2017-2018 Kitten Standings: 601-800

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Tue Dec 12 08:54:13 2017.

RankKitten Standings: 601-800
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
6012848Bengallys Ares NEBG1219
6023670Sunnyshores Deep Blue Sea SERD1218
6035811Ranchcats Summer Rain SCSI1217
604391Frisson BC Urban Legend NWLP1215
605T4544Pearlescent Nala Queen EWBS1211
605T12Ranchcats Chocolate Mousse --SI1211
607T5945HMS Bianca Del Rio SCBS1209
607T352Amaure Lion Guard GLEM1209
6092986DCFD Firestorm of Abscatz NEMC1206
610T469Petit Bon Bon Flower Garden*RUS ENCR1205
610T3728Brouillard Moon-Ny of Insuubunkai AAAB1205
6123838Dclass Bambuco SAPS1203
6136049Lunakatz Tusheeka of Bengaluvrs SCBG1201
6146130Lunarami Violeto SCSX1200
615385Daiji Sasha AARB1199
6163946Salomonkingdom Matilda SABS1193
6176250Lunakatz Sir Gabriel of Bengalmanor SCBG1191
6189847Sweetcookies Da Shuai INBS1190
6199987Yoyo INMC1185
620321Magicbobs HaveUForgotten of CurraheeMAABS1183
6213948Riddikulus Elandrea AABS1180
622T54T1Niki de L'Elegance Bleu ESCX1177
622T54T7Alva Viva Uslada ESSF1177
622T3618Synergy Hello Sweetie GLOS1177
6254713Kilka 24 Karata*RUS ENSI1176
626T4814Kaspektin Meowth ENSI1172
626T10032Starforest Thomas INES1172
6284051Traipse Calla Lily NWBG1170
629T4088Bacchus Mimosa AAMC1168
629T3329Aradia Blonde Ambition of Divabys MAAB1168
6311014Jiang Xiao Bai INMK1167
632375Alicats Charlemagne of Timez GLTH1166
6334149Mountteine Hokuto AABS1162
634496Jazz Elegant Step ENTH1161
6356314Txelfkatz Sunshine And Whiskey SCDR1160
6364052Lovelyrita Hedwig SABG1159
637T39Agapi Mou Be Still My Heart --PS1157
637T5619Tara Perly Orientu*PL ESOS1157
63910250Chill Cat Bobo INBS1155
6404171Sulraggies Shiva SARD1152
6416453Bengaluvrs Snickers of Lunakatz SCBG1151
6425054MurenaCat Ace ENBG1150
643657Balnamore Stargazer of Sazikatz SCTO1148
644T10372Pawsdoll Lily INRD1147
644T515Tigervisions Malaya ENTG1147
6465289Bestseller Jagger Forest Beauty ENMC1142
647537Avyonah Yara ENTV1141
6481048Da Niu INSF1140
6494230Aconcagua Guerrera SAAB1137
650374Wyndchymes Andi Mack SEJB1134
6515490Mainlynx Just-a-Gigolo ENMC1132
6524233Pawkavenue Flash O'Fire SWES1130
6535531Bonbon Mon Valeur ENAB1129
654T4331ES* Hayana Masai SASX1128
654T5751Silmaril Mici Felici ESBS1128
656564Curly Tiki Taki Vita ENSR1126
657T4473Blumenkatzen Snow SARD1122
657T5791Vespertine Neko Love Bari ENMC1122
659T10513Hexagram Small Arno INAS1121
659T388Stagelight's Axl Rose SEBU1121
6614155MountainMist Chianti NWBG1120
662T4592DeAbaete Pepa SAMC1117
662T5852Evening-Star Madeline ESBS1117
6643456Bengaland Elsas Echo MABG1116
665T4274Helichrysum Grace AARD1115
665T1063Xin Xin INMNL1115
667T421Dreamtime Sean O'Catty NWAUM1113
667T6632Acirrekatz Evanee Egon Essence SCSX1113
6694393Bigrivercoon Smokejumper NWMC1108
6706740Carisma Holiday of Garnicats SCPS1107
67110775Maroonblue Gadot of Pinkblue INRD1106
672435Singville Percival Jr AASG1104
6731089Tuoba INSRL1102
67410976Pawsdoll Patton INRD1099
675T4634Deabaete Cacau SAES1097
675T11020Zhangliang INOS1097
67711177Dreamtw Kaelyn INRD1095
678T4494Chatile Sarah Crew AAMC1093
678T589Sun Way Daenerys of Rangpurcat ENBU1093
680438Tonkville Princess Leia SWTO1092
681T4495Larhae Belle Fleur NWMC1088
681T11278Teeny Fanny INRD1088
6835953JR*Lorien Zolotoi Zamok ESBS1087
684T6010PannonRex Csillam Poni ESCR1082
684T32Kahalicats Chianti of Grapearbor --AB1082
6865935Zendique James Brown ENES1081
6873021Sinergia Anderson of Swift River NEOS1073
688459Minamifuji Oreno AASF1071
689T11354Chilli's Sliver George INBS1070
689T4679Farandoll Oliver of Worldstar AARD1070
691T3815Charjanie's Buckeye Belle GLSI1065
691T4755Delicious Suzu AABS1065
691T6833Distinct Live Long And Pawspurr SCSX1065
694395Thatsthepoint Vespa of Careycats SEJB1064
695482Fiorire Nina AACX1061
6963196Amerikoons Jimmy Carter NEMC1060
697475Perbast Ruddy SASO1052
698T4597TBigrivercoon Violet of Larhae NWMC1048
698T11497TQiaozhi INMC1048
70011580Dalian's Jenny of Mysterious INRD1044
701396Samovar Cyber Fairy Dust GLRB1043
7026981Famillytimerags Bella Daball SCRD1042
7036099Leatherandlace Paradise City ENMC1041
704614Boona Mignolette ENSCS1040
7057082Rawhiderags Tater Chip SCRD1039
706469Splendid Lonely NWSFL1038
707463Chicsweet Misty Night EWACL1036
70811634Manyi INSX1035
709T7112Lostwoods Rogue River SCNF1034
709T4716Fade to Black EWSI1034
7111783Adorabledolls Sweetgodiva Chocolate MPRD1032
712724Halestone Mishka of Forestkatz SCKBL1031
71311784Noku INRD1028
71462100Windinwillows Infinity ENMC1027
7151182Big King INMKL1024
71611985ChripyDoll Dabao INRD1022
717T120T101Frik INMC1020
717T7357Bengalmanor Lady Astrid SCBG1020
717T120T35Xiao Tao Qi INSX1020
72012210Little Cream INSF1019
7214041Katzeye A Thousand Wishes SEPS1016
7224914Lamagiechat's La Dodgers AAAS1015
72312356Ban Deng INBS1013
72432102Tuftscoons Huckleberry NEMC1010
72511Special Dreams Twinkelbell --SF1008
7269Gilvtales Just Jack --HI1006
72750103Ohedo Rise AAMC1005
72812410Rumfold Mint Fox INSFL1004
729T413Nfusion Infusion of Insanity SEBO1002
729T7436Newans Lilaia of Teoli SCSX1002
7311255Li Xueqiu INSCS1000
732T1261A Bao INMNT999
732T35104SaraJen Lexington Bourbon MAMC999
73412786Pawsdoll Pirate INRD998
735T5113Kimiforest Ginga AANF996
735T6337Janina Solfio ENSX996
73712858Kellybengals Katherine INBG994
7385233Insuubunkai Moenagi AAAB992
73912987Catyang Chris INRD990
740T472Catcurls BC Izzabella NWLP983
740T6157Daisy Von Rowa-Cats ESBS983
7424034Briarvalley Typhoo of Rulissa GLAB982
743535Doudou Minon Minette AASR981
74413058Tai Zi INBS980
745T5414Catsroses Lydia AANF975
745T36105Sarajen Bacardi Carta Blanca MAMC975
7476488Bobkatin Kaisa ENRD974
748379Wan-Lea Humphrey Bogart MATO973
749T486Dramatails Half Magic NWSR972
749T13189Amethyst Magic Rose INRD972
7515510Joy My Soul Prince AASRL971
75213259She Li Cat Leonardo INBS969
7534836Treveri Fire SAES968
754T7559Lunakatz Belle SCBG967
754T18106Heartbreaker*De Georgina of Auryn MPMC967
7566542Silverdance Rendezvous For Night ENPS964
7576618Aglaya Foresthunter ENSB963
7587643Hotstuff Sterling SCPS962
7594290Familytimerags Jaxon of Rags2dazzle SERD961
76013391Derby INRD960
76113435Onistuka Tiger of Flashastar INAB959
7624960LovelyRita Mister T Jr SABG957
763506Chez Tillous Jerome SABI955
764T567Doudou Hug Mini Mini AASR953
764T626Longbri Barney ESBL953
766637Longbri Betty ESBL950
7673822Hojpoj Solitare MAOS949
768T67107Mymains Kyna of Megatherion ENMC945
768T5715Azureblue Orlandia AANF945
770T13515Mia INAS944
770T333Lakeshore Kijani of Nitrokatz NESV944
772T39108TMTNest Scott Joplin MAMC943
772T58108TChatile Gatlin AAMC943
7744116Silverash Tucker GLAS942
775195Jamie MPPD939
7764936Nightmist Jumpin Jack Flash NWAB938
7774819Musrafy Izumina EWSB937
7786837Xavara Minivara ENAB936
779T696Lukor-Fold&Hurma Furla ENSCL935
779T4237Ivy Cat Bullit of Vannies Paws GLES935
781T3411TTheophile NECR932
781T2011TRuzlins Ziggy Marley of Rexplus MPCR932
783T5023Chipmunk Safaria NWOS928
783T214Wyldthingz Cricket In The Thicket MPSV928
7856460Diamond Danube'S Loki ESBS924
786T13661LC-Fantastic Owen Ryan INBS923
786T4920Sayadaws Glorious Raze of Rusik EWSB923
78813762Blue Generals Duke INBS919
789T138T15Tian Tang CNipple INDR917
789T138T110Sweety INMC917
791T59T111McHolic White Moon AAMC916
791T59T61Catridingtrees Pharaoh AABG916
79314092Moedolls Cynthia INRD913
794T4393Pagatos Pied Piper of Oakside SERD912
794T141112McGarden Creator INMC912
7965138Orange Mermelad Lisa SAAB911
79714212Jiwa INSF908
798446Rellax A Smooth Criminal of Jagcat SESCS905
7996594Mirumkitty Blazeofglory ESRD901
8004338Carriekatz Anthony Frances GLES895