2015-2016 Championship Cat Standings: 401-600

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Tue Jun 7 11:47:01 2016.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 401-600
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
4012517Maradan Head On ESES3000
4025818Laves Emerald/ID AAES2987
403314Your Majesty Chloe Haute Couture/ID NEBL2981
4044225Riverbin Ring Of Fire/CF SEPS2980
4051841Bishopsbengals Valen of Koppiekatz SWBG2971
4063242Jungletrax Purrpetual Bliss SCBG2966
4071826Dclass All or Nothing of La Comarca SAPS2961
408263Raus Hojden's Bailyes af Raus ESBI2955
4094311Purr-Star Star Ofbethlehem SEHI2954
4101912Abysaint Esparta SAAB2946
411T2027Last Call's Belanova of Dbasteth SAPS2945
411T415Lanacats Jack-Vorobey ENSO2945
411T4416K-LA Karma SEBS2945
414385Rumfold Eduardo of Mowgleaves EWSFL2925
4155913Marirose Funny Pippi AASX2914
4163917Markus Bursztynowy Gryf EWBS2909
417T2128Knowing Eidher Fancy Claws SAPS2904
417T4228Darlinlildols Amor Amor ENRD2904
4194317Inverness Tsunami Peaks ENAS2898
4204429Bugsy Melone Cat Ganster of Rakh/ID ENRD2897
4216043Laulea Paige AABG2894
422135Cozmecats White Diamond MPTA2890
4232729Chamourais Largo ESPS2884
4243264Coonificent Vincent NEMC2882
4254530Igenisis Judgment Day SEPS2879
426337Minghou Moonlight Serenade SCSI2877
4274613Alchemy The Girl Cant Help It SEOS2875
428264Synergy Spica of Kattalyst MAOL2854
4293330Brightstone Beauteous Sir Spartacus NERD2852
4302831Yvarie Jimmy ESPS2843
4316113Insuubunkai Fumito AAAB2842
4323665Mainesuspect Tatoosh of Cascademtn NWMC2798
4333466Deio de Asasu SCMC2776
4344513Elan Sibaris ENSB2770
435371Mystic A Mist Cat Ballou NWAUM2765
4364767Cuzzoe Greer of Coonificent SEMC2760
437T335Rachidian Smoke N Toke of Hashtag GLSR2756
437T4632Aventurine Manhattan of Almathea ENPS2756
4393514Elamante Malaga SCAB2753
4403844TheRealms Legend of Heavensdoor NWBG2750
441366Mysticpaws Bizzy Bee of Bayoufoxes SCSO2749
4422931O'Malley Diamond Dolls Adamo Jr. ESRD2746
443T342Tatvan Heather Teter GLTV2737
443T4032Rockcreek Johnny Depp of Londondoll EWRD2737
443T2745Jungletrax Flowmaster MABG2737
446392Owhl Bet Im Better of Folders NWSF2725
4473746Lagallerie Triple Ripple SCBG2721
448289Beaconwood Black Gold MACR2703
4494733Olympodolls Blue Sky Rider ENRD2690
4504134Naorahdolls Spanish Bull EWRD2687
4514033Missionhill Timeless Enchamtment NW NWPS2681
4522968DCFD In Dress Blues MAMC2658
453226Curlyheart Tadeo SASR2642
4546218Kanesei Pumpkin AABS2638
4553019Modany Skyclad ESBS2636
4563547Thunderrrpaws Soldier On GLBG2635
4573835Romancenrags Faith In Miracles SCRD2630
458312Curlpassion Joly Coeur ESLP2619
4594836Chatandolls Love You Amy ENRD2615
4604837Riterags Charles SERD2609
4614119Whozz Oliver of Starlore NWES2595
4621448Wildernesswell Taboo of Wildlegacy MPBG2579
4633920All About Color Esperanza*ES SCBS2568
4646318Moonrapin Lum AAAS2566
465T4215Nightmist Black Magic Baby NWAB2563
465T157Graymark Kara Thrace MPBU2563
4674049Lagallerie Mocha Fudge Ripple SCBG2558
4684938Keepurrs Ryding High of Chamidolls SERD2557
469428Beruska Charlesbur EWBU2552
470494Wyndchymes Gummi Bear of Vankaras ENJB2549
471419Katsnklamms Ima Chocoholic SCBU2546
4723050Medoz Sorcerous MABG2544
4736421Mountteine Ryutaro AABS2542
4744220Moreal Garfield SCES2535
475508My Ship Came In Mi-Thos ENSI2534
4762369Bajacoon Gilda SAMC2512
4774334Ephraim Cassanova of Buttaflykiss NWPS2507
478517Catika's Cashmere Mist of Fryga/ID ENSO2505
479445Balimoor Little Lady Bug of Stegra NWOL2502
480526Hurma And Lukor-Fold Bacon/WC ENSFL2500
4813639Keepurrs Rylie GLRD2499
4823222Encinstorf Eric S Son ESBS2497
4836540Carolcollection Cecile AARD2495
484667Psepia Non No of Angeliqdoll AASG2493
4855351Leopardcats Wild Card of Minileo ENBG2482
4862435SheronCats Ieza SAPS2478
4873170DCFD Smoke Showing MAMC2474
4886717Princeprincess Michelle AANF2463
489T2521Stebuklas Garfield of Juancecats SAES2462
489T5452Amazongold Jastin ENBG2462
491688Mangala New Moon of Psepia AASG2460
4923722Purrelli Cold As Ice of Ivy Cat GLES2432
493165Mainefolds Sir Lancelot MPBL2428
494505Kuriliangem Dmitry Deplin of Catpal SEKBL2424
495325Selella's Halawa Mist/CF MATO2414
4965571Irisfields Ilynx ENMC2408
497267Chateaubleu Felix of Dressed in BlueSACX2406
498436Edelweiss Britfavorite of Cwtchycat EWBL2401
4994341Familytimerags All That Jazz SCRD2397
500T44T6QT-Tonks Arrow of Sazikatz SCTO2394
500T44T5Curlydolls Deja Roo SCDR2394
5023853Sephora Leaping Faith GLBG2387
5035118Nissekatt Kristoff Arendelle SENF2385
5046942Farandoll Marimo AARD2382
5055243Riterags Rolling On Through SERD2376
506392McPurrz Garfield GLSCS2366
5074419Mavin Gaye Forest Myth EWNF2363
5084554Cascaderim Simbas Pride of Ripcity NWBG2360
5095610Biccibonny Fenja ENCR2358
510T403Markissa Voltage of Emmers GLSCS2350
510T572Egyptsila Osiris Sun Ray ENEM2350
5123323Magicmoments Mary-Rose ESBS2343
5133472Hannibal Lecter-Mao du Chabeaute ESMC2335
5144624Royalbrits Furr Real SCBS2330
515T7025Minamifuji Releve AABS2319
515T5373Carolinameows Island Mystic Raven SEMC2319
517463Faerietail Allspark NWMX2313
5185855Amazongold Kameya ENBG2308
5194774Cascademtn Lord Baxter Rumbelow SCMC2301
5201911Rexplus Family Business SWCR2298
5213444Bellapalazzo Ryan NERD2297
5227156Ginzabengal Kanesei Royce AABG2294
523457Acozni Ziggity Boom EWSR2291
5247220Fantarja Noche of Wingedcat AANF2280
525469Goldlay Cathotstrophe EWSG2275
5263523Jules Au Clair de Loire/LO ESES2269
527356Facehuggers Kal Drogo of Devonity NEDR2266
528T1716Zinfelmax Tinta Amarela MPAB2256
528T5912Golden Fleece Izyminka ENHI2256
5305475Metatroneyes Ikkena of CaesarheadcooSEMC2255
5314136Ivy Cat Baby I'm Amazed/CF GLPS2248
532557Baldemar Hitraya Mordashka of Ho/WC SESFL2245
5334845Misi Angash Nawi Chacnicte SCRD2232
5346017Des Cavalier Adrian ENAB2224
535T2014Mysticmelody Fight The Faeries SWSB2221
535T4776Ishcus Street Cry EWMC2221
5374957Uniqueprints Hot Rod Lincoln SCBG2216
5387321Prince Princess Happy AANF2213
5397477Amangroup Amber AAMC2209
5402778Hataricoon Fatima SAMC2206
541T1826Yamatorising Balu of Purrceptive MPBS2195
541T477Steadham Cinnabon of Rainingrexes NWDR2195
5432837Dclass Yin Yang of D'sonanns SAPS2192
5443612Jet Set du Temple Des Pharaons ESCR2191
5453658Silvercastle Lilkong of Sofysticats NEBG2183
5464879DeCassa Trudi Frudi NWMC2182
5473727Encinstorf Harry Bo ESBS2180
548294Namaskar Enigma of Aiko SABI2172
5496138Cacao Mao Della Primavera ENPS2170
550388Rex Runner's Bryce/ID ESDR2166
5513059Planeta Bengal Ringo Starr SABG2164
5521914Sweet Berry Araya Hope/WC MPSX2161
553T6246Pacificats Kleine Ding ENRD2160
553T2113Rexplus Ziva's Diva/CF SWCR2160
5554815Gatodouro Glad To Be Here EWSX2153
556423Owhl Walk All Over You of Emmers GLSF2150
5574928Raincoastca Sunshine NWBS2148
5583139Alegiba del Falco D'oro/FI SAPS2144
5595060Galensis Jazz B Magic of Snopride NWBG2140
5605013Mexicats Chente SCHI2122
561T328Bayoufoxes Chronos of Perbast SASO2121
561T562Autumsun Kanati Fork SEABT2121
563T5714Gilvtales It Takes A Village SEHI2110
563T43T19Richson Jellys Last Jam GLAS2110
563T43T3Midnite Moon Rebel Circus GLOC2110
5664915Sayadaws Antar Tasker Rosa EWSB2107
567455Ginchika Wild Thang GLJB2106
5683924Far West Neves Du Lagon Bleu ESES2102
5697580Popokilani Ange of Fairypaw AAMC2096
570T3316The Kittens House Abi SASX2089
570T6361Amazongold Grammy ENBG2089
5724040Montana Jade ESPS2085
5734129Modany Taifun ESBS2083
5745862Rubyclaw Ezio Auditore Da Atlanta SEBG2082
575T7681Tingara Lilin of Ohedo AAMC2081
575T5030Celticmist Fairytale EWBS2081
5774263Brownsugar Spicy ESBG2071
578T37T82Eden Romantica Olimpian/FI NEMC2068
578T37T18Khamsin Merry Mischief NEAB2068
5807720Ammycrystal Umekomachi of Junfield AAAS2063
5817883Popokilani Moira of Canon AAMC2058
582217Gatodouro Kaidy INSX2057
5837964Medusa Silver Bomaye AABG2045
5845141Starolympus Avianca of Garnicats SCPS2038
5853425Maradan Hermes of Starolympus SAES2037
586809Marsparadise Aoihime AADR2014
587T51T84Woodpile Fire When Ready NWMC2013
587T51T18Skinisin Mister Gizmo NWSX2013
5893385Sarajen Simi MAMC2012
590816Azureblue Bolt AASV2009
5916442S*Livandas Red Power ENPS2002
5925919Shelgren Dangerous Liaison SESX1987
5936020Shelgren Rumor Has It SESX1983
594434Silverado Lacy Star Rumfold ESSF1982
595T3586Felina Folia Queen Ice of DeAbaete SAMC1978
595T4443Chamourais Labellehistoire ESPS1978
597521Birjanji's Suzi Q of Sazikatz SCAW1977
5984519Abyfelis Ladiva ESAB1973
5994614Il*Shigaon Hocus-Pocus ESOS1969
600658Goldenberry Nebula Nashira ENSFL1960