Estimated Standings by Breed - Minuet Longhair

Kittens (15)
Rank Name Region Score
1Lildarlynns Silver N Steel IN6085
2Agathos Lilypution MA4964
3Lildarlynns Smokin Silver Mist IN4000
4Lildarlynns Never Seen Paris ES1712
5Leonprime Nimiko ES1276
6Blueskies Catrice Purrgeron SC1222
7Fa Po IN1202
8Xin Xin IN1115
9PaoFu IN683
10Pudding IN491
11Lillissetminuet Savy of 406paws NW369
12Judyscuties Gabrielle Landesclaw SC152
13Pawcitys Ravens Out 4 Justice GL124
14Shortnaps Juliet of Pawcitys GL116
15Lildarlynns Piper of 406Paws NW93
Championship Cats (29)
Rank Name Region Score
1Lildarlynns Silvernsteel IN11794
2Lildarlynns Etched in Silver IN11472
3Lildarlynns All That Glitters SE7289
4Lildarlynns Maknwaves of Chirpydoll IN6965
5Clawed Lemieux of Tinylions SC2888
6Bugsy Siegle of Shortfootfalls MP2718
7Frenchquarter Lagniappe Surprise NW2210
8Leonprime Nimiko ES2103
9Leonprime Rocky of Fortunekitty IN2064
10 Miumiucatz Orion IN1578
11Fleurdelis Saffron of Agathos MA1575
12Wundrland S Dark Shadows GL1388
13Meowwow Little Silver IN1341
14Lildarlynns Arthas IN1283
15Lee Pop's Daily AA1278
16Pawcitys Vegas Lights NW1209
17Miumiucatz Cassopeia IN1179
18Catsroses Mocha AA740
19Miumiucatz Teddy Bear IN679
20Purringmunchkin's Chief Chirpa GL525
21Lildarlynns Smokin Silver Mist IN514
22Fluerdilis Saffron of Agathos GL328
23Monidgi Celebrity Macho IN305
24Lillissetminuet Savy of 406paws NW243
25Miumiucatz Lyra IN180
26TLeonprime Xander ES162
26TThehobbit Mr Big IN162
28Miumiucatz Blossom Cherry IN142
29Mountaineer Griffin NW115
Alters (1)
Rank Name Region Score
1Bawan IN2438