2017-2018 Championship Cat Standings: 1-200

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sun May 20 00:22:36 2018.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1-200
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Jarod de Longua Aqua ESPS13573
211Faerietail Rubicon of Catsanhata SEMX13015
312Mistysprings Badabing!/CF SWMX12912
421Rex Runner's Channon/ID ESDR12834
511Allweneedis Quality Time ENRD12824
611Amisti Unawatuna EWKBL12559
721Havvanur's Hammer Time ENTA12521
811Shovalon Cupcake of Emmers GLSFL12418
911Argentia Harmony of Preciouspoint NEOS12270
1011Carchet Masquerade NWCX12064
1111Purr Elli Light Em Up/CF SCES12028
1212Toy Tricksy Bomboncito of Chante/CF MPPS11964
1322Legacysexotics Its A Kinda Magic NWES11908
1411Doudou Pax AABS11898
1521LAPD Go Cubs Go of Chemicoons GLMC11888
1611Lildarlynns Silvernsteel INMNL11794
1732Confiture of Phoenix ENBS11756
1822Regencyrags Cuper of Bodhorags INRD11747
1921Traipse Setting The World On Fire NEBG11675
2023Farandoll Prince Kent AARD11649
2132Afrikatte Sublime Heights of Medusa AABG11643
2231Beauchador Ice Cold Wire NEAW11634
2334Adorabledolls Drogon of Novadolls INRD11607
2441Beauchador Smoking In The Boys Room NEAS11581
2531Simba Pesny Vostoka ESSI11538
2652Marikoons Magic Mike NEMC11506
2742Lildarlynns Etched in Silver INMNL11472
2843Chatile Gatlin AAMC11437
2963Anouchka Adelaide NEPS11422
3055Pinkblue Peace Dove INRD11415
3143Batifoleurs Armani ENBG11387
3221Americurlzz Catchew O Liberty SEAC11373
3354Gigantcat Buzz of Maisonmagique ENMC11359
3422Mowgleaves Stonehenge EWAS11357
3566Chinesedolls Apollo of Rabbitdoll INRD11347
3624Jelliebeans Twilight Skies MPPS11324
3712Velpaws Chocolate Magic of Glor-ee MASI11309
3834Silverstorm Ottos Legacy SEBG11204
3945MTNest Lord Nelson of Higrove SEMC11201
4021Wicked Back In The High Life MAAB11192
4161Hercules Hakuna Matata ENSB11186
4225Aloracats Nikolaj SCBG11180
4357Angeliqdoll Prince Olivier AARD11177
4465Chieko K Cririn AAPS11168
4576Legendbengal Abao of Abaoshouse INBG11163
4636Shonancats Telegram Sam of Coonamor NWMC11156
4782Fleuramour Chibis Frossika INSB11083
4897Batifoleurs Nzuri Lulu INBG11072
49108Regencyrags Tuan Tuan of Sweatheart INRD11069
5071Dorrymama Kain of Worldstar AANF11047
51113A Zha Dada Paris of Unclenine INES11035
5273Nazareth Siberian Magic NESB11013
5334Timberbend Come Fly with Me GLSB10958
5432Epona Hauk MANF10934
5549Ragalong My Pooh Bear NWRD10848
56310Ragnificentdoll Electra SCRD10752
5757Bigrivercoon Flint NWMC10691
5843Radiance Polo of Bellesandbeaux MASI10678
5941Sakuraquiet Ameno Uzume ESSG10589
6084Madam House Cookye AAES10508
6124Velpaws Kitty Katzan SWSI10499
62123Gandolf White From Lucky*S/WC INBS10446
6331Purrsia Creme Aux Noisettes SWPD10387
6493Miagola Uta AANF10332
65134Gandolf INBS10299
6616Diavolo of Laurettas SAPS10150
6751Quailridge Naomi ESBI10146
6872Dosia Ragdoll's Family/FI ENSG10081
6941Dramatails Goodbye Girl of Zoomies SCSR10050
70142Aaby Dancing Fire INAB9972
7151Celestialspots Milky Way SCEM9886
7251Destynys Mata Hari MASX9881
7351Wanlea Toruk Makto of Blueyonder SETO9790
7462Divo-Divnoe Quel Amour/WC SCSFL9765
75101Starchild Ayame AARB9736
7661Mythaidiamond Bianca ESTH9719
7772Tersanctus Yeti of Ranchcats SCOS9698
7881Tigervisions Darkshow ENTG9683
7961Paradise Lynx Romulus of Doktari MAPBL9667
8062Sarsenstone Camas of Quizzical NWTH9646
81112Alcyone TTT Baloo AASR9606
82811DSjewels Ayano SCRD9604
83122Bluewind Rin Lapis Lazuli AARB9542
84158Dali Salvador Oxymoron INMC9524
8573Belisama 24K Magic In The Air MAAB9521
8665K-La Jethro SEBS9519
8731Dramatails Secret of Boucles EWSRL9495
8828Katanga Orion of Qualitycats SABG9436
8971Thatsthepoint Vespa of Careycats SEJB9377
90132Amos Beebee Dawn Purple AATG9365
9195Ranchcats Glamorous Glynnis SCSI9305
92169Judyful Snow White of Abaoshouse INBG9186
93103Tersanctus Taint No Saint of KLM SCOS9182
9499Leatherandlace Paradise City ENMC9155
95171Amethyst Nerwen INMK9100
9647Suavere's Icnttpoym of Penobscot GLPS9047
971012Hovicastle Kygo ENRD9038
98144Fantarja Ringo Starr AANF9037
99112Sazikatz Snowbear SCTO9018
1001510Laulea Renee AABG9012
1011811Judyful Sno Pacman INBG8987
102413Londondoll Harry Potter EWRD8965
10356Abicasa Babooshka/GC EWSI8917
104122Jobara Princssbride of Curlydoll/CF SCDR8905
10541Preciouscurls Dorey SWACL8888
1061914Chinesedolls Lok Tar of Catyang INRD8810
107163Rumfold Summer Plum of Tinytiny AASFL8808
10888Meisha Anastasia of Anouchka NEPS8732
1092012Kellybengals Ken of KTLC INBG8659
110214Fresh Wind Tribal Chief INSFL8581
1112215Adorabledolls Tiffany INRD8575
11261Astralcharm Ambers Aura of Sayadaws EWBL8565
11383Willowblues Moon Shine SEAS8564
114133Comix Archangel SCDR8524
115236Triumpher Golden Vincenzo INBS8426
116713Snopride Shes A Beauty NWBG8415
117171Milkymyus Lica of Ammycrystal AAMKL8309
11877Astralcharm Harper Starlight EWBS8298
119241Thehobbit Knight INMNT8286
12053Kitti Kat Patrick McGregor SWSR8277
121185Two Witches Lev of Leostar AAES8265
12261Gobsgobblins Wolverina of Elvessa SWLY8253
1231414Lagallerie Mocha Fudge Ripple SCBG8202
124251Amysbowzi Eclipse INHI8199
12583Faerietail Gemma NWMX8114
12692Highlandkatz Marine Rain SESRL8113
12785Sayadaws Antar Tasker Rosa EWSB8064
128716Chic Violcats/FI ESRD8053
129T151Howlingcoyote Meet Me In Malta SCSO8039
129T315Moulinrouge Mister T. SABG8039
131199Rutile Mahiro AAPS8035
132112Lanacats Braveheart ENSO8014
13392Overear Mischief Managed EWACL8005
1341010Zendique Vanellope van Sweetz EWPS8003
13581Iconickatz Uptown Funk MABU7986
1362616Lanhua Juno of Chrisbengals INBG7957
1371017Willowblue Kaidu SEBG7928
138205Fantarja Peter Pan AANF7925
13994Devonity Nymeria NEDR7922
14083Russicatblue Little Joy ESRB7877
141213Doudou Ojo Dandelion Puff AASRL7872
14234Kitti Kat Caliche MPSRL7871
143221Tinytiny Christmas Eve AASCL7834
1441117Ragzndreams Perfect Match EWRD7826
14544Wil-O-Glen's Bombero of Aconcagua SAAB7758
146236Minamifuji Kuro Dia of Cmaterrace AASB7731
147918Jungletrax Marquee Attraction MABG7707
148111White Light's Xxtravaganza/ID SEBA7577
1491218Riterags Mr Congeniality SERD7524
150243Marimaki Shion AATO7519
15192Carchet Marionette NWCX7418
152T1010MTNest Sullenberger MAMC7343
152T74Tonkville Princess Kate SWTO7343
154126Zendique Jiminy Cricket EWES7301
1551019Snowtundra Steeley Dan NEBG7293
156257Mr Sonata of Cmaterrace AASB7292
157133Lildarlynns All That Glitters SEMNL7289
15853Brando Degli Uffizi SACX7271
1592619Cleverdoll Silky Sugar AARD7267
160117Purfurvid Pioneer of Rivabell MAES7219
161101Excatiburfolds Batman NWSCS7157
16246Lostwoods Bremerton of Bewitched MPNF7143
1631111Coonificent Treble NEMC7057
1642712Yomiscat Leo INMC7034
165161Halima Ceylan of Kayserai SCTV6973
166284Lildarlynns Maknwaves of Chirpydoll INMNL6965
1671213Dracoonfly Prince Fergus NEMC6953
168121Magicbobs Double Vision MAABT6926
169295Greenville H.D. Magic of A Aby INAB6921
17086Nudawnz Maybe Baby of Grape Arbor SWAB6919
171142Mikasu Otilli of Rumblepuff SEBI6912
1723020Moussedoll Mavis INRD6860
173132Hug Love Addjo East EWPD6793
1742714Yamazakura Hime AAMC6762
1751515Calicoon Cayla SEMC6727
176112Skinisin Mister Gizmo NWSX6692
177916Lionheartcoon Goliath ESMC6688
1782821Angeliqdoll Aston AARD6620
1791611Riverbin Kumbaya of Gilvtales SEPS6613
1801222Siempreamar Armin of Cooperdolls ENRD6605
1811317Amerikoons Angeltc of Gglegacy NEMC6600
182175Curlydolls Duran Duran of Blupaw SEDR6590
183128Silverbrook Guccio Gucci of BCBlues NWBS6499
1843123Dalian's Jojo of Candystory INRD6488
185133Heavenlyhairles Lucille Baldera NWPD6460
18691Rexplus Eye Candy SWCR6445
187103Vips For Elisa Le Monti Rey ESSX6396
18851Jakoi No End To Trouble GLJBL6376
189298Madam Hosoe Cookye AAES6360
190324Doudou Xi Yang Yang INSR6329
191139Mr Beans Cattery Jahnz ENBS6318
1923018Ohedo Yuiha of Tingara AAMC6311
1933310Optimus Prime From City Of Angles INBS6309
194101Demi Zvezda Velesa SWDSK6294
1951412Anouchka Pretty In Pink NEPS6270
1963119Williamina Tom Watson AAMC6250
197327Dorrymama Narkissos AANF6225
1981824Hush Money Eleedolls SERD6171
1991125Skydolls Carlo The Cat ESRD6125
20062Ginchika Ua Ola Loko I Ke Aloha GLJB6077