2017-2018 Kitten Standings: 1-199

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Thu Aug 17 08:03:14 2017.

RankKitten Standings: 1-199
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Riverbin Juju SEPS6949
211Snugglerags Grady SWRD6669
311Bigrivercoon Flint NWMC6525
422Calicoon Cayla SEMC6413
511Lildarlynns Silver N Steel INMNL6085
611Pierremont Hagen GLAB5989
711Purfurvid Pioneer of Rivabell MAES5897
822Darlinlildols Aslan INRD5692
921Willowblue Winn Dixie GLAS5675
1011Bluewind Rin Lapis Lazuli AARB5598
1121Tonkville Princess Kate SWTO5504
1233Novadolls Baize INRD5503
1322Wasillia Lil-Bit O Honey of Hoaloha NWPS5396
1431Dramatails Logan of Felinecurly NWSRL5360
1521Milkymyus Lica of Ammycrystal AAMKL5350
1611Nazareth Siberian Magic NESB5338
1742Legacyexotics Its A Kinda Magic NWES5320
1851ExcatiburFolds Batman NWSCS5269
1931Tinytiny Christmas Eve AASCL5166
2031Coolspots Sorbet SWBG5088
2142Shovalon Tutti Frutti INSCL5023
2261Silverbrook Wonder Girl NWBS4876
2354Novadolls Johnny of Hera INRD4857
2441Specialagent Shadow Sniper SWPB4842
2532Thunderrrpaws Charters Ofreedom GLBG4632
2651Purrsia Creme Aux Noisettes SWPD4577
2761Tajhara License To Chill SWSO4475
2861Nuan Yang Yang INSR4381
2973Uncle Nine Paris INES4366
3071Simplynude Hulk of Fantcfur NWSX4323
3143Bacchus Wolverine AAMC4297
3211Kayserai Vefa SCTV4212
3321Fantarja Matthew of Azwegie SCNF4133
3483Traipse Minion Madness NWBG4098
3532Acirrekatz Eno Resolve SCSX4067
3641Shovalon Cupcake of Emmers GLSFL3978
3721Snowdreams Lily of Bellesnbeaux MASN3949
3815Londondoll Geisha EWRD3899
3914Windinwillows Delight ENMC3858
4042Dramatails Goodbye Girl of Zoomies SCSR3855
4156Ammycrystal Hakuryu AARD3776
4284Judyful Sno Pacman INBG3722
4371Velpaws Kitty Katzan SWSI3712
4495Batifoleurs Nzuri Lulu INBG3381
4587Rockcreek Frankie W of Manidolls SWRD3332
4651Shiekspurr Mezzani SCHI3227
4763Amoonstonejewel Mirabelle SCSX3026
4851Sacchidananda Precious Blue Star GLBA2903
4932Sellla Vanilla Ice MATO2854
50105Leo INMC2824
51112Piaget in the sun INBS2799
52124Kai di INSX2743
5396Woodpile Peregrin Took of Harcoon NWMC2734
5437Irishcoons Time Out SEMC2666
5591Halestone Trouble With Tribbles SWKBL2661
56103Wasillia Lil-Bit-of Fairy Dust NWPS2610
5771Zirkove Sayivo Demmy Moor of FurelysSCSF2562
58111Chipmunk Dreamin Mo Snow NWOS2556
5942Rakiscats Baron Rai Moritani SESI2536
60102Crossfire Loki of Grapearbor SWAB2533
61122Katerina Verooka NWSB2504
622Willowblue Sci-Fi of Beauchador --AS2440
6348Mtnest Maxwell is Smart MAMC2435
6483Radiance Sage of Hojpoj SCSI2432
6522Sirenas Belle of Belfast ENTV2422
6655Baldfantasea We Believe I Can Fly SESX2387
6762Wavemakers Surfs Up SESRL2376
6892Valnika's Ace Is High SCRB2340
6923Koh-I-Noor Taymur of Lizzara EWSB2338
70106Major Agathon of Mysticjewelssx SCSX2328
71113Kayserai McGee SCTV2317
72T31Securitazz Qrizpin ENBU2304
72T116Arkham Firefly SWBG2304
7441Tigervisions Batrr ENTG2277
75138Ragalong My Eeyore NWRD2273
76129Tuftsntrills Baruch of Koonary SCMC2254
7714Betunes Alvino SAPS2251
78131Sazikatz Poppyseed SCBM2245
79141Etonnant Jon Snow's Ghost NWTA2219
801310Candiecoonz Babe Ruth of Sweet GardeINMC2207
81141Lu Dan INMK2205
8253Belisama 24k Magic in the Air MAAB2187
83153Faye INBS2170
84123Lunarkatz Hyperspace SWTO2138
8557Elysium Ioda ENSX2116
86137Arkham Deadshot SWBG2094
8762Dorrymama Kain of Worldstar AANF2057
88164Chperson Cyclone INSI2048
8924Betunes Kaique SAES2046
9072World Star Forty-One AASF2044
9138Betunes Maria da Penha SASX2028
9234Sayadaws Mojave Desert Rain Shadow EWSB2013
9319Darlinlildols Bentlee of 5starrags MPRD1976
9461Nudawnz Ashiato of Ja-koi GLJBL1974
9572Synergy Coltrane GLOS1924
9673Willowblue Temujin SEAS1909
9782Emmers Love To Hate Me GLSCS1898
98144Anygma Isabella Rose of Grapearbor SWAB1889
99611Unicum Vanilla ENMC1886
10073Chris Korse Golden Lady ENSCL1885
101174Yinlong INBS1873
1021810Moedolls Cappuccino INRD1854
10385Wijelo's Jazzy Jezebel ENAB1845
1041911Mauclub River Flows in You INRD1843
105205Blue Fairy INES1829
1061412Familytimerags Calamity Jane SCRD1789
10745Oilily From Arthur's Garden EWBS1788
108215Miluku House Ballerina INPS1779
109T813Riterags Mr. Congeniality SERD1772
109T912Arlecoon Ustin ENMC1772
111151Rexplus Eye Candy SWCR1770
11216Puck-Lynn Van Black Lake ESBS1750
113101Vinnimur Caramelka ENACL1737
11425Sterlingcatz Bella Dior NESB1735
11526Bombproof Netflix And Chill ESAB1733
116152Jubalkatz My Teddy Winked SCTG1726
1178Jungletrax Natural Affinity --BG1721
118226Exsibit's Lisa INSB1714
119152Heavenlyhairles Roza Rozie NWPD1713
120162Je Ris Mace Windu of Sunfox SWTA1703
12191Foxcreekbengals Big Kash Money GLBGL1701
122163Pippastro Prince-Hairy SCOS1697
123613Sarajen Bacardi Razz Rum MAMC1679
124T23T7Wu Kong INBS1668
124T23T14Sweet Graden Babe Emily INMC1668
12646Fancyclaws Brillantino SAPS1653
1271715Coonyham Timberlands of Cascademtn SWMC1642
128112Lukor-Fold J.Lo ENSFL1612
129169Traipse Hugs N Kisses NWBG1608
130173Dramatails Fifty Shades Darker NWSRL1603
131T25T14Moedolls Ic Cream of Catmqc INRD1599
131T25T3Moon Shadows's Apple of your Lady INNF1599
13388Mountteine Subaru AABS1596
134109Daisy Fay Per-Lu-So of Fencroft GLBS1580
135T93Starchild Ayame AARB1577
135T2710Mony INBS1577
13757Zendique Vanellope Van Sweetz EWPS1547
1381216Mishuikoonz Syl of Leatherandlace ENMC1529
13992Barmont Heartbeep SECR1522
1401015Windmill Harry Prince AARD1519
1412811Alpha's Dao Cao INBS1490
1421817LAPD Clara Wrigley of Coons Kin SWMC1488
143710Bengaland Midas Touch Jr MABG1483
1442916Rainbow INRD1477
14559Yoruba Cattery Mr Magoo SASX1466
146101Havacat Fudgesicle SEHB1457
147617Seieo's Special Edition SARD1452
148114Marimaki Shion AATO1451
1491318Champs-Elysees*RUS Yustas of StararkENMC1447
150191Chisholmtrail Rebel Caller SWOC1440
1511211Minamifuji Rose Marrie AABG1437
152147Han Ivan Lucianaurora ENSB1430
153312Snow Tundra Steeley Dan NEBG1425
154T3018Moedolls Moonpie INRD1424
154T31Rus'Iskra's Whitley ESDR1424
1563119Moedolls Frigga INRD1422
15764Mowgleaves Maleficents Pride EWAS1421
158118Basilic Blessing My Silver Lining GLSB1414
159321Cool Zone's First INBL1413
16083Wildfx Blaze O Thunder MATG1407
1611719Dawntreader Texas Calboy SCMC1399
1622020Mainesuspect Sheru SWMC1396
163921MTNest Sullenberger MAMC1395
16478Betunes Xica da Silva SAPS1391
165182Facehuggers Bobs Your Uncle NWDR1389
166810Betunes Maria Quiteria SASX1382
167212Tajhara Shuffle The Deck SWSO1381
16896Folie Rouge Evita SAES1379
169333Fresh Wind Tribal Chief INSFL1373
170349Henry Kitty Zunshang INPS1370
171422GGLegacy Odin AngelMaybe NEMC1360
1723523Free Spirit Olimpian*Ru INMC1355
1731820Grayson SCRD1345
174421Afroditedolls Dior ESRD1340
1751913Forever Platinum Ice SCBG1322
1761014Giannisbengal Queen Cream MABG1321
17724Whatatrill California Girl of LAPD --MC1318
178525Dracoonfly Prince Fergus NEMC1307
1792026Daniel Shaggy Ears Cringer SCMC1303
1803612Jue Ye INBS1282
18121Graymark Samuel MPBO1281
1821127Sherlynx Like A Tiger of Sarajen/WC MAMC1278
183211Wyldthingz Mozart In The Jungle SCSV1276
1843711Acc INSX1271
185223Mariposa Xmen Colossus of Comix SCDR1266
1864Chipmunk Ramblin Rose --OS1263
187235Dianysus Pepsi Blu SCOS1262
188156Ilikethis Woody Woodpecker ENOS1252
1891315Bengal Family's Daia AABG1248
190127Synergy Szibarack GLOS1247
191191Katzalano Covered In Stardust NWSG1244
192622Bellapalazzo Hisoka NERD1240
193112Caterablu Cracker Jack SESG1233
1941023Muntaz-I-Mahal Themis SARD1228
195135Radiance Wild Mustang of Balihoo GLSI1221
196T78Yolanda Faeton EWOS1220
196T1424Cleverdoll Lisa Simpson AARD1220
198201Frisson BC Urban Legend NWLP1215
199T2413HMS Bianca Del Rio SCBS1209
199T141Amaure Lion Guard GLEM1209