2017-2018 Kitten Standings: 802-1001

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu Oct 19 12:46:55 2017.

RankKitten Standings: 802-1001
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
802T3720Silvermark's Silvaner GLAS459
802T582White Lights Xxtravaganza SEBA459
804T15411Starstory Lanling King INSFL458
804T7416Casadecano's Coco NWSI458
8067510Halima King Arthur the Purrd NWTV456
807T15533Pipi INSX455
807T366N'Shere Khan de la Brique Rose ESTG455
8095032Linczozo Hector EWAB454
8104673Bengalxpress Holly SWBG453
8112234Sphynxsroyals Lagertha NESX452
812T3722Neo Argo Chatterie de Nice ESSB451
812T7674Episilon Sake of Heavensdoor NWBG451
814T100108Tiftsntrills Bekah SCMC450
814T156116Silky-angel Yew INRD450
814T6333Renaissence Holly SAES450
817T5123Musrafy Izumina EWSB449
817T6442Laurettas Emma SAPS449
81965109Hataricoon Winterfell SAMC448
820T54110Forestbeauty Omichka of Mainewood ENMC444
820T1572Hua Juan INAC444
820T5275Silverstorm Silver Lining EWBG444
82315835AMM Mini Snow INSX441
824T665Beyondlimits Bromelia SAPD438
824T596Wyndchymes Kuraokami of Blueyonder SEJB438
826T1016Frontrange Charlotte SCSO437
826T6033Bravura Lulu SEAB437
8285715Salablue Nana AANF436
82977117Bakerviewrags Harley Girl NWRD435
83047118Snugglerags Scout of Creekcats SWRD433
8316721Betunes Lambada SAAS432
8325343DazelemLittle Richard EWPS431
833T6876Courgarcats Alok SABG430
833T159119Penelope II Koci Eden INRD430
833T38111TMarvik Coon Kaya ESMC430
833T58111TBacchus Kir Royal AAMC430
83748113Koenigsblick Elisey of Mousseecoons SWMC429
838T16059Piaget Dita von Teese INBS428
838T69114Flores Duncan SAMC428
8407044Star Olympus Mr Tee SAPS423
8415577MiaTuk Norton ENBG418
84259115Gatofeliz Pampukin AAMC417
8434924Prekrasne Angel Blade SWSB411
8447878Gulfbeach Gidget of Dreamquest NWBG409
845T618Crittertales Tikimoon of LildarlynnsSEHI408
845T56T79Pantherheart Quicksilver ENBG408
845T56T10Kyina Sea Sprite ENRB408
848T22116Ttcats Nahla MPMC406
848T5025Prekrasne Jus In Bello SWSB406
8506245Sandkatzle Cast Away Wilson SEPS404
8517934Nightmist Back in Black NWAB403
85210280Ohmy Ripple Royale of Lagallerie SCBG402
8533860Crystal Flame's Blackjack/ID GLBS400
854T6310Spiritcat Ceejay Brooks of Cowgirl SECR397
854T1032Sazikatz Barb Wyre SCAW397
856T546Hug Love Addjo East EWPD396
856T806Cheshirelady Ursula NWSR396
858582Alltair Merano of Maulove ENEM395
8593981Wvscenicbengals Haedi of Starkittie GLBG393
860237Wildfx Light Seeker NETG392
861516Marveloo Archenland Corinthunderpaw SWTH391
8628146Mystimitts Jolene of Hollowhills NWPS390
863T40117TCdreams Ilsa Lund GLMC387
863T82117TVito Carleone Gatto Celesto NWMC387
8656436Yoruba Cattery Nirvana SESX386
866557Windleaves Starburst EWSR384
8676061Mountteine Lilian AABS383
868T56119Kizzacoons Brienne House of Tarth EWMC378
868T7134DeAbaete Marília SAES378
8707247Moroniscattery Dacielle of Dblaze SAPS377
871T16127Sugar INOS376
871T834Legendtales Maui NWPB376
873T5748Lafrebella Soraya EWPS375
873T39120Adollrags Supurr Bass ESRD375
875T16262Cheese INBS372
875T59120Mainewood (V)Indicator ENMC372
87716382Zzhouse Sunny INBG371
878388Wan-Lea Dolly Parton MATO370
879848Cheshirelady Urfin NWSR369
88085121Izzadorablerags Over The Moon NWRD368
881164121Oscar INMC367
8826511Barmont Runaway Love SECR366
8838683Fraservalley Lita NWBG362
884T16584TZzhouse Herry INBG359
884T4184TAkerrs No M Itation of Savoirfaire GLBG359
88640122Marvik Coon Just Me ESMC358
887T16663Hua Guniang INBS357
887T104122Familytimerags Tiberius Jr SCRD357
889167123Missmiao Michelle INRD356
890105123Cola Nikk Von Erillian, CZ SCMC355
891T8728Stegra Touch The Sky NWOS354
891T5822AroanufnThe Firecracker Faerie EWDR354
893T8849Hollowhills Icee Knights NWPS352
893T24124Ameikoons Kallisti NEMC352
895T10623Comix Hellfire Sebastian Shaw SCDR348
895T5986Bali-Bengal N'Quartz EWBG348
897T6026Goldensima Demelza EWSB345
897T89124Rockcreek Toffee of Manidolls NWRD345
899168125Jiujiu Cats Nicole INRD344
90010787Noelia SCBG343
90123125Windwalker Gojira of Wyldthingz MPMC342
902T9037Sphynxcraft Yuki Marvelous NWSX339
902T4150Pasha's Love Dream Nuage d'Or ESPS339
902T529Marvee-Lus Knick-Knack SWBU339
90510888Lileopard Journey SCBG337
906T61126Laladoll Sapphire AARD336
906T7351Del Claro Oliver Khan SAPS336
908T62127Laladoll Takechiyo AARD335
908T428Designerstripes Red Coral GLTG335
910T63T9Supersweet Pinky AATO334
910T63T89Bengal Family Dyck AABG334
910T1699Aaa Cashew Nuts INHI334
913T4329Shining Shambala Yantar' GLOS333
913T66128Riterags Keowee Cutie SERD333
915170129Teeny Coeus INRD332
916T74T35Sheron Cats Aaron SAES330
916T74T27Sapfieros Siberian Chudo SASB330
9184430Synergy Repkeny GLOS329
9199190Wildrosebengals Halo of Jewelspride NWBG328
92065130Reddoor Non AARD326
921539Eeyaa Fortunes Champion SWTG324
922T4591Starkittie Cabbee Patch Kid GLBG323
922T92131Ragdollsea Kaitaro NWRD323
922T6664Minamifuji Princesslilas Naru AABS323
9257692Lovelyrita Delfina SABG322
926T93T93Kamisha Watusi Rodeo NWBG321
926T93T126Williamina Starburst NWMC321
926T10938Miracle Almighty Erebus God-of-DarknSCSX321
92960132Siempreamar Armin ENRD319
930T4617Karissimakat Mia of Minghou GLSI318
930T171T133Catyang Chris INRD318
930T171T36Uncle Nine Daxi INES318
933T6194Goldenglitz Ruby of Dreamstone EWBG314
933T110127Abccats Texas Ranger SCMC314
935T173T65Spartan INBS312
935T67128Bigrivercoon My Marie of Mysticoon SEMC312
935T6711Warai Neco's Leche AASF312
935T2439Dawnofthesphynx Katie MPSX312
935T173T6Da Yan Zei INSCS312
94039129SaraJen My My My Merlot MAMC310
9419540Sphynxcraft Gypsy Girl NWSX309
9424018Glor-ee Starlet MASI307
943T68T95Kirarakan Narihira AABG306
943T68T10World Star Kintaro AATO306
943T68T5Milkymyus Candy AAMK306
946T68134Sal-shire Kozmic Blues SERD304
946T545Curl Essence Obsessed With ChocolateSWACL304
948T4237Nemesis Di Casa Grande ESES303
948T175135Bluegrass Medivh INRD303
950T9641Niketts Red Bare NWSX302
950T11110Vicketales Peanut SCHI302
950T477Thaimich Sikuami of Alicats GLTH302
953T7111Supersweet Rion AATO301
953T11238Vicketales Mourning Dove SCES301
953T4810Designerstripes Tourmaline GLTG301
956T17666Shota INBS300
956T97136Familytimerags Coca Cola Bear NWRD300
956T7239Alma Star Hina of Leostar AAES300
9597396Kanesei Yupa AABG299
960T98T10Sacredspirit Coffee Jamaica NWBU298
960T98T9Dramatails Captain Underpants NWSR298
962614Ladystrick Journey Back ENDSK296
9636216Forestfriend Buffy EWNF294
964T62137Cooperdolls Princess Molly ENRD291
964T1776Tang Tang INMK291
964T10042Elysium Jafar NWSX291
96774138Kiwimagic Symphonic Delights AARD290
96817867Li Zhi INBS289
96969130Belomor Seventh Fleet SEMC288
9707511World Star Raul AARB286
97111311Tranquility Mango of Shiekspurr SCHI284
972558Sarsenstone Lucilla of St Valentine SWTH282
973T17997Judyful Sno Lena INBG279
973T76131Versus Yamato of Yamazakura AAMC279
975T180T139ChripyDoll Dabao of yoyobeans INRD276
975T180T12Scottland Skyway INSFL276
975T7717Miagola Uta AANF276
9787898Bengal Family Doll AABG273
979T7752Star Olypus Mr Black SAPS270
979T4922Bootsie's Misty Lou GLAS270
979T5612Pawsalamode Just Peach Me SWHI270
982T182T12Genie Sonny INCR268
982T182T2Zhao Cai INMNT268
9846311Badina Amil ENTG266
985T50132Ishcus Dalton of Chemicoons GLMC265
985T18423Cooper INAS265
985T4111Toriland Solo MABU265
985T7835Pampa Mi Amor SAAB265
9891149Bumblebe Once Upon A Time SCBI260
990T7943TJose Sonata SASX257
990T4243TButterflies Faina MASX257
9921857Little One INMK256
993T1863Sun INMKL255
993T25133HappyKatRags Riley NEMC255
9957924Amour J-Rei AAAS251
99680134Fuigwaru Fuan AAMC246
9978024Theavengers Odan Urr Jedi SADR245
998T18713Lao Hu INCR243
998T4312Aluren Velocity MATG243
100063140Ragzndreams Diamonds and Purrs EWRD241
100151141Keepurrs Alexie GLRD237