2018-2019 Championship Cat Standings: 1201-1399

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 22 13:40:47 2019.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1201-1399
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
120194140Clabacoon Bella Italia of QueretakunSCMC964
1202T121T12Siamotal Hot Summer Ham ESPD963
1202T58141Leonais Uther Pendragon EWMC963
1202T121T45Beaver Bobcats Amadeus ESNF963
1205858Lavenders Hometown Glory NWMNL960
1206T93142TCarolinameows Polka Dot Pattie SEMC959
1206T135142TYuna Hobby Cat's Red Taiger AEMC959
1206T7640Serenacat Sunshine Africa NEAB959
1209136144Gakincho Axl of Catsroses AEMC955
121015825Meimiaowu Kevin AWDR954
121112990Silvertrace Madonna of Thar ENBG953
121213095Dante Lichibast ENBS952
1213T123142Mirumkitty Barbie Girl ESRD949
1213T15941Fagu Xiaomi AWAB949
1213T13111Xmas Star Coonberg ENTA949
1213T7742Xabella Siberian Magic NESB949
121713710Milkymyus Candy AEMK946
121816045Mo Ka AWSX943
1219T124143Mirumkitty Lucky Luke ESRD941
1219T785Havacat Harry Potter of Saphira NEHB941
1219T9410Rissa Cica SESCL941
1222T138145TGakincho Celine of Catsroses AEMC939
1222T161145TMiragecoon Silver Lining AWMC939
1224866Raksha Viennese Waltz of Stegra NWOL938
1225125144Afroditedolls Kylie ESRD937
1226T9513TFluffy Grace Elias SESF935
1226T13291Leopardcats Marshmallow ENBG935
1226T13913TDelicious Ikura AESF935
122916242Orlandove Opale AWAB934
1230T1637Luckysunflower Lion AWBL932
1230T12626USA* Meikai's The American Dream ESDR932
1232T16427Moon of Yym's Dolls AWDR931
1232T9646Gobsgobblins Akasha of Shelgren SESX931
1234127147Amayalynx Thor of Newenglandcoons ESMC930
1235165145Lollipopdoll Naya of ParadiseEyes AWRD929
1236597Synergy Vodynoy GLOL927
1237T87T96TMoonstruck Brylantowa Elita of McSmiNWBS926
1237T133148Larkistaff Fandorin ENMC926
1237T5996TCeltic Mist Uxellimus EWBS926
1237T87T96TAlimur's Destiny NWBS926
124113492Berlingold Casino Royale ENBG922
1242T13546Forelsket Dali ENNF918
1242T578Neonella Alexa Silvertales SABL918
1242T95146TBluerags Leopolds Blue Sonata SCRD918
1242T166146TAlinasdolls Lavender AWRD918
1242T1286Yunamari Admiral ESKBL918
1247T54T99SilverCharm Wakanda Forever MABS917
1247T54T47Merloni Silver Bell MASX917
12491679Maruco AWMNL915
12505870Sweet Moom Mustache Of Sheron Cats SAPS914
1251T129T28Mariposa Bianca ESDR913
1251T129T48RO*Forever Naked Dolo ESSX913
12536043Pierremont Kicking Up Dust GLAB911
1254T168T93Kingbengalcat Sovereignn of Bengal7 AWBG908
1254T168T5Elf AWAC908
1254T568Kattalyst Seduction MAOL908
1257T9671Garnicats Laganja Estranja SCPS905
1257T892Faerietail Kozmic Blues Larimar NWMX905
1257T131100Evening Star Indiana ESBS905
1260T17094Abaoshouse Lord of Wcaznbengal AWBG904
1260T976Oberlin Lady Lennon Rustica SCHB904
1260T132101Noun House Haidely ESBS904
1263T393Mistysprings Badabing! SWMX902
1263T14057Me Home Sasha AEES902
1265T13358Maradan Bizcocho of Villamor ESES901
1265T5795Jungletrax Essential Elements MABG901
1267T18148Usapurrs Yankee Doodle Boy INRD900
1267T9072pine Ridge They Call Me Mister NWPS900
1269T5926Betunes Nutrella SAAS898
1269T98149Adorabledolls Jubilee of Holmestead SCRD898
127117112Benoma Youre A Diamond of Amthyst AWHI897
127213444Orisha du Vianey ESAB896
1273T17245Mocca AWAB894
1273T135T150TLa Piazzeta Benedetto ESRD894
1273T136149Vostorg's Chester Simply The Best ENMC894
1273T135T47RO*Phoenix's Cats Haralda ESNF894
1273T40150TRockcreek Artemis of Im4evrdolls SWRD894
1278T13715Lukor Fold Hurmoon ESSF892
1278T19102Embery Royce INBS892
1278T14148Tout Ecrin Eudia Yuko AENF892
1278T41150Suncoon Sara Bell of Coons'kin SWMC892
128213749Baby Joy Sonya ENSX891
12836013Vikers Cream Caramel SAHI890
1284T9150Destynys Louie Louie of Skinisin NWSX889
1284T142152Reddoor Fukumaru of Clair AERD889
1286T13896Octopussy des Griffes De Feu ESBG887
1286T143151Bacchus Mimosa AEMC887
1286T3473Toy Tricksy Lilybelle of Chanteuse MPPS887
12896151Lestrange Sally SASX886
1290T7929Devonity Cersei NEDR885
1290T17327Cola AWAS885
12929943Caroline Snow White Angels SCSB884
1293582Metastar Daizy MABGL883
129492103Alimur's Bengley NWBS882
1295T13916Tarua Balu ESSF881
1295T62T152Roccoon Apolo SAMC881
1295T62T13Kazuki Anikachi*Es SAPD881
12989749Featherland Martin of Andredie SENF880
1299T6497Bingolain Ojina SABG879
1299T8018Rex Graceful Violet of Reikirex NECR879
130114421Teruminblue Fuu AERB878
1302T98153TMy Butterfly Kalypso SERD877
1302T174T153TMeow Sugar AWRD877
1302T5924Glor-ee Rosalie MASI877
1302T174T22Vert Doflamingo of Masayume AWRB877
1306T176104Nearcats Aiden AWBS876
1306T13898Minileo Bulbasaur ENBG876
1306T609Highlandkatz Ottopilot MASR876
13096559DeAbaete Mira SAES875
1310T145153Shonancats Ryokichi of Minamifuji AEMC874
1310T13910Rumfold Such A Flirt Shu-Ko ENSFL874
1312T146154Canalcoon Christfle of Cawaiicat AEMC872
1312T14012Regina Orobie Diva's ENBA872
13143552Dare2bnaked Hollywood Moovie Night MPSX871
1315177155Lucifer AWRD867
1316141155WildCat Gira ENMC865
1317T6111Chase of Dreams Luka GLSCL863
1317T178156Blueice Sunny AWRD863
131917928Lucky Car of Xiaoxiao AWAS862
1320T997Livinglegend Miss Furrah Pawsett SEPBL861
1320T18030Baltic Elf Smile Kim of Birdkitten AWDR861
132214012Vizerion Hilton ESSCL860
13231416Nais des Moulins De Busset ESBI858
13241427Elsa Supreme Bobs Team ENKBL857
13256099Authenticats Platinum Night Voyager EWBG855
1326T142T53Nostalgie Peter ESSX854
1326T142T74Nikolato Blue Sensation ESPS854
1326T181156Yomiscat Nikita AWMC854
132910044Bolshoi Czar SCSB853
1330T144157Wanderduene Ibiza ESRD852
1330T18260Stardust AWES852
1332T1433Arohanui BC Muddy Cup Cake of MadelaENLP851
1332T666Reinodesiam Juncal SATH851
1334T3615Singville Princess Cirilla MPSG848
1334T183105Piaget's Keaiduo AWBS848
13366761Betunes Kaique SAES847
133718414J&K Him Yu Yu AWHI845
1338147158Farandoll Hana Komachi AERD844
1339185106Piaget's Guo Guo AWBS839
1340T148159Farymoon Hana AERD837
1340T423Mysticamist Narnia SWAUM837
1340T10131Amidala of Fifth Element/WC SCDR837
1340T1458Russpixi Beauty ESPBL837
13449340Blimoor Evangeline of Toreador NWOS836
1345146100VomKristallberg Empire ESBG835
1346T374Kiwendo Chewbacca of Elevated MPTO833
1346T149107Mountteine September Sky AEBS833
1346T10245Cica Radagast The Brown of Berstuk SCSB833
1346T62101Starkittie Galileo of Tinyleopards GLBG833
1350T14411Hollywood Star Sotas ENSFL832
1350T635Wonderfold A Girls Best Friend GLSCS832
1352T103102Lagallerie Ice Ice Mocha SCBG831
1352T14750IT*Riverdance Brianna Titiana ESNF831
1354148103Chicmystik Cayenne ESBG829
1355T186160Soulmates Bai Juiyi of Meow AWRD827
1355T6815Maktub Jon Snow SAHI827
13571499Miss Lulya of British Harmony ESBL823
1358T10454Beeblebrox Khaleesi of Devata SCSX822
1358T1507Jantine du Menne-Val ESBI822
1360T145T23N Tilli Uilli Alwinbest ENRB821
1360T15175BabyBest Cat Too Shy ESPS821
1360T145T7ThaiBlueAngels Fiona ENTH821
13636955Baby Joy Darya of Recanto SASX820
1364T9425Showfur Anna Karena NWSI819
1364T15262Lusi Maor Little Prince ESES819
136681161Marlcreek Jordan NERD818
1367T18763Niu Niu Ex Xiao San of Bella Baby AWES816
1367T15351Otti's Parma ESNF816
136918846Des Cavalier Danny Boon AWAB815
1370189108Simple Time Charles AWBS814
137114747Asili's Gwendolyn ENAB812
1372T15432Whisky Gaspari Catline of Purrsquad ESDR811
1372T645Shortnaps Romeo of Pawcitys GLMNT811
1372T14864Sajoma's Balou ENES811
1375T613Nuchnoppakao JaoYing of Ashknoll MAKM810
1375T190104Chocolate AWBG810
1377T15548Desmadinina Melle Magouille of Des EESAB809
1377T38157Ttcats Treasure MPMC809
1379T9565Mysstimitts Klaxon of Hollowhills NWES808
1379T10546Charodey Cinderella SCSB808
1381T15652Gallifrey's Gus Grimly ESNF807
1381T19133Dar Bogov Billion Kisses AWDR807
13836229Willowblue Bijou MAAS806
1384T157T56Sphynxantiquus Iskra ESSX804
1384T157T105TMio.Dollar.Baby Atta ESBG804
1384T192105TBatifoleurs Maserati AWBG804
1387T14912Luxurykissa Bugatti Veyron ENSFL799
1387T19349Fa Gu A Lu AWAB799
1387T15924Russicatblue Silver Rose ESRB799
1390T10650Elamante Acura SCAB798
1390T15025Supersmile Petite Praline AERB798
1392T151162Helichrysum Naomi AERD797
1392T70158Deabaete Ivi SAMC797
139419457Tiger AWSX794
13956314Iconickatz Captain Marvel MABU792
1396617Migatobonito Toe-Bee EWMCP791
139796109Silverbrook Wonder Girl NWBS788
139815253Hummingcat Tamyu of Newslabel AENF787
1399T434Dreamtime Bambaroo of Ozkats SWAUM784
1399T195163Bluegrasrags Lisa of Elvira AWRD784