2018-2019 Kitten Standings: 1604-1803

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 22 13:40:47 2019.

RankKitten Standings: 1604-1803
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
1604T8848BasilicBlessing Light The Darkness GLSB674
1604T167192Fallen Leaves of Night And Eclipes ESMC674
16068418Zabava Volshebny Zver EWPD673
16072411Bobbisweet Rose AWAC671
1608T2422Qipretty Chanel AWAC670
1608T7858Betunes Babaloo SAES670
161016892Circle ESBS669
1611169193Cankats Davinci Code ESMC668
1612243175Meow Beauty AWRD667
1613T17035Shigaon Pepper ESSI666
1613T12920Imaginecattery Bon Jovi King Henry SCBL666
1615T11638Rexalot Purdy NWDR665
1615T8554Norskwood Cool For Cats EWNF665
1617T7917Vjmufasa Paun SABI664
1617T17549Zlatogorye Amara Of Lunnaya Dymka ENSB664
1617T2443Qipretty Burberry AWAC664
1617T12793Goldsunset McQueen AEBS664
1621T89T47Synergy Geronimo GLOS663
1621T24539Melly AWDR663
1621T89T176Elviasrdbabz Murphy of Castlereign GLRD663
1624T17618Templebar Celebrity at Fitzers ENBU662
1624T17150Onega de Sibermoscovita ESSB662
1624T10930Beauchador Perle Noire NEAS662
162713048Donald Perly Orientu/FI SCOS660
1628T128T10Portebonheur Ophidia AECX659
1628T128T11Petit-House Freesia AESG659
1628T128T177Appledolls Yakamoz AERD659
1631T72194TBroadsway Minerva of FancyThat MAMC658
1631T131T194TAmangroup Tiger of Onocoon AEMC658
1631T131T31Marsparadise Fururun AEAS658
1634T49178Snugglerags Holly Golightly SWRD657
1634T11027Rissa Mirror SESF657
1634T24678Caseybaby Cat Lollipop AWPS657
1637T91147A-Kerr's Witty Retort GLBG656
1637T177196Eto Belka RoxyCoon*RU of StarArk ENMC656
1637T17179Dreamtw Alexander INRD656
1640T11756Nightmist All Fired Up NWAB655
1640T17249Izzie Chrysolite ESOS655
1642T17840Twin Star Ulric ENDR654
1642T92180Pleasantdolls Duchess Clover GLRD654
1644T17359O Coco Loco D Eden Lover ESES653
1644T131181Charlie Blue of Giannas Dolls SCRD653
1646T8651TTruimph Vivalavita*RU EWSB652
1646T247T182TSimplelife Summer AWRD652
1646T179T51TCosmos Arkaim ENSB652
1646T11034Passion Noisette NECR652
1646T179T11Gloriyan l'Oreillard ENSCL652
1646T179T197Forest Beauty Junior ENMC652
1646T247T182TEmmy Mini of Catdingding AWRD652
1653T93184Chiffondolls Luana of Pleasantdo/CF GLRD651
1653T13329Dalbodre's Hana The First Flower AESFL651
1655T249185Precede.chen Tom AWRD650
1655T1855Azureblue Alpha INNF650
1657T9457Orlandove's Mark my Words GLAB649
1657T25094Mi Xian AWBS649
1659T132198The Tiptop Maine Lanchelot SCMC648
1659T111186Bellapalazzo Wyatt NERD648
1661T8018Snow Hand Galileo SABI647
1661T13395Rejinald Blue Vincent SCBS647
1661T251199Monsterpark Kamila AWMC647
1664T1349Sandypoints Lizzy Lynx SCTH646
1664T174148Pannoniabengal Kamillo ESBG646
1664T81200TArgencoon Leo SAMC646
1664T50200TMousseecoons Anigan MPMC646
1668T118149Snopride Asianstar NWBG643
1668T25250Fred Blueberry AWOS643
1670T1352Bluebonnet S Sweet Magnolia SCMNT642
1670T11979Missionhill Celestial Awakening NWPS642
1670T1117Havacat Maltdonna Meltdown SEHB642
1673T11228Rissa Miror of Eliza SESF641
1673T13460Rirunariruna Uta AEES641
1673T182202Katahdinpines Dahlia ENMC641
1676T73150Jungletime Ring My Bell MABG637
1676T18358Fillory Aquaman Night Hunter ENAB637
1678T175T51Beautifulstars Polaris ESOS636
1678T184151TBengamin Koks ENBG636
1678T175T19Bosphore Oscar ESBI636
1678T136151TAltamirano Pancer SCBG636
1678T135151TMinamifuji Monet Heart AEBG636
168325396Dali AWBS635
168425459Simba&nana JCW Clubman AWAB634
1685T112203Dotcom Ferrous of Shacoon NEMC633
1685T956Halima Vanir GLTV633
1687T13778Distinct Paws For Effect SCSX631
1687T18520Myrabirmans Viktor ENBI631
1687T136154Gemirror Tomoni Mani AEBG631
1690T255187Black Mamba Edwin AWRD630
1690T9641Great Elf Mars of Prairieheart GLDR630
1692T177188Ragville Lucas ESRD627
1692T12052Azorez Scheherazade of Meili NWOS627
1694T11353Xavi Siberian Magic NESB626
1694T13712Chatoublie Big Foot AESO626
1694T17879Black Pearls Oriana ESSX626
1694T18642Iskra's From Russia With Love ENDR626
1698179204Felis Felicis Bartimaeus ESMC625
1699T180189TRagville Lovelynn ESRD623
1699T51189TAppledolls Shalom of Furreal MPRD623
1701T18710MagiaVostoka Buffon ENTH622
1701T138191Blossom Princess Sugarplum SCRD622
1703188192Hovicastle Lil Duke ENRD620
1704T25680Ikemen AWSX619
1704T139193Bluerags Leopolds Blue Rose Tango SCRD619
1706T140T194Usapurrs Smokey Mountain Bear SCRD618
1706T140T21Starghatts Pandoras Box SCBI618
1706T12180Hoaloha Sweet Elly May NWPS618
1709T18917N'Tilli Uilli Alwinbest ENRB617
1709T25732Didi AWAS617
1709T82205Hataricoon Ladykiller SAMC617
1712T181T206TRonan Maccabi ESMC616
1712T181T206TOmkara Annie Oakley II ESMC616
1712T25881Mi'Ao Reach-The-Top AWPS616
1715T52195Usapurrs Jacque of Adorabledolls MPRD615
1715T14253Siblings Tigerlily SCOS615
1717T259T208Seasons In The Sun AWMC614
1717T259T61Duo Mi AWES614
1719T26197TWhite AWBS613
1719T9710Synergy Masha GLOL613
1719T138T97TMontesole Toma AEBS613
1719T50196Honeysweet Wild Bluebell SWRD613
1719T138T56Herbalmeow Lily Casa Blanca AENF613
17245313Star Northwest Blizzard MPTA612
1725113209Hopecats Smokey Robinson SEMC611
172611433Rainbowhouse Tommy Chocolate NEAS610
1727T5482Tahoe Blue of Mywish MPPS606
1727T12219Dramatails Princess Mononoke NWSR606
1729183210Monorcoon's Double Trouble Rhett ButESMC605
1730T8799Kolinga Aemon EWBS604
1730T26262Mo Cha AWES604
1730T19083Haendel's Rapunzel ENPS604
1733T18436Shigaon Prudens ESSI603
1733T115211Marikoons Red Barchetta NEMC603
1733T88100TLoret Koliber*PL EWBS603
1733T83100TLuna Morena Gold Dream SABS603
173726363Qian Qian Cat Xiaopi AWES602
1738264212Yomiscat Caicai AWMC600
1739T8434Covercats Once Upon A Time SAAS599
1739T143155Heavnsntbengals Artemis SCBG599
1741T265156TMarlon of Chrisbengals AWBG597
1741T123197Ragalong My Fair Blue Lady NWRD597
1741T191156TMaisonleopard Donna ENBG597
1744T266T81Lingchongge Sango AWSX592
1744T266T198Saga AWRD592
1744T14464Marigolds Madam Mim SCES592
1744T192T2Agirs Hus BC Ppreben ENLP592
1744T192T54Guliver Dominori*BY ENOS592
1744T185T102Francesca Gabriel Blue Breeze ESBS592
1744T185T213Felis Felicis Blackberry ESMC592
1751T1402147storm Cirrus Streak AEMC591
1751T26810Meow Dainty Peppermint AWMK591
1751T116103Emeraldy Narnia NEBS591
175418784De Shiraz Tro ESPS590
1755T11411Autumsun Agave Blue SEOL589
1755T269104Hulumaowu Xiaozhu AWBS589
1757T18822Opeanuoli Sateileva des Neiges SacreESBI588
1757T11729Marble Sky Dora the Explorer NESF588
1757T74158Graffitispotbg Arka Arcadius MABG588
1760T19435Biankara's Chantilly of Wavysilk ENCR587
1760T124T215Bigrivercoon Beau of Cozycoons NWMC587
1760T189199Blueeyesangels Gandalf The Blue ESRD587
1760T124T20FelineCurly Otis NWSR587
1764T270T159Bossbengalcat Bumblebee AWBG586
1764T89105Alimur's Fergus EWBS586
1764T12619Heavenlyhairles Maggy May NWPD586
1764T141200First Love Gelma AERD586
1764T270T82Fifteen Cattery Sixteen AWSX586
176914230Dalbodre's Ogong In The Dragon Ball AESF585
177019216MCGarden Ed INMC583
17715114Kitti Kat Lapis Lazuli SWSRL582
1772T90217Kizzacoons Lady Everest EWMC580
1772T14515Frenchquarter Purrl SCMNL580
1774T98218Mainemarie My T Traveler of Bigluv GLMC579
1774T9131Alicia Leila Silvermist EWSF579
1774T52106Catskingdomusa Polly SWBS579
1774T190201Neolya Mononoke de L'Ulyssiade ESRD579
1778T19183Nudelook Donatella ESSX578
1778T9914Candcsavannah Clyde GLSV578
178012754Basilicblessing Skyla of Shadedsky NWSB576
1781T5512Singville Kailing MPSG575
1781T128202Rawhiderags Take A Back Road NWRD575
1781T92107Jococa Tommy Zoom EWBS575
1781T19555Frostnights Kiss Of The Vampire ENOS575
1785T146T203TUsapurrs Apolo SCRD574
1785T272T13Tajhara Stiletto Heels AWSO574
1785T272T108Longlong Cat King AWBS574
1785T192203TDiamond Dolls Nicholas ESRD574
1785T146T85Melody Adonis SCPS574
1790T11535Willowblue Private Mollie Bean 47NC SEAS573
1790T11855Krasnivalentin Vivalavita NESB573
1790T8586Lynx Lili Rose SAPS573
1793T19619TheWildangel Murr.Purr.Ka ENBU572
1793T8636Betunes Felicia of Lucas Cattery SAAS572
1793T53160Akerrs Maequez of Arkham SWBG572
1796T19365Zephyr Mechta*RU ESES570
1796T100219Carolinameows Audi GLMC570
1798T274T109TUncle Beverly's Erbao AWBS569
1798T9356Lexsam Soul Seeker EWOS569
1798T274T109TCaseybaby Cat Flaky Clouds AWBS569
1801T101161TVskbengals Cupids Wildfire GLBG564
1801T54161TCoolspots Boy SWBG564
1803T129205Lapdolls Abby NWRD563
1803T14810Coloradopixies Tucker SCPB563
1803T11614Hylanderclan Dixie Belle SETA563
1803T5556Hovard Alpha Umi Stars SWSB563