2017-2018 Kitten Standings: 201-394

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sat Jun 24 08:33:06 2017.

RankKitten Standings: 201-394
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
2015326Diamondkitty Forever Star INRD661
2025427Dreamtw Kaelyn INRD659
203T557Monkey INOS652
203T1420Panachebengals Gilded Sprinkle MABG652
2055617Xue Bi INBS646
20678Dare2B-Bare! Sir Elton/CF MPSX643
207830Mymains Kyna of Megatherion ENMC627
20866Luz Cats Azul SAPS624
2092021Thundercatbngl Leia SWBG621
210328Kasseldolls Jasmine of Whispurrlane NERD620
2111229Rubyridgerags Grace of Usapurrs SERD619
2121818Minamifuji Leia Mush AABS618
213211Prince Rubi Mahatma Pride SWDSK613
214730Furreal Faith in Jesus SARD612
215195Amour J-Kii AAAS609
2165722Jumpertw Posh Cartier INBG604
217T2719Rays of Hope Xsanter of Rejinald SCBS601
217T586Bei Bei INAS601
217T202Bluetreasure Mignon AACX601
220155Mind Bliss Imani MASFL599
2215920Daka INBS598
22287Bootsie's Jack Sparrow GLAS595
2236031Novadolls Broken Tooth INRD589
224285Txelfkatz Sunshine And Whiskey SCDR574
2251332Sunnyshores Henry of Ragsbdazzled SERD568
226618Ban Dian INAS567
2271023Authenticats Bronze Autumn Equinox EWBG565
228146Blupaw Toby Keith SEDR563
2296233Diamondkitty Teki INRD551
230298Chipmunk Ramblin Rose SCOS548
23181Dal Vigay Toulouse SABI544
2323024Lunakatz Sir Gabriel of Bengalmanor SCBG541
233319Distinct Live Long And Pawspurr SCSX536
2343210Distinct Unbelievable Legacy of TabeSCSX534
2351611Destynys Made Me Smile MASX532
236265Winterbrook Loki of Militza NWSB530
2376334Smallbell Rainbow INRD529
238435Purrrealdolls Royal Canadian Montry NERD527
239T536Ivyroseragdolls Lady Tabitha NERD525
239T153Je Ris H'Cane Matt of Hylandercl/CF SETA525
2413325Lunakatz Mosaic SCBG516
2426437Bonniebonnie Xiao Yun INRD508
2432121Kanesei's Ren AABS507
244655Nainiu INSF501
245666Te Si La INSF500
246T97TIceberg Wonder Of Nature ENDR492
246T97TTheavengers Andur Sunrider Jedi SADR492
248279Rainingrexes Gabriella NWDR485
249174Emmers Love To Hate Me MASCS477
2506738Judys Dolls Never Forget You INRD474
251T1631TDiamon Anzbor SEMC470
251T3431TAnnabella SCMC470
253T3512Major Agathon of Mysticjewelssx SCSX468
253T6833Yoyo INMC468
2553634Gattacamoon Rob Lowe/FI SCMC467
2563735Tuftsntrills Bella SCMC466
257287Nyota Uhura NWSF462
25883Graymark Venus MPBU460
259T99Silvermark's Silvaner GLAS459
259T172White Lights Xxtravaganza SEBA459
261294Halima King Arthur the Purrd NWTV456
2622226Bengalxpress Holly SWBG453
263T6939Silky-angel Yew INRD450
263T3836Tiftsntrills Bekah SCMC450
2651827Akerrs Storm Warning of Speakeasy MABG448
266102Beyondlimits Bromelia SAPD438
267392Frontrange Charlotte SCSO437
2682340Snugglerags Scout of Creekcats SWRD433
269117DazelemLittle Richard EWPS431
270246Pawkavenue Flash O'Fire SWES430
2717022Piaget Dita von Teese INBS428
2721028MiaTuk Norton ENBG418
2732237Gatofeliz Pampukin AAMC417
274106Radiance Wild Mustang of Balihoo GLSI415
275303Heavenlyhairles Roza Rozie NWPD413
276256Prekrasne Angel Blade SWSB411
277192Cheshirepoint Rose Quarts Lion MATH410
278124Hug Love Addjo East EWPD396
279403Frontrange Bluetiful SCSO393
28064Wildfx Light Seeker NETG392
281263Marveloo Archenland Corinthunderpaw SWTH391
2822029Akerrs Bruno Marvelous MABG388
2833138Vito Carleone Gatto Celesto NWMC387
284T323Legendtales Maui NWPB376
284T719Sugar INOS376
2864113Teoli Eeva Noir SCSX369
2877223Hua Guniang INBS357
2887341Missmiao Michelle INRD356
2893310Stegra Touch The Sky NWOS354
290T348Hollowhills Icee Knights NWPS352
290T7442Penelope II Koci Eden INRD352
2923539Larhae Belle Fleur NWMC350
2937543Jiujiu Cats Nicole INRD344
294940Windwalker Gojira of Wyldthingz MPMC342
2953614Sphynxcraft Yuki Marvelous NWSX339
296374Quizzical Tamanawas NWTH326
297278Kahalicats Chianti of Grapearbor SWAB323
2981130Lovelyrita Delfina SABG322
2993831Kamisha Watusi Rodeo NWBG321
300766Starstory Lanling King INSFL320
301T21T11Rakiscats Regor MAOS315
301T21T9Belisama How You Like Me Now MAAB315
303T3932Episilon Sake of Heavensdoor NWBG312
303T775Da Yan Zei INSCS312
3057844Moedolls Cappuccino INRD311
3062341SaraJen Lexington Bourbon MAMC309
3074015Niketts Red Bare NWSX302
308T7924Shota INBS300
308T237Alma Star Hina of Leostar AAES300
3102433Kanesei Yupa AABG299
311134Forestfriend Buffy EWNF294
312T2412Synergy Szibarack MAOS292
312T4234Bengaluvrs Maryanna SCBG292
3144116Elysium Jafar NWSX291
3158025Li Zhi INBS289
3161842Belomor Seventh Fleet SEMC288
3178135Judyful Sno Lena INBG279
318255Miagola Uta AANF276
3192645Angeliqdoll Prince Olivier AARD274
3201110Bootsie's Misty Lou GLAS270
321T82T2Genie Sonny INCR268
321T82T2Zhao Cai INMNT268
323T1243Ishcus Dalton of Chemicoons GLMC265
323T1210Pampa Mi Amor SAAB265
323T8411Cooper INAS265
326431Sazikatz Barb Wyre SCAW263
327852Sun INMKL255
3282712Amour J-Rei AAAS251
3291444Mishuikoonz Syl of Leatherandlace EWMC246
3301310Theavengers Odan Urr Jedi SADR245
331863Lao Hu INCR243
332288Leostar Black Baron AAES234
3332945Ohedo Genchan of Tingara AAMC232
3341513Ultimus Masha EWOS230
3358714Ninethoughts Zhang Liang INOS221
3361946Familytimerags Jaxon of Rags2dazzle SERD214
337305Montesole Blue Light AATO213
338T203Sacchidananda Daphne SEOL205
338T4417Teoli Chloe SCSX205
3403147Kiwimagic National Treasure AARD202
3418826Olivia INBS195
3424536Lunakatz Tusheeka of Bengaluvrs SCBG194
343142Dal Vigay Dextra SABI186
3443246Hareruyah Inherit The Stars AAMC179
34528485starrags Deandre of Adorabledolls SWRD177
3461111Wijelo's Jaylah Jade Marica ENAB176
3478927Follow INBS172
3484211Rainingrexes Prince Charming NWDR167
3499047Kaiselin INMC164
3509149PL'Mulan Cat Brenda INRD161
351T164Stenbury Holiday Party EWTA156
351T2150Usapurrs Captain America SERD156
353T4637Fricks Magnificent Macgyver SCBG153
353T336Blue Kitty Albion AANF153
3551748Migatobonito Luna Lovegood EWMC151
3564749Gattacamoon Tinkerbell SCMC148
357347Mythvision Mule of Nordlys AANF147
358T1338Purrfectdreams Haunani GLBG146
358T122EbonyCatz Crazy Harley Quinn ENBO146
360T92T28TMeow&Purr ANNANDALE INBS145
360T92T51Diamondkitty Finley Zhou INRD145
360T92T28TAngela INBS145
363T95T3Sky Are Blue INMNT142
363T95T52Dengpao INRD142
365431Legendtales Keilana NWPBL141
3664418Elysium Iliana NWSX140
367229Katzeyes Lites Out In London SEPS139
3684850Psycatics Matou of Arkancoons SCMC137
369T454Legendtales Te Fiti NWPB136
369T2939Arkham Poison Ivy SWBG136
371T14T12Lochmaere Hunter Ocurls GLDR134
371T14T40Designerstripes Diamond in the Mist GLBG134
373182Ebony Silver Mist Volgalux Style EWACL129
374T9730Miyato Leo INBS128
374T2512Anygma Pippa MAAB128
3763541Bengal Family's Yuri AABG126
377165Designerstripes Red Garnet GLTG124
378T132Lai-An's Angel ENHI120
378T98T53Maoclub Black Cotton INRD120
378T498Marble Magic Caroline SCSF120
378T98T3Zootopia Jasmine Valentina INRB120
3821954Cooperdolls Princess Molly EWRD117
383T1542Golden Crown Freia SABG116
383T5013Sazikatz Reddy To Rumble SCAS116
383T173Shortnaps Juliet of Pawcitys GLMNL116
386T185Halima Izzet Mavi of Tatvan GLTV115
386T3043Coolspots Freya of Grapearbor SWBG115
388T2019Malinkas Colt EWSX104
388T4651Mymains Reginald Dwight NWMC104
388T77Sterlingcatz Jennipurr NESB104
391104Lildarlynns Piper of 406Paws MPMNL93
392T844Panachebengals Medley NEBG82
392T3155Adorabledolls Sweet Cocoa Truffles SWRD82
3941652Patagonia Lao SAMC71