2014-2015 Championship Cat Standings: 1004-1203

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1004-1203
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
100434Marvonack Sweet Reason ES1032
1005T106Frederico Sky Beyrouth MC1031
1005T4Emautions Irridium Zazou EM1031
1007T32TRulissa Osla Tonailamos/CF AB1028
1007T32TOrange Marmelad Wifi AB1028
1009T102Snopride High on Jazz of Traipse BG1027
1009T60Kittykatkids En Vogue BS1027
101116Lu-Lu Happymiau DR1026
1012107Kozyrags Vintage Swag RD1024
1013107Kelimcoons Somangel of Gglegacy MC1023
10146Eeyaa Showman TG1022
101539Princeprincess Orianthi NF1021
101613Nightrox I Am Your Venus SO1020
101767Zilva Oscar Wild PS1019
1018T103Tigrinus Cronos BG1018
1018T35Colorcountry Camille Reagan SX1018
102036Singapore Anat Her*PL SX1017
1021T14Frontrange Adelina SO1015
1021T17Kitti Kat Terra Incognito II SR1015
1021T34Des Cavalier Bulbash of Vertucat AB1015
1024104Piramocats Olympia BG1012
1025T108Antonio Afonya Coon of Easteden MC1010
1025T108Darlinlildols Amor Amor RD1010
10278John Travolta Of Kotoffski BL1007
1028109American Native Warrior Soul MC1006
1029T40Ksnorskatt London NF1005
1029T28Rumfold Madalena of Windleaves AS1005
1029T37Shownofur Jordaan of Angelsoftbc SX1005
1032105Stonesriver Turbotastic BG1004
10333Dizigner Joker BA1002
103418Precioushearts Prince Charming SR1001
10356Shadycombe Ziva David TV999
1036T9Steelaway The Wizzard/GC BL997
1036T109Cottagerose Happyfeet of Chamidolls RD997
1038T12Hikoma H Ruru Minos BO995
1038T8Alistsavannahs Struck By Lightning SV995
1040T106StarAngel Gabriel BG994
1040T61Celticmist Blue Moon BS994
1040T68Dclass Hulk Rhythmic of D'sonanns PS994
1040T110Hovicastle Prince Michael RD994
1040T15Thecatgarden's Star Kissed/CF SO994
104535Leostar Tango Noir ES991
104616Dushara Lariel Lei SO990
10478Composercats Debussy of Phoshilaron HB989
104836Belcherpurrs Kepurr of Hollowhills ES986
104929Lucas Geppetto of Covercats AS984
1050T27Munchranch Skywalker of Kawakatz SB980
1050T35Orange Marmelad Russian Design AB980
1052T110Noracoon Molepolole MC979
1052T41Myselisia's White Cloud NF979
10548Solkhat Favourite of Akkedi TA978
105517Lamerbleue Stella RB976
10567Chaoci Mu Shu of Ocimanor OC975
105728Nefertiti Siberiada of Mittelmeijer SB973
105817Megarex Simply Ear Resistable DR971
10594Synergy Chara BA969
1060T107Akerrs Elphaba of Savoirfaire BG967
1060T10Gucci Purring Pillows of Legato BL967
106237Black Pearls Josephine/CF ES965
10631Clevercats Athena MK963
10645Silky Catz Katniss Everdeen KBL962
106569Independance Day Neves Du Lagon BleuPS960
10668Owhl Lady Emma SF959
10677Tatvan Katyenka Alev TV957
10681Goldenberry Diadema SCS956
1069T111Willowtreerags Eunice RD953
1069T38Mysticjewelssx Black Magic SX953
107128Imladris Indil Fenrir of Shigaon/FI SI952
10727Rockinashi No Room For Boring JB951
1073108Starangel Chaser of Barrottsdream BG950
107419Lamancha Unika of Alcyone SR949
107562Willowood Cherry Blossom BS948
107670Amberdreams Ocean Of Love PS946
107729Sisaket Alika SI943
1078109Coolspots Rapture Of Spirit BG942
1079T6Bernard Favorit Tails KBL940
1079T20Isalis de Chatterley BI940
108121Mariposa's Firecracker/GC HI938
108215Diam-And Gabriel SFL937
1083T111Top Coon Di Caprio MC932
1083T22Caye Minie of Cuccioli di Facchinet HI932
108517Skeemen Morkovka of Howlingcoyote SO931
1086112Furreal Charisma RD929
1087T71Exomania Zeus PS926
1087T18Rockyblu Tiara RB926
1089110Akerrs Super Nova of Medusa BG924
109042Enrico von Lacman NF923
10918Yukiusagi Aki of Thatsthepoint JB922
1092T30Hostahaven Bling It On AS920
1092T29Sotorp Brutus of Forestside SB920
1092T30Eirecogteils Alamos SI920
1092T111Guanjingbengal Miracle BG920
1096T18Toshi Somarineko SO919
1096T1Primecurl Odetta The Swan Queen/WC AC919
1098112Motoctyexo Makn Headlines BG918
1099113Ragmagic Madiba of Siempre Amar RD916
1100T43Featherland Brennan NF915
1100T112Longtostone Monaka MC915
1100T22The Kittens House Quintrala CR915
1103T13K-Bland Sp Soul's Basic SG914
1103T23The Kittens House Dorita CR914
1103T44Dorrymama Marron Cream NF914
110663Loismhor Highland Hugo BS913
110739Queen Panther's Kunon SX912
1108T28Inksspots Cinful Classica of Azorez OS911
1108T31Beauchador Tip'N Top AS911
1110T113Witchcraft Sweet Chilli Fireball MC909
1110T14Singville Odysseus SG909
1110T36Hello Mimmy Kanon AB909
111340Quill From Khan-Tengry SX908
1114T114Woodpile Billie Burke of Rumford MC906
1114T113TLeokatin Jackpot BG906
1114T64Your Majesty Ole Lukoe BS906
1114T113TMystre Moonshine Whisky of Tikiroad BG906
1114T31Penelane Blind Faith SI906
111938Exquisite Matteus ES905
112023Cacao Bannerman of Shiekspurr HI903
112137Taco Villa's Bellatrix BiFrost AB902
1122T16Alba Regia Chili of Puravida/FI BU899
1122T114TLaladoll MCG Lawnya RD899
1122T114TEglantine Felicien RD899
1122T115Assur Ognetsvet MC899
1126T116Joymagic Cappucino of Pemicha RD895
1126T21Nicadaemus Royal-Jubilee BI895
1128T39Dreamquete All That Jaxx ES894
1128T2Dionis of Diord SCL894
113065Cutiepaws Rue of Britishfancy BS893
1131T115Jazzle Wish You Were Me BG892
1131T45Intowishin Will Scarlet NF892
1133T116Chantillycoon Ibuki MC886
1133T117Izzadorablerags Redmond RD886
1135T40Bravlion Rock You Like A Hurricane ES884
1135T117Zara Vitorones Coons MC884
1135T72Maradan Payaso PS884
11383Faerietail Shonuf Dixie MX883
1139T66Emeraldy Romeo BS882
1139T18Devonheart Joy a to the world DR882
1139T22Samantha BI882
1142118Yatazaka Tanba MC881
1143118Emma Mulan Cat*PL RD879
1144T67Ticatbalu King Arthur BS876
1144T2Mohan Rafiki Makmai of Primprau KT876
1146T116Seregon Duchess Katy BG871
1146T17BurMau Send Me An Angel BU871
1146T68Laziblues Sissi of Pumpkin BS871
114932Cattery Tama's Pipi AS869
1150T29Lancarrow Cassandra OS868
1150T16Happy Folds Alisa of Lukor-Fold SFL868
1150T119Creekcats I Got You Babe RD868
1153117Eriador Mousa of Rhodic BG866
1154119Silverscoon Indy MC865
1155T120TRainbowragdolls Prince Charming RD864
1155T120TIzzadorablerags Tassimo RD864
115732Rock'n'Cat's Jolly Jumper SI863
115841Purrbalds Juneo Gickey SX862
1159T2Urfo Grace Kelly SCS860
1159T10Cloudcity Leto TH860
1159T13Synergy Clary Sage OL860
1159T9Chears Bentley SF860
1163T24Micifuz Marcello of Zafiroskats HI859
1163T118TTecspot Magic In Motion BG859
1163T118TLeopaws Dakota of Asiafauve BG859
11669A1Savannah's Auriel SV858
1167120Cloistercoon She Wore Blue Velvet MC857
116869Albert V. Angelas Sonnenhof BS856
1169T120Catridingtrees Chingizkhan BG855
1169T73PL*Jantar Miss Betty Boop PS855
117138Tigstigers Lyon In The Sun AB854
117241Prismridge Jaspurr of Instapurr ES853
117370Snow Ray Prince BS852
1174T121Gung Jing Engal Miracle BG850
1174T121Justcoons Idee Fix of Deabaete Id MC850
1176122Minamifuji Erebia Ligea BG849
1177122Riddlecoon Stars Quality G Asta MC848
117846Ispahan De Lailoken NF847
1179T7Fiorire Fliezia CX846
1179T25Knebelkatze Brad HI846
118130Alexandrite Kimball SB844
1182T33Blues Pas De Chat SI842
1182T123Simplyblessed Missing Mink BG842
1184T123SaraJen Dallas Dhu MC839
1184T30Trulya Down Under of Albeng OS839
118671Rainbowteddy's Eight Days A Week BS837
118772Evelina Barry Blue Bayou of Briolma BS836
1188T124Mysticoon Little Thunder MC835
1188T13Hikoma H Miku BO835
1188T34Loluja C'est La Vie SI835
1191T7Eye of the Toyger Little Brit TG833
1191T42Ruslanas Casper of Nesslavan ES833
11936Living Legend Charles Linpurrgh PB830
1194124Leopardkind Casino of Floridabengls BG829
1195T74TFelinegold Gloria of Inkos PS827
1195T74TMarmis Rolling Stones PS827
1197T33Bluepau Candelaria of Lucas AS826
1197T76Katzeye Ole Blue Eyes PS826
1199125Jazzle Chillin Like A Villain BG825
1200T19Sharapova of Katanga RB824
1200T42Marlen Bossy Le-Grand Oray/ID SX824
1200T73Fencroft Shine On Sunshine BS824
1203126Starkittie Larissa BG823