2013-2014 Championship Cat Standings: 601-800

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Mon May 5 00:31:28 2014.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 601-800
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
6013Purrsia African Congo of Maracai PD1968
60211Meowtaintop Handsome Champ BU1965
6037In The Wild of Cadicha SO1960
60460Doubled Zeus BG1954
60564Rags2dazzle Alfies Big Gun Manny RD1945
60618Fluffy Charm Niall of Omordha HI1943
6072Kurisumasu Koji of Careycats JBL1941
60818Mythicakats I'm Charmed of Truly/CF OS1935
609T20Dakarai Troya of Katanga AB1932
609T29K-La Jethro BS1932
6116Ajatarah Flirt Alert EM1931
61277Ishcus Dragon Simara MC1930
61361Freedompride Firesgift of Kataklysm BG1926
61465Heartnsoul Harley of Purrla RD1923
615T3Looney Candy Floss Viridian*CZ BL1921
615T20Jaded Genetics Milka SX1921
61766Blossom Azalea Joy RD1920
61821Descavalier Jewel AB1913
6196Sunnykurilians Sergei of Orchidbobs KBL1908
62019Klazeekats Eli OS1906
62119Catclass Cacau II of Honey's CatteryHI1902
62262Bbbengals Rudy Red BG1898
62341Brontti Mount Claire PS1893
6247Bedazzlecats Zsa Zsa SRL1892
625T11Rumfold Chico de Oro Honey Owl SFL1891
625T78Ishcus Untied Colours MC1891
627T1Bohyela Ilmatar of Shiningcurl AC1890
627T79Ahlam Virgen de Africa of Coon Wild MC1890
62922Pentaclecats Star Magic AB1888
63020Thuringen's Evening Star of Royal CLHI1886
63112Goldlay Second Time Round SG1884
63223Mirrorofsoul Lorenzo Lamas AB1882
6332I Have A Dream Des Littles Gargamel MK1881
634T63Purebliss Purrfection BG1876
634T30Tschas Giorgio Armani BS1876
6361Catcurls BC Lamikasah LP1872
63767Willowtreerags Chandler RD1871
63819Gary de La Route de Cadoudal ES1865
6391Kokopelliesl Lucy of Milehikatz ABT1862
64064Bengaland Super Casanova BG1859
641T13Mittelmeijer Everest SB1854
641T42Hoaloha Keiki PS1854
64343Sweet Love d'Eden Lover PS1852
64424Wonderlife Enigma of Aradia AB1850
6459Beaconwood Sweet Rainy Day CR1849
6462Alicats Superstorm Sandy TH1847
647T31Silver Pinky Carlos BS1837
647T65Therealms Vanilla Ice of Lamancha BG1837
64968Catlana Love Story of Methodius RD1836
65020Marleevo Fast N Furious ES1830
65166Orchidhouse Sugar Plum Fairy BG1829
6527Consuelo Ara of Celestial Spots EM1828
6539Taiga Heartsease RB1827
65480Racoones Resort Porthos/FI MC1823
65510Beaconwood Black Lace CR1822
65667Traipse Desdimoto BG1820
65721Amenophis Avesta Brazen of Bemisu SX1819
65822Destynys A Different Spirit SX1818
65981Chatile Shia of Lovoon MC1814
6607KLM's Chasin' Snowflakes/CF OL1813
66169Emblemystic Byzantine RD1811
662T25Abymystica Luigi Bevilacqua AB1804
662T7Kayserai Fazyl TV1804
6643Mistysprings Bard of Katskans MX1802
66568Bella Storm Strike of Maracaja BG1801
66623Marlen Bossy Le-Grand Oray SX1793
66720Ironforge Classic Image AS1790
66813Diogenoir's Dragon Heart SG1789
66970Dsjewels Ember of Ragnificentdoll RD1786
6708Nightrox Kosey of Purriwinkle SO1779
671T6Katareece Bill of Legato SF1777
671T19Asterfull Saint Malo NF1777
67314Kennedy Dadushovic Laguna Syberiana SB1775
6743Cloudcity Leto TH1774
6755Diamonds My Aurora of Sweetlife BO1758
676T4Cloud City Katsumoto of Timez TH1754
676T20Flower Hloe OS1754
67869Moulinrouge Hamicham BG1751
67970Sonnenblume Rough Diamond BG1750
680T71Heartnsoul Hylian Hierarchy RD1746
680T44Katzeye Shake Your Bon-Bon!/CF PS1746
682T26Herus Circe AB1744
682T82Macconner Meier of Bigrivercoon MC1744
68472Methodius Hey Rey RD1736
68583Bonneamie Flipflop Pinot Grigio MC1730
68627Cedarwood Cover Girl AB1729
68721Ziakatz Little Man's Debut ES1727
6883Lakemountain Daemos TG1724
68971Palmbeachbengals Lasting Impression BG1723
69020Elkington's Radio NF1720
69173Echoglen Polar Espurresso RD1719
6929Dazzlemecatz Olivia Jo DR1715
69374Tatjana Ice-T-of Hovicastle RD1710
6948Emilia Romagna Des Fleurs de Lilas BI1709
695T10Lamerbleue Stella RB1708
695T12Foldshire Cashew Girl SFL1708
69721Almi Eldoren of Trulya OS1704
69872Birchbark Apollo of Wildwoodbengals BG1702
699T84Degoonacoon Taos MC1699
699T75Hugaragdoll Anas Legacy RD1699
70132Mountteine Marron BS1693
70221Ironforge Mister Brasil of Betunes AS1688
70328Nightmist Black Magic Woman AB1686
70445Simply The Best Luna Nera Novinka PS1685
70573Bengaluvrs Sunrise Glows BG1683
70614Radiance Ruskin of Sukhotai SI1682
707T85Cuzzoe Bahram of Versus MC1680
707T33Lunamorena Godho BS1680
7097Melodrama Prof Henry Higgins SR1674
71022Higashi Elf-Fire of Trulya/FI OS1670
7114Your Majesty Corall Beloved By All BL1669
7128Hunnybears Oops I Did It Again SR1668
713T74Batifoleurs Tanzania BG1664
713T86Riddlecoon L. Czardas MC1664
71521Epona Skylar NF1661
71675Spotsandstripes Sweet Bandita BG1658
717T34Muse Lady Sophie of Royalbrits BS1657
717T76Poeticpaws Miss Dawa of Batifoleurs BG1657
717T76Gloryberagdolls Mighty To Save RD1657
717T87Kelimcoons Mia MC1657
72114Flicflac Wicked Lil It SG1655
7229Broadview's Goodnight Moon BI1650
7231Yeltsin Ural Great KB1648
72424Randazzleme Promise Me This SX1640
7255Kastanjeback's Tinkerbelle BL1634
72646Dclass Iceberg of Deabaete PS1628
727T77Dsjewels Sweet Cherry Pepper RD1627
727T237TH Heaven's Bentley of Skan OS1627
7295Pienpeto Momotaro of Lasjoyasthai TH1624
73022Guri Malla's Drage NF1623
7319Candy Thiara's Marvel of Nikkapocca SO1617
7326Ladakedi Lancelot Du Lac TA1616
73323Fantarja Princess Ophelia NF1612
73447Dclass Christian Dior PS1611
73513Ile Fleury de Dicxiland SFL1602
73629Zinfelmax Cairo of Bearbrook AB1599
737T77Spotsnglitz Chipotle BG1597
737T88Super Partes Iuxta Fontem MC1597
739T5Treepaw Imagine of Tonkville TO1589
739T89Lionheartcoon Shaggy Rogers MC1589
741T90Spirithill Raising Kain MC1588
741T48Riascatz Sweet Love PS1588
743T78Fluorite Kuon RD1581
743T25Destynys Hope Springs Eternal SX1581
74549Vaimaca Piru Lady PS1580
74635Rosmery From Cham of Shalom BS1579
747T50Zukadream Peace of Tussiemussie PS1576
747T8Arietta Jasmina EM1576
749T91Williamina Precious of Suzucoon MC1575
749T15Kazzakatz Jolly Time SG1575
75121Sharoncats Chanty HI1572
75211Just Wright Evangelical Pop Star CR1570
75322Mirringa Geppeto ES1567
754T26Quill From Khan-Tengry SX1565
754T10Bayoufoxes Blazing Red SO1565
75627Skinsosoft Goliath At Many SX1562
7571Rugrunners Genie In A Bottle MKL1558
7587Fiorire Hime CX1557
75992Waterproofs Ziggy Stardust MC1553
7603Silvery of Imperious Glory ACL1550
76151Cob Hill's Calvin Klein PS1547
76252Dclass Sky Walker of Vigo PS1545
763T79Sunnyshores Daenerys of Rags2dazzle RD1543
763T7Potomac Erie PB1543
76553Dark Diamond Go Bruno of Nicarian PS1540
766T93Justcoons Killer Queen MC1536
766T78Jungletrax Clearly Justified BG1536
76810Curlydolls Deja Roo DR1530
76930Chocolatecherry Ventura Lion AB1526
77036Beautiful Diamond's Romeo BS1525
7719Arietta Hilmi Hamal EM1523
772T14Jasmintea Smile Jewelry SFL1522
772T80Corcats Oh Geno RD1522
77481Heartnsoul Major Tom of Hovicastle RD1521
7757Kuriliangem Polina Krasa KBL1520
77682Reddoor Urara of Littlealice RD1519
77715FW Zhorah Maksimovich of Rockaran SB1517
77894Coonificient Jeb of Bigrivercoons MC1516
779T31Splendid Moonshine AB1514
779T79Fractal Henrietta BG1514
78183Rubyridgerags Riviera Regis RD1510
7826Lasjoyasthai Giadaina TH1507
78354Indigo d'Eden Lover PS1506
78424Bershar C U Baby OS1504
78537Chloe Blue Galaxy BS1500
7868Toreador Lily OL1499
78712Puravida Jump Start BU1495
78810Kissyfurs Jitterbug of Partypaws BI1494
78938Henry Honor Horsky Park BS1493
79032Insuubunkai Hanabusa AB1492
791T33TOhmy K D 35 AB1489
791T95A Winerau's Quintus MC1489
791T33TFenix North Star of Des Cavalier AB1489
79455Starolympus Calipso PS1487
79522Shiekspurr Lynguini HI1481
79684Adorabledolls Colton Levi RD1478
79796Hannibal-Lecter Mao Du Chabeaute MC1475
79825Narkiayun Odalisca OS1473
79980Russicats Portos BG1470
80056Riascatz My Blue Heaven PS1468