2017-2018 Championship Cat Standings: 2006-2203

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Mon Apr 23 14:08:17 2018.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 2006-2203
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
2006113220BR Katzecoon Uriah of Bajacoon SAMC389
200711488Sherezada Hechicera SAES388
2008T7010Specialagent Espionage SWPB386
2008T13686Lafrebella Quando EWPS386
2008T220167Bastet-A-Tet Vegas ENBS386
2008T23519Zidayas Rania ESBL386
201215435SV Royal Pixie Ariel of KabukiAmuro NWDR385
2013T55190Jungletrax Luvrs Holdy of ChrisCat MABG384
2013T11535DeAlles Belinda SAAS384
2015T22120Shelda's Cindy ENBL383
2015T92168Sezmoi Winston of Bodaciousbrits SEBS383
2015T355250TRiterags Annie of Teeny INRD383
2015T102221Atlastcats Diggy NEMC383
2015T129250TAdorablerags Serendipity SCRD383
2020T9923ThaiMich Sikunami of Alicats GLTH382
2020T204T222Shonancats Allene AAMC382
2020T204T14Candy May Sanshiroh AAMK382
2023103169Cheshirelady Double O Seven NEBS381
2024T10011Ginchika Ursula Andress GLJB379
2024T206191Banabas of Banabas AABG379
2024T23636DevonHeaven Jucifer ESDR379
2027T237T63Rhiannon White Wings*CZ ESSB378
2027T237T17Pofuduk Jon Janti ESSCS378
2027T7118Curlniques Kurlneelious SWACL378
2030T207T170TMountteine Apollon AABS377
2030T155T87Missionhill Dappled Sunshine NWPS377
2030T155T170TGolden Soft's Olympia NWBS377
2030T207T61Fantarja Nausicaa AANF377
2034T116252TAbril Mia Primerisima SARD375
2034T20941Swancamelot Lion Hert Arthur AAOS375
2034T48172Starbeam The Big Money MPBS375
2034T356252TRainbowragdolls Elizabeth INRD375
2038T239T37Tex-Lapkatz Tutti Fruitti ESDR374
2038T239T89Seabisquit Bolero of Shenny ESES374
2038T93173K-La Freckles of Pearadise SEBS374
204113042Pippastro Prince-Hairy/GC SCOS373
2042T222223Arlecoon Peppy-Sovena ENMC372
2042T11738Theavengers Yaddle Jedi SADR372
2044T241T11Naz Pati Gold Kedievi ESSCL371
2044T157224TMishikoonz Whitney T NWMC371
2044T357254Minos Promis NN INRD371
2044T241T224TGigantcat Bumblebee of Amayalynx ESMC371
2044T241T174Foxyland Darian ESBS371
2049T210175Ruslana From Stevenshire*ru AABS370
2049T244255Legendabastet Lindsay ESRD370
2049T223226TFinchamberlain Yes Im Ready ENMC370
2049T358101Emma INSX370
2049T131T226TBerlingo's Aalida SCMC370
2049T131T90Dclass Julia SCES370
2055T137192TPantherajedi Cloud Perfect EWBG369
2055T224192TElizar Daiquiri ENBG369
2055T104256Bwbabydolls Legacy NERD369
205829RebelsHeart's Frail-Tail Twiggy --SI367
2059T10577Nubian Montreal Expresso NEAB366
2059T15888Hollowhills Rain Dance Maggie NWPS366
2059T359102Lingchongge Kimi INSX366
2062T7264Prekrasne Jus In Bello SWSB365
2062T360257Meitu INRD365
2064T568Toriland Omega MABO362
2064T10133Ongcat Winter Soldier GLSF362
2064T948Iruskha Lakota SEOC362
206711Catsheavens Miss Nenah --PB361
2068T245258Methodius Prince Simeon ESRD359
2068T73228LAPD Clara Wrigley of Coonskin SWMC359
2068T22520Tzari Partytrooper ENSRL359
2071T2119Stanley Himeji of Hikoma AABO358
2071T11889TMakelas Ethan of DBasteth SAPS358
2071T4989TJoleigh's Greased Lightning/CF MPPS358
2074T361T103Jing Ling INSX357
2074T361T176Yuli INBS357
2076T15926Katzalano Covered In Stardust NWSG356
2076T246229Yoggi Castalynx ESMC356
2078T119T91Moroni's Dorothea SAPS355
2078T119T230THataricoon Sasha SAMC355
2078T247230TWistariantale Machiavelli ESMC355
2081T363259Bodhirags Feifei INRD354
2081T160T194TAcrocatz Ferros NWBG354
2081T248194TWildcatsstars KleopatraQueen ESBG354
2081T160T65Czarina Elizaveta NWSB354
2085T9521Hermes Nevada/ID SEBL353
2085T2267Gobsgobblins Moon Of Dumontroyal ENLY353
2087162196Leapoffaith Ammolyte of Jemstones NWBG352
2088T364260Pinkblue Mike of Hera INRD351
2088T16312Legendtales Maui NWPB351
2088T13891Bolshevik Kolobok EWES351
2088T22730Yrttitarhan Voimakas Viima ENSI351
2092T365177TMantou INBS350
2092T212T177TLeonix Raja Oliver of Tinytiny AABS350
2092T212T261Fluorite Porarisu AARD350
2092T9639Blupaw Electric Barbarella SEDR350
2092T164232Willabelle's Q of HookedonCoons/CF NWMC350
2097T24927Karcasam Jenson Button ESSG349
2097T366T179TClinton INBS349
2097T97262Dollvilla Chloe Sno of Sal-shire SERD349
2097T366T179TDiamond Pro Wendi Fleer INBS349
2101T10231Samois Ami Willow Wisp GLSI348
2101T10624Ominouches Doritos NECR348
2101T12192Makelas Anita SAES348
2101T228181Disco Sokoladinis Tigras *LT ENBS348
2105T25028RO*Mireille Amelie ESSG347
2105T214182Mountteine Lilian AABS347
2107T12292Magie Noire La Rosadita SAPS346
2107T74197TBengalxpress Turbo SWBG346
2107T139197TWildbengals Helios of Katzizi EWBG346
2110T21518Rumfold Walking On Cars AASCS345
2110T140263TPL*My Butterfly Jamaica of Celtic MiEWRD345
2110T229263TGabrys Ice Cold Eyes*PL ENRD345
2110T251233Cankcats Peekaboo ESMC345
2114252199Alfacat Sweetlana ESBG344
2115T10778Templedbastet Miss Cassiopee NEAB342
2115T2308Gobsgobblins Feniks ENLY342
2115T368183Yi Xiu INBS342
2118T231T234Redaddicts Lucia ENMC341
2118T231T6Egyptsila Svarog ENEM341
2120T23332Mary Jay Magic Grace ENSI340
2120T14193Blackfire Maky Sushy of New ExoticatEWPS340
2122T98200Traipse Set My Heart on Fire of WFB SEBG339
2122T13393Sunspirit Black Tie Affair SCES339
2122T142235Kuniza Tinatin EWMC339
2125T2531Chloe Concordia Fuzzy Wuzzy-E ESNB338
2125T1436Ayshazen Arfur Crown EWAUM338
2127T254265Monfort Happy ESRD337
2127T2347Galija Ojos Del Salado*PL ENEM337
2129T255T10Mayrit dit Magritte de la Chabanade ESCX335
2129T255T236Madawaska's Hobbyone ESMC335
2129T12314Kazuki Anikachi*ES SAPD335
2129T50184Guerlain Viola D'Amore of Mcsmitten MPBS335
2133T144201Softspot Scorchio EWBG333
2133T134T266TRomancenrags Patience N Destiny SCRD333
2133T99266TFamilytimerags Jaxon of Rags2dazzle SERD333
2133T134T104Distinct Unbelievable Legacy of TabeSCSX333
2137T57202Anjou Egwene Al Vere of Thunderian MABG332
2137T216268TAngeliqdoll Princess Marimo AARD332
2137T369T1Peanut INHS332
2137T369T268TOmalley Diamond Dolls Mojito INRD332
2137T10312Designerstripes Red Garnet GLTG332
2142T371270Mimo Le Eria of Sapphirebaby INRD331
2142T217203Manmos Tenshin AABG331
2142T25794Willstoncats Emir ESES331
2145T258T105Rich Gift Zoroastro ESSX330
2145T14520Murburg Avatar of Supurrnova EWBU330
2145T258T95Chulpan Red Cloud of Endless EmotionESES330
2145T258T237TWistariantale Jack Sparrow ESMC330
2145T235237TCountrycat's Gateau Marcel ENMC330
2150T236271Nobleangeldoll Justice ENRD329
2150T37219Li Gege INSCS329
2152T10419Fluerdilis Saffron of Agathos GLMNL328
2152T136204Felinus Amcus Dark Cloud SCBG328
2154T3736Arthur INMNT327
2154T100272American Hero Velykinadiyi SERD327
2154T237205TAmbadalis-Gala Marhaba ENBG327
2154T261205TPraslin Dante ESBG327
215810862Finnishlne Shannon NENF326
2159T374T273Sugar INRD325
2159T374T36Latiao INAS325
2159T14633George V.Imporio EWSI325
2162T26234TSweety La Luna ESSF324
2162T21837Strawberry Baby Himekon AAAS324
2162T10524Starghatts Intl Intrigue GLBI324
2162T13734TNyota Uhura SCSF324
2162T109274IvyRoseRagdolls Summer Rose NERD324
2167T26394Pyrampepe Rosa Di Casa Grande ESPS323
2167T110239Le Beau Minu Bliss NEMC323
2167T376185Zheng Tai INBS323
2170T58207Panachebengals Golden Sprinkle MABG321
2170T34My Girl of Lis-el-Mar --SI321
2172T238T208Russicatz Almaz ENBG320
2172T10612Ginchika Water Under The Bridge GLJB320
2172T238T240Windinwillows Delight ENMC320
2175T111209Speakeasy Craving You NEBG319
2175T219186Kanesei Ryota AABS319
2177T124106Nika SASX316
2177T220187Kanesei's Kinoko AABS316
2177T377275Winston Koci Eden INRD316
2180T378T276Moussedoll Spark of Coraline INRD315
2180T378T188Chilli's Sliver George INBS315
2182T16540TFacehuggers Belleruth NWDR314
2182T1477Uziri Savmania EWSV314
2182T13840TDandy Curls Kambly Irresistible SCDR314
2185T221T66TSpirit of Siberia Crystal Rock AASB313
2185T221T241Chatile Zio AAMC313
2185T24066TBasilicblessing Maks of Verooka ENSB313
2188T51107Scantilyclad Happily Ever After MPSX311
2188T264242Yvonne Caramellocoon ESMC311
2188T22336Vanessa AASF311
2191T14863Norskwood Sweetpea EWNF310
2191T224189Kanesei's Sara AABS310
2193T759Tonkville Jazlyn of Sontse SWTO309
2193T380277Vavidoll CK of DorothyTao INRD309
2195T241T95Silverdance Rendezvous For Night ENPS308
2195T241T278Ragmagic Just A Traveler ENRD308
2195T22564Petit-House's Ellie AANF308
2195T241T13Fairyberendey Kusto Sun ENPB308
2195T38125Backkara's Tabasco of Silkyangel/WC INBI308
2200T13996Starolympus Fantastic of Whozz SCES307
2200T10768Basilic Blessing Beloved Johanna GLSB307
2200T11213Wildfx Light Seeker NETG307
2203T140T108Rich Gift Your Love of Dnilesphy/WC SCSX306
2203T140T43Kuanjin Little Black Dress SCOS306
2203T244T35Eirecogteils Alamos ENSI306
2203T244T8Zeus Kuril Kotan ENKBL306
2203T265190DiamondDanubes Illex ESBS306
2203T140T25Creole Sugar And Spice SCCR306