2017-2018 Kitten Standings: 401-600

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed Feb 21 00:05:32 2018.

RankKitten Standings: 401-600
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
401204Chateaumane Ev Sunak GLTA2164
402244Tonkville Jazlyn of Sontse SWTO2158
403212Wonderfold A Girls BestFriend GLSCS2154
4042935Mascot Boreas ENBG2143
405T3126Kranewitter's Made In Heaven ESPS2139
405T225Karissimakat Colonel Parker GLHI2139
407255Lunarkatz Hyperspace SWTO2138
4083246ShiningDolls Elia Martell ESRD2133
409359Siblings Kayenne of Kayzie SCSI2130
4102520SilverCharm Signed Sealed Delivered MABS2117
4113016Elysium Ioda ENSX2116
4123647Laladoll Mof Rion AARD2113
4133327Marmis X LollyPop ESPS2112
4142660Cascademtn Bohemian Rhapsody SWMC2111
415266Megarex Wake Up Call MADR2107
4162710Synergy Felonious Monk of KinzelkatsMASI2097
4172736Arkham Deadshot SWBG2094
418317Kiss Me Cat Devondream*PL ENDR2091
4193261MacConner Westwind ENMC2087
420T611Cotton Maos Airforce1of Flashstar INOL2086
420T283WildFx Buckys Star MATG2086
42228Purrfekt-Paw Sugarplum of Rivabell --PS2082
423629Gaultier v Trollberg INNF2078
4242929Persilus Misaki EWPS2072
4253337Berlingold Camille ENBG2064
426T6321Kitty Miyake Hello INBS2057
426T3710Dorrymama Kain of Worldstar AANF2057
4286411Chperson Cyclone INSI2048
4291319Betunes Kaique SAES2046
430387World Star Forty-One AASF2044
4311362Whatatrill Smitten MPMC2042
4321938Speakeasy Craving You NEBG2040
433233Thaimich Sikuami of Alicats GLTH2036
434296Pocketcharm Little Bo Cheep MASR2035
4353648Bluedolls Jasmine SCRD2033
4361417Betunes Maria da Penha SASX2028
4372849Riterags Jumbo Junior SERD2025
4383419Bombproof Netflix And Chill ESAB2024
4393550Ragville Sir Morison ESRD2021
4406520Qiu Qiu INES2016
4411518Yorubacattery Olivia Royale SASX1999
4423922Mountteine Tsukimi-Chan of Mocola AABS1992
443203Precious Purrly Girl of Blue-PeachesNESCS1985
4441451Darlinlildols Bentlee of 5starrags MPRD1976
445243Nudawnz Ashiato of Ja-koi GLJBL1974
4462130Anouchka Lucifer NEPS1972
447442Mishikoonz Parvati Pass NWMCP1971
4484063Fairypaw Still In Love AAMC1969
4491664Paracoonia Wences SAMC1966
4506665Alice INMC1962
4513666Nigel des Blus Coons ESMC1952
4524111Tout Ecrin Aqua AANF1947
4533717Prekrasne Missouri Mosely SCSB1939
454303Shalnavazz Darya EWLY1936
4556767Tiger INMC1924
4563712Ghosth Ipar Basoko ES ESNF1917
4573121Zendique Jiminy Cricket EWES1910
4582231DClass Poppy of Rivabell NEPS1909
4593822Whozz All That SCES1907
4601768Sina's Little Giants Affascinant SAMC1903
461254Emmers Love To Hate Me GLSCS1898
4622932Riverbin Hoss Catwright SEPS1897
463385Watashi - Wat Del Alerdengole ESBI1896
464238Golden Elf Hilary NEDR1889
465307Highlandkatz Babbaloo SESR1887
4663469Unicum Vanilla ENMC1886
467353Chris Korse Golden Lady ENSCL1885
4686823Yinlong INBS1873
4693052Riterags Vanda of Rocketbell MARD1871
4706953Teeny Kitty INRD1869
471T2639A-Kerr's Vanna Rusa GLBG1868
471T5Arietta Pavarotti of NYDivineDolls --SG1868
473316Gilvtales Just Jack SEHI1865
474322Aalspotz Beauty and a Beast EWSV1862
475T70T54TMoedolls Cappuccino INRD1854
475T70T54TMaroonblue Princess Moana INRD1854
4773620Wijelo's Jazzy Jezebel ENAB1845
4787256Mauclub River Flows in You INRD1843
479287Rexplus Roses Are Red SWCR1842
4803923A'tien Tiara of Whozz SCES1841
481T3733Two Witches Godzilla ENPS1839
481T402Tersanctus Whiter Than Snow of KLM SCOL1839
4834540MountainMist Chianti NWBG1833
4847357Dazhuang INRD1832
4857424Blue Fairy INES1829
4863241Gulfbeach SouthernCharm of Darkmoon SEBG1828
4873919Katrina Solfrio ESSX1820
488339Blupaw Electric Barbarella SEDR1815
4893870Mishuikoonz Syl of Leatherandlace ENMC1813
490422Bluetreasure Joan AACX1808
4913324Skyota Jada EWBS1804
4923142Bengaland Midas Touch Jr MABG1803
4937525Hu Zhi INBS1802
494T404Hunnybears Famous Girl ESBL1801
494T4126Brigattos Birti SCBS1801
4962771Whatatrill California Girl of LAPD GLMC1796
497425Frontrange Bluetiful SCSO1795
4987620Magic Queen Koala INSX1793
4991834DeAbaete Heloísa SAPS1791
5004358Familytimerags Calamity Jane SCRD1789
5013427Oilily From Arthur's Garden EWBS1788
5027743Kellybengals Bonbon INBG1783
5037835Miluku House Ballerina INPS1779
5047972Leopard INMC1770
5058028Sunny INBS1760
5068129Duan's Blue&white INBS1758
507396Russicatblue Proud N'Loud ENRB1756
5088221Onistuka Tiger of Flashastar INAB1755
5093510Mowgleaves Maleficents Pride EWAS1754
5108359Londondoll Chocolate Pie of Yadolls INRD1753
5114130Puck-Lynn Van Black Lake ESBS1750
512848SimpleLife Big Tiger INSF1745
5134231Angel Eyes Abby ESBS1743
5144621Skinisin Miss Agatha NWSX1739
515402Vinnimur Caramelka ENACL1737
516T85T60Diamondkitty Gone With The Sun INRD1736
516T85T25Sixi INES1736
5183644Wildwaters Beau EWBG1732
519T8761Minos Full Moon INRD1727
519T2411Beauchador Angelique NEAS1727
521T444Jubalkatz My Teddy Winked SCTG1726
521T3462Sunnyshores Deep Blue Sea SERD1726
523325Sunbriar Holiday Lights MATA1722
524T2863Keepurrs Cammie GLRD1718
524T355Tortiesrus Invictus SEJB1718
524T2522Sphynxsroyals Lagertha NESX1718
527T64Riterags Aspen Glow --RD1715
527T376Oneofthefamily Ragnar Rothbook EWBU1715
5298818Exsibit's Lisa INSB1714
530433Lildarlynns Never Seen Paris ESMNL1712
5311936Sherezada Deadpool SAPS1710
5328919Cieloch Princeps INSB1708
533294Specialagent Polymalu's Shadow SWPB1707
5344126Luiane's Dominic ENES1706
535306Je Ris Mace Windu of Sunfox SWTA1703
536291Foxcreekbengals Big Kash Money GLBGL1701
537206Dolcesguardo Cecilia SABI1698
5384511Pippastro Prince-Hairy SCOS1697
539385Shadycombe Calendar Girl EWTV1696
540477Dramatails Shampoo of Simplynude NWSRL1695
5419010Yiliya INDR1693
542T3932Gisell of Peria Poludnia PL EWBS1684
542T2620Sterlingcatz Libby NESB1684
5442773Koonstler Timothy O Sullivan NEMC1682
5453374Sarajen Bacardi Razz Rum MAMC1679
5463145Equistice Amaya SWBG1677
547446Chamourais NuitDeReve ESSG1676
548454Siamotal Elvis Unique Wonder ESPD1670
549T91T33Wu Kong INBS1668
549T91T75Sweet Graden Babe Emily INMC1668
5519376Jumbo Xianyue INMC1664
5524677Tuftsntrills Bella SCMC1662
5534278Kuniza Verdict ENMC1661
5544779Dawntreader Texas Calboy SCMC1659
555154Sarsenstone Lucilla of St Valentine MPTH1650
556T435Cream Cookie Van De Nekker ENBL1648
556T9422Orlandove Michaux INAB1648
558T4012Xerena Faeton EWOS1644
558T11NRG The Cats Love --DR1644
560T3280Coonyham Timberlands of Cascademtn SWMC1642
560T4623Abyfelis N'Aby Bleu ESAB1642
562T9565Siempreamar Elsa INRD1639
562T4813Ricochetridge Adahlia SCOS1639
5649666Maroonblue Candy Kiss INRD1638
565304Shovalon Olive of Katiebird GLSCL1635
566475N'Shere Khan de la Brique Rose ESTG1626
5674324Ammycrystal Chiaki of Insuubunkai AAAB1615
568288Selquirkz Cocoa Puff NESRL1614
569445Lukor-Fold J.Lo ENSFL1612
570T4846Traipse Hugs N Kisses NWBG1608
570T4413Azureblue Confetto Tobias AANF1608
5722127Star Olympus Buen Mozo SAES1604
573T499Dramatails Fifty Shades Darker NWSRL1603
573T4123Newans Marzipan Divine Sphynx EWSX1603
5752947Akerrs Bruno Marvelous NEBG1602
576T97T14Moon Shadows's Apple of your Lady INNF1599
576T97T67Moedolls Ic Cream of Catmqc INRD1599
5784534Mountteine Subaru AABS1596
5793068Bellapalazzo Veronycka NERD1591
580T5048Dreamquest Venus NWBG1590
580T2269Muntaz-I-Mahal Themis SARD1590
5823135Daisy Fay Per-Lu-So of Fencroft GLBS1580
5839936Mony INBS1577
5844512Iskra's La La Land ENDR1576
5854925Kikiandco Lili SCAB1570
5865137Raincoastca Sydney NWBS1568
5873381Tiger Bastetto SWMC1566
58810070Blooming Baileys INRD1556
589507Vicketales Cup Cake SCHI1555
5903124Butterflies Faina NESX1552
5914615PL*Nordrasill Caspian ENNF1547
5924871Naomy La Fee Des Greves ESRD1542
593468Mickey Su Dango AAHI1535
594512Coloradopixies Okies Crissy SCPBL1532
5954928Dante of Gatti Calanda ESES1529
5964772Farandoll Dai of Charlietabuohi AARD1523
597T4737Silverdance Rendezvous For Night ENPS1522
597T368Barmont Heartbeep SECR1522
599346Tonkville Princess Leia SWTO1520
6004873Windmill Harry Prince AARD1519