2014-2015 Kitten Standings: 1002-1201

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankKitten Standings: 1002-1201
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
100267Wasillia Time Bandit PS1092
10032Jabocats Dezi ABS1089
100438Nzurisana Jyakuemon NF1086
1005134Clabacoons Zarina d'Italia MC1084
100621Amour Grand Blue AS1081
1007135Williamina Sundance of Tingara MC1079
100817Namaskar Enigma of Aiko BI1078
100920Catika's Pumbaa SO1076
1010136Popokilani Alan MC1075
1011T101Batifoleurs Kesia BG1074
1011T11Sooleawe Farid SV1074
1011T14Ginchika One Good Luck Charm JB1074
1011T28Deabaete Enzo ES1074
101516J'Adore De La Belle Romaine SFL1073
101626Noblu M III William SI1070
101737Anais van de Naakte Verleiding SX1066
1018T37Fortuna La Niomana AB1065
1018T10Ruslandija Clarissa RB1065
10209Furelyse Monster Baby SF1063
1021T39Waterfjords Ole Konkel Androcles NF1061
1021T102Wildrosebengals Mystique BG1061
10236Tiffanyland Laurel EM1060
1024T18TMickey Su Cabbage HI1057
1024T43Amber-Rose Feliland BS1057
1024T18TFifth Love Sophia HI1057
102729Dclas Revolution ES1055
1028T137MTNest Flash Dance MC1054
1028T20Purr-Star Rocket Man HI1054
1028T68Cocochannel Top Gun of Katzeye PS1054
10317Eboney Rose PD1052
1032T17Furelyse McFurry Scurry SFL1050
1032T138Barbeecat Shishimaru MC1050
103418Blue Caramels Enzo BI1048
1035T38Smart Barbie SX1047
1035T38Eastwick Lu Luminara AB1047
10376Catsheavens Hailey PB1046
103889Angeliqdoll Cristal Manu RD1045
103927Charodey Leo Tiger Geiszler SB1041
10405Mythaidiamond Fortune TH1040
1041T28Slavitsa Sibmarina SB1038
1041T69D'Eden Lover Jolie Fille PS1038
104340Derry Downs Captian America OS1037
10448Jezebel Alexi PD1035
1045103Lunakatz Khaleesi BG1034
1046139Morka Bellamoondo of Migatobonito MC1033
104770Wasillia Heaven's To Betsy PS1032
10482Owhl Liv Lucy SCS1031
1049T29Bjennazu of Kymaya's Place/ID SB1030
1049T13Odesseycatz Logan TO1030
1051T90Creekcats Valentina Rose RD1029
1051T19Charmed Jambalaya BI1029
1051T21Mysticpaws Castle SO1029
1054T40Dorrymama Blue Berry NF1027
1054T6Timez Ramesses TH1027
10569Nite Wind Morning Star/CF SRL1026
105791Ariokkierags Romina Ready 4 ConfettiRD1024
105892Methodius Emma Of Ragville RD1023
105971Treveri Lola PS1020
1060T93Dollhouse Pure Luck RD1019
1060T39Abysaint Dakar AB1019
1062T19Alma Bella Tigra*PL DR1018
1062T40Herus Copper Crown AB1018
1062T9Balimoor Ladybug OL1018
10655Purrmatix Caramar of Sous Le Saule BA1016
106620Blue Caramels Agatha BI1014
106772Snugglebug Boodhas Journey PS1011
106816KatsNjazz Bella BU1010
10696Graymark Neo BO1006
10707Celestial Spots Comet EM1004
1071T20Sakuraquiet Matilda DR1002
1071T94Holybabe Lucas RD1002
1071T22Murrznpurrz Ari AS1002
107441Dorrymama Marine Blue NF1000
107511Blooming Amanda RB999
1076T104Sharakan Billy Boy BG998
1076T95Malattodolls Symbiose RD998
107841Nightmist The Cat Came Back AB997
107973Hadfields Gingerbread Man PS996
1080T105Traipse Cougar on Tiger Mountain BG995
1080T74Junior Du Serail D'Ispahan PS995
10827Ebonycatz Obi-Wan Kenobi BO994
1083T9Kissiopeia Nova Delilah PD992
1083T96Laladoll Prince Ryu of Farandoll RD992
1085T39Shalnavazz Luke Skywalker SX991
1085T3Lexus Tender Best SCS991
108797Adorabledolls Ma Vie of 5starrags RD990
1088140Cuzzoe Ricky Ticky Tabby MC989
108942Daji AB987
1090106Bengaluvrs My Hearts Desire BG986
1091107Zorlacbengals Breaknbad of Ozarkmtn BG984
109275Star Olympus Aire PS983
1093T98Adorabledolls Picasso My Love RD980
1093T76Almathea All About Me PS980
1095T99Snugglerags Long Tall Sally RD978
1095T30Enigma Siberian Magic SB978
1095T30Vannies Paws Paris Nite ES978
1098T31Jules Cesar Neves Du Lagon Bleu ES977
1098T10Kissiopeianova Calvin of Purrsia PD977
1100T4Tabbyorchid Comanche ACL975
1100T100Angelicdolls Lemon Grass RD975
1102141Forest Beauty R'Alaska MC971
1103T42Waterfjords Skylar Edelman Blue NF969
1103T108Lagallerie Vega BG969
1105T43Danakil's Bamboleo AB968
1105T109Layla Dalila Bengalrealm BG968
110777Zendique Stolen Dance PS967
1108110Sevenheaven Platon BG965
1109T78StanReyg Maraka Malefica PS963
1109T142Stolzensees Golden Ginger MC963
1109T21TX-Elfkatz Pumpkin Spice DR963
1112T43Prince Princess Kohalu NF962
1112T79Flashdance Steady Beat Dlux Edition PS962
1114T143TCoon Casa Euphoria/ID MC961
1114T143TMarion Barbara K' Foresight MC961
1114T111Nicole Kim BG961
1117145Chemicoons 10 Element of Irishcoons MC960
1118146Lionheartcoon Zen MC958
111912Britishempire Bentley BL957
1120T8Maullenium Asar EM955
1120T41Hanley Faeton OS955
1120T10Curlyheart Very Valentino SRL955
1123T27Charjanie's Candy Cane SI952
1123T112Batifoleurs Meria BG952
1125T28Glor-ee Jackson Brown of Jaysun SI951
1125T40Isida Massi SX951
1127113Kanesei Yuzu BG948
112880Elviskitkat Preston of Coppelia PS947
112941Moon Pet Yargeyr of Bemisu/FI SX946
1130T5Tabbyorchid Chanel ACL944
1130T4Graces Bernis Scottishpride SCS944
1132101Furreal Charisma RD943
11336Arcus Gile ACL942
1134T2Yukiusagi Fuyu of Thatsthepoint JBL941
1134T147Tabula Rasa GoldenGun Bullit MC941
1134T42Kianga van Isagoras OS941
1134T31Prekrasne I'm A Hexenbiest SB941
1138T21Rextasy Memory Lane CR939
1138T102Usapurrs Semper Fi of Becharmed RD939
114023Greystoke Donald Mallard of Oro OjosAS935
1141T148Latina Oliver MC934
1141T10Kuriliangem Yegor of Miragecats KBL934
1143149Whatatrill Vincent van Gogh MC932
114481Arrowlakes Spring At Last PS931
1145T150MTNest Leann Rimes of Mymains MC930
1145T44Modany Orkan BS930
1147T45TFoxyland's Angelface BS928
1147T45TKanesei Matteo BS928
114943Leafdance Mahasamatman of Synergy OS927
115032Dachakoshka Baboshka SB926
11511Zolotojuzor Infanta KB925
115242Ankh Amuletkhaleeei of d'Nile SX923
1153151Kiyras Maracana of Cascademtn MC922
1154152Kairosdomos Juicy of Bajacoon MC921
1155T153Fairy Paw Wakana Of Wistariantale MC919
1155T17Nfusions Piper Laurie of Pandora BU919
1157T47Quattro von den Lippwiesen BS918
1157T22Unchaton Mary SO918
1159T114Fraser Valley Denalis Warrior BG916
1159T82Cuzzoe Forget Me Not of Bagenie PS916
11619Amaure Mulan Rouge EM915
1162103Eulalie Karamelle Baby RD913
1163T48Your Majesty Mr Universe BS912
1163T24Ironforge Gibson of Fultonblue AS912
1163T10Minamifuji Ramu Bonbon SF912
1163T104Sunnyshores It Only Takes Once RD912
1167T154Langstteich'R'Opium MC911
1167T33Eragon Siberian Magic SB911
1169T2MX Station Beethoven of Rosethorn/CFMX910
1169T11Kuriliangem Dmitry Deplin of Catpal KBL910
117111Holyfold Frosted Flakes SF909
117243Shownofur Eberley SX908
1173T44Trulya Downunder Duncan OS906
1173T29Harley Marcus Only My SI906
1175T8Eeyaa Azar Son TG903
1175T155Cascademtn Triple Crown MC903
1177T21Crittertales Thunder HI900
1177T156Betunes Angel MC900
1179T105Cherishedrags Mi Amore RD898
1179T22Wilden Blue SkyFlower HI898
1181T14Cian Buzz TO896
1181T44Endelosglede Thor NF896
1183T1065Starrags Bailey Belle RD895
1183T83Fortunescats Maximo PS895
1183T157Pitho Rizzle My Riddle MC895
1186T115Maracaja Coffee Rush BG893
1186T158Nascat Intimidator MC893
118815Selella's Ricardo Montalpaw/CF TO891
1189T14Starrycat Cindy SR890
1189T6Zara Leander of Blue Moon*CH BA890
1191116Lamancha Johnny BG888
1192159Juniatas Angel Of Lionheartcoon MC884
1193T45Ouijakatz Bristol NF883
1193T84Sarthilda Hubert PS883
119532Teddy Diamon Coco Loco of StarolympuES882
1196T18Bennevis J'Adore of Honey Owl SFL878
1196T85Ark Star AG Lining of AlpineRidge PS878
1198160Deabaete Marlon MC877
1199161MTNest Vienna Nocturne MC876
1200117Pinkleopardcat Sasha BG875
1201T46Aman Group Aqua NF874
1201T162Williamina Coo of Princeprincess MC874