2017-2018 Kitten Standings: 401-600

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Tue Apr 24 13:45:19 2018.

RankKitten Standings: 401-600
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
4013112Teoli Eeva Noir SCSX2737
4022414Asili's Belle ENAB2716
403284Sazikatz Yuengling of Mixologies SETO2715
4043262Tuftsntrills Baruch of Koonary SCMC2713
4053622Wallycats Guiseppe NWPS2703
4062936Jungletrax Natural Affinity MABG2696
4076363Hero INMC2695
408923Lynx Serabi Solo SAPS2690
409643Mao Qiu INBL2688
4106523Sanya Meow Puff INBS2675
4113310Willowblue Sterling of Bayouash SCAS2673
4123015Belisama 24k Magic in the Air MAAB2669
4131024Azahares Clark Kent of Starolympus SAPS2668
4142964Irishcoons Time Out SEMC2666
4152565TabulRasa Odin ENMC2663
416T6654Rockinblues Humar of Shsylvanas INRD2661
416T243Halestone Trouble With Tribbles SWKBL2661
418312Beauchador Foxy MAAW2659
4192613Sphynxroyals Beyonce NESX2647
420378Dramatails Shampoo of Simplynude NWSRL2646
4214624Doudou Tsumugi AABS2640
422328Glor-ee TBD MASI2630
423T3055Blossom Jaxon Of Ragville ESRD2620
423T6711Moecat XiaoXiao INAS2620
423T385Facehuggers Liberty NWDR2620
4263925Biscuit Cat Nobel Prize NWBS2618
4274025Wasillia Lil-Bit-of Fairy Dust NWPS2610
4282516Nudawnz Maybe Baby of Grapearbor SWAB2602
429T682Bvlgari of Qipretty INACL2601
429T4137Fraser Valley Nova of Jewelspride NWBG2601
4312614Nudelook Cacharel ENSX2593
4321166Hataricoon Winterfell SAMC2588
4334226Kaikazkats Calamity of Wasillia NWPS2581
4342626Freya Von Reginas Stubchen GLBS2577
4356967Gloria Khrustal Orchid INMC2571
4364312Chipmunk Dreamin Mo Snow NWOS2556
4371268Coonwild Hiromi SAMC2553
438313Siamotal Diamond Black Velvet ESPD2546
4397069Brownbear Ruofengbaby INMC2540
4402617Crossfire Loki of Grapearbor SWAB2533
4412738Saphira Captain America NEBG2531
4427127Uncle Nine Never INPS2530
443T1315TSherezada Asim SASX2514
443T7215TSphynxkingdom Akira INSX2514
445334LivingLegend Blake Shelton MAPB2506
4464415Katerina Verooka NWSB2504
4473218Na Petite Robe Noire du Royaume FeliESES2503
448T2827Plaidplus Tortilla Chip NEBS2495
448T739Chperson Saim Hunk INSI2495
4501170Windwalker Avec Le Temp MPMC2488
451344Starghatts Osirus of Txsbirmans SCBI2487
4527419Lan Pang INES2481
4532871Kizzacoons Targaryen EWMC2478
4542972Migatobonito Dangerous Woman EWMC2477
4552756Allweneedis Quality Time ENRD2473
456351Coloradopixies Okies Thunder SCPBL2472
457T1416Zaimka Yaskrava SASB2464
457T1273Whatatrill Willow MPMC2464
459756Xiao Xiao INSF2462
4603674Alwaro Black Mochito of Ranchcats SCMC2459
461T7620Jem-Dandy Popeye INES2455
461T4575Coonamor Flash NWMC2455
4631328Toy Tricksy Lilybelle of Chanteuse MPPS2450
4642917Sphynxroyals TNT NESX2444
4652857Hovicastle Jimmi Jupiter ENRD2441
4663710Radiance Sage of Hojpoj SCSI2432
4673476MTNest J R MAMC2430
4683077Carolinameows Bentley SEMC2425
4697758Diamondkitty Mars INRD2417
470464Heavenlyhairles Roza Rozie NWPD2397
471T787Big Tiger INSF2395
471T1518Aconcagua Ramses SAAB2395
473314Crittertales Tiki Moon SEHI2390
4743218Baldfantasea We Believe I Can Fly SESX2387
475352Cheshirepoint Rose Quarts Lion MATH2386
4763359Softnsweet Pippa ESRD2384
477T3860Rockcreek Beautiful Rose of Blossom SCRD2383
477T1612Beauchador Angelique SAAS2383
4797939Zzhouse Sunny INBG2372
480808Rickshaws INSF2365
4813921Sweet Spices Rough Diamond of KatzenSCES2364
4828128Yaoguo INBS2363
4831729Starolympus Kokkina SAPS2362
4844778Versus Yamato of Yamazakura AAMC2359
4852719Rulissa Bonnie Blu of Briarvalley GLAB2355
4868220Syymxsmj?s Wukong INAB2354
487344Estilia Dream Maker ESBU2353
4881830Dclass Megan SAPS2349
4891461Furreal Gods Mercy MPRD2344
490405Valnika's Ace Is High SCRB2340
4918362Lollipopdoll's Frist Love INRD2339
4923017Koh-I-Noor Taymur of Lizzara EWSB2338
493474Katzalano Covered In Stardust NWSG2332
4944879Coonamor Sway NWMC2329
495T4119Major Agathon of Mysticjewelssx SCSX2328
495T3680Tremethick Narsil MAMC2328
4978422Qiu Qiu INES2321
498T1923Orozul Tabitha SAES2317
498T424Kayserai McGee SCTV2317
5008563Rocknraggies Dolly of Yzseven INRD2309
5013581Heart Stealer White Knight ESMC2308
502T295Securitazz Qrizpin ENBU2304
502T2740Arkham Firefly SWBG2304
5043741Giannisbengal Queen Cream MABG2294
5053631Diamond Rain Antaeus ESPS2293
506431Branbarrel Steel Magnolia SCCY2283
5072013Covercats Pitagoras SAAS2278
5084829Mountteine Sapphire AABS2275
5094964Ragalong My Eeyore NWRD2273
5103118Yaroslav Mudriy Manchzhury EWSB2271
511T502Raksha Viennese Waltz of Stegra NWOL2265
511T3042Batifoleurs Alem ENBG2265
513865Demaris Silvestro of Shirleykitty INSFL2254
5142132Betunes Alvino SAPS2251
515441Sazikatz Poppyseed SCBM2245
5168720Mo Ka INSX2241
517516Facehuggers Bobs Your Uncle NWDR2233
5182219Talan Kristofer SASB2230
5194911Rainbowcat Japan Naduki AANF2221
5203143Frozen Beauties Aurora ENBG2215
521T32T33Selenwey Daenerys ENPS2214
521T32T5Lionsealcats Alisha ENHI2214
52315655starrags Gabriella MPRD2208
5248882Candiecoonz Babe Ruth of Sweet GardeINMC2207
525893Lu Dan INMK2205
5263883MTNest Argent Reprise MAMC2182
5279030Faye INBS2170
5282321Blandior Dastan SASX2168
5293366Riterags Spunkerdoodles SERD2160
530285Tonkville Jazlyn of Sontse SWTO2158
531506Worldstar Blue Ruby AARB2155
5329144Mascot Boreas INBG2143
533T3734Kranewitter's Made In Heaven ESPS2139
533T286Karissimakat Colonel Parker GLHI2139
535296Lunarkatz Hyperspace SWTO2138
5364511Siblings Kayenne of Kayzie SCSI2130
5373931SilverCharm Signed Sealed Delivered MABS2117
5383422Elysium Ioda ENSX2116
5395167Laladoll Mof Rion AARD2113
5403835Marmis X LollyPop ESPS2112
5413084Cascademtn Bohemian Rhapsody SWMC2111
542407Megarex Wake Up Call MADR2107
543395Siamotal Elvis Unique Wonder ESPD2100
5444112Synergy Felonious Monk of KinzelkatsMASI2097
5454068Mirumkitty Wanderlust ESRD2096
546413Aegaeis Ohio ESACL2095
5473145Arkham Deadshot SWBG2094
5485212Tout Ecrin Aqua AANF2093
549358Kiss Me Cat Devondream*PL ENDR2091
5503685MacConner Westwind ENMC2087
551923Cotton Maos Airforce1of Flashstar INOL2086
5529313Gaultier v Trollberg INNF2078
5533236Persilus Misaki EWPS2072
5543746Berlingold Camille ENBG2064
555T9432Kitty Miyake Hello INBS2057
555T5314Dorrymama Kain of Worldstar AANF2057
5579513Chperson Cyclone INSI2048
5582424Betunes Kaique SAES2046
559549World Star Forty-One AASF2044
5601686Whatatrill Smitten MPMC2042
5613047Speakeasy Craving You NEBG2040
5629669Teeny Chicken Dinner INRD2037
563293Thaimich Sikuami of Alicats GLTH2036
564427Pocketcharm Little Bo Cheep MASR2035
5654670Bluedolls Jasmine SCRD2033
5662523Betunes Maria da Penha SASX2028
567T3320Sayadaws Glorious Raze of Rusik EWSB2025
567T3471Riterags Jumbo Junior SERD2025
5694221Bombproof Netflix And Chill ESAB2024
5702624Yorubacattery Olivia Royale SASX1999
5719725Mozi INES1989
572313Precious Purrly Girl of Blue-PeachesNESCS1985
573T9826Miaowu INES1983
573T4333Dana Kates Akis *LT ESBS1983
575353Rakiscats Tupile SEBA1980
5763048Foxcreekbengals Keeping Faith GLBG1977
5771772Darlinlildols Bentlee of 5starrags MPRD1976
578313Nudawnz Ashiato of Ja-koi GLJBL1974
5793237Anouchka Lucifer NEPS1972
580522Mishikoonz Parvati Pass NWMCP1971
5814727A'tien Hubba Bubba of Whozz SCES1970
5825587Fairypaw Still In Love AAMC1969
583T2788Paracoonia Wences SAMC1966
583T1873Adorabledolls Alena of 5starrags MPRD1966
5859989Alice INMC1962
5864490Nigel des Blus Coons ESMC1952
58710025Lingchongge Kori INSX1937
588343Shalnavazz Darya EWLY1936
5894514Beuatifulstars Sargas ESSI1925
5904615Ghosth Ipar Basoko ES ESNF1917
5913528Zendique Jiminy Cricket EWES1910
5924829Whozz All That SCES1907
5933274Thelittlemiaow Snowy of Newmoondoll SWRD1906
594324Emmers Love To Hate Me GLSCS1898
5953638Riverbin Hoss Catwright SEPS1897
596475Watashi - Wat Del Alerdengole ESBI1896
597339Golden Elf Hilary NEDR1889
5985613Traumkatze Weiss AAOS1888
5993891Unicum Vanilla ENMC1886
600393Chris Korse Golden Lady ENSCL1885