2017-2018 Championship Cat Standings: 401-598

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Tue Jul 25 15:52:21 2017.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 401-598
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
40119Rex Runner's Channon/ID ESDR541
4025847William Grand Finale Azrag Bey NWRD539
4039210Grantpinkbubble INDR538
4049348L'Clover Queen Oski of Elsa Ragd/CF INRD533
4059449Baby House Super Strong INRD531
406T361Skogbekken's Amahle ENSV529
406T3919Chiselled Mistery Torrey/WC SCSX529
4081642Traipse Sweet Surrender NEBG526
409959Hexagram Arno INAS525
4105930Silverbrook Guccio Gucci NWBS524
411127Abicasa Babooshka/GC EWSI519
412T37T16Des Cavalier Solar Energy of Marica ENAB518
412T37T2Primprau's Agape Ama-no-Uzume ENKT518
414T96T20Zhuzhu INSX517
414T96T3Merrylong's Vegas INSFL517
416T2650TUsapurrs Sunshine In My Pocket SERD515
416T250TMirumKitty Grace ESRD515
4183421Bestshow*ru Yogurt AASX512
4194043Lunakatz Mosaic SCBG505
420T1744TTherealms Unica of Arkham SWBG503
420T9844TBengalblueook Mary of Abaoshouse INBG503
4221046Tailspin Romeo of Giannisbengal MABG502
4232311Oberon Velikii Ohotnik GLSB500
424T6017Herus Moon Raider NWAB498
424T1149MTNest Foxy Lady MAMC498
4263952Lil'Magics Tobago ENRD496
427183Specialagent Shield SWPB493
4286147Traipse Mari Macadamia NWBG491
429405Lai-An's Special Edition ENHI488
430T2753Riterags My Blue Pearl SERD484
430T3550Coonamor Layla of Popokilani AAMC484
4329931Atzelhof's Midsummer Blues INBS482
4331022Moon Pet Jamaica/ID MPSX476
4346248Straytcats Sirspotsalot of Tikkasky NWBG475
435415Misomali's Maggie May on Redpaws ENSO474
4366349Snopride Shes A Beauty NWBG473
4376432Home&Hearth Ellie Lou Purr-kins NWBS471
43810023Sphynxkingdom Eva INSX470
4392420Purrsianpals Frank the Tank GLPS468
440T2818TPierremont Azora of Pentaclecats SEAB462
440T3518TPampa Loquito Por Ti of Aconcagua SAAB462
44210154Methodius Firefighter INRD459
443T1024Kai Xin INMK457
443T4150Exotiquebengals Razors Edge SCBG457
4453633Minamifuji Releve AABS456
4466551Woodpile Glorious NWMC453
447T10355Judy's Dolls Eddie of Catmqc INRD447
447T424Heart & Soul's Venus LoveFromC ENBU447
4494256Dolsragdolls Polo of Im4evrragdolls SCRD446
45010452Mini INMC445
451T294Songgwangsa Sweet Pawtato/CF SEJB444
451T133Bedazzlecats Rozlyn EWSRL444
453254Anixtar Ecstasy of Wonderfold GLSFL438
454T36T51Le Zampe Katze Dolce Cuore SABG436
454T36T6Caye Urco SAHI436
456T10515Di Di INES435
456T6652Traipse Minion Madness NWBG435
458262Shortnaps Romeo of Pawcitys GLMNT432
4593712Avantgarde Charlie of Charlie TabuchAANF428
4604334Golden Crystal Medium/ID SCBS426
461T1413Forestfriend Firebird/GC EWNF424
461T3053Callista Tritan of Sunmoonbengals SEBG424
4634411Txelfkatz Baby Blue SCDR423
4642735J'Yoshi Modus Vivendi/WC GLBS422
465194Karrklan Chip Off The Old Block SWOC420
466T121Magicbobs Double Vision MAABT418
466T10612CHPERSON hope INOS418
468T6712Devon Joi's Addicted To You NWDR416
468T10710Candy INAS416
470454Caliblu Texas Blue Bonnet SCRB415
471153Shanavazz Teddy Lupin EWLY409
472117Purrceptive Gis Asimi of Kitti Kat MPSR407
4733814Rain Rubber Soul AANF406
4742057Dollvilla Jigglypuff SWRD405
4752836Thistlevine Ethel of Fencroft GLBS403
476686Grandbois Mirepoiz Ariege NWCX402
4774316Zivago Del Falco D'oro ENES401
478T4612Winterbrook Ragnar The Red SCSB399
478T1353Mtnest Scott Joplin MAMC399
4801085Fieldmoon Lavender/CF INRB397
4813858BlumenKatzen Johny SARD393
4823954BR Katzecoon Uriah of Bajacoon SAMC389
483T1759IvyRoseRagdolls Lady Delilah NERD388
483T211Demi Zvezda Velesa SWDSK388
485T1860TPurrrealdolls Stella Rose NERD383
485T4760TAdorablerags Serendipity SCRD383
4873955Shonancats Allene AAMC382
488295Ginchika Ursula Andress GLJB379
4894037Mountteine Apollon AABS377
490T1238Starbeam The Big Money MPBS375
490T4062Abril Mia Primerisima SARD375
4924454Elizar Daiquiri ENBG369
4936921Hollowhills Rain Dance Maggie NWPS366
49410955Guanjingbengal Miki INBG364
495307Ongcat Winter Soldier GLSF362
496T110T63THermes INRD356
496T110T63TWillowtreerags Samurai INRD356
4984122Moroni's Dorothea SAPS355
499T4165Farandoll James of Gentletime AARD351
499T316Synergy Maia GLOL351
499T1617Bolshevik Kolobok EWES351
5021966Echoglen Yena of Lavidaragdoll NERD349
5034215Dorrymama Oscar AANF347
50411239Yi Xiu INBS342
5053156Traipse Set My Heart on Fire of WFB SEBG339
5063213Chicago Snow Mystique GLOS334
5071131Peanut INHS332
508331Foxcreekbengals Big Kash Money GLBGL330
5091144Li Gege INSCS329
510T3267American Hero Velykinadiyi SERD327
510T4557Ambadalis-Gala Marhaba ENBG327
5122016Finnishlne Shannon NENF326
513T2168IvyRoseRagdolls Summer Rose NERD324
513T4311Strawberry Baby Himekon AAAS324
5154458Medusa Sterling Silver Prestige AABG320
5161713Sayadaws Haymitch Abernathy Finnick EWSB315
517T11569Londondoll Robin INRD314
517T70T13Facehuggers Belleruth NWDR314
517T70T56Bigrivercoon Violet of Larhae NWMC314
520T481Ttcats Ginger of Dawntreader SCMCP304
520T4512Strawberry Baby Ib AAAS304
522T723Imagine Cattery Duchess Dunraven NWBL303
522T345Rugrunners Nick in Time GLMK303
522T1164A Ge INCR303
525T496Lanacats Ratibor of Howlingcoyote SCSO302
525T4614Komilfo D*Pryanik ENSB302
527T4218Makelas Floyd Ciro II SAES301
527T357Rakiscats Piter De Vries GLOL301
529T2214Devonity Nymeria NEDR300
529T361Yuleene Flamboya GLTA300
5311178Badman INSF298
5321815Lyndongraey Grigori EWSB297
533T196Nicadaemus Cause Celebre EWBI296
533T4357Bajacoon Le Lis SAMC296
535205Amigos Calvin Mio Mio EWSFL295
5364670Appledolls Himawari AARD294
5377319Alomi's Sixtus of Sunspirit/CF NWES293
538T11840Luck INBS292
538T4771Hovicastle Kygo ENRD292
538T144Catitude Luscious Leloo MALY292
538T3320Blueriver Copy Cat SEAB292
542T1195Xiaoxiao INSCS287
542T7458Pureyell Kona of Williamina NWMC287
542T504Cloudcity Nina SCTH287
54512072Supermodel Eva INRD286
54613735starrags Deandre of Adorabledolls MPRD285
5473759Wildwoodbengals Chantilly Lace GLBG283
548T48T59Deescoons Honey ENMC281
548T48T2A1Savannah's Auriel ENSV281
550T4741Minamifuji Marie Mario AABS277
550T515Cloudcity Kestrel SCTH277
552T5260Gattacamoon Rob Lowe/FI SCMC276
552T487Bluetreasure Graceful Mu AACX276
554T49T17Dorrymama Puck AANF274
554T347Crittertales Josey Wales SEHI274
554T49T6Bluewind Silver Shine AARB274
5577561Mymains Loretta Lynn NWMC272
5584462Harley Ethereal of Bajacoon SAMC271
5592160Orchidhouse Nomi Sunrider EWBG268
5604523Moroni's Anuel SAPS265
561T538Shiekspurr Corzetti SCHI262
561T4674Betunes Luciano Pavaroti SARD262
563227Tajhara Caliente Project SWSO259
564T541Tribes Cleopatra SCCU254
564T12120Cat's Story Bigbenova INES254
566T12275Tiger INRD252
566T2318Sweetwood Apollo NENF252
566T478Susens Tequila Sunrise of Curlysue SASR252
5694816Regina SASB243
570T2376Marlcreek Stevens Lil Keepurr SWRD241
570T2421Ari-Al's Tate NEES241
572226Elizabeth's Cesarion EWSCS236
57312377Miss Miao Akuma INRD232
574T7642Home&Hearth Willow Lou Purr-kins NWBS231
574T4961Almafelina Nutella SABG231
576382Designerstripes Snow Glory GLTG228
577T3943Kolinga Churchill of Fencroft GLBS226
577T7724Fantcfur Phobie NWSX226
5793524Sandkatzle What Gos Arnd Comes Arnd SEPS225
5805119Dorrymama Sophia of Littlemew AANF221
581T154Jamesriver Celebrian of Doktari MAPB220
581T12444Emerald Holyland INBS220
583782Mishikoonz Morgan Pass NWMCP217
584T508Hadibadjas Miracle ENOL215
584T557Oro Ojos Naomi SCBI215
584T7962Bengalflats Maverick NWBG215
5873663Mtnest Metallica of Mainevu SEMC213
5885022Makelas Anita SAES208
589T2463TLeap Of Faith Davina SWBG206
589T5163TAmazongold Lucas of Artnessbengal ENBG206
591T25T5Specialagent Espionage SWPB199
591T25T65Bengalxpress Turbo SWBG199
593526Candy May Miriy AAMK198
594T4066Fractal Isabella of Akerrs GLBG196
594T125T45San Pang INBS196
594T125T14Big White INOS196
5975246Fagotin van de Nekker/ID ENBS194
598T537Delicious's Richel AASCS189
598T1278Silkyangel McGeeChang INBI189
598T8015Rainingrexes Peppermint Patty NWDR189