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TkScore User's Guide

Setting Up A Catalog

To begin the process of compiling a show report, you should start with an empty TkScore data base. Don't try to copy and modify a previous report; it may cause you trouble.


To begin, you should enter the name of the club, the location of the show, the date of the show, and your name and e-mail address:

Format and Number of Rings

Next, you should click one of the radiobuttons in the Format box. These buttons will automatically fill in the labels for the shows. The most common formats are provided as presets:
2-day back-to-back
Saturday, Sunday
3-day back-to-back
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
2-day continuous format
Saturday/Sunday (1 show)
1-day alternative format
AM Show, PM Show
2-day alternative format
Saturday AM, Saturday PM, Sunday AM, Sunday PM
1-day, Saturday
1-day, Sunday
If your show doesn't fit any of the preset formats, click on Other and fill in the labels for Show 1, Show 2, etc. You can type in anything you want as labels, but each label must be unique.

Alternatively, you can click one of the preset formats and then modify the labels as necessary.

Save Your Work

At this point, it would be a good idea to save your data base to a file. On the File menu, select Save. If you are saving the file for the first time, it should pop up a Save As dialog box that will let you specify the name of the file and where you want the file stored.

TkScore data bases should be stored as files with a .tks extension.

TkScore will remember the folder you selected to store your data base, and will use that folder as the default the next time you open a file.

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14 July 2012