2014-2015 Kitten Standings: 1-200

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankKitten Standings: 1-200
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
11Whozz Scooter of A'tien ES7623
21Furreal Reina Star RD7452
31Talisker A Touch O Frost RB7319
41Destynys Mata Hari SX7258
51MTNest Harry Potter MC7241
61Jungletrax Abiding Ovation BG7211
72LAPD Sniper MC7166
81Pookie Million Reasons*PL of Sezmoi BS7112
91DK Korzhik's Belinda Reus of Amisti KBL7079
103MTNest Le Petit Prince MC7072
114Eden Romantica Olimpian MC7027
125Versus Takara of Cuzzoe MC7010
131Cuzzoe Fly Me To The Moon PS6997
14T6Mainesuspect Tatoosh of Cascademtn MC6990
14T2Keepurrs Kodiac RD6990
161Ironforge Burning Down The House AS6945
171Miomio Halva SFL6942
181Synergy Spica of Kattalyst OL6907
192Cullykhan Anya PS6900
202Richson Rafiella AS6888
212Amisti Unawatuna KBL6886
227MTNest Soichiro MC6873
232Mahadevishakti July SX6858
242Sunspirit Armanis Kiss from Heaven ES6843
253Snugglerags Breakfast At Tiffanys RD6836
261Hojpoj Busy Being Fabulous OS6809
271Joylicoeur De Luxe CR6801
282Amazongold Cameron BG6798
298Whatatrill California Chrome MC6787
301Purrsia Mousse Au Chocolat PD6775
313Marvonack Sweet Reason ES6760
322Royalbrits Furr Real BS6740
332Chipmunk Smiley Two OS6739
342Lukor-Fold Shambhala SFL6680
351Krainyasgardu Fringe NF6671
369MTNest Sam Houston of Sukhotai MC6648
374Ragnificentdoll Axelent of Dsjewels RD6622
383Prinz Alberto of Catleroy BS6617
393Yvarie Jubel of Chamourais PS6615
403Moulinrouge Jumanji of Batifoleurs BG6564
414Chieko's Day Dream PS6539
421Nfusion Black Orchid BO6481
431Elamante Ananda of Kikiandco AB6461
443Ranchcats Callie of Saroko OS6408
455Siempre Amar Jabulah RD6389
461Channelaire The Count of Elvessa TO6352
471Tassam Danny Boy SI6351
484Traipse Crash Into Me of Speakeasy BG6346
491Blue Topaz Yahroma SB6345
5010Somersisle Arabica Boni Fieur MC6340
513Meliri Chica SFL6326
522Norsestar Trygve of Azwegie NF6319
532Bluriver Trumble-of-Pierremont/CF AB6312
541Party Paws LMAO Giggles BI6311
554Holyfold Parris SFL6290
563Ironforge Beatriz of Mowgleaves AS6281
574Berryhille Cara Melchu of Bravura ES6279
5811Mainesuspect Ari of Whatatrill MC6243
595Elviskitkat Honky Tonk Badonkadonk PS6241
601Cherishables its a love thing HI6217
6112Cascademtn Linus Pauling MC6175
625Savoirfaire Sir Lancelot BG6142
636Chatd'or A Sky Full-of-Stars/CF PS6139
642Wenlock Journey of Sazikatz TO6136
652Koppy Kapps Indigo of Gil-Vtales/CF HI6135
6613Broadsway Glitterbear of Dracoonfly MC6128
6714Arlecoon J'Hoshe MC6107
683Des Entrechats Just In Case AB6093
694Dushara I Believe In Miracles AB6090
701Sweetlifes Noah of Taillefontaine BU6069
71T4Keiko Of Arthur'S Garden BS6068
71T1Egyptsila Tefnut EM6068
736Traipse Mondo Macadamia BG6067
745Bricoccole Woodstock of Fencroft BS6048
751Boucles Madame Pourquoi SRL6021
761Lanacats Jack-Vorobey SO6017
776Encinstorf Eric S Son BS6016
78T3Epona Tov NF5983
78T4Fairy 4 U Ruby AS5983
807Little Hunter Fuga of Minamifuji BG5974
8115Mainelynx Lakisha MC5964
821Living Legend Purrlock Holmes PB5951
838Exotiquebengals Carpe Diem BG5947
849WFB Bear BG5939
853Befalsetto Syuraou Syurato HI5932
861Wyndchymes Party Like A Rock Star JB5924
872Gatodouro Denica CR5913
884Herbalmeow Ilya The Epic Hero NF5911
8916Mishikoonz Namtok Mork Fah T MC5902
902Wyndchymes Crimson Samurai JB5895
916Rubyridgerags Sundance Skye RD5890
927Fencroft Sunshine Superman BS5882
9317Williamina Zeruel of Ohedo MC5879
941Ladakedi Prince Harald TA5878
955Khamsin Tangled Up In Majik AB5875
9618Allywood Good Charlotte MC5870
975Hitrayamordashka Baldemar of HolyfolSFL5869
9819Sarajen Bad Habit MC5864
995Fantarja Fairy Tinker Bell NF5862
1008Bramble van De Nekker BS5859
1013Sazikatz Alstroemeria of Luvpurrs TO5856
1021Alcyone Baron Rotta SR5855
103T3Guriyan Grand Pompon KBL5841
103T2Securitazz Jewlzgalore BU5841
105T7Wilden Domino Dancing PS5837
105T4Cherishables Weekend Girl HI5837
10720Chemicoons Beaker of Savoirfaire MC5828
1082Basilic Blessing Beloved Johanna JoySB5826
1091Bluetreasure Joan CX5820
1103Trunude Blurred Linez of Skeenville SX5814
1115Dreamquete Drunk On You ES5801
1124Gatodouro Glad To Be Here SX5800
1132Catzanova Just A Gigolo SO5792
1143Rexplus Family Business CR5789
11521Highlander Rob Roy of Sarajen MC5783
11622Versus Shinobi of Cuzzoe MC5780
11710Leopardcats Tao Tao BG5765
11811Batifoleurs Fitzcarraldo BG5764
1197Furreal We R Blessed of Amazndolls RD5726
1202Amisti Hercule Poirot BI5693
12112Bengaland Elsa Rae BG5691
1226Hurma And Lukor-Fold Bacon/WC SFL5673
1236Deabaete Marisol ES5665
12413Rainforest Rocknroar of Dreamquest BG5664
1255Destynys Little Boy Blue SX5663
1266IntoWishin Lilian Austin NF5643
1278Keepurrs Rylie RD5625
1285Nekomori Infinite AS5619
1291Juciful Vonji Two de La Symphoriane SG5612
1301WildFX Blaze Star TG5610
1312Wildfx Buckaneer TG5609
13223Williamina Ramiel of Ohedo MC5605
1333Dachakoshka Chelovechek SB5603
1344Kuriliangem Vesniana KBL5602
1354Selena Light Sweet Dream CR5590
1366Ironforge Finest Hour AS5583
1372Mireille Tinker Bell Of Chamoura/FI SG5581
138T14Aljannas Diamond Thunder BG5564
138T3Thedarkside Padawan of Blueyonder BU5564
1405Creole Scarlett Ribbon CR5563
1413Wyndchymes Dance Party JB5552
1427Prince Princess Michelle NF5548
1437Rumfold Eduardo of Mowglis SFL5525
1448Prince Princess Happy NF5518
14524MTNest Delilah MC5511
14615Rainforest Rico Suave of Gulfbeach BG5498
1476Beaconwood EdgeOfNight CR5497
1481Balimoor Vivaldi BA5490
14925Cascademtn Beethoven MC5488
1501Halima Loukoumi of Rockinashi TV5476
1515Cherrybirdie Tootsie 2 HI5474
1524Balihoo Hugo OS5458
153T6TYorubacattery Elizabeth Queen SX5387
153T6TBastet-Max Verona SX5387
15526LAPD Shaft MC5359
1567Dears Earth AS5349
1571Vicrock Pink Panther of Facehuggers DR5343
1584Mysticmelody Dweebie of Bewitched SB5316
1592Bedazzlecats Roxzanne SRL5260
1603Dushara Road To Gundagai SO5259
1619Littlemew Hulk of Herbalmeow NF5255
1622Marinday Ileri Shines TA5251
1631Pikespeak Chipotle OC5247
1642Campari NevaGrace PD5242
1654Puravida Off To See The Lizard BU5240
1669Furrycats Rose Lilas of Doudou BS5237
1672Valnika's Solitaire RB5230
16827Popokilani Herbert MC5217
1692Kayserai Komuton TV5202
17010Forestfairy Lovery Nana NF5200
1715Argentia Right on Target OS5178
1727Creole Cindy Lou CR5177
17328Tingara Rayleigh MC5153
1743Kissyfurs Lana Purrner of Partypaws BI5147
17516Purebliss Fabtabbydozer BG5145
1761You Are So Beautiful of Marvello/WC BL5129
17729Somersisle Arabica Santos MC5118
1782Kimcatz Ticketyboo BL5103
1796Shiekspurr Rotini HI5089
1801Shiningcurl Adelina ACL5055
1815Heavnzsent Im A Lil Husky SB5041
1824Ginchika On An Escapade JB5033
183T8Chieko Evangeline Handh PS5001
183T2Doktari Izzy Azalea PB5001
18530Williamina Candice MC4989
18631Mymains Tauriel MC4974
18710Mountteine Seschu BS4968
1883Nite Wind Paint By Numbers SRL4967
1897Leostar Ange ES4951
1904Dushara Back To The Future SO4947
19117Purebliss Woody Nightshade BG4942
1921Autumsun Kanati Fork ABT4933
19332Windwalker Sherlock MC4915
1944Marimaki Julian TO4911
19533DCFD In Dress blues MC4893
1965Odesseycatz Ranger TO4881
1979Angeliqdoll Zombie RD4872
1983Living Legend Pawtrick Swayze PB4869
1995Wyndchymes Gummi Bear of Vankaras JB4857
20018Snow Tundra Yukon Jack BG4855