Estimated Standings by Breed - Selkirk Rex

Kittens (20)
Rank Name Region Score
1Dramatails Smoke on the Water NW6290
2Kitti Kat Terra Infinita MP5503
3Nite Wind Silver Lady/CF SE5114
4Doudou Pomponnette Rose AE3996
5Wavemakers Kingslayer SE1805
6Wavemakers Coat of Many Colors SE1630
7Dramatails Mama Mia Here Wego Again NW1569
8Dramatails Shawshank Redemption NW1420
9Kitti Kat Peggy Sue SW1172
10Kitti Kat Thunder Struck of McCurls MP1162
11Pocketcharm Carson of LawntonStMews MA1045
12Highlandkatz Moody Blues GL976
13Dramatails Spy Who Dumped Me NW863
14Dramatails Ladybird SC821
15Dramatails Lion King NW802
16FelineCurly Clementine NW772
17Pocketcharm Welo Opal of Kitti Kat MP740
18Countrycats Jack Black SC725
19Dramatails Princess Mononoke NW606
20FelineCurly Otis NW587
Championship Cats (14)
Rank Name Region Score
1Alcyone TTT Baloo AE5552
2Pocketcharm Welo Opal of Kitti Kat MP2504
3Wavemakers Coat With Many Colors SE2296
4Cheshirelady Urfin NW1815
5Curlyflats Domino of Felinecurly NW1738
6Susens The Curl Rider MP1438
7Highlandkatz Shaken Not Stirred SE1117
8Kitti Kat Terra Infinita MP1079
9Highlandkatz Ottopilot MA876
10Purrceptive Gis Asimi of Kitti Kat MP550
11Dramatails Shawshank Redemption NW464
12Sofa Tigers Michigan of Tzari EN280
13Danae Curly Parade AE256
14Felinecurly Clementine NW126
Alters (17)
Rank Name Region Score
1Kitti Kat Patrick McGregor SW9000
2Dramatails Goodbye Girl of Zoomies SC8654
3Wavemakers Kingslayer SE7237
4Susens Help Me Rhonda MP3624
5Pocketcharm Carson of LawntonStMews MA3168
6Dramatails Magic Mike NW1661
7Dramatails Spy Who Dumped Me NW1607
8Felinecurly Jack Frost NW1239
9Azureblue Cendrillon of Alcyone AE1142
10Lovealot Rigatone Al Pomodoro ES995
11Alcyone Lili AE890
12Doudou Hotaru AE839
13Dramatails Mama Mia Here Wego Again NW807
14Doudou Mone AE537
15Highlandkatz Moody Blues GL485
16Arktos Darcy EW482
17Highlandkatz Mississippi Belle NE450