2014-2015 Championship Cat Standings: 201-400

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Wed May 20 14:03:22 2015.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 201-400
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
2013BojoBirmans Koala Bear BI5110
2025Towleroad Riesling SI5104
2038Higashi Karishma of Albeng OS5094
20419Sulraggies Amon RD5085
20510Prinz Alberto of Catleroy/FI BS5073
2062Lesplushes Iggy CX5070
20724Coonificent Ollie Ollie Infree MC5050
2084Dancetaria Jukebox of Singalegance SG5019
209T2Deydream Graffiti of Minusdetails CY5003
209T25Suzucoon Liebe Gloria MC5003
21120Cajunragdolls Zeruel of Ragball RD4986
21226Arlecoon Stallers Gentleman MC4973
2138Sunspirit Armanis Kiss From Heaven ES4948
21414Windyridge Folly BG4941
2156Destynys Baby Ruth SX4934
21611Maximus Brylantowa Elita/WC BS4915
21727Metatroneyes Hakan MC4866
2184Gardemarin Says And Shows KBL4847
2192Stanrex Bugatti of Shadycombe DR4841
22015Rainforest Rico Suave of Gulfbeach BG4832
2212Perbast Zeus SO4829
2226Radiance Spitfire of Ranchcats SI4809
2232Diam And Genrix SFL4800
2245Chamourais Guetapens SG4792
22525Brettachtal's Barron Elite/CF PS4782
22621OlympoDolls Win God RD4780
22728MTNest Rachael MC4746
228T3Exotictails Lizard of Wyldthingz SV4740
228T29Tropikoons Hot Fudge of Kiyaras MC4740
2306Buran Manchzhury SB4727
23116Kanpur Morpheus Dreams of Traipse BG4708
2322Halima Nabil of Tatvan TV4706
2332Cherishables Weekend Girl HI4692
2344Ginchika Mercy JB4688
23526Boss Della Primavera PS4681
2361Faerietail Allspark MX4677
2373Hikoma A Sarara BU4662
2387D'Eden Lover Pharrell of Shownof/CF SX4635
2392Synergy Nigella OL4631
2404Starghatts Kosmic Cowboy BI4617
24130LAPD Slammer MC4588
2422Tasurt Junga CU4548
24317Mirringa Baloo BG4539
24418Therealms Felicity of Bengaltherapy BG4524
24522Dollheaven Amen Ra RD4486
2464Puravida Off To See The Lizard BU4482
2477Blue Topaz Relax SB4462
24823Allstarrags Joseph RD4453
2493Designerstripes Amber Topaz TG4452
25031Woodpile Quicksilver MC4439
25132Timara Coon's Ralph Lauren MC4419
2522Lykken Peer Gynt of Tzari SRL4415
25333Williamina Ramiel of Ohedo MC4413
2543Ja Da Pocket Pet SR4402
2553Oberlin Like A Peach HB4401
2566Rexplus Shady Business CR4395
2571Sarsenstone Yulaia TH4394
25824Cajunragdolls Krewe de Vieux RD4382
2597Tassam Danny Boy SI4369
26011Tingoskattens It Happend/FI NF4363
2614Oberlin Hulahoop HB4356
26219Russicats Sauvage Finik/WC BG4351
26334Somersisle Arabica Santos MC4347
2647Gossip Girl Du Temple Des Pharoa CR4320
2654Curlessence Elron ACL4313
2669Rock'n'Cat's Jumbo OS4290
2679Dar-Liz Brad/CF ES4259
268T10Mipaws Luv That Cajun Gumbo ES4251
268T27Itoe De L'Yvarie PS4251
2701Rakiscats Count Usan Al-Qair/CF BA4237
2718Velpaws David Copycat of McInkats SI4173
27220Russicats Portos/WC BG4154
2738Fantcfur Tofu SX4095
274T3Balihoo Ghirardelli OL4079
274T5Havacat's Brown Breauxetta HB4079
2765Hikoma A Akane BU4077
27712Kanesei Gonzo BS4065
2783Miomio Halva SFL4064
2794Sazikatz Alstroemeria of Luvpurrs TO4053
28010Ranchcats Callie of Saroko OS4037
28111Minghou Chinadoll of Pengar OS3977
28235Yatazaka Rock of Ohedo MC3960
2834Wynterwynd Moon River RB3956
2844Balimoor Snow Sprite of Toreador OL3953
2859Trunude Blurred Linez of Skeenville SX3936
28625Ragnificentdoll Axelent of Dsjewels RD3921
28728Cuzzoe Fly Me To The Moon PS3899
28836Degoonacoon Taos MC3887
2891Minamifuji Leia Ojo SF3877
2905Talisker A Touch O Frost RB3875
29112Tomiss Ashly NF3873
2922Ladakedi Prince Harald TA3870
29310Beauchador Silver Jubilee AS3864
2944Wildfx Glorious Illusion TG3841
29521Jungletrax Masterstroke BG3831
2964Melodrama Prof Henry Higgins SR3830
297T2Specialagent Silencer PB3829
297T12Balihoo Willy Wonka OS3829
29926Ragalong Wind Drifter RD3820
30011Dovon Bread Puddin of Polarprint/CF AS3812
30113Xzibit Cloak And Dagger BS3804
3029Point Hvnwrd Petals in the Air SI3789
30310Marirose Dana SX3754
3045Leafdance Sycamore OL3739
30529Chatd'Or A Sky Full-Of-Stars/CF PS3735
30622Coolspots PWD Protected BG3730
30727Regencyrags Bravo Bravo Bravissimo RD3720
3086Balimoor Snow Elf OL3701
30923Moulinrouge Just A Gigolo BG3692
3105Ginchika One Good Luck Charm JB3685
311T24Moulinrouge Jumanji of Batifoleurs BG3684
311T3Cherrybirdie Sir Niguel/CF HI3684
31337Williamina Cowboy Bebop MC3678
314T25Mariebengal Next Generation BG3672
314T3Bayoufoxes Lightning Bolt of Catpal SO3672
3163Amazolou Mr Brightside SRL3666
31714Lacomarca Horacio BS3656
318T6Principe Leo of Habibi SG3655
318T11Ayacatas Dreams Morocco of Yoruba CaSX3655
3208Gatodouro Denica CR3625
32128Reddoor Haruma Of Vinculo RD3612
3223Semiramisin Gadiel Girgin TV3610
3233Antioch It Aint Necessarily So! TA3596
32415Jentoria Creme-D La-Creme BS3555
32512Dovon Rainmaker of Yatfung AS3542
326T7Sopan Armide of Vidi Vici/CF SG3539
326T7Eastwick Lu Luminara of Khamsin AB3539
32838Tingara Rio MC3518
32912Taberetb Titania of Distinct SX3513
3304Cherrybirdie's Kenneth Cole/CF HI3511
3311Deercreek Rock Star of Magicbobs ABS3508
33239Shonancats Juliet of Popokilani MC3505
33316Kolinga Xclusive BS3501
33429Bluegrasrags Avicii RD3489
3354Jera Rogneda BO3476
3365LaMancha Cinnabar of Kitti Kat SR3474
33730Potsdamroyals Let's Dance RD3456
33810Bershar Special Effects SI3445
33930Nuit Magiques Ellington of Yvarie PS3442
3405St Jude Tiffany of Moonspun HI3437
34126GSBBengals Rowan of Tigerseye BG3432
34213Marirose Miracle Mischa SX3429
34331Roggenstein Touched by an Angel/CF PS3418
3448Felinexpress Bluivy of Singalegance SG3405
3451Living Legend Emmy Lou Hairis PBL3393
3462Jasmintea Smile Museum Piece SF3392
3473Svetliy Klubok Unona SF3391
34840Lionheartcoon Mia MC3378
34913Greystoke The Deacon AS3376
3502Balimoor Isabelle BA3360
3516Minamifuji Queen Misoka RB3351
3524Summerwood Georgie Girl SV3335
35311Chicago Snow Prince Junior SI3322
354T27TBengalxpress Calipso BG3306
354T27TSilverstorm Purrfection BG3306
3563Foresthunter Rayne Storm PB3297
3577Minamifuji Silver Venus RB3295
3588Volga Sibaris of Luniktyen SB3294
35929Minamifuji Vanessa Mac BG3291
36041Windtara Island Girl MC3289
36131Dsjewels Keegan of Ragnificentdoll RD3268
36232Angellcats Jack Frost RD3258
36317Mainefolds Little Bear BS3244
36411Marmis Unlimited Love ES3227
36542Shelter Bastet Ducati Senna MC3224
3668Czarcatz Made To Dance of Valnika RB3221
36743Eden Romantica Olimpian/FI MC3218
3688Shadeaby Delovere AB3217
36913Princeprincess Michelle NF3209
37033Adorabledolls Sweet Dominique RD3187
37130Suntouched Rosa Lee BG3173
3729Martinbrown's Sagami Winds of He/CF AB3165
37332OH!Diantha Tango With The Star PS3153
37414Littlemew Hulk of Herbalmeow NF3146
37512Maradan Gaudi ES3130
37613Stegra Purple Reign OS3118
3771Magicbobs Silversprings of Currahee ABT3114
37844Tiptop Maine Umi of Vespertine/FI MC3105
37910Pentaclecats Touched By Magic AB3070
38018Mountteine Kotetsu of Kanesei BS3061
38131Jungletrax Flowmaster BG3059
3829Altyn Onix Gloria of Charodey SB3055
3832Kaperkats Rockefeller PBL3050
3849Barmont Painted Pony of Lahoni CR3047
38534Dollheaven Trend Setter RD3043
38615Skogbekken's Cupid/FI NF3042
3877Synergy Spica of Kattalyst OL3005
38819Apollo Peace Coon BS3003
389T20K-La Jethro BS2989
389T6Befalsetto Impressive HI2989
3915Annbirwaves Lady Kyla of Oro Ojos BI2959
39232Mystre Spicy Hot of Boutiquecats BG2956
39314Ironforge Burning Down The House AS2954
394T16Catsai The Moon Lake NF2948
394T35Ariokkierags Barabara Rambam RD2948
396T15Ammycrystal Danjuro of Jykfield AS2932
396T14Sphynxaliens Prima Donna SX2932
3986Dramatails Million Dollar Baby SR2929
39936Riterags Rolling On Through RD2926
40045Somersisle Apis Mellifica MC2923