Estimated Standings by Breed - American Curl

Kittens (4)
Rank Name Region Score
1Bobbisweet Rose AW671
2Qipretty Chanel AW670
3Qipretty Burberry AW664
4Aasgard Son Oh Gong SA328
Championship Cats (8)
Rank Name Region Score
1Americurlzz Catchew O Liberty SE5729
2Bobbisweet Omelet AW4362
3Udar Shoot Out At Okurl Corral/CF AW2246
4Waffle of Lazycats AW1463
5Elf AW908
6Millions Love Mengmeng AW591
7Millions Love A Bao AW263
8Millions Love Little Black AW126
Alters (4)
Rank Name Region Score
1Primecurl TouchofLove EN6543
2Baby Joy Boris EN2826
3Dbcats Sheer Bliss of Kinbato SW748
4Udar Daisy Bucurlan of Preciouscurl MP122