2017-2018 Championship Cat Standings: 1204-1403

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Tue Apr 24 13:45:19 2018.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1204-1403
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1204T201150Spongia INRD924
1204T2710Graymark Venus MPBU924
1206T86140Zaida de Maruny SCMC923
1206T60119Badabing Gryffindor of Savoirfaire GLBG923
1206T20256Pansy Angel Supra INES923
1206T13Nini De La Symphoriane --SG923
12108193Albafold Winston Churchill EWBS922
1211T12994Don Papa Rum Made By God, SK ENBS920
1211T2861Scantilyclad Quite Quintessential MPSX920
1211T11915Magic Dream Charming ESHI920
121420362Abb INSX918
12158295Emma of Perla Poludnia PL EWBS915
12169559Missionhill Mystical Illusion NWPS911
1217T130T11Fatima of Magicat ENBU906
1217T130T3Egyptsila Mara ENEM906
1219T7514Boucles Brisa SASRL905
1219T29120Solanaranch Patience MPBG905
12218311Dansy Tinkerbelle EWSF904
1222T20422Zeemao Zero of Darlinghouse INAS903
1222T130151Kiwimagic The Magic In Me AARD903
1224132141Gigantcat Angie ENMC899
1225120152Darlinlidolls King Merlin ESRD895
1226T87142Dawntreader Elizabeth Swan SCMC890
1226T205153Rosie INRD890
1228T7657Monolito Sherezada SAES889
1228T84143Mabalakat Northern Lights EWMC889
1230T619Alicats Charlemagne of Timez GLTH886
1230T12140Quazar Siberiada ESSB886
12328823Sartoris Prufrock of Bayouash SCAS885
123338121Arkham Firefly SWBG884
12346463Destynys Wild Child NESX883
123520658Kayakaya Coffee INES882
12366116Crittertales Tikimoon SEHI881
1237T1226Composercat James Brown-St-Evroult ESHB878
1237T1339Catika's Cashmere Mist of Fryga/ID ENSO878
1239207154Bellapalazzo Muse of Melifluo INRD877
124012364Nudelook Amleto To Be Or Not To Be ESSX876
12418948Elamante Toruck SCAB875
124220896Brits Jindoudou INBS874
1243209144Honey INMC873
1244T39145Mainesuspect Sheru SWMC872
1244T124T59Jerba Nicol'S Caballero Of Gatti CalESES872
1244T124T155THugo Skalia*PL ESRD872
1244T131155THelichrysum Grace AARD872
1248T13224Birdie Super Daigo AAAS871
1248T210146Noracoon Rincewind of Tmazontw INMC871
1250T961Catcurls BC Allyshiah NWLP870
1250T134147Mainewood Agrafena of Forestbeauty ENMC870
1250T12610Flodocats Lana Del Ray ESBL870
1253T62122Wvscenicbengals Haedi of Starkittie GLBG869
1253T97148Bigrivercoon Violet of Larhae NWMC869
1255T211T13Cabbage INACL868
1255T211T97Pudding INBS868
1257T13339Dorrymama Moco Moco AANF867
1257T8514Chicsweet Kaleidoscope Glimmer Girl EWACL867
1257T7710Gavigat Ismael of Larivera SASO867
126012760Manhattan de l'Instinct Félin ESPS866
12619041Sestra Russell Taylor Skclover SCSB865
1262T12812Angel Ins*RU Pandora ESSF864
1262T13442Soulcat Hakuna Matata Arthur AASB864
1264213149Sweety INMC863
1265135123Amazongold Jean Bapiste ENBG859
1266136150Yelisey From Lukoshkino ENMC858
12671299Myrtille des Pebbles Cats ESSCS857
1268T91124Bengaluvrs Snickers of Lunakatz SCBG856
1268T21414Cadelonia Eumann INSFL856
1268T4012Marvee-Lus Knick-Knack/CF SWBU856
1271T6249Aksum Carbon Copy of Blueriver SEAB855
1271T13713Iskander Merrty*EE ENSF855
127321520Trisha INDR854
1274T8610Austen EWSCS853
1274T6360Starbourne Spaceodity of Blueyonder SEES853
1274T13810Letizia Thai Shining ENTH853
12771308Siamotal Diamond Mr. Rossi ESPD852
1278T21611Littel Silver INMK850
1278T45125Jungletrax Essential Elements MABG850
128064151Carolinameows Senoras Spirit SEMC849
1281T21765Mo Ka INSX848
1281T13998Galeksy's Golden Everest ENBS848
1283218157Maroon Blue's Sweet Afternoon Tea INRD847
1284T7861Purr Elli Blue Dragon SAES845
1284T8721No Saints Belvedere EWDR845
128614040Niers Duszek Lasu*PL ENNF844
1287T9822TChipmunk Trillium NWOS843
1287T131T152Winerau Magnus ESMC843
1287T131T22TJubatus Marilyn Kerro ESOS843
1287T7911E-Addison Ariosto SABL843
1291T9962Ashlin Zots Powder Puff Girl NWES841
1291T14111Shimmon Thai Shining ENTH841
1293T1334Tihomir Chudo Don IT* ESDSK840
1293T3024Bajimbi Botany Bay Bell of McIncats MPOS840
1295T8899Aizek of Gerulis*LT EWBS837
1295T14214Joy Of Janis RexInk/FI ENCR837
1297T9243Sarsibi Kotofey Ivanovich SCSB836
1297T13441Fakai de Basajaun ESNF836
1299219100Tongtong INBS835
1300T63T153Cuzzoe Gillian of Pierremont GLMC834
1300T63T50Abysaint Aednat of Pierremont GLAB834
1300T6515Barmont Runaway Love SECR834
1300T143158Furreal Pacific Sunset of Almarta ENRD834
13046563Vannies Paws Spell Bound GLES833
1305T13514RO*Mireille Tiffany ESSG832
1305T6544Minin Siberian Magic NESB832
13071444Iridium Soul Flux ENEM831
1308T220126A Bao INBG830
1308T6666Joser Frank NESX830
131022167Heiqi INSX827
13116651Rulissa Hamilton of Briarvalley GLAB826
13121366Shanna's Lavender Latifah ESTA824
1313T22264Cat Need Pearl of World Jungle INES823
1313T13714Nykohl'As de Dicxiland ESSF823
13158068IZ Alyeninoi Skazki Hardy of BetunesSASX821
131614512Spotsandpoints Aquarius ENTH820
1317T6725Synergy Hello Sweetie GLOS819
1317T52Abyqueen Sophia --AB819
1319138154Wild Whisperer Chopin of MonorCoon'sESMC818
132081155Katzecoons Valentin SAMC817
132113912Melody des Ptis Kachotiers ESBL816
1322T13542Miagola Uno Lino AANF815
1322T223156Jing Zhang INMC815
1322T140101Evening-Star Dominic ESBS815
1325T89127Bengair Felisidad of Suntouched EWBG813
1325T224159Fairymeow Dudu INRD813
13279361Parti Wai Dolce of Hairycats SCPS811
1328T141160Ruby Chantall Kendrick ESRD810
1328T9019Flutterby Silk Cobwebs EWSI810
1330142128Brownsugar Garnet ESBG807
1331418Eeyaa Far View SWTG803
133214315Leonprime Nimiko ESMNL802
13336716Rexkwizit Butler NECR800
1334T8265DeAbaete Mira SAES799
1334T1365Hanabi Yuna AAMKL799
133666161Pagatos Pied Piper of Oakside SERD798
133722515Fantasy Four INSF796
133842129Equistice Iris SWBG795
13398325DeAlles Babalú SAAS793
134031130Coolspots Saphira of Rubicon MPBG790
1341T22643Cherubim's Vivit Momiji of Cat Need INNF788
1341T14466Brettachtal's Joli Coeur ESES788
13438416Adan SASF786
134413745Oskar Formula Uspekha AASB785
1345T14553Cellani Siena Usanie ESAB784
1345T91131Authenticats Wind Dream Volante EWBG784
1347T43102Catskingdomusa Bllou SWBS783
1347T14644Leyth Abyad De Maison Blanche ESNF783
1349138132Tlalocelotl's Kanesei Sakura AABG782
1350T13954TOmnia Mea Aaron of Aby Aran AAAB779
1350T14654TNeaera's Genna Gingerella ENAB779
1352T92103TBurleaway Bojanglez of Bedazzlecats EWBS777
1352T1403Azureblue Kronos of Lovely Charlie AASV777
1352T227103TSnowsong Morozko INBS777
135522817Rebecca Briaht Stbr INSF776
13564415Singsing's Grace Omally of Kazakatz SWSG775
1357T6856Zinfelmax Amun Ra of Khafre GLAB774
1357T468Leafdance Janus MAOL774
1359T229133TXiao Lao Hu INBG772
1359T141133TCatridingtrees Yuuna of Purme AABG772
1359T9369Gatodouro Glad To Be Here EWSX772
13623216Susens Help Me Rhonda MPSR771
1363147105Quick Stepp Vom Thennersee/WC ESBS770
136414267Rirunariruna Kintaro AAES768
1365T9414Bayard House Emerald & Sky Secret SCRB767
1365T14845Steven Od Veze ESNF767
1365T45162TRubyridgerags Mandie Monroe SWRD767
1365T230162TQueeniedolls Duke INRD767
1369T4611Tajhara Gypsy Soul SWSO766
1369T2312Little Prince INMNT766
1369T1496Korstar Dayton ESBO766
13729513Bumblebe Next To A Miracle SCBI764
137315013Mythaidiamond Hendrix ESTH763
137415118Mici Felici Ares/ID ESSF762
137567157Cloistercoon Graymoor of Royallions SEMC760
1376T232164Andrew Ma INRD758
1376T8570ES* Hayana Masai SASX758
137810026Ironforge Step A Side NWAS757
1379T152T158Vademar Mister Spock ESMC756
1379T152T17Melody's Louna ESHI756
138196165Ruby Chantall Perseus SCRD755
138215468Black Pearls Kimmidoll ESES754
13833371Piramide Elvira MPSX753
138415557Desmadinina Melle Magouille Of Des EESAB752
1385233166Hovicastle Ottmar of Luckycoco INRD751
1386T156159Thunder Junior de Guillade ESMC750
1386T234167Freya INRD750
1388T101106TNapoleon of Bring Joy/WC NWBS749
1388T68106TFrymchs Anarchy NEBS749
1390T4715Curland Monroe SWACL748
1390T945Rosevalleymists Annies Song EWAUM748
1390T157168RO*Pouncival's Captain Creamsicle ESRD748
13936917Ominouches Cristalline NECR747
1394T4726Synergy Alma of Leafdance MAOS746
1394T235169SJ-Babe Phoenix/CF INRD746
139614372Marirose Hime AASX744
139770160Le Beau Minu Abbeyrose NEMC742
13986862Elviskitkat Mister Cuddles SEPS741
139914416Catsroses Mocha AAMNL740
14008614Cloudcity Rhaego of Targaryenthai SATH739
1401T145108Alimur's Elliot AABS738
1401T14715Katrin's Curly Onix Blue ENSRL738
1403T236T161Candy Love Oxymoron INMC737
1403T236T63Uncle Nine Ever INPS737
1403T7146Sterlingcatz Tawni Dior NESB737