2017-2018 Championship Cat Standings: 201-399

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Sat Jun 24 08:33:06 2017.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 201-399
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
201394Cabbage INACL868
202247Dorrymama Moco Moco AANF867
203922Cloistercoon Isaiah Little Prayer NEMC857
204402Cadelonia Eumann INSFL856
2052823Dawntreader Hercules SCMC852
206824Carolinameows Senoras Spirit MAMC849
207826Simplyblessed Gun Runner MPBG848
2084125Maroon Blue's Sweet Afternoon Tea INRD847
209925Frizzy's Fortune Cloud Nine/FI EWMC842
210T322Dramatails American Pie NWSRL840
210T72Carney Gideon GLBU840
2121327Sumarum Fabio Storm of Darkmoon SEBG837
213T8T26Cuzzoe Gillian of Pierremont GLMC834
213T8T8Abysaint Aednat of Pierremont GLAB834
215109Vannies Paws Spell Bound GLES833
216106Minin Siberian Magic NESB832
2171426Oakside's Code Blue of Pagatos/CF SERD822
2182527Ammycrystal Renge AARD816
219299Nudelook Enzo Vittorio of Bemisu SCSX806
22098Azwegie Azor Ahai of Honningkatt MPNF805
2213327Coonamor Seven Seasof Rhye NWMC804
222423Fantasy Four INSF796
223308Siblings Painted Lady SCOS794
224T1010Gatodouro Glad To Be Here EWSX772
224T4328Xiao Lao Hu INBG772
226263Ammycrystal Danjuro of Jykfield AAAS769
227311Bumblebe Next To A Miracle SCBI764
2284428Andrew Ma INRD758
2291011Piramide Elvira MPSX753
230112Alicats Charlemagne of Timez GLTH745
2313228Dawntreader Elizabeth Swan SCMC739
232T117Sterlingcatz Tawni Dior NESB737
232T4529Candy Love Oxymoron INMC737
2344629Jumpertw Longan Peril INBG736
2351530Silverstorm Ottos Legacy of Elysium SEBG732
23691Synergy Fafnir of Nudawnz MAOL730
2378Frenchquarter Lagniappe Surprise --MNL729
238272Milkymyus Chaco AAMK728
2391229Bellapalazzo Tabitha NERD727
240114Fairy 4 U Ruby ENAS721
241472Li Huzi INSCS718
242122Hoofsnpaws Trailer Park Boys JuliAnnENJB717
243131Mohan Rafiki Makmai of Primprau ENKT716
244284Fiorire Hime AACX715
24579Pampa Sumatra SAAB714
24681Reyegipcio Elvis SAKBL713
247149Alomi's Hairwerk ENPS711
248129Nerikha Monet of Chicago Snow GLOS708
24992Dal Vigay Dulcinea Del Tobosco SABI707
2504810Jin Shan Ice of Olega INES706
2511631Angelsiam Spellcaster of Sonoitas SWBG705
2521512Bayalamiss Andorra of Biccibonny ENSX699
253T4930Minos Thor INRD695
253T102Lunamorena Canela SABL695
2555016Ba La INBS688
256116Susens The Curl Rider MPSR686
257513Fantasy Miao's Enter INBI682
2585231Xiongxiong INRD672
259T1310Rulissa Into the Mystic GLAB665
259T163Purr-Star Solar Storm SEHI665
261534Bidiu INSF658
2621630Lapurrd Kylo Ren of Velsbechmann ENMC654
2635432Darlinlildol Gwen INRD653
264T5513Pi Pi INSX647
264T115Garden Rose Magic Rivendelle EWCX647
266172Catpal Feliks Focalin Fudge SEKBL644
267342Heavenlyhairles Lucille Balder NWPD643
2685617King INBS636
269122Flutterby Moonshadow EWSI631
270102Synergy Izar MAOL623
271353Stegra Melchizedek NWSI618
272291Little Romance's Piku AASG617
273365Ironforge Step A Side NWAS610
274333Angelbear Jesse James SCJB609
2753410Siblings Pop Tart SCOS605
2761318Astralcharm Harper Starlight EWBS602
277183Sacchidananda Snows Diamond2kill4 SEOL600
2789Pawcitys Vegas Lights --MNL593
279309Dorrymama Black Comet of Littlemew AANF589
2805733Maoclub Black Cotton INRD585
281374Chipmunk Northern Explorer NWSI582
2823814Fantcfur Flash Black From Phobie NWSX579
2835834Ragalong Haida Charm INRD578
2841331Marikoons Disco Lemonade NEMC577
285315Marimaki Gordon AATO576
2861432A-Kerr's Ima Marked One GLBG575
2875935Bajiang INRD574
2886033Jumpertw Lucky Olivia INBG572
2893210Dorrymama Aconite AANF571
290114Dal Vigay Quilotoa SABI568
2911211Orange Marmelad Georges SAAB563
2926119Chilli's Golden Elmer INBS561
2936212Abycastle Lyon INAB558
294393Prince Oliver Fox Demidoff NWSCS556
2953320Mountteine Queen Scent AABS554
296635Golden Knopka's Dior/WC INSF550
2976436Wanzi of Small Dimple INRD546
298192Nada Cowboys Kenya SELY544
299T65T1Rong Ding INMNT542
299T65T2Psepia Rento of Amysbowzi INSG542
301145Rex Runner's Channon/ID EWDR541
3024037William Grand Finale Azrag Bey NWRD539
303676Grantpinkbubble INDR538
3046838L'Clover Queen Oski of Elsa Ragd/CF INRD533
3056939Baby House Super Strong INRD531
306T171Skogbekken's Amahle ENSV529
306T3515Chiselled Mistery Torrey/WC SCSX529
3081434Traipse Sweet Surrender NEBG526
309706Hexagram Arno INAS525
3104121Silverbrook Guccio Gucci NWBS524
3111535Thunderrrpaws Ranger of Vskbengals GLBG520
312155Abicasa Babooshka/GC EWSI519
313T18T2Primprau's Agape Ama-no-Uzume ENKT518
313T18T13Des Cavalier Solar Energy of Marica ENAB518
315713Merrylong's Vegas INSFL517
316T140TMirumKitty Grace ESRD515
316T2040TUsapurrs Sunshine In My Pocket SERD515
3183416Bestshow*ru Yogurt AASX512
319T1736TTherealms Unica of Arkham SWBG503
319T7236TBengalblueook Mary of Abaoshouse INBG503
3211138Tailspin Romeo of Giannisbengal MABG502
322168Oberon Velikii Ohotnik GLSB500
3231232MTNest Foxy Lady MAMC498
3242042Lil'Magics Tobago ENRD496
3252Specialagent Shield --PB493
3264239Traipse Mari Macadamia NWBG491
327214Lai-An's Special Edition ENHI488
3283533Coonamor Layla of Popokilani AAMC484
3291217Moon Pet Jamaica/ID MPSX476
330223Misomali's Maggie May on Redpaws ENSO474
3314340Snopride Shes A Beauty NWBG473
332136Blakewood Eclair De Lune of Nudawnz MASI472
3334422Home&Hearth Ellie Lou Purr-kins NWBS471
3347318Sphynxkingdom Eva INSX470
3351314Pampa Loquito Por Ti of Aconcagua SAAB462
336T3641Exotiquebengals Razors Edge SCBG457
336T743Kai Xin INMK457
3383623Minamifuji Releve AABS456
3394534Woodpile Glorious NWMC453
340T233Heart & Soul's Venus LoveFromC ENBU447
340T7543Judy's Dolls Eddie of Catmqc INRD447
340T377Clowntown's Cajun Chaos of Siblings SCSI447
3433844Dolsragdolls Polo of Im4evrragdolls SCRD446
3447635Mini INMC445
345T214Songgwangsa Sweet Pawtato/CF SEJB444
345T163Bedazzlecats Rozlyn EWSRL444
347174Anixtar Ecstasy of Wonderfold GLSFL438
3481442Le Zampe Katze Dolce Cuore SABG436
3494643Traipse Minion Madness NWBG435
3504736Broadsway Nevadomismi of Mishikoonz NWMC433
351182Shortnaps Romeo of Pawcitys GLMNT432
3523711Avantgarde Charlie of Charlie TabuchAANF428
353T1712Forestfriend Firebird/GC EWNF424
353T2244Callista Tritan of Sunmoonbengals SEBG424
355397Txelfkatz Baby Blue SCDR423
3561924J'Yoshi Modus Vivendi/WC GLBS422
357183Karrklan Chip Off The Old Block SWOC420
358T141Magicbobs Double Vision MAABT418
358T7711CHPERSON hope INOS418
360488Devon Joi's Addicted To You NWDR416
361402Caliblu Texas Blue Bonnet SCRB415
362183Shanavazz Teddy Lupin EWLY409
363497Purrceptive Gis Asimi of Kitti Kat NWSR407
3643813Rain Rubber Soul AANF406
3651945Dollvilla Jigglypuff SWRD405
3662025Thistlevine Ethel of Fencroft GLBS403
3672411Zivago Del Falco D'oro ENES401
368419Winterbrook Ragnar The Red SCSB399
369783Fieldmoon Lavender/CF INRB397
370T1546IvyRoseRagdolls Lady Delilah NERD388
370T201Demi Zvezda Velesa SWDSK388
372T1647TPurrrealdolls Stella Rose NERD383
372T4247TAdorablerags Serendipity SCRD383
3743937Shonancats Allene AAMC382
3754026Mountteine Apollon AABS377
376T1327Starbeam The Big Money MPBS375
376T1549Abril Mia Primerisima SARD375
3782545Elizar Daiquiri ENBG369
3795010Hollowhills Rain Dance Maggie NWPS366
3807946Guanjingbengal Miki INBG364
381216Ongcat Winter Soldier GLSF362
382T80T50THermes INRD356
382T80T50TWillowtreerags Samurai INRD356
384T4152Farandoll James of Gentletime AARD351
384T1912Bolshevik Kolobok EWES351
3861753Echoglen Yena of Lavidaragdoll NERD349
3874214Dorrymama Oscar AANF347
3888228Yi Xiu INBS342
3892212Chicago Snow Mystique GLOS334
390831Peanut INHS332
391844Li Gege INSCS329
392T2647Ambadalis-Gala Marhaba ENBG327
392T2354American Hero Velykinadiyi SERD327
3941815Finnishlne Shannon NENF326
395T1955IvyRoseRagdolls Summer Rose NERD324
395T437Strawberry Baby Himekon AAAS324
3974448Medusa Sterling Silver Prestige AABG320
3982010Sayadaws Haymitch Abernathy Finnick EWSB315
399T8556Londondoll Robin INRD314
399T519Facehuggers Belleruth NWDR314