Estimated Standings by Breed - American Bobtail

Kittens (5)
Rank Name Region Score
1Magicbobs Double Trouble MA2712
2Magicbobs Hanky Panky MA898
3Milehikatz Red Dragon SC472
4Magicbobs Hocus Pocus MA155
5Magicbobs Double Vision MA120
Championship Cats (5)
Rank Name Region Score
1Magicbobs Silversprings of Currahee MA3081
2Autumsun Kanati Fork SE2121
3Milehikatz Red Dragon SC784
4Kokopellies Mocha Myst of Sylverkat NW146
5Milehikatz Loki of Sylverkat NW140
Alters (2)
Rank Name Region Score
1Attitudeacres Missy Mountain SC3263
2Kokopellies Polar Express SW860
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