2019-2020 Kitten Standings: 2207-2339

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Mon Mar 23 14:59:02 2020.

RankKitten Standings: 2207-2339
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
2207T201T232Riker NWBG133
2207T201T7Fill Sviatoslav of Nwwdons NWDSK133
2209853Dreamtime Yaama Bindi of Ozcats SWAUM132
2210T136T61Practicalcats Rumpleteazer NEOS131
2210T106T233VSKBengals Jefree GLBG131
2210T136T41LyubMoya Mriyaava NESFL131
2210T106T85Echosibs Rock with You GLSB131
2210T251274Danhuang AWRD131
2215T18376Purr-Fect Love Ava Maria SCSX130
2215T25392Pomponnette de Myrddin ESES130
2215T138298Peach Des Sables D'Yon NEMC130
2215T252275Yadolls Hei Zuan AWRD130
2215T14836Blue Isles Misha SESI130
2220T175T67TRain Takk AENF129
2220T257T4Primprau's Jacques Clouseau ENKT129
2220T25477TPona Le Monti Rey*RU ESSX129
2220T144276TPacificats Honey BooBoo EWRD129
2220T175T67TDorrymama Tiramisu AENF129
2220T25329Chilli's Silver Quan Zhi Long AWBL129
2220T18418Countrycats Hazel SCSR129
2220T257T276THovicastle Baby Spice ENRD129
2220T257T148Barbie British House ENBS129
2220T20377TSphynxcraft Jumangee NWSX129
2230T255278Trinity ESRD128
2230T20462Chipmunk Kaida NWOS128
2230T18511Cloudcity Archie SCTH128
2230T145T234Dreamstone Tiger Lily EWBG128
2230T260299Arlecoon Dobrinya ENMC128
2230T145T79Shalnavazz Apple Cider EWSX128
2236T96235TBrilliantbengal Vanity Fair MABG127
2236T186235TCalypso SCBG127
2236T256T15Tamino Gluckskatze A.R. of Sirin/ID ESTA127
2236T256T86Emaution's Purple Haze ESSB127
2236T205279Bakerviewrags Yeti NWRD127
2241T206280TRitterkatz Mayaangel of Gilsondolls NWRD126
2241T258T237Olliebenji Milo ESBG126
2241T261149D*Garibaldi's Sunny Sunshine ENBS126
2241T86280TWillowtreerags Pikachu SWRD126
2241T108115Vannies Paws Dark Secret GLPS126
2241T149T54Myneko Ailis of Alafiasky SEDR126
2241T14716Chicsweet Sweet Dreams EWBU126
2241T139T16Alistsavannahs Gisele NESV126
2241T139T37Lesfrises Hubert NECR126
2241T258T93Ark Star Dusty ESES126
2241T149T14Stars SETG126
2252T260238Mascot Tia ESBG125
2252T26217CatVision Navarra Espanja ENSV125
225487300Mainelyours Ruffians Last Dance SWMC124
2255T263T5Curlpassion Paradoxe ENAC123
2255T263T301Larkistaff Richie Sambora ENMC123
2255T261239Aristóteles de Adrijesana ESBG123
2258T14122Omordha Nollaig NEHI122
2258T9794Chonilee Dark Lady MAES122
2258T177302Tingara Yua AEMC122
2261T9895MCJax Heidi Ho of Maybrooke MAES121
2261T151282Compasscatz Sammi SERD121
2263T635Miragecats BC Sir Sandor MPLP120
2263T17869Blue Kitty Bass AENF120
2263T152150Tlc Primrose SEBS120
2266T26217Utopia of Tanaka ESBU119
2266T11423Maktub Sansa Stark SAHI119
2266T2659Almon Dilaem Pandora ENPB119
2266T17970Azureblue Naughry AENF119
2270T207303Williamina Dixie Belle NWMC118
2270T999Cocos Darth Vader MAPD118
2270T11596Sheroncats Lua SAES118
2273T266T87Russianirbis Shaman ENSB117
2273T254283Moedeoll Roseanne AWRD117
2273T266T80Mahadevishakti Passoa Latina ENSX117
2273T266T20Dushara Lure Ov The Tropics ENSO117
2273T148240Bengaluxe Sapphire EWBG117
2273T116T97Catsoul Tokio SAES117
2273T26316Galadhrim Queen Mazikeen ESEM117
2273T266T64Desentrechats Paris Fire ENAB117
2273T116T304Bajacoon Cookie SAMC117
228214937LV*Laluned'Or Boriss EWSI116
2283T264T71RO*Phoenix's Cats Lucrezia Borgia ESNF115
2283T264T151ViennaWestside Mallory ESBS115
2283T153241Capstone Bloodlines Bell SEBG115
2286T14263Practicalcats Stripey Sibyl NEOS112
2286T27088Fabrice Arkaim ENSB112
2288266284Mirumkitty Carrera ESRD111
2289T208285Mustoverags Newt of Rangdollspdx NWRD108
2289T1544Foxcreekbengals Trust Fund Baby SEBGL108
2291T271T38Rumfold Baxter Shooting Stars ENAS107
2291T143286Hiacynta Maszkotka*PL NERD107
2291T271T89Hakuna Matata C'est La Vie ENSB107
2291T10981Sinskins Endora GLSX107
2295T273305Larkistaff Lord ENMC106
2295T187116Garnicats Longina SCPS106
2297T150306Mabalakat Touched By The Sun EWMC105
2297T118117Laramiau Potter SAPS105
2299T180242TRockfield Sarah of Alancathee AEBG104
2299T15118Oneofthefamily Deadpool EWBU104
2299T64T307MousseeCoons Bella Bochy MPMC104
2299T267T152Masha Mashenka De Venorti*SK ESBS104
2299T11998Maktub Robb Stark SAES104
2299T274T16Lukor-Fold&Hurma Quartz ENSCL104
2299T274T55D-Tails Tammy ENDR104
2299T11014Trailhawk the Witcher GLOL104
2299T267T10Sxindex Melisandre ESMNL104
2299T64T242TFractal Grace Under Pressure MPBG104
2299T267T82Bare Naked Ellis Cullen ESSX104
2310270287Diamondsdoll Thalia ESRD100
2311T188308Dawntreader Buster of Acoonstale SCMC99
2311T20983Skinisin Cricket of Canadianmeowfia NWSX99
2313210288Cozypaws Eowyn NWRD98
23141007Gobsgobblins Kalan of Atreyukatz MALY96
2315120118Laramiau Harry SAPS95
2316T152244TXanadubengals Tildy EWBG93
2316T276T289Make It Mine Sign Your Name ENRD93
2316T276T64Chellamanis Roberta ENOS93
2316T189244TAuroralights Noel of Bengaluvrs SCBG93
232027130Peluche Love Of British ESBL91
2321T111246Vskbengals Silver Bullet GLBG90
2321T278290Hovicastle Tyga ENRD90
2323T272T22Witchcoon's Qellatrix PP ESMCP89
2323T272T309NewStarCoonies Sam ESMC89
2323T211153McSmitten Happy Birthday NWBS89
232621219Dramatails Maverick NWSR87
2327T11265Briarvalley Mystical Zarina GLAB85
2327T10112Cheshirepoint Catenary MATH85
2327T274291ShininDolls Watson ESRD85
2330T181T9Chareline Phiona AECX82
2330T181T66Insuubunkai Meiteru AEAB82
2330T2752Silverpassion Lady Amalthea ESBM82
2333T27990Zeus Top*Matryoshka ENSB79
2333T213T33Tavanipaaws Pineapple NWSF79
2333T213T247Kangchenjunga Kanjie of Tikkasky NWBG79
2336T276292TAfroditedolls Scotaloo ESRD78
2336T280292THovicastle Porter ENRD78
23381555Paradiselynx Poseidon SEPBL71
233912199Maktub Arya Stark SAES60