2017-2018 Championship Cat Standings: 803-1000

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu Oct 19 12:46:55 2017.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 803-1000
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
803T5194TUsapurrs Sunshine In My Pocket SERD515
803T14494TMirumKitty Grace INRD515
8057546Bestshow*ru Yogurt AASX512
8064019Chicago Snow Mystique GLOS511
807T7679Kanesei's Julia AABG510
807T14517Cecilia INDR510
807T3599Arturo Luxta Fontem ESMC510
8106612Leroi Chaton Akira Shinobi/WC EWSF509
8118380Traipse Lil Bit O Honey NWBG508
81277100Hareruyah Nike AAMC507
8137781Lunakatz Mosaic SCBG505
814T3682TTherealms Unica of Arkham SWBG503
814T14682TBengalblueook Mary of Abaoshouse INBG503
814T36101Aristopearls Joel ESMC503
8174123Oberon Velikii Ohotnik GLSB500
818T8430Herus Moon Raider NWAB498
818T22102MTNest Foxy Lady MAMC498
8206596Lil'Magics Tobago ENRD496
821T375Specialagent Shield SWPB493
821T14797Hermes INRD493
8238584Traipse Mari Macadamia NWBG491
824T14847Cindy INSX490
824T7813Worldstar Sam AASF490
8266611Lai-An's Special Edition ENHI488
8277885A-Kerrs Ima Marked One of Chalkmtn SCBG485
82879103Coonamor Layla of Popokilani AAMC484
829T8024Oskar Formula Uspekha AASB482
829T149T48Atzelhof's Midsummer Blues INBS482
829T7120Antigua Reino de Siam Tundra SAOS482
829T149T98Agera INRD482
8333799Okenos Breeze Beruthiel*PL ESRD480
8343848Imant Solfrio ESSX477
8352049Moon Pet Jamaica/ID MPSX476
836T8686Straytcats Sirspotsalot of Tikkasky NWBG475
836T817Vert Pico Piyoco AARB475
836T6727Niers Duszek Lasu*PL ENNF475
839T15112Silkyangel McGeeChang INBI474
839T385Halima Aadi Stormsword of Kingturks SWTV474
839T688Misomali's Maggie May on Redpaws ENSO474
842T3910Marveloo Archenland Digory SWTH472
842T69104M'Jackie Malika Sternenburg ENMC472
8448749Home&Hearth Ellie Lou Purr-kins NWBS471
84515250Sphynxkingdom Eva INSX470
84639100(N)Diadems Electra Sollis of AfroditESRD469
8474234Purrsianpals Frank the Tank GLPS468
848402Selectcats Heshima ESSV467
8497231Pampa Loquito Por Ti of Aconcagua SAAB462
8504087Penasquitos Blazing Sun SWBG461
851T52105Diamon Anzbor SEMC460
851T8851Skinisin Mister Gizmo NWSX460
853153101Methodius Firefighter INRD459
854T236Iconickatz Super Girl MABU458
854T827Candy May Tokiko AASG458
854T21106Bounding Maines Mistral Dewhimsey MPMC458
857T1546Kai Xin INMK457
857T6735Moonspun Luvly Jubbly EWPS457
857T7988Exotiquebengals Razors Edge SCBG457
8608350Minamifuji Releve AABS456
861T1558Mada INSCS453
861T89107Woodpile Glorious NWMC453
8639021Yessi-By Eastern Nymph/WC NWOS451
864T91108Woodpile Peregrin Took of Harcoon NWMC449
864T684Amisti Shenzi EWKBL449
866T156102Judy's Dolls Eddie of Catmqc INRD447
866T8036Di-Saronno Objet d'Art of Elagans SCPS447
866T707Heart & Soul's Venus LoveFromC ENBU447
86981103Dolsragdolls Polo of Im4evrragdolls SCRD446
870157109Mini INMC445
871536Songgwangsa Sweet Pawtato/CF SEJB444
8728451Mountteine Hokuto AABS443
87315832Sakura Cat's Bobo Jie of Ya Exot/CF INES442
87415933Hello INES441
875T82110Tuftsntrills Lady Bella SCMC438
875T439Anixtar Ecstasy of Wonderfold GLSFL438
877T836Kayserai McGee SCTV437
877T9214Phanagoreia Cartman of Folders/WC NWSF437
8797312Caye Urco SAHI436
880T9389Traipse Minion Madness NWBG435
880T16034Di Di INES435
8827137PL*Jantar William ENPS433
883443Shortnaps Romeo of Pawcitys GLMNT432
8848420Sartoris Prufrock of Bayouash SCAS431
8857252Khankenirdia Underleyhall*PL ENBS430
8869435Sunspirit Tanzanite Treasure NWES429
8878528Avantgarde Charlie of Charlie TabuchAANF428
888T8553Golden Crystal Medium/ID SCBS426
888T2411Cheshirepoint Kembra MATH426
890T6915Leila Isabelle EWSF425
890T41104Echoglen Crystal Blue Purrsuasion SWRD425
890T8613Doudou Ojo Dandelion Puff AASRL425
890T7390Aljannas Botox ENBG425
8947029Forestfriend Firebird/GC EWNF424
8958618Txelfkatz Baby Blue SCDR423
896425Karrklan Chip Off The Old Block SWOC420
897T161T22CHPERSON hope INOS418
897T9525Nevak Taiga Star NWSB418
897T161T9A Ge INCR418
900T9619Devon Joi's Addicted To You NWDR416
900T16321Candy INAS416
902878Caliblu Texas Blue Bonnet SCRB415
90345111Cuzzoe Akio of Pierremont GLMC412
904T87T91Kanesei's Yupa AABG411
904T87T105Farandoll D-Pop of Ragdonuts AARD411
9064116Rumfold Fire Kiss ESSF410
9079752Sphynxcraft Gypsy Girl NWSX409
908435Queenanne Merlin SWTG408
909T718Kameko Anikachies EWPD407
909T7410R'Kenzo Twisted Dream ENCR407
909T229Purrceptive Gis Asimi of Kitti Kat MPSR407
91244106Dollvilla Jigglypuff SWRD405
91375112Lakiss Gelika ENMC404
914T4654Thistlevine Ethel of Fencroft GLBS403
914T7692Thar Tiger Lily ENBG403
916T8893Lunakatz Sir Gabriel of Bengalmanor SCBG402
916T987Grandbois Mirepoiz Ariege NWCX402
918T42113Silverfern's Raised by Wolves ESMC401
918T7736Zivago Del Falco D'oro ENES401
920164107Lacatdolls Storm of Sweet Garden INRD400
9218926Winterbrook Ragnar The Red SCSB399
9221659Fieldmoon Lavender/CF INRB397
9238994Catcrest's Claire AABG394
92474108BlumenKatzen Johny SARD393
92590109Farandoll Colette AARD392
926T47110Furreal Piper of Angelpride GLRD390
926T9953Nikettes Red Bare NWSX390
92875114BR Katzecoon Uriah of Bajacoon SAMC389
929T7238Lafrebella Quando EWPS386
929T438Zidayas Rania ESBL386
931T10020SV Royal Pixie Ariel of KabukiAmuro NWDR385
931T9155Winter Fairytale La Canela Tierna AABS385
9337622DeAlles Belinda SAAS384
934T30111TPurrrealdolls Stella Rose NERD383
934T90111TAdorablerags Serendipity SCRD383
936T92T115Shonancats Allene AAMC382
936T92T7Candy May Sanshiroh AAMK382
936T7739Almathea Kohana of Candance Cats SAPS382
9397840Lynx Horus of Orozul SAPS381
940487Ginchika Ursula Andress GLJB379
941T94T56Mountteine Apollon AABS377
941T10141Missionhill Dappled Sunshine NWPS377
941T94T30Fantarja Nausicaa AANF377
944T9623Swancamelot Lion Hert Arthur AAOS375
944T2357Starbeam The Big Money MPBS375
944T79113Abril Mia Primerisima SARD375
947T1026Legendtales Moana NWPB373
947T788Dosia Ragdoll's Family/FI ENSG373
947T9124Pippastro Prince-Hairy/GC SCOS373
9504458Nusscats Ebby ESBS372
951T45116TGigantcat Bumblebee of Amayalynx ESMC371
951T103116TMishikoonz Whitney T NWMC371
953T92T37Dclass Julia SCES370
953T9759Ruslana From Stevenshire*ru AABS370
953T92T118Berlingo's Aalida SCMC370
9567995Elizar Daiquiri ENBG369
957T2496Solanaranch Unalienable Right MPBG366
957T10442Hollowhills Rain Dance Maggie NWPS366
95954119Big River Coon My Marie of MysticoonSEMC365
960T46T32Cellani Siena Usanie ESAB364
960T46T8Estilia Xia ESBU364
9624917Ongcat Winter Soldier GLSF362
9634897Mad Max des Griffes de Feu/LO ESBG361
964T8014Tzari Partytrooper ENSRL359
964T9831Miagola Uno Lino AANF359
964T491Janet de Saint Evroult ESHB359
9678043Makelas Ethan of DBasteth SAPS358
968T16654Jing Ling INSX357
968T5012Timez Andromeda GLTH357
970T1059Katzalano Covered In Stardust NWSG356
970T167114Willowtreerags Samurai INRD356
9728144Moroni's Dorothea SAPS355
973T99115Farandoll James of Gentletime AARD351
973T7338Bolshevik Kolobok EWES351
975T10060Leonix Raja Oliver of Tinytiny AABS350
975T106120Willabelle's Q of HookedonCoons/CF NWMC350
9778239Makelas Anita SAES348
97810132Dorrymama Oscar AANF347
9798345Magie Noire La Rosadita SAPS346
980T81116Gabrys Ice Cold Eyes*PL ENRD345
980T50121Cankcats Peekaboo ESMC345
982T824Gobsgobblins Feniks ENLY342
982T16861Yi Xiu INBS342
982T4598Equistice Iris SWBG342
985833Egyptsila Svarog ENEM341
9867446Blackfire Maky Sushy of New ExoticatEWPS340
987T5599Traipse Set My Heart on Fire of WFB SEBG339
987T9440Sunspirit Black Tie Affair SCES339
989169117Bellapalazzo Hisoka of Candylulu INRD337
990T518Mayrit dit Magritte de la Chabanade ESCX335
990T849Kazuki Anikachi*ES SAPD335
9929555Major Agathon of Mysticjewelssx SCSX334
993T75100Softspot Scorchio EWBG333
993T56118Familytimerags Jaxon of Rags2dazzle SERD333
995T516Designerstripes Red Garnet GLTG332
995T1701Peanut INHS332
997T171119Mimo Le Eria of Sapphirebaby INRD331
997T46101Coolspots Freya of Grapearbor SWBG331
997T2525Synergy Alma of Leafdance MAOS331
1000T172T9Li Gege INSCS329
1000T172T122Dyson Olympian INMC329
1000T84120Nobleangeldoll Justice ENRD329