30541Elegant Lady SC1555
30632Gonzo NW1545
30726Geoffrey the Barbarian NE1535
30827Cody James NE1533
30938Maksim GL1517
31033Samson NW1514
31112Gaspar SA1511
312T48Minxy SE1506
312T42Indiana Jones SC1506
312T23Echo EW1506
312T39Jeebie GL1506
31634Velvetmuffin Hemingway's Legacy NW1486
3177Nenneko Nanako AA1482
31849Sir Walter P, Tinybuns SE1473
31940Taco Too of Purrdocz GL1472
32024Artie EW1471
3218Irisplace Montblanc Latte AA1461
32241Poe GL1454
32313Jawi Aristizabal SA1450
32450Garfield of Carolinameows SE1443
32542Nuggs GL1442
3263Simbil ES1428
327Cosmo --1427
32825Olaf EW1419
32929Marilyn Meowroe SW1415
33051Night Bella of Andredie SE1402
33114Robin SA1396
332T28Red Of Elegance NE1374
332T35Angel Gracie Stewart NW1374
3344Adam ES1373
33536Pup NW1361
33643Bon Bon SC1359
33752Eskimo SE1354
338T53Thememoryremains Bubba SE1351
338T5Alley The Crumble ES1351
34026Pan EW1350
3419Ally McBeal EN1342
34243Lambert GL1330
3436Mica ES1318
3447Cassiopeia ES1313
34544Kinkers of Alicats GL1312
346T54Jasper SE1311
346T44Gretal of Sazikatz SC1311
348T10TToyali EN1308
348T10TBasai EN1308
350T55Luke SE1307
350T15Cholito SA1307
35245Shidden SC1306
35329Dale NE1299
35416Dalila SA1291
35556Buddy Not Bud SE1288
356T57Ooney SE1286
356T12Felichita EN1286
356T37Clyde NW1286
35958Jessee B Jazz SE1278
36045Moose of Starkittie GL1277
36159Starburst SE1275
36213Kantik EN1264
363T30Romantic Heart Throb Rock Hudson SW1252
363T17Nina Aristizabal SA1252
36518Carmencita Aristizabal SA1241
36619Davi SA1236
36730Twilight of Superdolls NE1235
36860Prudence SE1223
3698Libellule ES1220
370T20THighlander SA1219
370T20TAiko Aristizabal SA1219
37231Blue Sapphire NE1217
37314Radon EN1214
37461Timmy of Catsonparade SE1212
37538Panada NW1210
376T9Shani ES1207
376T39Ortego NW1207
3789Symphony Mathieu of Ki-Sa-Rag-I AA1203
37926Bacardi MA1200
380T62TNugget SE1196
380T62TKiwi SE1196
38246Sadie Sylvia Sushi SC1193
38331Master Kormir SW1190
38464Cajon SE1157
38527Dude EW1155
38615Satini EN1154
38746Finn Carrot Charczuk GL1149
38822Artemio SA1147
38928Pooh Bear EW1144
390T10TPeanut ES1141
390T10TMaxi Tikka ES1141
392T23Sansão SA1126
392T10Ki-Sa-Rag-I Noir Knight AA1126
39465Mishka SE1125
39547Rlar Tasha Royal Russian Princess 2 SC1121
39611Natsumi AA1114
39716Djulia-Khosta EN1111
39817Bing Crosby MP1105
39947Lucy Liu GL1102
40012Ki-Sa-Rag-I Gekkabijin AA1093