2017-2018 Championship Cat Standings: 1003-1201

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu Oct 19 12:46:55 2017.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1003-1201
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
100396102Felinus Amcus Dark Cloud SCBG328
1004T5221Egoza Kukusik of Devonheaven ESDR327
1004T57121American Hero Velykinadiyi SERD327
1004T85103Ambadalis-Gala Marhaba ENBG327
10073133Finnishlne Shannon NENF326
1008T32122IvyRoseRagdolls Summer Rose NERD324
1008T10223Strawberry Baby Himekon AAAS324
1008T9718Nyota Uhura SCSF324
10115347Pyrampepe Rosa Di Casa Grande ESPS323
10128610Cadelonia Abloom ENSFL320
101310341Two Witches Lev of Leostar AAES319
1014T872Wrinkleface Anastacia ENDSK317
1014T5410Myrtille des Pebbles Cats ESSCS317
10168556Nika SASX316
1017T174123Londondoll Robin INRD314
1017T10722Facehuggers Belleruth NWDR314
10198827Basilicblessing Maks of Verooka ENSB313
10202557Scantilyclad Happily Ever After MPSX311
10217634Norskwood Sweetpea EWNF310
1022587Designerstripes Moonstone SETG309
1023T9842Starolympus Fantastic of Whozz SCES307
1023T338Wildfx Light Seeker NETG307
1023T5228Basilic Blessing Beloved Johanna GLSB307
1026T5515Flodocats Jojo Josephine ESSRL306
1026T8914Eirecogteils Alamos ENSI306
1028T909Tigervisions Amuritus ENTG305
1028T104123Pet Family's Akamaru AAMC305
1028T17512Monidgi Celebrity Macho INMNL305
1028T99104Bangalias Anuak SCBG305
1032T100T1Ttcats Ginger of Dawntreader SCMCP304
1032T105124Strawberry Baby Kiki AAMC304
1032T8619Shalom Rihanna SASF304
1032T100T24Sazikatz Reddy To Rumble SCAS304
1036T1029Imagine Cattery Duchess Dunraven SCBL303
1036T538Rugrunners Nick in Time GLMK303
10381039Lanacats Ratibor of Howlingcoyote SCSO302
10398743Makelas Floyd Ciro II SAES301
1040T47125Mainelyours California Chrome SWMC300
1040T543Yuleene Flamboya GLTA300
1042T56126Migatobonito Blue Suede Shoes ESMC299
1042T10635Dorrymama Wisteria AANF299
104417620Badman INSF298
1045T7729Lyndongraey Grigori EWSB297
1045T598Wyndchymes Party Angel SEJB297
1047T572Composercat James Brown-St-Evroult ESHB296
1047T88127Bajacoon Le Lis SAMC296
10495862MagicMoments Ronja ESBS295
1050107124Appledolls Himawari AARD294
1051T17763Luck INBS292
1051T265Catitude Luscious Leloo MALY292
1051T6033Blueriver Copy Cat SEAB292
1054104125Familytimerags Inibear of Deardolls SCRD291
105517858Milk Tea INSX290
10568910Beyondlimits Bromelia SAPD288
1057T10513Cloudcity Nina SCTH287
1057T17911Xiaoxiao INSCS287
1057T108128Pureyell Kona of Williamina NWMC287
1060T180126Supermodel Eva INRD286
1060T5921Angel Ins*RU Pandora ESSF286
1062T9130Nika Danvel ENSB284
1062T7810C Black Magic Plus Ultra EWBL284
106455105Wildwoodbengals Chantilly Lace GLBG283
1065923A1Savannah's Auriel ENSV281
1066106127Misiangashnawi Hikari SCRD278
1067T6113Kopy Kapp's Cosette of Gilvtales/CF SEHI277
1067T10714Cloudcity Kestrel SCTH277
1067T10864Minamifuji Marie Mario AABS277
1070T108129Gattacamoon Rob Lowe/FI SCMC276
1070T629Hart2Hart's Greatest American Hero SEBU276
1070T1099Bluetreasure Graceful Mu AACX276
10737911Jezebel Little Bear EWPD275
1074T110T36Dorrymama Puck AANF274
1074T6314Crittertales Josey Wales SEHI274
1074T3411Rexkwizit Cruella NECR274
1074T110T10Bluewind Silver Shine AARB274
1078T181128Tombo INRD272
1078T109130Mymains Loretta Lynn NWMC272
108090131Harley Ethereal of Bajacoon SAMC271
1081T9348Ivanhoe de Manisa ENPS268
1081T182106Hotsytotsy Sansa INBG268
1083T8065Kimcatz Apollo EWBS267
1083T9123The Avenger Anya SADR267
108511024Windy Girl DevonDream NWDR266
10869249Moroni's Anuel SAPS265
1087109129Romancenrags Forever In Harmony SCRD263
1088T6010HU*Estilia Afgoo ESBU262
1088T11259Yogurt Bestshow*ru Cerisier AASX262
1088T18366Brits Xiao Bi INBS262
1088T11015Shiekspurr Corzetti SCHI262
1088T93130Betunes Luciano Pavaroti SARD262
10938110Elitegems Madam Elite EWSR261
10944810Tajhara Caliente Project SWSO259
109511126Sydsu Flight Plan of Konekokatz/CF SCOS258
1096T94T4Tirikan Claydol Rox ENBA257
1096T94T15Shimmon Thai Shining ENTH257
10986127Jango de l'Aussonnelle ESOS255
1099T1121Tribes Cleopatra SCCU254
1099T18444Cat's Story Bigbenova INES254
1101T185T131Tiger INRD252
1101T3537Sweetwood Apollo NENF252
1101T9411Susens Tequila Sunrise of Curlysue SASR252
1101T185T45Xiao Hua Meimei INES252
11059513Matilda Ariza SABI250
11062715I Musici Andres Segovia of Glor-ee MASI249
110711311Soul Love Lilicca of Rockblu AARB248
1108T113T25Greystoke Steel Dragon of Conexa SCAS247
1108T113T31Astera Alinka SCSB247
1110T11410Heart Rutile's Tiara AASG245
1110T6267Modany Almost An Angel ESBS245
1110T8250Angels Fam Markus EWPS245
1113T36107Exotiquebengals Roush NEBG243
1113T9632Regina SASB243
1115T49132Marlcreek Stevens Lil Keepurr SWRD241
1115T11133Wintermist Holly Berry NWSB241
1115T646Nada Moonlight Madeline SELY241
1115T11538Fantarja Lady Ayame AANF241
1115T3746Ari-Al's Tate NEES241
11208312Elizabeth's Cesarion EWSCS236
11216311UA*Oberig Phoenix ESSO235
112256133Angelpride Sophie GLRD234
1123T187T134Miss Miao Akuma INRD232
1123T187T11Brits Lanlan INBL232
1125T11268Home&Hearth Willow Lou Purr-kins NWBS231
1125T97108Almafelina Nutella SABG231
1127T5710Designerstripes Snow Glory GLTG228
1127T116T47Carolcollection Ponzu AAES228
1127T116T135Reddoor Manon of Petitchaton AARD228
1130T5869Kolinga Churchill of Fencroft GLBS226
1130T11360Fantcfur Phobie NWSX226
11326551Sandkatzle What Gos Arnd Comes Arnd SEPS225
1133962Curlpassion Mirabelle ENLP224
113411839Dorrymama Sophia of Littlemew AANF221
1135T287Jamesriver Celebrian of Doktari MAPB220
1135T18970Emerald Holyland INBS220
1135T11512Bambukita Silver Bullet SCPD220
11382948Purfurvid Pioneer of Rivabell MAES219
1139T66T136Dollvilla Chloe Sno of Sal-shire SERD218
1139T66T132Caesarheadcoon Finn SEMC218
11411142Mishikoonz Morgan Pass NWMCP217
1142T979Hadibadjas Miracle ENOL215
1142T11614Oro Ojos Naomi SCBI215
1142T115109Bengalflats Maverick NWBG215
114568133Cloistercoon Xeni of Mainelyclassic SEMC214
1146T1168Legendtales Maui NWPB213
1146T69134MTNest Metallica of Mainevu SEMC213
1148T2661Uniquecelebrity Clove MPSX212
1148T6411HU*Estilia Taxus ESBU212
1148T11728Senrabe Ziggystrdst of Sacerdosfele SCOS212
11516552Manhattan de l'Instinct Félin ESPS209
1152T190137Tai Zi Ye INRD208
1152T1175Faerietail Arya NWMX208
1154T50110TLeap Of Faith Davina SWBG206
1154T98110TAmazongold Lucas of Artnessbengal ENBG206
115684135Coonflakes Kilkenny EWMC205
11576634Kuzkin Dom Vladimir Prince ESSB204
1158119138Laladoll CCF Lilica AARD203
115951112Angelsiam Jewel of Sonoitas SWBG200
1160T52T9Specialagent Espionage SWPB199
1160T52T113Bengalxpress Turbo SWBG199
1162T120T9Candy May Miriy AAMK198
1162T120T139Reddoor Non AARD198
1164T59114TFractal Isabella of Akerrs GLBG196
1164T191T71San Pang INBS196
1164T191T29Big White INOS196
1164T85114TAuthenticats Bronze Autumn Equinox EWBG196
11689972Fagotin van de Nekker/ID ENBS194
11697049Loylaine Schatzie SEES193
1170T7150Elviskitkat Dirty Harry SEES192
1170T3811Singville Odysseus NESG192
117211862Yorubacattery Mei Ling SCSX191
117311963Yorubacattery Igoor of Winchester SCSX190
1174T12213Delicious's Richel AASCS189
1174T11825Rainingrexes Peppermint Patty NWDR189
11768612Oktarin Dolly EWBU187
1177T275Derry Downs Astaire of Thai Silk/CF MPBA186
1177T19351D'Den Lover Goosie of Star Forest INES186
1177T54116Arkham Azrael SWBG186
1180T12312World Star Moca AARB184
1180T10013O'Kler Fernando ENBU184
11828764Asteria Galaxy Monkeys/PL EWSX183
118312073Golden Crystal Medium/Id Sir Oliver SCBS182
1184T7212Burthay Gidget of Barmont SECR181
1184T8852Purrdreamz Lush EWES181
1184T30117Bengaland Gold Rush MABG181
1187T10114Holly Viktorijas Laime ENSCS180
1187T9853Misilove Doctora Corazon SAPS180
1187T89140Eria Pro Poseidon EWRD180
1190T90118Cloudedbengals Emilio EWBG179
1190T194141My Kitten Bruce INRD179
1190T102136Bloomingtree MMTango Argentino ENMC179
1193T99137Marsisecoon Linminei SAMC178
1193T10334Saphira La Niomana ENAB178
1193T12440Bluedryad Shoot AANF178
1196T5511Curlinques Flyin' Liberti's Banner SWACL177
1196T125138Bacchus Captain Kirk AAMC177
1198T100119Kiro SABG176
1198T126142Reddoor Cloe of Petitchaton AARD176
1198T195139Ba Dao INMC176
1201T19674Mickey Su Polar Bear INBS175
1201T2812Susens Help Me Rhonda MPSR175
1201T121143Ziadolls Zia SCRD175