2014-2015 Championship Cat Standings: 1204-1403

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1204-1403
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
1204T23Shiny Blue Samantha BI822
1204T127Traipse Femme Fatale BG822
1206128Lumiau Lord Ozzy BG820
1207T129Bengaland Super Casanova BG817
1207T17Tender Best Infiniti SFL817
1209T122Ragville Never Knew Your Name RD816
1209T26Befalsetto Gentle Knight HI816
1209T125Hataricoon Genesis MC816
1212T77Munchland's Winter Joy PS815
1212T130Felinsbengals Picasso BG815
1212T15Flicflac Firefanz SG815
1215T7DK Korzhik's Belinda Reus/FI KBL813
1215T7Doktari Izzy Azalea PB813
1215T126Big Giants Resort's Jolina/FI MC813
1218T127Virgo Vitorones Coons MC811
1218T3McPurrz Garfield SCS811
122019Golden Dew Fire In Ice DR809
1221123Marula Dream's Hello Kitty RD807
122274HU*Fairy Bear's Duggy BS806
1223T47Epona Tov NF805
1223T10Desstiria Ex Infernulo PL ACL805
1225T31Synergy Szilva OS803
1225T128TFinchamberlain Heart of Mine/FI MC803
1225T31Magnus Kuz'Kin Dom Of Neva Angels SB803
1225T128TTri-D Malika of Caesarheadcoon MC803
12291245starrags Bailey Belle RD802
123018Jasmintea Smile Pearly SFL800
123178Lagadema´s Naranjo en Flor PS799
1232T131Catreine Dios BG798
1232T27SheronCats Chanty HI798
1234T75Miss Jartelle Vandenekker/ID BS797
1234T9Aristotonks Annaregina of Tonkville TO797
1234T24Starghatts Lifes Lil Miracle BI797
1237T11Kolin Gattesco Bella, CZ BL795
1237T79Sugarcubes Roco PS795
1237T8Des Bleus d'Yttrium Jamaica of DressCX795
1237T48Prince Princess Alba NF795
1241130Nitrocoons Solid As A Rock MC794
1242T49Waterfjord Kayla of Norsestar NF793
1242T20RainingRexes SkyLark DR793
1244132Maracaja Coffee Rush BG792
124543Valentino Rodolfo Fabulous Jewels ES790
1246133Serena Jinny Versace of Canopycat BG788
1247T76Fencroft Sunshine In The Shade BS787
1247T131PL*Dallantine Gaya MC787
124950Eluney Lemunarki*ES NF786
1250132Wistariantale Lucius MC785
1251133Skysupernova Victor MC784
1252134Tropikoons Key Largo of Rumford MC783
125344Catillak's Olivia ES782
12545Balihoo Bluebelle of Chicago Snow BA778
1255T20Vert Sharpri RB777
1255T25Heloise Du Royaume Des Muses BI777
125710Sir Chester SF776
1258T39Amberberry LiLian AB775
1258T10Skogbekken Amahle SV775
1260T28Vikers Miranda HI774
1260T14Derry Downs Sterling OL774
1262135Chatile Ariel MC772
126332Klazeekats Crocket OS771
1264T125Catsindoor Malevola RD770
1264T40Hotchocolate Joker of Aksum AB770
126641Aksum Hazel AB769
12678Almon-Dilaem Toretto of Snowpixie PB767
1268126Marlcreek Capucino of Absolutedolls RD766
126934Shuraku Big AS764
1270T42I-Reine Silver d'Alyse Pagerie/LO AB763
1270T136Chemicoons Hollywood of Whatatrill MC763
127221Mia Amore DR762
1273T24Rexplus Ziva's Diva/CF CR761
1273T127Jorgardens Signtuff Zac of Noa DollsRD761
1275T9Coloradopixies Okies Little Marly PB760
1275T137Cloistercoon Venus In Bluejeans MC760
1275T80PL*Jantar Rouge In Love PS760
1278T45Salvador XXL ES758
1278T134Minamifuji Charles BG758
1280138Mainesuspect Painted Desert MC757
128181JCV Eva Gabor of Karissimakat PS756
1282135Helderbergcats Radjah BG755
1283136Alexandroff BG752
1284T139Osman Airish Coon MC750
1284T2Little D Munchkin Faye MK750
1286T43Queen Panther's Parfum SX749
1286T128Bugsy Melone Cat Ganster of Rakh/ID RD749
1286T11Lumin Straik Mio Mio SF749
128943Hotchocolate Choco Diesel AB748
12907Susens Halo McCurl SRL746
1291T44Gumbeaux Oncoming Storm AB744
1291T33Fresco Van Isagoras OS744
129326Idwall De Chatterley BI743
129477Britilicious Betty Boop BS742
1295140Clabacoon's Wild Siren of Stordi/ID MC741
129618Sweetlifes Tiffany Of TaillefontaineBU737
1297T137Savoirfaire Chef Doeuvre of Tache BG736
1297T141Mysticoon Kentucky Rain MC736
129919Hemitage Lynn Of Medusa SO735
1300T21Soul love Yamato-of-Ufne koty RB734
1300T78Kelcobber Brit Floyd BS734
1300T82Panda Pers Lilly of Cynder PS734
130322Tex-Lapkatz Jadis of TX-Elfkatz/CF DR733
13043Alpine Legends Gold Panner PBL732
1305T20Majorus Coinineach SO730
1305T142Somersisle Arabica Boni Fieur MC730
130712Splendid Comfort SF728
1308138West BG727
1309T20Kitykarekurl's Doro SR726
1309T139Sofysticats Jungle Tahoe BG726
131119Vindouro It's Complicated BU725
131229Fifth Love Lucy HI722
1313T143DeCassa Red Moon Rising MC721
1313T79Misu Of Bullgary BS721
1315T25Cornish Point Obsession*PL CR720
1315T140Sevenheaven Platon BG720
1315T1Catcurls BC LaMikasah LP720
1315T35Hojpoj Nightbird of Ranchcats SI720
1319T144TKathrin Sky Beyrouth of Bajacoon MC719
1319T144TLeila Emilitacoon of Regaliscats MC719
1321T2Catalons Bam Bam ABS715
1321T21Nightrox Pucker Up SO715
1321T51Pengolodh Milanor NF715
132430Purr-Star Cosmic Sensation HI713
1325T141Kanesei Cathrine BG712
1325T45Jodie Foster D'or Ptitprince/FI AB712
132722Wychwood Perchance to Dream RB711
132834Unique Gloria Dikama OS710
132983Alomis Kamouflage PS709
1330T80Kanesei Giorgio BS704
1330T31Valmont Melinda Gordon of Knebel'KatHI704
133252FI*Tahtitassun Juhannusheila NF703
1333T44TLizzie SX701
1333T44TSkinisin Mister Oddwyn SX701
1333T44TBluesapphire Aphrodite SX701
13369Fiorire Jyanbo CX700
1337T146Yillian Vitorone Coons MC697
1337T26Spiritcat Double Stuffed Oreo CR697
1339142Gensaurea Wow Aslan of Gryfo BG695
134053Ksnorskatt Olympia NF692
1341147Nitrocoons Vinas Miracle MC691
1342143FraserValley Wild Denali BG689
134384Murano Percy Jackson of Lynx PS688
134481ZurSternenbucht Golden Uno BS687
1345T85JCV Jackie Gleason PS686
1345T129Rubyridgerags Pandora Peach RD686
1345T148MakAlina Querubi MC686
1348149Broadsway Rockette MC684
134913Cairdeas Black Bart SF683
135054Prince Princess Lightning NF682
135123Julia Venetian Mask*UA DR680
13529Chyouilhan I Believe I Can Fly TA679
1353T3Carrot's Pony MK678
1353T24Hanako Hokagena DR678
135522Sunfox April's Fool SO677
1356T86Katzino Mountain Mike PS676
1356T10Manderley Pan Pan TO676
1356T27Beaconwood Candy Crush CR676
135987Kittiary Sho'Nuff PS674
1360T35Balimoor Madeline OS673
1360T88Softrax Love Shack of Ahura PS673
1362144Awu Mingmao BG670
1363T20Sacredspirit Xmiss Mafia BU669
1363T47Scantilyclad Happily Ever After SX669
1365T89Starolympu Kinich of Habibi PS667
1365T145Tuminello Polar Eclipse BG667
1365T35Dealles Botika Linda of LacumparsitaAS667
136832Vicketales Twix HI666
1369T25Wonderland's Joselyn DR665
1369T55Norsestar Addison Larissa Angelina NF665
1369T150Woodpile All That Glitters of SilverMC665
1372T26Royal Elf Onika of Comix/FI DR663
1372T4Tomas Maxelpoint of Emmers SCS663
1374130Jerseyragdol Zakhar RD660
1375T23Front Range Kodachrome of ChatoublieSO659
1375T46Mickey Su Sweet Melon ES659
1377T151Metatroneyes Atlantia of Scroons MC658
1377T146TCavscout Cyclone BG658
1377T146TRubyclaw Pesto Primavera BG658
138036Rkgems Tristan Onyx AS657
1381148Kingsmark Ebony Silver Raven BG656
1382T2Snowdreams Annie Mittens of Chicago SN655
1382T131Rouletii Sweet Mischief RD655
1384T14Starburm Coco Rocha of Pandora/CF BO654
1384T152Mainelyclassic Hot Tod of Cuzzoe MC654
138627Marsparadise Cuty Curl DR653
138782Adthish Orrion BS652
1388T153AT Candycoon´s Gimme Shelter MC651
1388T149Scherzo Hodumaru BG651
1388T132Reddoor Cha Cha of Silktree RD651
1391T90Maradan Jaguar PS650
1391T28Rexplus Risky Business CR650
1393T11Overear Theincrediblejourney ACL648
1393T10Ladakedi Izrazets TA648
1395T11Cloudcity Kestrel TH647
1395T16Juciful Joliette De La Symphoriane SG647
1397T4Kaperkats Skyler PBL646
1397T91Karissimakat Daisy Duke PS646
1399T8Finist Volshebny Zver PD645
1399T154Chamberlain Vanilla Sky/FI MC645
1399T12Yoko Ono of Imperious Glory ACL645
1399T133Methodius Wiki Wiki RD645
140348Amber Flash Godiva of Dnilesphynx SX644