2017-2018 Championship Cat Standings: 1605-1803

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sat Feb 17 13:01:18 2018.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1605-1803
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1605T27827Happy INSF405
1605T58192Dollvilla Jigglypuff SWRD405
1605T11133Chosen One Balzam EWOS405
1608T192153Montsaintaubert Istanbul ESBG404
1608T161183Lakiss Gelika ENMC404
1610T162T193THovicastle Jimmi Jupiter ENRD403
1610T162T154Clara Berkano*PL ENBG403
1610T75122Thistlevine Ethel of Fencroft GLBS403
1610T279193TMiranda TD81 Tina INRD403
1614T1299Grandbois Mirepoiz Ariege NWCX402
1614T28063Ganswed Abi King Muezza of Superbee INAB402
1616T16468Zivago Del Falco D'oro ENES401
1616T112184Silverfern's Raised by Wolves EWMC401
161811946Winterbrook Ragnar The Red SCSB399
161919320Sandypoints Yoda of Siamfairyland ESTH395
1620T164T155Catcrest's Claire AABG394
1620T164T185McLapisu Amanda AAMC394
1622T11320Colinsgarden Callista of Demargaux EWRB393
1622T97195BlumenKatzen Johny SARD393
1622T7723Rakiscats Baron Rai Moritani SESI393
1625T194186Iris Galkin Coon*BG ESMC392
1625T166196Farandoll Colette AARD392
162776197Furreal Piper of Angelpride GLRD390
162898187BR Katzecoon Uriah of Bajacoon SAMC389
16299969Sherezada Hechicera SAES388
1630T165123Bastet-A-Tet Vegas ENBS386
1630T19516Zidayas Rania ESBL386
1630T11469Lafrebella Quando EWPS386
163313031SV Royal Pixie Ariel of KabukiAmuro NWDR385
163410028DeAlles Belinda SAAS384
1635T120198TAdorablerags Serendipity SCRD383
1635T16617Shelda's Cindy ENBL383
1635T78124Sezmoi Winston of Bodaciousbrits SEBS383
1635T281198TRiterags Annie of Teeny INRD383
1639T167T12Candy May Sanshiroh AAMK382
1639T7721ThaiMich Sikunami of Alicats GLTH382
1639T167T188Shonancats Allene AAMC382
164270125Cheshirelady Double O Seven NEBS381
1643T788Ginchika Ursula Andress GLJB379
1643T169T156Banabas of Banabas AABG379
1643T169T47Soulcat Hakuna Matata Arthur AASB379
1646T5915Curlniques Kurlneelious SWACL378
1646T115200Ajax Ragbritta EWRD378
1646T19617Pofuduk Jon Janti ESSCS378
1649T131T126TGolden Soft's Olympia NWBS377
1649T171T55Fantarja Nausicaa AANF377
1649T171T126TMountteine Apollon AABS377
1649T131T70Missionhill Dappled Sunshine NWPS377
1653133128Silverbrook Calendar Girl NWBS376
1654T101201TAbril Mia Primerisima SARD375
1654T17334Swancamelot Lion Hert Arthur AAOS375
1654T37129Starbeam The Big Money MPBS375
1654T282201TRainbowragdolls Elizabeth INRD375
165819732Tex-Lapkatz Tutti Fruitti ESDR374
165912135Pippastro Prince-Hairy/GC SCOS373
1660T167189Arlecoon Peppy-Sovena ENMC372
1660T10233Theavengers Yaddle Jedi SADR372
1662T198T190TGigantcat Bumblebee of Amayalynx ESMC371
1662T198T9Naz Pati Gold Kedievi ESSCL371
1662T134190TMishikoonz Whitney T NWMC371
1662T283203Minos Promis NN INRD371
1666T168192TFinchamberlain Yes Im Ready ENMC370
1666T122T70Dclass Julia SCES370
1666T122T192TBerlingo's Aalida SCMC370
1666T174130Ruslana From Stevenshire*ru AABS370
1670T169157TElizar Daiquiri ENBG369
1670T71204Bwbabydolls Legacy NERD369
1670T116157TPantherajedi Cloud Perfect EWBG369
167313571Hollowhills Rain Dance Maggie NWPS366
1674284205Meitu INRD365
1675T446Toriland Omega MABO362
1675T7928Ongcat Winter Soldier GLSF362
1677T17016Tzari Partytrooper ENSRL359
1677T200206Methodius Prince Simeon ESRD359
1679T175T194Chatile Jasmine of Chatjardin AAMC358
1679T175T7Stanley Himeji of Hikoma AABO358
1679T10372Makelas Ethan of DBasteth SAPS358
1682T285T131Yuli INBS357
1682T285T87Jing Ling INSX357
1684T201195Yoggi Castalynx ESMC356
1684T13622Katzalano Covered In Stardust NWSG356
1686T104T196THataricoon Sasha SAMC355
1686T202196TWistariantale Machiavelli ESMC355
1686T104T73Moroni's Dorothea SAPS355
1689287207Bodhirags Feifei INRD354
1690T11771Bolshevik Kolobok EWES351
1690T1378Legendtales Maui NWPB351
1692T177T208Fluorite Porarisu AARD350
1692T138198Willabelle's Q of HookedonCoons/CF NWMC350
1692T288132TMantou INBS350
1692T177T132TLeonix Raja Oliver of Tinytiny AABS350
1696T72209THappykatrags Riley NERD349
1696T79209TDollvilla Chloe Sno of Sal-shire SERD349
1696T289T134TDiamond Pro Wendi Fleer INBS349
1696T289T134TClinton INBS349
1700T171136Disco Sokoladinis Tigras *LT ENBS348
1700T10672Makelas Anita SAES348
1702179137Mountteine Lilian AABS347
1703T60159Bengalxpress Turbo SWBG346
1703T10774Magie Noire La Rosadita SAPS346
1705T172211TGabrys Ice Cold Eyes*PL ENRD345
1705T203199Cankcats Peekaboo ESMC345
1705T118211TPL*My Butterfly Jamaica of Celtic MiEWRD345
1708204160Alfacat Sweetlana ESBG344
1709T1737Gobsgobblins Feniks ENLY342
1709T291138Yi Xiu INBS342
1711T1744Egyptsila Svarog ENEM341
1711T292213Dreamtw Kaelyn INRD341
1713T11975Blackfire Maky Sushy of New ExoticatEWPS340
1713T8018Barmont Runaway Love SECR340
1715T81161Traipse Set My Heart on Fire of WFB SEBG339
1715T12473Sunspirit Black Tie Affair SCES339
1715T120200Kuniza Tinatin EWMC339
17182051Chloe Concordia Fuzzy Wuzzy-E ESNB338
1719T1755Galija Ojos Del Salado*PL ENEM337
1719T206214Monfort Happy ESRD337
1721T38139Guerlain Viola D'Amore of Mcsmitten MPBS335
1721T207T10Mayrit dit Magritte de la Chabanade ESCX335
1721T207T201Madawaska's Hobbyone ESMC335
1721T10812Kazuki Anikachi*ES SAPD335
1725T82215Familytimerags Jaxon of Rags2dazzle SERD333
1725T12588Distinct Unbelievable Legacy of TabeSCSX333
1725T121162Softspot Scorchio EWBG333
1728T8010Designerstripes Red Garnet GLTG332
1728T45163Anjou Egwene Al Vere of Thunderian MABG332
1728T293T1Peanut INHS332
1728T293T216Omalley Diamond Dolls Mojito INRD332
1732T20974Willstoncats Emir ESES331
1732T295217Mimo Le Eria of Sapphirebaby INRD331
1734T21075Chulpan Red Cloud of Endless EmotionESES330
1734T180164Minamifuji Ami Antonio AABG330
1736T176218Nobleangeldoll Justice ENRD329
1736T29618Li Gege INSCS329
1738126165Felinus Amcus Dark Cloud SCBG328
1739T2976Arthur INMNT327
1739T83219American Hero Velykinadiyi SERD327
1739T177166TAmbadalis-Gala Marhaba ENBG327
1739T211166TPraslin Dante ESBG327
1743T7356Finnishlne Shannon NENF326
1743T21276Brettachtal's Joli Coeur ESES326
1743T61168Sonoita Cast A Spell SWBG326
1746T21329TSweety La Luna ESSF324
1746T18129Strawberry Baby Himekon AAAS324
1746T127T22Starghatts Intl Intrigue SCBI324
1746T127T29TNyota Uhura SCSF324
1746T74220IvyRoseRagdolls Summer Rose NERD324
1751T298140Zheng Tai INBS323
1751T21476Pyrampepe Rosa Di Casa Grande ESPS323
1751T75202Le Beau Minu Bliss NEMC323
175462221Rubyridgerags Mandie Monroe SWRD322
1755T178203Windinwillows Delight ENMC320
1755T465Sunbriar Holiday Lights MATA320
175776169Speakeasy Craving You NEBG319
1758T10989Nika SASX316
1758T182141Kanesei's Kinoko AABS316
1760299142Chilli's Sliver George INBS315
1761T13934TFacehuggers Belleruth NWDR314
1761T12934TDandy Curls Kambly Irresistible SCDR314
1763T17948Basilicblessing Maks of Verooka ENSB313
1763T183222Laladoll Saby Nozomi AARD313
1765T215204Yvonne Caramellocoon ESMC311
1765T18431Vanessa AASF311
1765T3990Scantilyclad Happily Ever After MPSX311
176812257Norskwood Sweetpea EWNF310
1769300223Vavidoll CK of DorothyTao INRD309
177030123Backkara's Tabasco of Silkyangel/WC INBI308
1771T8149Basilic Blessing Beloved Johanna GLSB307
1771T7711Wildfx Light Seeker NETG307
1771T13077Starolympus Fantastic of Whozz SCES307
1774T18024Eirecogteils Alamos ENSI306
1774T216143DiamondDanubes Illex ESBS306
1774T131T19Creole Sugar And Spice SCCR306
1774T131T91Rich Gift Your Love of Dnilesphy/WC SCSX306
1774T185224Reddoor Marian of Helichrysum AARD306
1779T133170Bangalias Anuak SCBG305
1779T181T12Tigervisions Amuritus ENTG305
1779T181T50Reindeer Dom Cat Veles ENSB305
1779T186205Pet Family's Akamaru AAMC305
1779T30216Monidgi Celebrity Macho INMNL305
1784T2176Dunia Russian Alien ESDSK304
1784T134T4Ttcats Ginger of Dawntreader SCMCP304
1784T18730TStrawberry Baby Ib AAAS304
1784T11032Shalom Rihanna SASF304
1784T134T30TSazikatz Reddy To Rumble SCAS304
1784T30377Satin Ex Whestle Whiper INPS304
1790T13618Imagine Cattery Duchess Dunraven SCBL303
1790T218T19Glamisway Neapolis ESSCS303
1790T183T206Forest Beauty D.Chereda ENMC303
1790T183T21Xia Ufne Koty*PL ENRB303
1790T82T13Rugrunners Nick in Time GLMK303
1790T82T64Nudawnz Oses Moi GLAB303
1790T218T92Isida M'Olly ESSX303
1797T220T36Ashley Mariposa ESDR302
1797T24Annbirwaves Ophies Ojos of Purrdocz --BI302
1797T220T144Ralette Lapis Lazuli ESBS302
1797T13711Lanacats Ratibor of Howlingcoyote SCSO302
1801T11178Makelas Floyd Ciro II SAES301
1801T78207Mainetales Daisy Buchanan NEMC301
1803T846Yuleene Flamboya GLTA300
1803T63208Mainelyours California Chrome SWMC300