2017-2018 Championship Cat Standings: 1808-2006

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

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RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1808-2006
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1808322224Willowtreerags Samurai INRD492
1809T135168TTraipse Mari Macadamia NWBG491
1809T86168TA-Kerr's Rose to the Top GLBG491
1809T32380Jian Nan Romeo INPS491
1812T32496Cindy INSX490
1812T191T225Hovicastle Jimmi Jupiter ENRD490
1812T191T52Forelsket Delaunay ENNF490
1815T180146Minamifuji Ca Grunpy AABS488
1815T19326Lai-An's Special Edition ENHI488
1817T209T19Arenk Regal Splendor ESTH487
1817T209T27Slavuta's Rafael Abbas ESHI487
1819T18122Aqua Marine AASG486
1819T21120Lisandru de La Gravona ESBI486
1819T325147Lemon INBS486
1819T1184Jamis Indigo Moon of Sazikatz SCAW486
1819T194197Gloriasterra Rocky Balboa ENMC486
1824T182226Reddoor Elyn of Vinculo AARD485
1824T19521Marmorensy's Delara Manon De Bono ofENSFL485
1826T183198TCoonamor Layla of Popokilani AAMC484
1826T196T198TTabularasa Olisa ENMC484
1826T196T198TTabularasa Odin ENMC484
1826T8721Annbirwaves Navarre of Santal GLBI484
1830T86148Kelcobber Starbeam Twilight SEBS483
1830T19822Ice Illion De Luchero ENSFL483
1832T11335Antigua Reino de Siam Tundra SAOS482
1832T326T227Agera INRD482
1832T326T149Atzelhof's Midsummer Blues INBS482
1835212228Okenos Breeze Beruthiel*PL ESRD480
183693170Bengalleopard Daisy NEBG478
1837T184229Reddoor Layla of Petitchaton AARD477
1837T874Rakiscats Tupile SEBA477
1839T11680Myneco Fantasy EWES476
1839T4497Moon Pet Jamaica/ID MPSX476
1841T19917BeautyNurm Imperial Majesty ENBU475
1841T18520Vert Pico Piyoco AARB475
1841T136171Straytcats Sirspotsalot of Tikkasky NWBG475
1844T328T150Adam INBS474
1844T328T22Silkyangel McGeeChang INBI474
1844T20014Misomali's Maggie May on Redpaws ENSO474
1844T626Halima Aadi Stormsword of Kingturks SWTV474
1848T20126Urfo Thumbs up ENSF473
1848T21336Shigaon Hocus Pocus/FI ESOS473
1850T214151Miraclebri Love Dream ESBS472
1850T6320Marveloo Archenland Digory SWTH472
1852T88201MTNest Blue Moon of Mainevu SEMC471
1852T137152THome&Hearth Ellie Lou Purr-kins NWBS471
1852T330152TFlying Dance Mading INBS471
1855T18653Dorrymama Oscar AANF469
1855T215202Elsa Vitorones Coons ESMC469
1857T117T26Pashtan Vavavoom EWSI468
1857T45203Koontyme Madeleine of Boundingma/CF MPMC468
1857T117T15Jasmine Sunnheim EWSCS468
18602167Selectcats Heshima ESSV467
1861187230Reddoor Bonito Shion of Vinculo AARD466
1862T33134Da Xian NV INAS464
1862T21710Ange Ou Demon's Livio ESSCL464
1864T119172Bali-Bengal N'Quartz/LO EWBG463
1864T20227Lege Artis Gabriella ENSF463
1866T88173Wildwoodbengals Chantilly Lace GLBG462
1866T11474Pampa Loquito Por Ti of Aconcagua SAAB462
1868T18854Littlemew Honey Caramel of Salablue AANF461
1868T20318Infinity v. Dacemewi's Choice ENBL461
1870T89204TDiamon Anzbor SEMC460
1870T332204TSandyacoon Aruna Rambo INMC460
1872333231Methodius Firefighter INRD459
1873T18923Candy May Tokiko AASG458
1873T46206Bounding Maines Mistral Dewhimsey MPMC458
1873T5518Iconickatz Super Girl MABU458
1876T12081TMoonspun Luvly Jubbly EWPS457
1876T21881TLove Story du Bois Du Duc ESPS457
1876T33413Kai Xin INMK457
1876T119174Exotiquebengals Razors Edge SCBG457
1880T190T55Cherubin's Viola of Diosanthus AANF456
1880T83Sweet Huargo Gloria of Silk Stone --PS456
1880T190T154Minamifuji Releve AABS456
1880T204232Eulalie Bonia ENRD456
188412127Flutterby Maurice Minor EWSI454
1885T335T81Duan's Esboy INES453
1885T138207Woodpile Glorious NWMC453
1885T2198Marinday Jnana Remo ESTA453
1885T335T16Mada INSCS453
1889T12298Wrynkleskyns Bambinoccino EWSX452
1889T4784Toy Tricksy Lilybelle of Chanteu/CF MPPS452
1891T13937Yessi-By Eastern Nymph/WC NWOS451
1891T115155Abbi Taiko Azaro SABS451
1891T192233Mimicats Lucid AARD451
189464175Coolspots Freya of Grapearbor SWBG450
1895T1238Amisti Shenzi EWKBL449
1895T22028Slavuta's Rosy Sophie ESHI449
1895T94234Ragahimsa The Power Is Sacredmantra NERD449
1898T193235Angeliqdoll Milk AARD448
1898T22128Alva Viva Uslada ESSF448
1898T205208Vostorg's Chelsea Star ENMC448
1901T89176Lagallerie Choco Ripple GLBG447
1901T337236Judy's Dolls Eddie of Catmqc INRD447
1901T20619Heart & Soul's Venus LoveFromC ENBU447
1904T120237Dolsragdolls Polo of Im4evrragdolls SCRD446
1904T338156Uya Kuya Bima Sakti INBS446
1906T339T157Allen INBS445
1906T207209TRu*Movingspirit Elation ENMC445
1906T339T209TMini INMC445
1906T12456Maysula Den Specialle EWNF445
19109010Songgwangsa Sweet Pawtato/CF SEJB444
1911T125158TTer Heide's Bacardi EWBS443
1911T194158TMountteine Hokuto AABS443
1911T22219Flodocats Jojo Josephine ESSRL443
191434182Sakura Cat's Bobo Jie of Ya Exot/CF INES442
1915T223T238Ragakitty Maya ESRD441
1915T34283Hello INES441
1915T223T57Freia Ipar Basoko E ESNF441
1918T9110Designerstripes Moonstone SETG440
1918T12199Bareskin Petite Pietra of Bemisu SCSX440
1920T9524TChamourais My Fair Lady of SingalegaNESG439
1920T225177Toby Exotic Leopard, HR ESBG439
1920T2083Margotte P Justocoons ENMCP439
1920T195T24TMaia's Bobby AASG439
1920T343239Londondoll Robin INRD439
1920T195T211Gakincho Blue Ribbon AAMC439
19269023Anixtar Ecstasy of Wonderfold GLSFL438
1927T226160DiamondDanubes Illex ESBS437
1927T140T12Betelgeuse*RU Radomir NWPD437
1927T140T29Phanagoreia Cartman of Folders/WC NWSF437
1927T1227Kayserai McGee SCTV437
1927T657Karrklan Indigo SWOC437
1932T11629Caye Urco SAHI436
1932T123240Willowtreerags Mia of Purrravida SCRD436
1932T34423Silkyangel Tea INBI436
1932T91178Library Chrysanthemum of A-Kerr's GLBG436
1936T34584Di Di INES435
1936T142179Traipse Minion Madness NWBG435
1936T19785Reney's Honey Spark AAPS435
1936T966Leden Pirate Maboule NELY435
194022758Jaime New Moon*PL ESNF434
194122875Desentrechats Luna ESAB433
1942925Shortnaps Romeo of Pawcitys GLMNT432
1943T19885Leostar Junon AAES431
1943T229T161TGutta Bonibrit*LT ESBS431
1943T229T161TEvening-Star Madeline*HU ESBS431
1946T14376Nightmist Cricket NWAB430
1946T209163Khankenirdia Underleyhall*PL ENBS430
1948T14486Sunspirit Tanzanite Treasure NWES429
1948T12633LV*Simiks Ranica EWDR429
1950T19959Avantgarde Charlie of Charlie TabuchAANF428
1950T97100Butterflies Faina of Sphynxsroyals NESX428
1950T231164Russell Starta ESBS428
1953T346241Happy Time Lan Niu of Aimentcat/CF INRD426
1953T124165Golden Crystal Medium/ID SCBS426
1955T210T21Amina Savat Chalai Dara ENTH425
1955T210T180Aljannas Botox ENBG425
1955T12730Leila Isabelle EWSF425
1955T66242Echoglen Crystal Blue Purrsuasion SWRD425
1959T145212Mymains Loretta Lynn NWMC424
1959T12860Forestfriend Firebird/GC EWNF424
1961T12534Txelfkatz Baby Blue SCDR423
1961T20061Petit-House's Ellie AANF423
1963T129213Roxette Isztar Coon*PL EWMC422
1963T34787Jiang Nan Glutinous Rice INES422
1965146181Tigerbengal Blue Lightning NWBG421
1966T23262Titran's Zubaida ESNF420
1966T678Karrklan Chip Off The Old Block SWOC420
1966T93182HighCaliber SonOfAnarchy GLBG420
1969T1474Mishikoonz Parvati Pass NWMCP419
1969T9822Gwendji's nastasya NECR419
1971T348T38CHPERSON hope INOS418
1971T348T23A Ge INCR418
1971T126214Abccats Rumor Has It SCMC418
1971T14858Nevak Taiga Star NWSB418
197511786Almathea Jeremmy of Candance Cats SAPS417
1976T14935Devon Joi's Addicted To You NWDR416
1976T3502Candy INHH416
1978T12721Caliblu Texas Blue Bonnet SCRB415
1978T233215Vademar Dark Vader ESMC415
19809959Sterlingcatz Coco Pawfs NESB414
1981T15060TBasilic Blessing Cherry Pie NWSB413
1981T21260TVinnimur Berislav ENSB413
1981T94183Exotiquebengals Rob of Spotsnglitz GLBG413
1984T95216Cuzzoe Akio of Pierremont GLMC412
1984T13039Planeta Soliaris Jazz EWOS412
1984T23487Innamorare Vila ESPS412
1987T563Doktari Carolina MAPBL411
1987T151243TCountrysiderags Deja Vu NWRD411
1987T201243TFarandoll D-Pop of Ragdonuts AARD411
1990T2131Vincent-Vladimir ENKB410
1990T23531Rumfold Fire Kiss ESSF410
1990T96184Kapitan De La Moor/ID GLBG410
199313188Smartzee Petal EWPS409
1994T202217Yatazaka Yellow AAMC408
1994T6811Queenanne Merlin SWTG408
1996T152185Traipse The Ineffable Ms Esmerelda NWBG407
1996T13213Kameko Anikachies EWPD407
1996T35132Hanbao INSF407
1999T69245Dollvilla Jigglypuff SWRD405
1999T214T24Color Gaiaxy Ferrero ENSFL405
1999T13340Chosen One Balzam EWOS405
1999T214T89Isjona Snake Eyes ENPS405
1999T35233Happy INSF405
2004T236186Montsaintaubert Istanbul ESBG404
2004T216218Lakiss Gelika ENMC404
2006T217187Clara Berkano*PL ENBG403
2006T97166Thistlevine Ethel of Fencroft GLBS403
2006T353246Miranda TD81 Tina INRD403