2014-2015 Championship Cat Standings: 1-200

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 1-200
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
11Dark Angel De Longua Aqua PS13948
21Velvet Queen Che Gevara CR13301
31MTNest Le Petit Prince MC12953
41Kindofmagic I Dream Romeo RD12929
52Chemicoons Theo's Usa Pride Willie MC12634
62Zendique Zut Alors PS12491
71Camiel van De Nekker BS12400
83Sabrecats Pavarotti of Gigantcat MC12305
93Riascatz Sweet Love PS12279
101Amazongold Cameron BG12188
111Bastet-Max Hessie SX12178
122Savoirfaire Wicked Storm BG11974
131Europa's Drenge Rov NF11970
141Ladakedi Lancelot Du Lac TA11961
151Insuubunkai Sharon of Ammycrystal AB11918
164Tassorosso The King of Boofoowoo PS11855
171Mabuhay Ilonse of Carchet CX11819
183Medusa Nozomi Nakini Arazu BG11764
191Purrsia Elle Sappelle Camille PD11756
205Cuzzoe Olive of Moro/CF PS11714
211HojPoj Busy Being Fabulous OS11707
221Minghou Jolan of Sukhotai SI11648
232Siempreamar Moves Like Jagger RD11641
244Fraservalley Denalis Thunder BG11629
252Osterfen Geisha OS11617
263Chipmunk Smiley Too OS11594
272IntoWishin Lady Godiva NF11589
283Snugglerags Breakfast At Tiffanys RD11560
292Truebrit St Louis Blue of Oz Creek BS11520
305Jungletrax Abiding Ovation BG11428
316Chieko's Day Dream/ID PS11251
324Williamina Zeruel of Ohedo MC11133
332Destynys Little Boy Blue SX11127
341Wyndchymes Doctor Who of Blueyonder JB11125
355Ishcus Harrison MC11099
367Anouchka Josephine PS11075
374Cattrekker Stargem OS11024
381Tasurt Amun Ra of Sonnenblume CU10980
396Bengaland Midas Touch BG10959
401Deabaete Rai ES10921
411Debut Moy Verooka SB10871
423Fantarja Princess Ophelia NF10868
43T6Cloistercoon Call Me of Archcoongel MC10858
43T1Carocats Solo Bashert AS10858
458Wallycats Faith PS10811
467Rumplteeza The Blue Dude of Chatile MC10793
479DeAbaete Mabel PS10763
482Khamsin Tangled Up In Majik AB10726
492Boobella That's My Kind of Night ES10613
503Whozz Scooter of A'tien ES10593
518Le Beau Minu Smokey Robinson MC10486
523Fencroft Zumanity BS10473
533Sphynxhaven Prince Charming SX10466
54T4Littlemew Daichi NF10429
54T4Britishkings Marine Ford BS10429
564Keepurrs Kodiac RD10345
571Kuriliangem Vesniana KBL10324
5810Brettachtal's Rolls Royce PS10277
595Endelosglede Nevil NF10266
601Kayserai Fazyl TV10257
614La Fonteyn's Darlena ES10249
625Ragalong Highland Laird RD10170
631Amisti Alice Springs BI10035
649Red Gates Alligator MC9996
656Dorrymama Arthur NF9962
662San-Toi's Kahlua SI9922
671Kitti Kat Balcones Fault SR9879
686Furreal Fate of Mirumkitty RD9761
691Wildfx Buckaneer TG9753
705Bricoccole Woodstock of Fencroft/ID BS9744
711Balnamore Atlas of Sazikatz TO9732
722Mysticmelody Dweebie of Bewitched SB9731
737Elkington's Queen of Diamonds NF9728
741Graymark Dark Knight of Katsnklamms BO9724
752Wyndchymes Ducati of Careycats JB9713
762Channelaire The Count of Elvessa TO9675
773Aksum Carbon Copy of Blueriver AB9606
782Beauchador Billy Idol AS9592
792Creole Kyrie CR9564
807Savoirfaire Golden Storm BG9550
811Psepia Cecil SG9538
823Nekomori God AS9502
831Alistsavannahs Black Zahara SV9409
8411Mooncharm Renoir Sole of D'sonanns PS9404
854Ironforge Thunderstruck of Snobugs AS9399
861Skeemen Beseder SO9341
871Balihoo Cappuccino OL9304
887Laladoll Prince Ryu of Farandoll RD9259
891Curlydolls Deja Roo DR9233
902Summerwood Rias Cody SV9018
918Cajunragdolls Chief Standing Bear RD8958
924Skeenville Im All Ears of Trunude SX8941
932Milolika Free Hunter KBL8936
945Balihoo Hugo OS8924
951Fencroft Im Walking On Sunshine BL8891
961Vert Momotaro RB8855
9710MTNest Blueprints of Woodpile MC8817
985Leostar Ange ES8782
992Xanadu van Dacemewis Choice/ID BL8733
1001Pantherajedi Elektra BU8706
1011Nite Wind Paint By Numbers SRL8630
1022Goldlay Cathotstrophe SG8585
1031Shiningcurl Adelina ACL8534
1048Minamifuji Carlluise BG8439
1056Catusparkunio William BS8430
1061Living Legend Pawtrick Swayze PB8428
1073Mangala Minako of Psepia SG8398
1086Laves Jean ES8342
1099Traipse Mondo Macadamia BG8229
1105Bayouash Cayenne AS8153
1113Ginchika Tinkerbelle of Taiyo JB8145
1121Pikespeak Fiero OC8019
11312Deserhita's Gracie PS8014
11413Chanteuse Mlle Minde PS7943
1156Ironforge Mister Brasil of Betunes AS7931
1163Biccibonny Fenja CR7725
1174Regtime McLaren AB7512
11810Bengaland Sochi Gold BG7483
1193Enigma Siberian Magic/WC SB7464
1201Jakoi Yakusoku O Mamoru JBL7366
12111Rainforest Legend of Starglitter BG7322
1222Chisholmtrail Wind Caller OC7321
1239Windmill Evan RD7309
12411Williamina Red Ryder MC7250
12510Cajunragdolls Comanche Warrior RD7210
1263Su-su's Kara of Glor-Ee SI7204
12712Savoirfaire Firenze BG7148
1288Ertix Duszek Lasu NF7072
1292Korstar Imp Teddy Boy BO7068
13014Cuzzoe Hallelujah of Riverbin PS6994
1312Pirateslair Keestone Kop BI6958
1325Bluriver Trumble-of-Pierremont/CF AB6954
1334Radiance Ruskin of Sukhotai SI6888
1343Guriyan Grand Pompon KBL6882
1352Curl Essence Sir Kingsley ACL6753
13611Keepurrs Mardi Gras RD6725
1379Prince Princess Happy NF6667
13815Ocalicos Kiowa of Betunes PS6664
13912Fanydoll Pure Wreath Of Irisplace RD6625
1407Farinelli of Kotoffski of Silver/WC BS6579
1411Fluffycats Amazing of Sugarcats HI6568
14212Calicoon Calina MC6565
14313Furreal Reina Star RD6520
1446La Niomana Charisma AB6514
14516Wallycats Boolicious PS6468
14614Hugaragdoll Bastien of Regencyrags RD6394
14717Elle Z'm Dimitri of Dclass PS6379
1482Nite Wind Tom Terrific SR6375
1493Marimaki Meison TO6371
1503Singlike Dearest BL6344
15118Elviskitkat Honky Tonk Badonkadonk PS6304
15213Tremethick Gil Galad MC6209
15315Calirags Kokopelli of Cajunragdolls RD6188
1547Ironforge White Lightning AS6139
1554Izum Snejnaya Zima SB6099
1563Katsnklamms Nicodeumus of Oro Ojos BO6096
1574Wavy Silk Forever And Ever CR6022
15814DCFD Find Em Hot Leave Em Wet MC5983
15919Chieko Barbie Doll PS5950
1605Sphynxantiquus X-Qlusive/WC SX5931
1618K-La Boots BS5894
1622C.Terra of Marazy Cristal/ID PD5893
16315Decassa Sylvester Stalcoon MC5794
16416LAPD Sniper MC5784
1656Bershar Jewel OS5767
1668Richson Ruffian AS5766
1677Marleevo Fast N Furious ES5761
16817Canon Argent of Chantillycoon MC5754
1691Egyptsila Tefnut EM5734
17016Palacedolls Atticus of Snugglerags RD5713
1711Faerietail Dark Opal CY5665
172T13Batifoleurs Matu BG5652
172T17Emblemystic I Will Be Oliver RD5652
1747Klazeekats Olivia of Swancamelot OS5643
17518Paleeni Socrates of Marikoons MC5598
1769Ironforge Silverwings of Hostahaven AS5595
1775Zadora Sladkoe Pyatnyshko of Luna SB5560
17819Tigerstars Konstantine MC5551
17920Whatatrill Stetson MC5517
18021Mainesail Redmond of Caesarheadcoon MC5513
1812Mistymogwai Rupert The Riley TG5505
18220Kiyoko Kats B Star of Betunes PS5498
18318Rubyridgerags Summer Skye RD5493
18421Toy Tricksy Love Illusion PS5474
1851Acapella Burl Ives Brody HB5401
18622Aloa's Only You of Coonamor/FI MC5310
1872Malevitch Yes We Can Ginger Smash RB5300
18822Windy Valley's Play Boldly to Win PS5280
1892Sweetlifes Noah of Taillefontain/WC BU5277
1903Sunnanordica Sweet William RB5270
1913Tabbyorchid Alejandro ACL5267
1921Merrylong'S Bella Romaine SFL5239
19323Felinart Cuddle Bug PS5217
1942Oberlin Hannah Havanadana HB5206
19523Mainevu Gold Dust Woman MC5186
19624Pawkavenue Black Ice PS5184
1979Cheshirelady Gonza of Encinstorf BS5161
1984Zidayas Rania BL5157
19910Swanskovkats Ole NF5145
2005Kaylee Kiss From A Rose CR5130