Estimated Standings by Breed - Selkirk Rex

Kittens (13)
Rank Name Region Score
1Shortncurly's You're Welcome SE5807
2Highlandkatz We Are Family SE5290
3Highlandkatz My Shot of Blueyonder SE5139
4Kitti Kat Chocokat SE3934
5Dinkidi You Know Nothing SE1980
6Chaldee Pumpkin Spice SE1344
7Pocketcharm Miss Moppet NE903
8Moonlake Oliver Twist SE619
9Felinecurly Lobster Bisque NW572
10Felinecurly Tornado of Dramatails NW329
11Catsycline Crazy 4 U of Dramatails NW276
12Moonlake Aurora SE127
13Charmedpurrfect Pandora SC115
Championship Cats (9)
Rank Name Region Score
1Shortncurly's Youre Welcome/CF SE8525
2Cheshirelady Urfin NW4274
3Dinkidi draganfly in amber SE2335
4Wavemakers Starchaser SE1485
5Wavemakers Coat with Many Colors SE1091
6Chaldee Smoke On The Water SE843
7Kitti Kat Infinity Stone MP314
8Atzelhof's Frozen Olaf of TrueCurls SE181
9Dramatails Fireman Sam NW155
Alters (5)
Rank Name Region Score
1Wavemakers Kingslayer of Dinkidi SE7859
2Wavemakers Breath Osnow and Ashes SE1567
3Dramatails Sonic The Hedgehog NW1474
4Wavemakers Starchaser SE1126
5Dramatails Like A Boss NW473