2014-2015 Championship Cat Standings: 1404-1603

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1404-1603
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
1404134Laladoll Priscilla of Farandoll RD643
1405T150TYaguar BMCats BG641
1405T150TAndina Affectionate Alice BG641
14078Chisholmtrail Fire Power OC640
1408T135Akim Doll Angelic Theresa RD639
1408T92Sherezada Isabella PS639
1410155Whatatrill Whiskey Neat of SaraJen MC638
1411T83Golden Crystal Chipevay of Anahata BS637
1411T156Whatatrill Andromeda MC637
1413157Junipero Sky Beyrouth of Bajacoon MC635
1414T47Exobsesion Ishayu ES634
1414T49Paradais Sphynx Mr Bills SX634
1414T136Willowtreerags Gaghiel RD634
1417T137Bleuregarddoux Belinda/FI RD632
1417T32Izumrud Forest Fantasy SB632
1417T24Bayoufoxes Blazing Red SO632
1420T29TDressed In Black & White of Cattail CR631
1420T138Siempreamar Lafayette RD631
1420T152Pocketleopards Chronos of Bengallys BG631
1420T29TTara Meath's Genie of Lahoni CR631
1424153Future Pianet's San-Paulo BG630
142533Vonleibchens Haleys Comet Nakovich SB629
1426T19Scottishtown Just Do It SFL627
1426T34Fedot SB627
1426T5Princess SCS627
1429T84Gladys BS625
1429T28Rexperiment Sandra*It DR625
1431T93City Athos PS623
1431T21Las Burmas Barcelona BU623
1433T9Attis Moet Mansion PD621
1433T36Just Sumotori Des Spice Cat OS621
1433T139Rags2dazzle Annabelle RD621
1436T6Mainefolds Shadow SCS619
1436T33Analeee Blue Sapphire HI619
1438T56Napoleon Dumny Kot*PL NF618
1438T158Shedoros Balthazar/ID MC618
144037Jykfield Yuzu of Ammycrystal AS617
1441T57Wegiekatt Peder of Ksnorskatt NF616
1441T46Gene Harmony Red-Squirrel AB616
1443T140Laladoll LTC Meige OF GENTLETIME RD615
1443T58Hadonis De La Pomponette NF615
1445159Madawaska'S Hobbyone MC614
1446T7Happy MaxelPoint SCS613
1446T94Moon Charm Ivanna Zoe of D'sonanns PS613
1448T47Abysing Challenger Niffel AB612
1448T8Designerstripes Jet TG612
1448T20Gabriella Mari-ko of Diam-and SFL612
1451T37Eirecogteils Amarula OS610
1451T6Balimoor Lord Tate BA610
1451T141Helichrysum Wolbest RD610
1451T48Pampa Zafrina AB610
1455T154Minamifuji Kosuke BG609
1455T160MTNest Blue Danube MC609
1455T95Maradan Payaso of Lisiere D'Or PS609
1455T50Skinsosoft Goliath at Many SX609
145996Katzino Reggie of Pams Persians PS608
1460155Kissana Rio Archibald BG607
1461T85Natael Angel Varinografstvo BS606
1461T2Americurlzz Proud To Be An American AC606
1463T156 Brownsugar Ermione BG604
1463T34Jade Des Jardins Persans HI604
14658Izambard Beya-Yildirim/GC TV603
1466T86Martin Norwich BS601
1466T51de Bliss Patrick-Baby of Taberetb SX601
1466T49Wild Forest Aramis of Marica AB601
1469T4MX Station Beethoven of Rosethor/CF MX600
1469T35Lionsealcats Bubblegum HI600
1471T9Havacat Radar Love of Granadaland HB599
1471T87Sajoma's Quentessa*D BS599
1473T10Manhunters Dreams Take Time PD598
1473T157Fractal Exit Strategy BG598
1473T35Mittelmeijer Pioneer SB598
1473T50Insuubunkai Chinatsu AB598
1473T22Nfusion Piper Laurie of Pandora BU598
1478161Divo Divnoe Akvamarin MC597
147997Katzeye Lord Gandalf PS596
148029Cissy Misterious Elf*ru DR595
1481T158Seregon Mischievious Frankie BG594
1481T48Lucidmarron's Garcon ES594
1483T4Munchkinlanes Ante Up Layla MKL593
1483T36Crittertales Skylarks On Horizon HI593
1483T159Drinkwater Baghera of Bengallys BG593
148698Magie Noire Quiero Llenarme de Ti PS592
1487T99G De La Classe De Moumoune World PS591
1487T2Catcurls BC Tristan of Mikadosan LP591
1487T52Ankh Amulet Khaleesi of d'Nile SX591
1487T17Katzalano Lugh SG591
1491T14Oceanfolds Dante of Capital HG SF590
1491T37I'm Mahrez Du Joyaume Saharien HI590
1493T15Pavir Pink Floyd of Tersanctus OL589
1493T18Katzalano Masago of Sakuraquiet SG589
1493T49Barturen Txipiron ES589
1496T38Karissimakat Dancin Queen HI588
1496T53Shelgren Rumor Has It SX588
1498T160TKanesei Zoro BG587
1498T160TFraservalley Moscato of Bengalflats BG587
1498T36Charodey Zoya of Bewitched SB587
1501T10Bleujeanne Indigo CX586
1501T162Kirarakan Sara Asvinau Of Lavanya BG586
1501T54T-Boogie Girl Smaragd SX586
1501T51Pampa Wingardium Leviosa AB586
1505T163TWildstyle Lilu BG585
1505T162Cuzzoe Obx Pirate of Carolinameows MC585
1505T30Megarex Iskierka DR585
1505T163TBella AbsolutelyFifty ShadesOfGrey BG585
1505T59Rikar Katts Koal 'n Snow NF585
151015Cheshiresmile Sherlock of Pumpkin SF584
151160Princeprincess Conann NF583
151237Starport Romeow Del Toro of Whites SB581
1513165Tailspin Nicholas of Anjou BG580
151455Merida SX579
151550Arpege Uchu Of Candy May ES578
1516T56Merloni Nafanail SX576
1516T8Angellenīs Jastin-Sasha Baron Cohen SRL576
1518T100Mirage Blanc Cotton PS575
1518T23Evita's Champagne Bliss oF Nadikat BU575
1520T88TMountteine Moka BS573
1520T88TTank BS573
1520T57Gason SX573
15234Medimal House's Angelica MK572
1524T61Harley Honeys Blackline NF571
1524T7Synergy Furr Elise BA571
1524T166Little Hunter Fuga of Minamifuji BG571
1524T3Charmingcurl Sansi AC571
1524T90TBritishempire Diesel BS571
1524T90TCatbalu Murphy's Law BS571
1530T5Medimal House's Agnes MK570
1530T142Rouletii Sweet Garden RD570
1532167Kindredkatz Sweet Pea of Lunakatz BG569
1533T31Marsparadise Bruno DR568
1533T25Guriguri Blue Megaera of Azure TopazSO568
1535T2Catcurls BC La Ha Tindah LPS567
1535T23Talisker Ruby of Blooming RB567
1537T38Stegra Johann Strauss of Chipmunk OS565
1537T143Kasseldolls Skor of Blackwynd RD565
1537T92Joeri Van Black Lake/FI BS565
1540144Dsjewels The Red Baron of Ohemgee RD563
1541T163Suzucoon Wie Eisen MC562
1541T38Greystoke Donald Mallard of Oro OjosAS562
1543T164MTNest Vienna Sunrise of Amayalynx MC561
1543T168TCheetahsden Head Games BG561
1543T168THeavenlyspots Jazz BG561
154693Britishempire Baby Booboo BS560
154758Murashoff Umbali Red Star SX559
1548T27Ioury de La Clairiere O Fee BI558
1548T145TChamidolls Little Bear RD558
1548T145TOlympodolls Max of Skydolls RD558
155131Abigail Colinsgarden Fiona CR557
1552T170Angelsiam Fuyouto of Sonoita BG556
1552T101Marlin Baltimorio of Sansol PS556
1554T94Charon From Sham of Legato BS555
1554T59Skinsosoft Kahlua of Malichat SX555
1556T95Furrycats Rose Lilas of Doudou BS554
1556T3Catcurls BC Aibhlinn LP554
1556T39Lion Red Vieland HI554
1556T171TRainforest Coming Home BG554
1556T171TOhmy Gillette of Mukulaal BG554
1561102Passion Felin The King Smurf of MotaPS553
1562T96Quiet Neelix Von Bullerbue BS552
1562T21Mirror Alvin of Alcyone SR552
1564T39Hugh Light Blue OS551
1564T165Jantaries Luxury Coons SK MC551
1566T32Devinedevons Ouiser DR550
1566T147Koc-Pol Cat Baby Doll RD550
1568T51Toyohachi Cat's Jinnee ES549
1568T173Batifoleurs Ajani BG549
1570T174TMirringa Yakarta BG548
1570T5Panbow MKL548
1570T38Nightmusic Madrigal Ella SB548
1570T174THeavensdoor Cinder of Fraservalley BG548
1574166Danilions Moonlight Sky of TTCats MC547
157511Bleukitears Hikaru of Tyheracles CX546
1576103Katzeye Glacier of Elviskitkat PS545
1577T104Oak Village Casanova PS544
1577T5Soldierfires Cepheus of Celestial SpEM544
1579T24Mondschein's Wunschtraum RB541
1579T52Ipope Du Vianey AB541
1579T52Gary De La Route De Cadoudal ES541
1582167Popokilani Fancy Pants of Larhae MC540
158360Angelsoftbc George of Fantcfur SX539
1584T28Nicadaemus Royal Gala BI538
1584T6Isiska Caliana EM538
1584T53TWei Lian ES538
1584T53TDeAbaete Jane ES538
1588T61Shownofur Eberley SX537
1588T11Ladakedi Hilda of Geraylar TA537
1588T25Tylona's Tsar Gazer RB537
1591T168TFoggycoon Addis MC536
1591T168TRumford Tippi Hedren MC536
159316Loco Bandoneon Bagheera OL533
1594148Ragalong Mister Django RD531
1595T3My Plush Friend Dream of My Life SCL530
1595T12Sunbriar Clairette TA530
1595T6Queen Panther's Donar MK530
1595T53Pampa Coco Loco AB530
1595T97Blaze of Mon Tresor BS530
1595T149Elian Rags Tim Tam RD530
160198Kolinga Dante Gabriel BS528
1602176Sharaila Bengal Billy BG527
1603177Praslin Kayan BG526