2014-2015 Kitten Standings: 802-1000

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankKitten Standings: 802-1000
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
80212Treepaw Stiletto of Tonkville TO1367
80321Synergy Dill of Cuddlebug SI1365
80420Timberbend Poppy of Mysticmelody SB1363
805T21Vanilla Sky Yohanna of Sterlingc/WC SB1361
805T50Jewel Eye Showaddywaddy PS1361
807T76Luly Agatha BG1360
807T17Skeemen Morkovka of Howlingcoyote SO1360
8092Curl Essence Bandit ACL1359
81018Beautypet's Nice SO1357
81136Rare Black Lady From Ja-Pan BS1351
81220Sybarit Neo ES1350
81322Skan Adagio SI1348
81477Uniqueprints Hot Rod Lincoln of LileBG1347
815T70Hugaragdoll Lilydoll of Rosecottage RD1345
815T33Noel Amore D'Amelia OS1345
81778RainForest Kajari of Badabing BG1342
81879Therealms Maria Maria of Lunakatz BG1341
8195Geraylar Roxanne TA1340
820T114Bajacoon Diva MC1339
820T32Alinna SX1339
82233Xarmax Vavilon of Skinisin SX1338
82315Partypaws Lazy River BI1333
82423Hotzcats Liam of Siam SI1331
825T11BurMau Michele BU1328
825T15Douceur Gucci HI1328
825T21Newexoticat's Jolie Poupee ES1328
82812Starburms Heidi Klum of Pandora/CF BU1327
82980Bengaltherapy Sir Cymbalta BG1324
83030Insuubunkai Kikuhana AB1323
831T22Bravilion Blues Brother Elwood ES1322
831T18Betunes Edwigie AS1322
831T71Siepreamar Grace Kelly of Ragmagic RD1322
83413Starburm's Capricorn of Nadikat BU1319
83513Gamine of Applause DR1318
8366Toytigercat Nero of Badina TG1317
837115Gigantcat Oswald MC1314
838T51TDclass Quechua PS1313
838T51TGatykey Lady Violetta of Viestma/ID PS1313
8407Miomio Giant Charm SF1312
8417Kayserai Kileo TV1309
842T7Mistymogwai Montague TG1307
842T53Thundapurr Zeus PS1307
84423Belcherpurrs Kepurr of Hollowhills ES1306
84531Regtimecat Sherry AB1305
84634Littlemew Honey Caramel of Salablue NF1303
8477Katzalano I'm A Believer SG1302
848T116Silverscoon Lana MC1301
848T81Epsilon Wild Child of Heavensdoor BG1301
8502Catcurls BC LaZazzy LP1299
851T22Amelie Taymur SB1296
851T117MtNest Blue Danube MC1296
853T118Chemicoons Hollywood of Whatatrill MC1293
853T82Bennvoyagee Love Spell BG1293
853T37Neila Lilac Queen Bonibrit of RegaliBS1293
85672Bellapalazzo Ryleigh RD1292
857T32Les Mieux's Perfect Storm AB1290
857T73Ritzrags Riley of Sal-Shire RD1290
85974Riterags The Eyes Have It RD1287
86023Mystic Melody Crayola SB1285
86133Pampa Gigi AB1282
86215Kristal Mio Mio SFL1281
863T83Spice Bitter Orange of Lookmaewdao BG1275
863T14Rainingrexes Eyecandy of Curlydolls DR1275
86584Batifoleurs Miss Godiva BG1274
8668Tansdale Bon Bon TV1273
86734Radiance Back In Time of Hojpoj OS1272
868T24DClass Teddy Bear of Chatd'or ES1271
868T119Velsbechmann Noma MC1271
868T85Cascaderim Simbas Pride of Ripcity BG1271
868T9Jinger Des Gummis En Sucre BL1271
87225Pams Persians Lucky Charm ES1269
873120Firedevils Rebel of Tigerstars MC1267
87475Keepurrs Adored Ambrosia of Blossom RD1265
875T6Balimoor Snow Elf OL1264
875T34Aby Sharm Zeya Gold Autumn AB1264
8779Kayserai Ozge TV1263
87886Lamancha River Song of Equistice BG1261
8792Americurlzz Proud To Be An American AC1258
8801Abccats Sassy Curly Sue BC LPS1255
88187Jazzle Chillin Like A Villain BG1254
88214Villasofia Lucky Slikcat's BY BU1253
883T35Donal Nordling NF1251
883T24Alexandrite Lewis SB1251
88588Kamisha Wild Honey BG1249
886121Wistariantale Venus MC1247
887T10Your Majesty Chloe Haute Couture BL1245
887T19Milky Way of Genteel House CR1245
88976DS Jewels Han Solo of Yourcar RD1244
890122Bigrivercoon DB Cooper MC1243
891T77Elf Cats William RD1241
891T123Kizzacoons Bandit of Kamrita MC1241
893T78Rouletii Beautiful Celebration RD1239
893T89Simplyblessed PerfectSky of Kamisha BG1239
89515Kalinka Of Applause DR1238
896124Bajacoon Federico MC1237
897T125Irishcoons Hayden MC1233
897T34Nakedangelssph C Dalila SX1233
89924Alchemy Sparkle Louder SI1232
900T90Savoirfaire Gentleman Jack BG1229
900T126Silverfern's Good Evening MrBond MC1229
900T54Wasillia Sweet Jasmine PS1229
9036Jeminai De Saint Paer TA1227
904T35Ranchcats Callie OS1221
904T9Sunna Nordica Caradoc RB1221
904T7Swanlake Soul of the Forest TA1221
907T79DK Maine Malawi's The Only One RD1220
907T55Oak Village Ice Princess PS1220
907T1Jabocats Sully ABS1220
91038British Empire Muscat d'Asti BS1219
911T91Solanaranch Free of Boutiquecats BG1218
911T36Herbalmeow Quince Jam NF1218
91316Rainingrexes Franklin My Dear DR1215
9144Antiguo Reino de Siam Allegra TH1214
915T92Leikabengal Travis BG1211
915T80Ariokkierags Shabbys Blue Shades RD1211
915T12Wyndchymes Beltane Fire JB1211
918T56Stunning Eye Gentlemen PS1209
918T93Coolspots Aspen Breeze of Tatsu BG1209
92039LovingpurrTW Pink Sapphire BS1208
921T10Alistsavannahs Struck by Lightning SV1205
921T19Arpoador Nathaly AS1205
923127Atlastcats Onyx MC1204
924T40Oiro Cherry Land*PL BS1202
924T7Balimoor Snow Goose OL1202
92681Four RD1201
92736Sensay Sister Act OS1200
92857Elviskitkat Hawaiian Sunset PS1197
9298Lumin Straik Mio Mio SF1196
93094Jungletrax Golden Glow BG1195
931T58Cuccioli di Facchinetti Angella PS1192
931T3Catcurls BC Jack Daniels LP1192
931T37Orifame Pirttihirmu OS1192
93482Adorabledolls Thor RD1191
93512Dramatails Divergent SR1190
936128Coonvill's Romeo MC1189
937T35Bemisu Bellini Cosmia SX1186
937T37Littlemew Wakka NF1186
937T10Kayserai Karisma of Careycats TV1186
9407Nite Wind Silver Shadow SRL1184
94141Modany Top Notch BS1183
94217Cailyna Sense of Beauty DR1180
94395Mirringa Baloo BG1174
94411Vanadu's American Pie TV1173
945T13Wyndchymes Im So Fancy JB1171
945T16Purr-Star Miss Universe HI1171
947T83Furreal Omegas Alpha RD1170
947T129Spirritz Elijah-Wood MC1170
9492Batman MK1167
950130Cankcats Honkytonk MC1166
95159Buttaflykiss Karma PS1165
9528Felinexpress Frozen of Singalegance SG1162
95313Cat House Petton's Coty SR1159
954T60TMissionhill Smoke Gets In Your Eyes PS1157
954T60TJarod De Longua Aqua PS1157
956T19Mysticpaws Bizzy Bee of Bayoufoxes SO1155
956T3Curl Essence Spirit Of Hope ACL1155
956T62Pasha'S Love Dream Jaipur PS1155
95926Guopeng ES1153
96096Starkittie Taniette BG1151
96184RTT Jasmine Raquel RD1150
962T12Halima Nabil of Tatvan TV1149
962T38Sinergia Redmond of Tlu OS1149
964T131Tropikoons Key Largo of Rumford MC1147
964T39Klazeekats Truffles of Ranchcats OS1147
96625Dachakoshka Bobochka SB1146
96797Lookmaewdao JB BG1143
96835Jilienna Des Fusains AB1142
96942K-La Leroy Aka Linus BS1138
97020Hostahaven Bling It On AS1135
971T27Starbourne Unchained Melody ES1129
971T15Sacredspirit Yamaha BU1129
97363Vannies Paws Kascade PS1128
974T36J*Ileithel d'Ulunlae AB1126
974T5Madimar's Mister Carson OC1126
9764Marzacknoll Jesses Girl EM1125
97764Magie Noire Daddy's Little Boy PS1121
978T8Acozni Popsicle Purrsalot SRL1120
978T65Wallycats Chibbs PS1120
980T4Noxx Game Changer/FI BA1119
980T98Traipse Blown Away of Bengalivo BG1119
982T16Annbirwaves Brave Lemuel BI1118
982T18Florence Devondream*PL DR1118
982T132M-Pawz Luger MC1118
98511Flodocats Indiana Joey BL1117
98699PSBengals Silver Fox of Bengaland BG1116
987T36Bemisu Luchiana Nel Cielo SX1115
987T85Adorabledolls Ridley RD1115
989T86TRiterags Astrum RD1111
989T133Williamina Zena MC1111
989T86TUsapurrs Rock on America RD1111
99226Musrafy Shiskha SB1108
9938Autumsun Johnny Walker Blue OL1105
994T66Dourceur Capuccino PS1102
994T25Clowntown Akira Kurosawa of DianysusSI1102
9965Egyptsila Tehhi EM1100
997100Helderberg Cats Exotic BG1099
99820Spiritcat Loki CR1098
99917Cherrybirdie Sir Niguel HI1096
1000T6Delilah of Kissiopeia PD1093
1000T88Rockinblues Buckbeak of Amethyst RD1093