2013-2014 Championship Cat Standings: 801-1000

These tables show estimated TICA international award standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters.

Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown here may not be accurate. In particular,

  • These estimates do not include points from color and division awards.
  • Reports are not available for all shows. In some cases, the clubs have not sent marked catalogs to their regional show reporter.
  • The marked catalogs have not been checked against the judges' books.
  • The show reports may contain data-entry errors in the names or awards.
  • Cats are not identified by registration number in the show reports, so significant differences in spelling of the names may cause scores to be split when they are compiled.
  • Scores for cats with very similar or identical names may be combined.

These standings are not published by the TICA Executive Office and are not official.
Please do not contact TICA if these scores do not agree with your calculations.

This report was generated Mon May 5 00:31:28 2014.

RankChampionship Cat Standings: 801-1000
Int'l Breed Name Breed Score
80197Kelimcoons Lewis MC1464
80226Cattrekker Herald Mage Elspeth OS1460
80385Betunes Conrado RD1452
80424Into Wishin Espresso NF1451
80586Reddoor Giovanni of Sweetlapis RD1450
80698Williamina White Lightning MC1449
80799Queentessa Gonsior Line MC1447
80825Ri-Kar Katts Aharon/CF NF1445
80981Starstudded Razzle BG1444
8104Kremlincats Dolly of Skinisin PD1437
81139Charon From Sham of Legato BS1436
812100Salexcoon Napoleon MC1433
813T5LT*veni Vidi Vici Ideal Cat PD1431
813T101Coonyham Carmel of Cherry MC1431
813T11Annbirwaves Lady Kyla of Oro Ojos BI1431
81682Rasui Azizi BG1425
817T4Legato Dove ACL1424
817T15Ranchcats Charlene SI1424
819102Bigrivercoon Bodacious Bonnie MC1417
82087Riterags Celestial Bliss RD1415
82122Russellers Silver Dynasty of Rowan AS1413
822T11Mywaves Cyclone DR1410
822T6Havacat's Brown Breauxanna HB1410
824T13Sweetlite Dionisos The Cats Love BU1409
824T35Ladifference Gogodancer of Pampa AB1409
82640Bakardi Silverking Viktor Odarinals BS1407
8278Lesplushes Iggy CX1404
82836Osiris (v) Loving Life/ID AB1397
829T103TKelimcoons Somangel of Gglegacy MC1396
829T23La Esmeralda Pina Colada/CF HI1396
829T103TCabana Sur Betty Boop of Bajacoon MC1396
832105Paleeni Socrates of Marikoons MC1395
83327Radiance Heart And Soul OS1394
834106Top Coon Di Caprio MC1384
83516Akila's Constantine of Jaban SB1383
836T9Nite Wind Love Potion SR1381
836T37Hotchocolate Joker AB1381
83812Myingian Gems Indio BI1380
839T23Planet Love's Extravaganza ES1375
839T24Choxibox Moonspun Mirage HI1375
841T88Rouletii Rare Beauty RD1374
841T41Voo Doo of Tommy's Town-House BS1374
8433Animal Life Maria MK1371
844107Tropikoons Hot Fudge of Kiyaras MC1370
84510Isiska Caliana EM1368
84657Tytherton Gio Goi PS1365
84713Annbirwaves Heavenly Helen BI1360
848108Suzucoon Tsukuyo MC1359
849T6de Silver Bars Only My PD1358
849T10Lamancha Kokomo of Makinwaves SR1358
849T42Arabella Creme Debleu BS1358
852109A Winerau's Queenie MC1357
85389Darlinlidolls Qi Qi RD1349
854T12Rexplus Risky Business CR1348
854T24Capuchino of Phoenixmay ES1348
8566Pandora Mighty Malachi BO1347
85758Sunspirit Eskimo Kisses PS1345
8589Rakiscats Sandor OL1342
859110Waterproofs Upcoming Gameboy MC1340
860111Candycoon's Jumpin Jack Flash/FI MC1339
861T26Berta Norwood NF1338
861T112Dotcom RL Pippi Longstocking MC1338
863T4Designerstripes Pyrrhos TG1336
863T83Silkenthunder Front Page Challenge BG1336
865T11Wynterwynd Moon River RB1334
865T84Absolute Dead Aim of Cavscout BG1334
86711Pop'Art Give Me A Kiss SR1333
868113Spirithill Chamme MC1332
869T59Boucle d'Or Diva PS1330
869T12Lamancha Cinnabar of Kitti Kat SR1330
87114Hikoma A Sarara BU1328
87215Bonne Chance Amulet SFL1327
873114Yatazaka Rock of Ohedo MC1322
8742Tasurt Desert Dancer of Sarsenstone CU1321
875T38Briarvalley Cajun Queen AB1319
875T11Miscat's Chopin SO1319
8777Toriland Midnight Dandi BO1318
8789Columbleu Hallmark CX1317
8795Heavy de Catouchat ACL1315
88090Siempre Amar Maleah RD1314
881T85Angelsiam Fuyouto of Sonolta BG1311
881T25Hemsara Stressed Eric ES1311
881T60Dclass Heart On Fire of Sheezada PS1311
881T115Coongals Esperanza MC1311
88539Abygrace Demi Murr AB1309
88616Minghou Diamond Lil of Pengar SI1308
88713Boucles Penelope La Chatte SR1307
888T26Mo-Yem Sumo King ES1306
888T15Securitazz Gizela BU1306
888T23Silverash Spiced Rum AS1306
888T8Wizardgate Zoe of Ebonycatz BO1306
888T91Bugsy Melone Cat Ganster of Rakh/ID RD1306
89392Willowtreerags Eisenhans RD1305
89412Nikita Happymiau*PL DR1304
89514Chittagong Jinx of Bojobirmans BI1303
89686Bengalivo Silver Imprints BG1302
897T27Kiara Gyldenloeve NF1300
897T16Panthat Mir Belarusskiy BU1300
899T87Sanchitabengals Willow The Wisp BG1298
899T61Katzino Reggie of Pam's Persians/ID PS1298
9019Vindouro Kiss N Tell BO1297
90288Dreamquest Eye Candy of Bengalflats BG1295
90393Riterags Princess RD1292
904T28Barecats Madame Naggie of SkinsosoftSX1291
904T43Play Boy of President West BS1291
906T94Diamondsriver Bradley Cooper RD1290
906T16Psepia Karen of Vidi Vici SG1290
90828Pocahonta's Sheridan/FI NF1288
90912Zara Romanov Das Torres RB1284
9101Passaya Elisir KT1283
91162Fultonblue Song of The South PS1282
912T17Tassam Kiowa of Hillwizard SI1280
912T27Sull ES1280
91495Hugaragdoll Qtlucy of Highlanddolls RD1277
915116Janko Melluandia of Mymains MC1276
91663Moon Charm Robb Stark of Sweet Star PS1269
917T44Unique Chocoprince Katango*CZ BS1267
917T64Jewel For Velvet d'Amour PS1267
9198Susens Sol Dream SRL1265
92024Shuraku Big AS1263
92196Reddoor Cha Cha of Silktree RD1262
92225Sejumay's Tiger Lily of Berryhille HI1260
92329DK Europa's Madam Ibsen NF1259
924T40Abydale Sundance Kid AB1256
924T89Traipse Coeur D Lancome of Acrocatz BG1256
926T28Chipmunk Splashed By Moonbeams OS1255
926T13Blanca Z Poddasza CR1255
92845Katukai Caffeine BS1253
929T65TNeoplanta Space Oddity of Marmis PS1248
929T65TMarshcove Pixie Dust of Elagans PS1248
931T7Synergy Tarragon of Leafdance BA1244
931T7Phuket TH1244
931T28Marvonack Love And Pride ES1244
93426Micifuz Marcello of Zafirocats HI1243
93518Yori of Bullgary SI1241
93697Catbird Prof Higgins of Hovicastle RD1240
937T13Devon Joi's Branching Out DR1234
937T46Ivona Kates Akis*LT BS1234
937T117Canon Argent of Chantillycoon MC1234
94029Gillikin's Friday OS1233
94129Amenophis Imagine of Nudelook SX1229
94247Gaya Brylantowa Elita of Celticmist BS1226
94367D'Eden Lover G'Black Magic PS1224
944T17Hikoma A Kamuro BU1223
944T98Crabapple Annibale Carracci RD1223
94630Jaded Genetics Havana Black Panther SX1222
947T90A Wei BG1220
947T27Vicketales Fudge HI1220
949T7Ladakedi Falcon TA1219
949T68Scrimshaw My Guy of Wallycats PS1219
949T13Kitty Hawk Hope Light RB1219
9528Ratibor Hunter From Islands KBL1218
9538Shadycombe Conan The Barbarian TV1215
954T99Farandoll Princess Emma RD1213
954T41Nightmist Fly Me To The Moon AB1213
95669Maradan Cumparsita PS1212
9576Legato Hugo Boss of Shalom BL1210
95842Oregano Aus Abusir AB1208
95930Tiganlea Lady Jorgia NF1205
9606Qttonks Cheerleader of Sazikatz TO1203
96170Elviskitkat My Wish Came True PS1202
962T100Cajunragdolls Chief Standing Bear RD1201
962T91Tuminello Polar Eclipse BG1201
964T29Very Iristible's Hot Couture ES1193
964T31XLNT Choiceborn af Hjortnas NF1193
96625Beauchador Cheers Drink To That AS1190
967T14Jumillas Listen To Your Heart RB1188
967T92Therealms Tiama BG1188
96926Dealles Botija Linda of LacumplarsitAS1187
97028Fluffy Cats Amazing HI1186
971T10Securitazz Charizma BO1184
971T7Muse Erin SF1184
973T14Wavy Silk Forever And Ever CR1183
973T30C-Matrix Sweet Teddy of Siberia ES1183
975T17Timberbend Red Baron SB1178
975T7Atlantis Taylor of Foreveryours PD1178
977118GB Tigerstars Paloma MC1177
97818Siberianheaven Deja Vu SB1174
979119Wistariantale Bewitched MC1173
98031Dreamquete Double Diva of Ositos ES1168
981T15Bluedane Odihambo Kirstejn RB1167
981T32Me-Ane-Luffy NF1167
981T43Semerchets Etosha AB1167
984T101Sulreaggies Osiris RD1166
984T33Asni Nordling NF1166
986120Bigmeow Luna Lovegood MC1165
98771Brettachtal's Barron Elite/CF PS1163
988121Madepi Coon's Isolo Bella MC1162
989102Hugaragdoll Bella Rina RD1161
99072Stefilla Forest Gump PS1157
991122American Native Warrior Soul MC1155
992T14Rainingrexes Shaak Ti of Curlydolls DR1154
992T18Izidor Des Reves d'Avalons BU1154
99473Maradan Payaso PS1153
995123Hispanocoon Danny Kaye MC1152
99630Cattrekker Starwind of Bershar OS1144
99793Arckatz Holly-Wood BG1142
99832Deabaete Renato of Betunes ES1141
999124Spirritz Element of Chemicoons MC1140
100033Buddy Lee Jet Stone ES1139