2013-2014 Championship Cat Standings: 401-599

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Mon May 5 00:31:28 2014.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 401-599
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
40140Dsjewels Royal Blue Precious Gem RD3051
40218HMS Tartan BS3050
40313Meesona Alexis-Blue/ID SI3048
40441Regencyrags Gaspard of Ragville RD3035
4054Marzac Celestite of Rugosarose/CF EM3030
406T19Mountteine Betty BS3026
406T14Baldfantasea Hot Buttered Biscuit SX3026
40813Beauchador Paint The Town Red AS3016
40942Reddoor Loro Piana RD3012
4105Golden Elf Tiffani DR2997
41155Suzucoon Avery MC2996
41210Timberbend Lumiere SB2991
41343Olympodolls Max of Skydolls RD2987
41414Catsai Billie Jean of Dorrymama NF2983
41539Traipse Aurora Borealis BG2971
41629Sugarcubes Roco PS2968
41715Littlemew Airi of Salablue NF2958
41844Ragalong Coastal Skye RD2954
41930Missionhill Rudyards Legacy PS2942
42040Leopardcats 2 Good 2 B True BG2933
42115Murashoff Umbali Red Star SX2885
42241Bbbengals Angel Gabriele BG2881
42311Baccara Siberian Magic SB2871
4242Absolu Cristal Spirit SF2862
4258Vindouro Chocolate Diamond BU2861
4265Hoofnpaws Only The Lonely JB2856
42712Sinergia John Slattery of Stegra OS2848
4288Sayang Ms Princesa Lea SG2845
4294Dragoste's Amatino OL2833
43020La Comarca Owen of Destellos BS2829
4313Kitti Kat Kyanite SRL2828
43256Windtara Coco Cabana MC2827
4336Kotickee Logan Wolverine of Comix DR2816
43442Snopride High On Jazz BG2812
43545Rhetoricalrags Moon Beam RD2811
43657Degoonacoon Gatling MC2809
4375Saphira Luna HB2796
4383Skeemen Gorgeous SO2784
43943Junglecove Warrior of Ilendri BG2768
44044Akerrs Super Nova of Medusa BG2754
44146Furreal Joys Mirage RD2751
44216Azwegie Whooz Yur Daddy NF2749
44314Lares Jean ES2734
44411Intuition Cocoa AB2726
4456Chisholmtrail Odin of Santaana OC2723
44631Moon Charm Ivanna Zoe of D'sonanns PS2719
44745Savoirfaire Wicked Storm BG2701
4484Catzanova India Song SO2686
44932Kiyoko Kats Bstar PS2682
4502Kaperkats Paws To Remember PBL2676
45158Whatatrill Caliente of Cascademtn MC2669
45259Willowplace Isadora of Tremethick MC2668
45347Snugglerags Cool Hand Luke RD2661
45413Raquel Krisrin's*rus OS2650
45548Sal-Shire Maximum Ride RD2649
45615Chocolatinos Fedor Emelianenko ES2648
45746Fractal Crystal Blue Purrsuasion BG2647
4581Tasurt Sharbano of Sarsenstone CU2646
45921Telutci vom Rimberg BS2640
4602Celestialblue Shiver of Kremlincats PD2638
46147Fractal Zumi of Jazzle BG2636
46249Ammycrystal Koyuki RD2635
46350Blumenkatzen Kiss RD2627
4649Jaina von Miladen SG2614
46514Ironforge Sara AS2613
466T5Mirror Alvin of Alcyone SR2590
466T6Maele Delfina CR2590
46851Keepurrs Zoie RD2587
46912Abysing Nifont Bellurs AB2586
47048Fraservalley Wild Denali BG2582
47110Principe Leo of Habibi SG2578
4722Cattery Kitty Farm's Gio CX2565
47315Bayouash Monsieur Breaux AS2549
47416Dreamquete Gravity Storm ES2542
4753Livinglegend Emmy Lou Hairis PBL2530
47616Greystoke Seal Team 6 AS2524
47749Batifoleurs Ajani BG2518
4786Melodrama Freddy Eynsford Hill SR2512
47914Chickitty Qookiemonster of Trulya OS2506
48060Bearcloud Midnight Madness MC2496
4814Nite Wind Cover Girl SRL2495
482T61Coonificent Scoutangel of Gglegacy MC2491
482T33Tinaz Twister of Berryhille PS2491
4846Potomac Salem of Doktari PB2487
48562Silverscoon Goofy MC2486
48614Purrstar Fiori of Shiekspurr HI2482
48722Catusparkunio William BS2481
4883Jasmintea Smile Museum Piece SF2470
489T52Izzadorablerags Cadbury RD2467
489T3Lesplushes Happening In My Dream CX2467
49117Dark Diamond Kitty Wonder of Dclass ES2465
492T13Klamahama Faruk of Destellos AB2453
492T7Curlydolls Ears To U of Hostahaven DR2453
492T1Pointocurl Vivienne ACL2453
492T53Holybabe Lalique of Angeliqdoll RD2453
49654Willowtreerags Sylbr8 of Magnadolz RD2449
497T63LAPD Mackie Mayhem MC2448
497T17Maximur Caesar NF2448
49964Tropikoons Flirtini of Cascademtn MC2445
50023Beautiful Diamond's Tyrell BS2442
50134Zendique Zut Alors PS2435
50214Zinfelmax Petite Syrah AB2433
5037Silverlake Albatross Island RB2432
5044Katareece Bill SF2423
5055Northerntail Shining Star of Renge SO2422
50615Quisha Oriclis OS2413
50765Popokilani Chloe MC2406
50817Beauchador Rihanna AS2404
50966Summerplace Cocktail MC2396
5106Balihoo Gabriel Blo Ur Horn BA2392
5116Vanderpawz Stella JB2387
51224Castlkatz Niffler BS2383
51311Singville Ariel SG2376
5147Spiritcat Double Stuffed Oreo CR2368
51567Silverscoon Gaia of Woodpile MC2366
51668Bhanacoyne Hypersonic MC2364
51725Beautiful Diamond's Princess BS2356
51835Kittiary Sho'Nuff PS2349
51926Bluebottle Aurora Borealis BS2343
52050Coolspots Frosty of Bengalxpress BG2342
5215Balihoo Lavender Blue OL2341
52269Maxicat Flipside Laima MC2313
52315Purrstar Once In A Blue Moon HI2309
52416Yoruba Cattery Aaron SX2305
5251Catcurls BC La Ha Tindah LPS2294
52636Morado Betty Boop of Wallycats PS2293
5275Jamiroquai Free Hunter KBL2283
5284Bonheur Mica CX2281
52916Ranchcats Baby Doll OS2271
5305Ciara Itala of Dressedinblue CX2263
53118Nekomori Emma AS2254
53255Cajunragdolls Painted Dream RD2251
53315Rubinrose Francesca AB2235
534T17Sundancenbare Xanadue Canon SX2228
534T5Boucles Monsieur Tibault SRL2228
5366Grandbois Idahos Dauphine CX2221
53770Aloa's Only You of Coonamor/FI MC2215
538T71Lionheartcoon Mia MC2214
538T4Rokstarr Rama of Oro Ojos BO2214
540T7Helios Du Royaume Des Muses BI2207
540T9Kitzspa Twilight Skye BU2207
54210Katsnjazz Elvis Catstello BU2201
5432Burkhard Velvet Aristocrats ACL2200
54451Bengaland Klondike Silver BG2198
5457Nezumikozo Purebouquet of Irisplace SFL2191
54652Casarocca Shanti Takea BG2190
54716Bravura Carmen AB2185
548T27Lacomarca Horacio BS2181
548T5Marzac Nebit of Rugosarose/CF EM2181
55072McLapisu Punika Granatum MC2174
55117Zinfelmax Gouget Noir AB2165
55212Hercules Hakuna Matata SB2164
55356Nydivinedolls Prince Adonis RD2161
55416Sulltans Spin To Win HI2159
55517Cacao Bannerman of Shiekspurr HI2158
5566Curly Jumanji Brilliant Spark SRL2157
5576Arpeggio Send Me A Song SO2146
55853Patchofheaven Rayah BG2142
5598Bellina Mio Mio SFL2137
56018Destynys Baby Ruth SX2135
56173Cloistercoon Besame Mucho MC2134
5626Izambard Beyaz-Yildirim TV2131
56318Osiris(v) True Clown AB2129
56437Vincenzi Bulova PS2127
56518Kiyoekitty Kotetsu 2 ES2118
56657Familytimerags Tigerlily RD2114
56754Spotsandstripes Olympia BG2111
5682Minusdetails Filigree CY2097
5698Biccibonny Fenja CR2093
5704Legendtales Flduffernutter PBL2089
57117Shagio-Chen Concubine OS2085
57258Willowtreerags Goddess of Rouletii RD2078
57359Polestar El Sol of Vinculo RD2071
57428Bricoccole Theodore Roosevelt BS2067
5758Felidae's Maggie of Theavengers DR2066
57619Sphynxantiquus Twitter Boy SX2065
5779Flamenko Valedzhio SFL2060
57838Bhakti Kokkino of Tar Olympus PS2054
579T5Splendid Storm Warning SF2047
579T18Sangha Shalu Spirit NF2047
579T19Khamsin Pandoras Hope of Belisama AB2047
58255Cascaderim Tiramisu BG2040
58319Beauchador Delicia of Hostahaven AS2038
58474Justcoons Idee Fix MC2036
58560Izzadorablerags Cookies And Cream RD2033
58610Demaris Verdzhiniya de Lya Krua SFL2030
58739Kittary Shonuff of Azahares PS2027
58861Cajunragdolls Kiowa of Jerseyragdol RD2022
58975Migatobonito Vino Blanco of Mycoon MC2021
59062Siempreamar Boulahrouz RD2019
59163Blackdoll Angelic Theresa CZ/FI RD2008
5922Faerietail Naughty Naughty MX2006
593T56TTailspin Nicholas of Anjou BG2004
593T56TSnowtundra Juniper BG2004
59558Bengal Flats Logistics BG1993
5966Leafdance Sycamore OL1980
59740Biboukatz Takara PS1977
5988Zara Romanov Das Torres of LevelydolRB1976
599T59Owlsdene Tangerine Dream BG1974
599T76Mac Conner Kokomo MC1974