2014-2015 Kitten Standings: 601-799

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankKitten Standings: 601-799
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
60145Marlcreek They Call Me Nick RD1777
6027Curly Origami Brilliant Spark SR1771
603T2Havacat Macho Guapo Montecristo HB1770
603T59Therealms Felicity of Bengaltherapy BG1770
605T32Caleb-Cats Hocus Pocus Layla PS1769
605T6Singville Agape SG1769
6075Specialagent Tiger Track PB1768
60860Kirarakan The 14th Moon BG1766
60921Eastwick Lu Luminara of Khamsin AB1758
610T46Eulalie Kiwi RD1756
610T15Prekrasne Amy Farrah Fowler SB1756
612T24Sweet Berry Araya Hope/WC SX1750
612T13Frontrange Taiga SO1750
61428Prince Princess Miru NF1746
6152Alpine Legends Gold Panner PBL1737
616T47Willowtreerags Hopestill RD1736
616T9Innokentiy Dandre&Cats*RU BU1736
61861Ke En BG1734
6198Highlandkatz Opie Taylor SR1730
620T88Whatatrill Andromeda MC1727
620T16Hojpoj Penny Lane of Radiance SI1727
620T62Bengalxpress Calipso BG1727
62313Divo Divnoe Donatello of Chattan SFL1720
62463Ambadalis-Gala Fourkade BG1716
62526Alchemy Simply Amazin OS1713
62689Frank Kind Force MC1711
627T48Farandoll Marimo RD1707
627T17Minghou Midnight Sky SI1707
62927Hojpoj Vixen of Xiu OS1706
63010Las Burmas Venezuela BU1704
63122Frontrange Oh Dear!! of Thai's Star AB1703
63214Danakil's Tivoli SO1702
63390Shonancats Jacob of Popokilani MC1701
63433Pantufa's Francisco PS1695
63528Shadycombe Rosetts OS1693
63629Rockringen's Pretty Ugly NF1692
63725Skinisin Miss Arianna SX1689
63864Coolspots Hope of Spots Galore BG1687
63965Kindredkatz Sweet Pea BG1677
64091Chemicoons Willie's Favorite ElementMC1670
64110Tonkville Sui Dreams TO1669
6425Malevitch Yes We Can Ginger Smash RB1668
643T17Orozul Moises ES1666
643T9Coraski Astral Ace SR1666
64566Authenticats Ivory Platinum Ice BG1665
646T5Bluetreasure Jenna CX1663
646T23Descavalier Ferus Ra of Holoserica AB1663
6488Zidayas Rania BL1661
64949Cajunragdolls Walking On The Sun RD1660
650T28Celticmist Celestian Cedric BS1659
650T15Murrznpurrz Just Call Me Sweetheart AS1659
65250Ragalong Fancy Free RD1658
6531Catcurls BC Zantara LP1657
65467WildroseBengals Scarlett BG1654
6553Janet De Saint Evroult HB1653
65651Fuzzjp Nozomi RD1649
6573Kaperkats Sherman Tank PBL1644
6583Chai-Lai Khayriyah Palluqtuq EM1638
65926Taberetb Broadway SX1637
66013Skyvalley Shelby BI1632
661T92MTNest Kitai of Coonwild MC1631
661T52Ariokkierags Tara of Candicedolls RD1631
663T34Thundapurr Aura PS1630
663T10Kittikat Grizabella SR1630
66568Sunstorm Black Diamond BG1629
66635Shiekspurr Gigli PS1622
667T9Kuriliangem Birkhoff of Phaenobi KBL1617
667T27Lunabelle Gabrielle/WC SX1617
669T14Namaskar Danny Boy BI1615
669T11Odesseycatz Mudslide TO1615
6714Luckykot Bumer BMW X5 PD1613
6725Riccioli Gemma Cappelletti SRL1610
673T1Birjanji Suzy Q of Sazikatz AW1607
673T2Magicbobs Silversprings of Currahee ABT1607
675T5Autumsun Apple Jack OL1603
675T16Eliseyn Verooka SB1603
67769Traipse Semme Fatale BG1601
67836Vigo Scianna PS1600
67937Riverbin Polar Express Carolinameow PS1595
68024Abysaint Babilonia AB1594
68113Vicketales Tic Tac of Shiekspurr HI1592
6826Zerberus Rosa Glauca RB1587
68393HoneyDevil ViLora MC1583
68430Prince Princess Letasu NF1580
685T38Chatd'or Summer PS1577
685T94Calicoon Stormy Weather MC1577
68739Roggenstein Touched By An Angel/CF PS1573
68853Pacificats Bond Jamie Bond RD1572
689T3Puket Junior TH1570
689T40Betunes Don Fernando PS1570
69195Velsbechmann Ofelia MC1569
69241Mystimitts Porsche of Hollowhills PS1568
69329Klazeekats Cochise of Rugosarose OS1566
69425Jade Silver De Lord Chester/LO AB1562
69570Felisludens Machiatto of Heimdall BG1558
696T96Kizzacoons Frankie MC1555
696T42Wasillia Back to Brooklyn PS1555
69897Tropikoons FlikFlak MC1548
69943Sontse Handsome Harry PS1545
70016Godspeed Foxy Roxy CR1544
701T17Musrafy Shishka SB1538
701T11Skyota Ozzy Oddy Oddy SR1538
701T54Dollheaven Amen Ra RD1538
704T98TBroadsway Red Sky MC1528
704T55Rubyridgerags Pandora Peach RD1528
704T98TAtlastcats Caputo MC1528
70718Amelie Taymur of Lunik Tyen SB1527
708100Sappyclasse Uno Utchi MC1526
709101Bellamoondo Miodunka MC1521
71030Estrella del Sur Zeus OS1517
7119Kirembo Dalila Ayo SV1515
712102Kiyaras Cuwahara MC1514
713T16K-La Dovon Fire And Rain AS1508
713T56Adorabledolls Sweet Dominique RD1508
715103Lionheartcoon Maximo of Cascademtn MC1507
71671Leopardcats Im Sexy and I Know It BG1505
717T57Ragalong Enchantress RD1501
717T18Velpaws Ringn In The New Year SI1501
719T31Sweetwood Buddha Belly NF1499
719T6Highlandcatz Gretel SRL1499
72119Ranchcats Chanel of Hojpoj SI1496
72229K-La Boots BS1493
72344Stanreyg Gigolo Donwea PS1492
72420Just Sumotori Des Spice Cats SI1489
72532Rikar Katts Theo NF1486
72658Wrsemi Francisco RD1485
7274Tasurt Anub of Sonnenblume CU1483
72819Sterlingcatz Mz Meowza SB1482
72915Skemeen Silver Knight SO1481
7303Ebonycatz Princess Leia of Oro Ojos BO1473
73128Yoruba Cattery Deluxe Dalí SX1469
7321Legato Joaninha AC1466
7336Chasheba Jade SF1464
734T59Crabapple Rubens RD1460
734T45Black Pearls Jasper PS1460
734T72Batifoleurs Amelie Poulain BG1460
73773Traipse Ultimoto BG1457
73810Jobara Mocha Spice of RainingRexes DR1455
739T104Woodpile Firelight of Coonwildco MC1454
739T9Hoofnpaws Delaney/CF JB1454
741105Passion MC1450
74218Wu Ya ES1449
74346Dclass We Found Love PS1448
74430Kelcobber Brit Floyd BS1447
74529Queen Panther's Parfum SX1445
746T60Fuzzjp Akane RD1442
746T4Hikoma H Ruru Minos BO1442
74861SiempreAmar Alicia RD1438
74926Aksum Carbon Copy of Blueriver AB1437
7507Vert Momotaro RB1436
751T31Celticmist Euphoria BS1434
751T31Ru*higashi Karishma of Albeng OS1434
751T47Deabaere Sininho PS1434
751T5Celestialblue Oreo PD1434
75517Velvet Queen Margo CR1433
756T62Brightstone Sierra Jadea Delamer RD1431
756T106Coonificent Shabazz MC1431
756T74Losandes Instigator BG1431
75933Deley's Isla Bonita of Nissekatt/FI NF1425
76027La Niomana Charisma AB1424
7615Vanadu's Shanghai Lil TV1423
762T11Hostahaven Hortence Ears a Who DR1422
762T32Maracai Zhivago of Synergy OS1422
764T10Rockinashi Twist And Shout JB1420
764T48Katzenhaus Dinah of Knebelkatze PS1420
766T6Ypsivans Moony Lupin TV1419
766T32Willow wick Figgie Hobbin DumbledoreBS1419
768T63SiepraAmar Alicia RD1418
768T49Pursnickity That Old Black Magic PS1418
770T14Befalsetto Impressive HI1412
770T107Felinafolia Queen Ice Od Deabaete MC1412
770T5Designerstripes Jasper TG1412
770T33Nobel Platinum BS1412
77475Jungletrax Dream Defndr BG1410
77530Dnilesphynx Gizmo of Lunakatz SX1404
77631Sphynxaliens Prima Donna SX1403
777T14Rumfold & Bennevis Iriska SFL1401
777T108Woodpile Echo of Coondalay MC1401
779109Fairy Paw Genie MC1400
7805Blacklabel's Ofelliya BO1396
78134BritishEmpire Lacey BS1394
782T28Des Cavalier Bulbash of Vertucat AB1393
782T110Kairosdomos Juice MC1393
782T64Usapurrs Yankee Doodle Darling RD1393
78565Cajunragdolls Creme Brulee RD1391
786T111Jullyginger Kouu MC1389
786T12Elfe Feerique Heidi/FI DR1389
78866Mirumkitty Sapphire Dreams RD1387
789T16Thecatgarden Star Kissed SO1386
789T18Juliette du Temple Des Pharaons CR1386
7918Minamifuji Mashu RB1381
792T29Insuubunkai Sharon of Ammycrystal AB1379
792T112Shelter Bastet Ducati Senna MC1379
79419Whozz Tucker ES1376
795T67TCajunragdolls Dancing On The Moon RD1374
795T67TMethodius Linglong of Betterdolls RD1374
795T17Alandor Oakley of Stedam AS1374
79835K-La Freya pf Sivercharm BS1371
799T113Muusa Khari MC1370
799T11Hoofnpaws Same Love!/CF JB1370
799T69Clair Rin RD1370