2015-2016 Kitten Standings: 1-200

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Tue Jun 7 11:47:01 2016.

RankKitten Standings: 1-200
Int'l Regn Breed Name Rgn Breed Score
111Cullykhan Solitaire EWPS7666
211Lukor-Fold Wow NLO ENSF7644
312Cuzzoe You Better Work SEPS7532
413Dclass Dreams Came True SAPS7509
524Star Olympus Anas Mai SAPS7495
611Fencroft Hannah Fiona GLBS7412
711Sangha Shasta of Bewitched MPNF7329
811Jungletrax Justified Prestige MABG7210
921MTNest Fujiyama MAMC7152
10T2T2TMTNest Sebastien of Smith Avenue GLMC7130
10T2T2TChemicoons Kelvin of Mainebits GLMC7130
1212Traipse Around With Sasquatch NWBG7072
1321Pointocurl Alexey Leonov ENACL7059
1421Radiance Rumour Has It of Samphire NWOS7048
1524Harmonia Sky Beyrouth EWMC6983
16T31Inverness Tsunami Peaks ENAS6924
16T31Amisti Antonio Vivaldi EWKBL6924
1811Purrsia Pas Dedeux SWPD6918
1942Richson Jellys Last Jam GLAS6917
2021Mystic Melody Jojo SESB6877
2135Cuzzoe Greer Of Coonificent SEMC6809
2246Carolinameows Dragon Fire SEMC6804
2311Alistsavannahs Midnight Jas NESV6781
2457Cloistercoon Graymoor of Royallions SEMC6771
2518MTNest Lafayette of Madinina ESMC6767
2641Sunnanordica Yngwi ENRB6763
2769Carolinameows Island Voodoo Doll SEMC6762
2825Sontse Travis of Ahura SWPS6746
2943Carocats Luciano of Mowgleaves EWAS6729
3031Ashlin Zots Powder Puff Girl NWES6728
3111Elamante Namah of Kikiandco SCAB6723
323Ilendri Gunnedoo --BG6721
33310MTNest Rags to Britches MAMC6711
3431Snugglerags Midnight Cowboy SWRD6687
3572K-La Trubrit Travis of Katzablanka SEBS6681
3622Flutterby Eliza Doolittle SCOS6674
3753Synergy Chekov GLOS6655
3852Musrafy Goldstream EWSB6643
3952Ariokkierags Craigh Na Dun ENRD6624
4032Azwegie Blue Bayou SCNF6610
4121Melody's Louna ESHI6567
4231Rio Twisted Dream of Madawaska ESCR6527
4342Purrsia Voulez Vous SWPD6514
4481Facehuggers Drunken Lullabies SEDR6507
4541Wildfx Seekin Stardom MATG6480
46911Cuzzoe Griffin SEMC6476
4732Pampa Loquito por Ti of Aconcagua SAAB6451
4813Mountteine Ryusei AABS6434
49212Coonamor Candy O of Windwalker MPMC6403
5031Graymark Lionheart MPBU6375
51213Dracoonfly Rio Grande King NEMC6344
5264Amazongold Gere ENBG6338
5346Cullykhan Drop Dead Diva ESPS6334
54107Riverbin Talula SEPS6329
5563Rulissa Tsunami of Briarvalley GLAB6280
5648Wasillia Sweet Melody NWPS6266
5759Chamourais Largo ESPS6258
58414LAPD Drogon of Deep South SCMC6253
5943Loveybug Corbin of Adorabledolls MPRD6218
6033Sweetwood Apollo NENF6214
61111Wyndchymes Zipline SEJB6213
62615Ishcus Street Cry EWMC6211
6374PL*Nordrasill Yoe ENNF6194
6452Securitazz Lizbeth of Katsnklamms SCBU6187
65T125Jungletrax Chase N The Dream of WFB SEBG6184
65T71Rumfold Woolen Mitten of Noracoon EWSFL6184
6744Aradia Karma Infused Juju NEAB6176
6864Magicmoments Oscar ESBS6171
6955Nightmist Rogue of Fraservalley NWAB6170
7025Dorrymama Chouchoute of Littlemew AANF6151
71T32Leostar Rex AAES6135
71T516DCFD Hunka Hunka Burning Love MAMC6135
7383Mittelmeijer Taras ENSB6120
7464Hojpoj Chloe of Radiance SCOS6113
75131Tilsim Dan Elektra SESO6107
7654Schooner's Sailor Moon SWAS6104
7794Siempreamar Manoah ENRD6101
7881Dramatails Secret of Boucles EWSRL6090
791417Cuzzoe Akio SEMC6089
80153Instapurr Red Alert SEES6086
8176Spice Lemon Grass ESBG6077
821610Igenisis Take My Breath Away SEPS6073
8345Dolcemadre Temeraire of Lynfield AARD6051
84T52Starchild Mimosa AARB6049
84T65Silvercharm Bold As Love MABS6049
86104Black Pearl Candy Barberry ENES6044
8771Markissa Voltage of Emmers GLSCS6021
88618Williamina Sundance of Tingara AAMC6016
891711Igenisis O Hot Dam This Is My Jam SEPS5983
90182Purr-Star Space Odyssey SEHI5935
911119Gangstercat Hercule Poirot ENMC5920
9271Minusdetails Painted Angel SCCY5910
9381Kayserai Pinar SCTV5900
941220Mainelynx Gwenelda ENMC5890
9595Synergy You Gotta Move of Minghou SCOS5887
96612Windyvalley's Luminate of Pkays/CF SWPS5885
9756Mcinkats Melody Road MPOS5872
9871Tonkville Azlyn SWTO5869
9981Da Bruddahs Littlesis of Velpaws SWSI5867
10067Galensis Jazz B Magic of Snopride NWBG5860
101196Roni Dumny Kot of Eowyn SENF5856
10271Sugarbones Cortez of Destynys MASX5845
10392Rexplus Better For Business SWCR5840
104201Highlandkatz Jackson of Blueyonder SESR5833
105T6Elamante Amun Ra of Fearghas --AB5832
105T211Thatsthepoint Kita Wheres Waldo SEJBL5832
10777Proud Lovely Ichigo AANF5829
10882Destynys This Bears Repeating MASX5801
10981Midnite Moon Rebel Circus GLOC5789
11096Keepurrs Mick GLRD5782
11175Ashlin Zots Little Daddy NWES5773
11292Flutterby Tabitha Truly EWSI5756
11351Singalegance Noor NESG5743
11481Balimoor Little Belles Nightshadow NWBA5739
11587DesEntreChats Louis XIV ESAB5731
11668Windyridge No Boundaries NEBG5729
117102Halima Loukoumi of Rockinashi GLTV5719
11885Nekomori King AAAS5713
11992Stanrex Topaz of Archcoongel ESDR5711
12073Facehuggers Daenerys of Devonity NEDR5700
121103Kayserai Rahmi SCTV5696
12287Brightstone Shaimus Darius O Daire NERD5686
12398Dorrymama Blue Berry AANF5684
1241121Chemicoons Flash Point GLMC5682
12568Pampa Bellatrix of Chanteuse MPAB5669
126131Egyptsila Osiris Sun Ray ENEM5668
127101Sweetlife Zara of Taillefontaine ESBO5648
1281113Chamourais LaBelleHistoire ESPS5635
129T148Diamond Dolls Amazon of Adollrags ENRD5625
129T93Destynys Take a Chance On Me MASX5625
131109Angeliqdoll Kurumi AARD5612
13274Scantily Clad N Slightly Scandalous MPSX5608
133101Migatobonito Pfunky Feet EWMCP5595
134111Oberlin Baby Ruth SCHB5585
135119Miagola Ritmo Madrigale AANF5583
13696Bayview Zots Brightroar of Valyria NWES5572
137151Geraylar Adil Geray ENTA5568
138T1214Cuzzoe Stardust of Karissimakat GLPS5560
138T1210Cajunragdolls Joie de Vivre SCRD5560
14099Windyridge Mocha NEBG5542
141106Beauchador Pygargue NEAS5538
142222Sazikatz Princess Ariel of Luvpurrs SETO5521
1431022Whatatrill BB Cody of Cozycoons NWMC5516
144126Kittykatkids Nalani Malea ESBS5513
1451323Cascademtn Lord Baxter Rumbelow SCMC5507
1461111Ragalong Cloud 10 NWRD5483
147132Rachidian Smoke N Toke of Hashtag GLSR5476
148232Highlandkatz Son of a Gambling Man SESRL5472
149142Havacat KC Forever Royal of Oberlin SCHB5458
1501012Snugglerags Classic Haydn SWRD5453
1517Briolma Hello Mister Pickles --BS5439
1522413UsaPurrs Stars N Stripes Forever SERD5422
153111Dina Parel EWBL5410
154113Da Bruddahs Selina Kyle of Enpointe SWSI5402
1551210Laulea Paige AABG5395
1561614Lovelystory Mon Amour ENRD5392
157T122Owhl Bet I'm Better of Folders NWSF5387
157T82Cozmecats White Diamond MPTA5387
1591324Amayalynx Common Sense ESMC5377
1601515Cajunragdolls Chief Crazy Horse SCRD5375
161142Ginchika Wild Thang GLJB5360
162133Starchild Draco AARB5354
163114Sterlingcatz Alamar NESB5352
164133Rexplus New in Business of Samphire NWCR5346
165155Basilic Blessing Oliver GLSB5339
1661611Batifoleurs Amadeus of Aloracats SCBG5331
1671415Wallycats Chibbs NWPS5321
168142Psepia Non No AASG5318
169172Hurma Cobalt ENSFL5316
170149Pampa Moulinrouge of LaDifference ESAB5252
1711512Bengalflats Over The Moon NWBG5244
172151Bluetreasure Lize AACX5227
173167Ironforge Firelight of Fantcfur NWAS5222
174168Nekomori Naval AAAS5212
1751710Herbalmeow Blue Blood AANF5172
1761216Chatd'Or Alicia NEPS5170
177183Doudou Muguet Bonheur AASR5166
1782525Sassietat Hi Ho Silver Dude SEMC5160
179186Nevaslegend Keks ENSB5158
180172Nightrox Cafe Au Lait NWSO5157
181267Luna Hans Zarkov SESB5154
182174Mariposa Illyana Magik of Comix/ID SCDR5152
183273Gilvtales It Takes A Village SEHI5145
184T410Pampa Aconcagua of Katanga SAAB5122
184T1911Fantarja Princess Sissi AANF5122
186163Owhl Elliot GLSFL5114
187123Curlysue Tarkan of Boucles EWSRL5110
1881826Woodpile Fire When Ready NWMC5104
1891211Tajhara Night In Tunisia SWAB5100
1901012Belisama Set Fire To The Rain MAAB5084
191135Facehuggers Kal Drogo of Devonity NEDR5062
1924Synergy Wild Horses --SI5046
193149Beauchador Black Velvet NEAS5009
194517Lynx Odin SAPS5000
1952013Medusa Silver Bomaye AABG4933
1962127Chatile Miyako AAMC4920
1972216Dolcemadre Herend AARD4909
1981928Unicum Just Blue of Coonamor NWMC4889
1991113Aradia Lamborghini Veneno MAAB4882
2002817Omalley Ddolls Asher of Rags2Riches SERD4881